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Sims 2, University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Free Time, Apartment Life
Default Window error message popping up when moving sim to an apartment building.
The only way to continue moving my sim into the Apt. bldg. is to click "delete"...the 'cancel' and 'reset' buttons when clicked just reset themselves immediately.

I have all games installed except 'Holidays' ; and everything is patched.

I have most of Pescados' hacks except some of the university ones.

Here's a part of the message that pops up :

Object Error

An error occurred in obj. "Controller-UrnStoneMover-Version2" #336,
Error: Problem executing script (GetBaseLotld): Run- Time:
Lot with id 137 does not exist !

Stack Traceback :
[C] : in function 'getAptBaseLot'

(none): in function

The stack trace is saved in "C:/Users/Owner/Documents/EAGames/TheSims2/Logs/ObjectError_E001__ t18.txt".

After looking around further in my documents folder/..Logs ... there are a ton of other 'object error' files.

Is this because I'm using a 'meetme2theriver' cleaned up hood ? Or because of Pescados' hacks ---I only have Pescados' hacks and no one else's ; also, I removed a few hacks from the total hack package because I don't play university much.

So, is it o.k. to hit 'delete' and let the sim keep moving into the Apt. bldg. ?

Thanks in advance for any help !

" Inama Nushif "
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The problem is caused by one of Pescado's mods, which you would know if you had followed the game problem FAQ (which is required before starting a new thread). The problem is not caused by Tarlia's cleaned templates. She attempted to fix the problem, but it looks like the fix didn't take in your case. I can explain the problem further, if you are interested.

If you hit delete, you are basically deleting the tombstone, which may corrupt your neighborhood. I wouldn't recommend it.

There are two possible solutions that I know of:

1) Remove the mod which is causing the immediate problem.

2) Fix the lost-in-transit tombstones by running the HoodCheck in Remove mode. The HC will attempt to fix the delivery of the tombstones.
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Thanks for the help, Mootilda.
Yes, I'd like further explanation about this when you have time. Sorry I didn't read the FAQ thoroughly, I will do that now.

Not sure at all which mod is causing the trouble ; will running the HoodCheck override the mod problem --- or is it better to find and remove the mod first ? ?

I forgot that I have 2 Cyjon's hacks which may be conflicting with Pescado's. Cyjon's are : 'There can only be one professor.pkg.' and ' townie apartment residents.pkg.'.

The current hood I'm playing is the clean version of B.C ; i also have two other entirely empty main hoods that I haven't started playing yet.
I removed a few of Pescado's hacks from the large hack list that came as a single download. These are some university hacks that I didn't think I needed since I don't play uni. very much .

If necessary, I can post the list of hacks that I'm using; as well as the ones I took out.
Thanks again !

" Inama Nushif "
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Let me try to explain what's happening:

For some reason you have one or more tombstones which are in transit to a lot that doesn't exist. This can happen for several reasons, the most likely is that you already had a neighborhood with a hood ID of 1, so the game renumbered your Belladonna Cove neighborhood, but it didn't bother to renumber the hood for the tombstone delivery. This is a known bug in the game, but it means that your tombstones are in limbo. There doesn't seem to be any problem with the tombstones being in limbo, unless you have Pescado's mods.

I don't remember offhand which mod is causing the problem. I just remember that Pescado's mod is trying to find the lot for those tombstones, and fails when it can't find the lot. It should probably be fixed to do something other than produce an error, but Pescado isn't doing a lot of Sims 2 modding right now. (I've added this to my already-overfull to-do list.) To find the mod, you would have to use the 50-50 method in the game problem FAQ.

The HoodChecker will try to deliver those tombstones. If the lot ID is correct, but the hood ID is wrong, then it will just enter the correct hood ID. If the lot ID is incorrect (which isn't likely with Tarlia's cleaned hoods), then it will ask you for the name of the cemetery.

So, my suggestion is that you backup your save game and run the HoodChecker in Remove mode. That should solve your immediate problem. Pescado's mod will no longer fail on these tombstones. If you edit the cemetery lot, you'll see a bunch of tombstones on the sidewalk, just move the tombstones into the cemetery and save the lot. Then, your sims can visit that lot without any problems.

I hope that helps.
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