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Default New and complete Riverside Hood. Closed
I have turned this over to the Riverside Group to finish up this hood, now it is ready for a good testing session.

I used Clean and Empty template to make this hood, and I use Mootilda's Hood Checker Program before, during and after to make sure it is as clean as they come.
I also used Mootilda's Lot Compressor Program to make it as small as I can.

Only Base Game needed to play.

1 How is the story.
2 How do you like the house's.
3 How do you like the sims.
4 How do you like the overall hood.

Here we have Riverside.

Here we have the Jefferson's.

Here we have the Robert's.

Here we have the Anderson's.

Here we have the Marshall's.

Here we have the Baxter's from Waterside.

Here we have the Molyneux's.

Here we have the Brooklyn's In there new house.

Here we have the Brooke's.

And here we have the Russell's also in there new house.

Testing is now over.
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#2 Old 26th Feb 2013 at 12:46 AM
Could you show a few external (front) shots of the houses, along with their floorplans? I was specifically thinking about some of the playable lots, along with some of the empty lots. That would give people a better idea about the houses than the long neighborhood shot does.
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#3 Old 26th Feb 2013 at 1:57 AM Last edited by marka93 : 26th Feb 2013 at 2:19 AM.
Ok these will be what I call the south side of South Meadow.

12 South Meadow

16 South Meadow the Jefferson house.

20 South Meadow

24 South Meadow with the Roberts

28 South Meadow 1st floor.

2nd floor.

32 South Meadow

36 South Meadow

Even though the outside is the same on 12 and 20 South Meadow, I made them different on the inside.

North side of South Meadow.
22 South Meadow.

30 South Meadow the Molyneux

34 South Meadow

I can get more if needed.
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#4 Old 26th Feb 2013 at 4:29 AM Last edited by Mootilda : 26th Feb 2013 at 5:09 AM.
I finally got this loaded and was looking over the neighborhood story. Just some small things:
- Baxter: "loose him forever" should be "lose".
- Brooke: "frist kiss" should be "first".
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#5 Old 26th Feb 2013 at 5:41 AM Last edited by marka93 : 26th Feb 2013 at 6:27 AM.
16 South Meadow has also been fixed.
Baxter lose is fixed.
First kiss has been fixed. Thank you.

I also took your advice on 40 Clifton Springs Road and turn it into a community lot.

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#6 Old 26th Feb 2013 at 11:30 PM Last edited by Mootilda : 26th Feb 2013 at 11:42 PM.
In Brandi's Bar, one of the chairs is not facing the bar.

57 Main Street: the bathrooms are missing flooring.

There is one thing which isn't an error, but I still wanted to mention. Given all of the female clothing in the base game, I find it a bit odd that 3 of the women in your pictures are wearing the same black dress. Personally, I doubt that so many women in such a small neighborhood would want to wear the exact same outfit.

If you want to wait to release another version until I finish looking over the latest neighborhood, I'll let you know when I'm done.
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#7 Old 27th Feb 2013 at 12:23 AM Last edited by marka93 : 27th Feb 2013 at 12:57 AM.
Well I did follow what all the web pics showed for what the sims are wearing. Yes I will wait on uploading a new 1 for 1-2 days to let us try to find out every thing that needs to be fixed.

And for that bar chair, thats how it showed in the Pleasantview Storytelling folder. I tried to match it as close as I could with just the base game.

See the old man he is sitting sideways.

Also bathroom floors in 2 houses was wrong so I changed them.
8 Colonial Criest Drive and 73 Main Street.

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#8 Old 27th Feb 2013 at 1:11 AM Last edited by Mootilda : 27th Feb 2013 at 1:25 AM.
If there's a good reason, then just ignore my comments.

7 Old Hollow Drive: No flooring in downstairs bathrooms.

OK, I think that's it. I haven't found anything else obviously wrong.
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#9 Old 27th Feb 2013 at 1:45 AM Last edited by marka93 : 27th Feb 2013 at 5:59 PM.
Cool I fixed the floor in 7 Old Hollow Drive. I will still wait for 1-2 more days just in case.

These fixes have been done and the new upload is in place.
- Baxter: "loose him forever" should be "lose".
- Brooke: "frist kiss" should be "first".

These fixes have been done but not uploaded yet, will upload in the next 1-2 days or so.
57 Main Street: the bathrooms are missing flooring. Fixed.
7 Old Hollow Drive: No flooring in downstairs bathrooms. Fixed.
Bathroom floors in 2 houses was wrong so I changed them.
8 Colonial Criest Drive and 73 Main Street.
All addresses have been fixed.
I have removed all family ties between the teen partygoers and fix there last name.

Any other problems please let me know.

Thank you for your time.
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Okay, I just took a preliminary look at this and I can tell I'm too tired to do a proper playtest tonight. Looking at it makes me glad I made Widespot so small, an option you didn't have - this must have been mountains of work.

Things that strike me right off the bat:

The text descriptions contain some grammatical and stylistic infelicities that make me think "English is a second language here." Whether it's true or not, you don't want people distracted by thinking it - you want the player to absorb the meaning and think, "yeah, I want to play that family." This can be fixed with some slight changes; I can make suggestions on a house-by-house basis as I go through and you can revise as you see fit in response. Where the text in the household description and the text in the storytelling album are meant to be the same, don't forget to change both.

I only looked into a few houses, but the first thing I noticed was that in some of them, my first view of the house is a close-up of the roof. In order to get to the family, I had to not only take the walls down, but go down a floor. When saving the lot, remember that the camera angle (but not necessarily the zoom level) at which you save will be retained when the house is open again. Try to save with the camera in position to see one of the sims with minimal trouble - at least on the same floor as someone.

The second thing I noticed was that nobody I looked at had a bio. You don't need anything elaborate here, but a short teaser statement with some indication of character and expanding on the household description would help the player to engage. Dina Ross, for instance, is described as "lost" in her neighborhood description; a bio could provide a hint as to who lost her and who found her.

The third thing - the ages don't work! Although some of the young ones seem to have aged a few days, the adults all (that I looked at) had 28 days left, regardless of how many children they had.

Basically I go in and feel that no one has ever been played. You've given some of them memories, but they aren't consistent - Mrs. Baxter remembers catching her husband cheating, but isn't furious with him and has no "met Dina" memory. Lila just threw a great party and has a relationship panel full of apparent townie acquaintances (all apparently named Partygoer), but does not have a high aspiration, as you'd expect from having just fulfilled a "great party" want, and no one else in her family seems to have met any of the partygoers. And so on.

I don't know how much information you had to work with, and obviously you only have so much room to work in, but I think the "unplayed" feeling will reduce engagement with the characters, and I also think it can be addressed with a few simple changes per household. I'll try to open the game a little earlier tomorrow and start giving you specific suggestions for specific households, and you can judge for yourself the validity of my reservations and whether to address them in the way I suggest or with some better idea of your own.

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I tried to keep the feel of the org. hood, done by Thsms204. I kept the org. story as it was. Dina Ross and the 3 Thompson's were deleted along with all the party going teens,
I used Celesta92059 tutorial on resurrecting sims with no character data. http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Resurrec..._character_data
After giving them data I use SimPE to extract them so I could make them anew.

And your right english is not my frist language.

I have fixed the last name on the townies teen and removed the family ties.
Plus all these fixes.
These fixes have been done but not uploaded yet, will upload in the next 1-2 days or so.
57 Main Street: the bathrooms are missing flooring. Fixed.
7 Old Hollow Drive: No flooring in downstairs bathrooms. Fixed.
Bathroom floors in 2 houses was wrong so I changed them.
8 Colonial Criest Drive and 73 Main Street.
All addresses have been fixed.

If you would like to Peni Griffin I be more than happy to have you re-write the story for this hood as long as we can keep the feel of the org. story. And you will get the credit for it.
Any thing you can come up with I will fix for I want this hood to have a very long life.

I fell in love with this hood from all the screen shots that EA/Maxis released back in 2003, then I found the org. hood done by Thsms203 ( http://thsms204.webs.com/ ) and after playing it for a few weeks, I found out it had alot of problems. Then I found Celesta92059 tutorial and thought that maybe I could fix all the problems, but after trying to fix the org. hood I found out that I was way over my head to do.
Org. hood needed NL and OFB to play.

So I did the next best thing and remade the hood from the ground up using only the base game so more players could play it and I just copied most if not all the org. story.

In the org hood Lila had all the townies in her relationship panel but no memory of ever meeting any of them. And the rest of the family had no memory of them at all. This is part of the problem with the org. hood. I had her meet all of them ingame so the memory would fit.

And for the Baxter's is was not Sarah who caught Don cheating, it was Sarah's sister Virgina who caught Don and then told Sarah about it, or so the story goes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykLyJ3k1zDM
I just followed what was in the org. hood for this.

You may need to download all the web pics' and screen shots to be able to get the feel of how the hood should be.
I did not save any of these way back when but both Thsms204 and Mootilda did.

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#12 Old 1st Mar 2013 at 9:50 PM Last edited by Peni Griffin : 2nd Mar 2013 at 11:30 PM.
I decided to play the Ross, Baxter, and Thompson houses today, since they form a cozy little unit. But first, a grammatical diversion that should make it easier to use the apostrophe correctly, under the spoiler tags because it's not, strictly speaking, on topic.

No refrigerator? Is that on purpose?
29 days to elder; suggest 22, to give her a week in which to come to town, meet Don, and vamp him. No skills.

Tried to call Don, the only person she knows. He has no phone. Since the paper hadn't arrived yet, this left her with nothing to do but watch TV, read, or go to a community lot.

Since the Welcome Wagon is announced, she has presumably just moved in, so a lack of acquaintances outside of Don is acceptable.

Suggested bio: Dina felt lost for a time, but now she wants to live her own life, by her own standards, unfettered by convention.

No phone; money, but no jobs, no skills, and their child was apparently born while they were teens. They should have 18 days left, to account for one day to court and marry, three days of pregnancy, two baby days, four toddler days, and one day of child (since Alex has 7 days left).

I am strongly of the opinion that Sarah should be furious with Don.

Consider giving one or both of the parents jobs and some randomized skills.

Suggested description changes:
The Baxters.
Don, Sarah, and Alex were looking for a peaceful place to keep their family together. But after many incidents and romantic clashes in the past, will Sarah be able to hold onto her husband, or will she lose him forever?

Suggested bios:
Don: Why can Sarah never understand that flirting doesn't mean anything? And now her family have moved in across the street, he feels constantly spied on. Can't a man relax a little?
Sarah: If Don's flirting doesn't mean anything, why does he insist on doing it? He promised to shape up - and then Virginia saw him with some blonde - Sarah's determined to save her marriage, whatever it takes!
Alex: Now that he's a big boy, and with Grandpa and his aunt and uncle moving in across the street, Alex has so much to look forward to. If only Mom and Dad would stop arguing all the time!

Thomas should at least have some skills due to his age. Consider giving him a career from which he is retired. He has no "had Sarah" or "met new grandchild Alex" memories, and Virginia and Jack's memories also hold no indication that Sarah is their sister. Adding and juggling memories is tedious, but I think you need to do it here.

If we assume Alex and Virginia to be twins and to have just aged up from teen, it's okay that they have no skills, though I'd give them some if it were me. If we assume them to have just moved to town (as indicated by their standing at the mailbox) it's okay that they don't know anyone outside the family; except that, if Virginia is the one who saw Don with Dina, and told Sarah about it, she ought to be furious with Don and Dina and have negative relationship scores with them. This would have made for some nice drama when Dina showed up with the welcome wagon (which she did). As it was, she was just a person in the welcome wagon and built up quite a relationship with Thomas.

Sarah has high enough scores with some family members to be friends and they make best friends in a few minutes (I invited her over); consider going ahead and giving her friend markers.

The family has no lights, burglar alarm, or smoke alarm.

Suggested bios:
Thomas: Thomas was happy to follow his married daughter to Riverside and be close to his only (so far) grandchild. He hopes the twins will find their soulmates, and even dreams that he might have a second chance at love in this new place.

Jack: Jack thinks of himself as the brains of the family. Can he finally get the intellectual stimulation he craves here in Riverside?

Virginia: When Virginia saw her sister's husband with another woman, she was furious! And a little intrigued... not that she'd ever do anything like that, of course!

No phone!
The description promises us ugly and also tells us that Claire and Martha are old friends, yet the relationships and moods on entry are serene. I suggest that the old friendship turning sour be simulated by moving Martha's "met Claire" memory back in time before the move-in, and by adjusting them to have a low top score and a high bottom score on the relationship bar. I'd also go ahead and give Claire and Trenton crush tags, to kick the story off right out of the gate, but that's me. I can't help thinking they should at least have high enough relationship scores together to enable a flirt interaction after only a little chat. Especially since the house doesn't have enough beds for everyone unless at least one pair has a high enough relationship score to share a bed.

Ages again; Martha and Claire should be roughly the same age, and give Josh time to grow to teen - at least 17 days into adulthood with only 12 left to go. Take it as a given that I think everybody over the age of child should have either randomized skill points, or points tailored to their personalities and jobs.

Suggested Description
The Russels and their friend Claire.

Martha asked her old friend Claire to stay with them for a few weeks, but everything turns ugly when sparks ignite between Martha's father Trenton and Claire.

Suggested Bios:
Trenton: Trenton spent his youth and adulthood doing his duty, and now it's time to reap the reward and party!
Martha: Martha is a classic representative of the "sandwich generation," looking after her elderly father while still raising her son. She'd hoped that letting her old friend Claire crash with them till she got back on her feet would get her some help around here, but she's not sure she likes Claire "helping" Dad.
Josh: Now that he's old enough to date, Josh is anxious to find The Girl. He thinks it could be Mellisa Brooke, but her sister is cute, too.
Claire: Claire appreciates Martha's letting her stay, and Trenton is such a lively old coot. Yeah, she's landed on her feet.

Danielle has always had the upper hand in getting together with guys, but now that her relationship with Josh has slowly decayed because of her sister, who will be the first one to get her "first kiss"?

This description is hard to reconcile with the memories and ages, but if it's what was in the first Riverside I guess you're stuck with it. When I look into this house, I see a military family at a new post, whose shy daughter has unexpectedly stolen a march on her outgoing twin, who wants the boy because her sister can't be allowed to get ahead of her.

Ages. If the boy rivalry is supposed to be of long standing, these girls (and Josh) should be a few days into teenhood, with their parents' ages adjusted accordingly.

Suggested bios:
Abraham: Abraham is proud of his new rank and plans for his family to shine in their new home. That's why he bought this house in the upscale part of town. Now if he can only keep up with the bills, his ladies will be sitting pretty.
Macey: Macey wants to be close to both her girls and raise them into happy, healthy little women. And it's not too late to give Abraham a boy, either. Abraham's so handsome in his uniform!
Danielle: Danielle's always been the head twin, the leader. So how come Josh Russel is suddenly hanging after her wallflower sister?
Mellisa: Mellisa's never minded Danielle's domineering much, before; but now it's different. Now she's got Josh!

Interesting house, but the welcome wagon went all the way upstairs to ring the doorbell. You need to fiddle with it until the bottom door is recognized as the front door.

No problem with the ages, this time; young adults away from home for the first time might well pool resources to live in a cool house like that. We're piling up the twins here, though. Also, three characters have skill points, so that's good. And the fact that both new roommates are already crushing on the hot shot Romance brother while barely registering the brother trapped in his shell as being there is a perfect set-up.

Suggested Revision
Marty has always been the hot-shot of the two Anderson brothers. Now, with two attractive new roommates, will Bernie finally break out of his shell and emerge from the shadow of his brother?
[An accurate remake of Marty and Bernie's home from the earliest 2003 The Sims 2 previews using the original "block" lot design by katnick1975]

Suggested bios:
Marty - Marty doesn't mind sharing a pad with his dweeby brother, because his dweeby brother does housework. Juggling two hot chicks in the same house might be tricky, but he's up for it!
Bernie - Bernie's always felt it was natural enough that Marty outshone him, but he's ready to find his own way to shine.
Lisa - Jennifer's nice, Marty's hot, this place has a hot tub - what more could you ask?
Jennifer - This place is going to cost a bit to keep up, but with all four of them working hard, they can live the good life. And that Marty...icing on the cake!

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#13 Old 3rd Mar 2013 at 1:23 AM
These are all great ideas and when the parts come in for my computer I will put them in.

I really love how you wrote up the Andersons, that sound just how they should be.

Dont have time to read all but what I saw seems to be great and thank you for your time.
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No fire alarm. Actually - do any of these houses have fire alarms? I didn't think to check in most of them.

The two older boys seem to have a higher relationship than you'd expect, given that they were just in a fight. I did nothing to control them and in a few minutes they were family kissing and dancing together. This is a legitimate sibling dynamic, going from being at eachother's throats to getting along fine; but if you want a higher level of autonomous conflict, as implied by the household description, I suggest that you drag at least one of the pair down to -20 or -30 points with the other.

I'm going to mention the ages again, when I almost promised I wouldn't, because I think in this family there's a good case to be made for Blake being older. He's got a less extreme personality than Gregory, and his clothes and hair are more conservative. Oldest children often are conservative, while middle children tend to feel alienated and rebellious. So making Blake older by three or four days would make sense, and reduce the predominance of twins in the neighborhood.

Alternatively, you could decide that Gregory's mohawk is a result of his getting old enough to make his own decisions about how to cut his hair; in which case making him a week older than Blake would make sense.

Nothing's wrong with the household description except one misspelled word; raised not reised.

Suggested Bios:
Charles: Charles loves Isabel, but she's too uptight about some things. Boys will be boys! Fill the house with good times and friends, and everything will be fine.
Isabel: Isabel can't help worrying about her boys. Blake and Gregory should be helping each other and setting a good example for Kenneth, not trying to get one up on each other.
Blake: Blake is sure he could be a big man at school if Gregory would stop embarrassing him.
Gregory: Gregory is sure he could get somewhere with the chicks if Blake would stop trying to squash his style.
Kenneth: Kenneth wishes his big brothers would stop fighting each other and going off on their own, leaving him behind.

I was finding this family surprisingly passive; so much so, that I finally went into game options and found that free will was off! I'm sure you don't want that.

I was expecting a small negative relationship with Hanna and found it was at 0 for both parents. If that's the level you're going for, that's fine - it's low enough that she'll refuse a number of interactions.

No sink in the kitchen!

If you adjust Gregory Brooklyn's age, it'd be good to adjust Hanna's to be close to his, for the benefit of those players who like to play young teens differently than older ones.

Only minor revision to the household description:
James is focused on his military career, and Patricia is a busy mom. But their relationship with their daughter has slowly gone down the drain. Can James and Patricia fix the situation and win back the heart of their daughter Hanna?

Suggested bios:
James: Neither Patricia nor Hanna understands the stress James is under at work. He's not sure how to fix the problem, but Hanna can't be allowed to act up, and he misses the fun they used to have when she was younger.

Patricia: James doesn't understand what a young girl goes through. Patricia doesn't want to show a divided front to Hanna, but she can only do so much if he keeps acting on impulse instead of studying the situation. She has so much she could teach Hanna if the girl would stop shutting her out.

Hanna: Mom and Dad don't understand anything! She might as well talk to the wall.

The household description implies that Lila's parents went out and left her in charge, she threw a party without permission, something bad happened with the toddlers, and she's currently in the doghouse. If this is the idea, then there ought to be some fury going around and some sign of recent reduction of relationships; possibly even slight negatives in the daily scores between Lila and her parents and/or siblings. Maybe some parental fury. As it is, I go in and the house is very peaceful - everyone has high motives and low aspiration, if left to themselves they interact with each other, and Lila very nearly made friends with Lawrence in the first 20 minutes of play. Also, the house is sparkling clean and orderly. Bottle mess, unwashed dishes, and a toddler with a desperately low motivation or an urgent need, will make this feel much more like a house with twin toddler, while some sort of party trash (hard to do in base game, I know; you might have to settle for some unwashed dishes and trash piles) and maybe some broken appliances or a clogged toilet will make the party feel real.

I suggest fiddling with relationships, aspirations, and motives so that there's some urgency on the lot. Lila should have a high mood from the successful party, but have one or both parents mad at her. Possibly one of the toddlers has a dangerously low aspiration, becoming fretful and diffficult. Drag a few motives down, but not enough to alert the social worker.

It's odd that the household has so much money, and good skill points, but no one has a job. If both parents worked, Lila might well be saddled with more responsibility than she's ready for and rebel, and the player would find this sympathetic. Reducing their wealth and employing both parents would make this household feel more desperate and allow players to relate to the characters more.

Suggested household description:
Lila has just thrown the biggest party that Riverside has ever seen! But this accomplishment came at a price. If Lila neglects her young siblings during a party again, what will the consequences of her actions be?

Suggested bios:
Margaret: Margaret has always wanted a large family and hoped she could count on Lila to pull her weight. Of course she wants her daughter to have a good time, but first things come first!
Ralph: Ralph can't believe Lila went behind their back like that. Does she even know those people? This has got to be a learning experience for everybody.
Lila: Lila's going down in history. History! And it's not like anything bad happened. She wouldn't let anything bad happen. Mom and Dad need to give her a break. She has to do all the work around here!
Trinity: Goo!
Lawrence: Gah!

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#15 Old 5th Mar 2013 at 2:54 AM
I would be more than happy to test this neighborhood.

The Darkdusk Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
The Nightmagic Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
Last of Her Kind has ended thanks to a dead computer.
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#16 Old 6th Mar 2013 at 11:08 PM
Oh WOW just WOW, Peni Griffen these are far much better than the org. hood had and I will print it off and get it in some time during the next 4 days.

I will try to have new download for it then.

Thank you very much for all you have done.
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Okay, did the last two houses today, the Molyneuxes and the Jeffersons. Both have odd layouts, and something's wrong with the refrigerators. I order them to make lunch, and they go to the refrigerator and just stand there. Scott Molyneux even went autonomously to stuff his face and couldn't. The bar and buffet at the Molyneux house work all right. Whatever that is, it needs troubleshooting.

No phone. In fact, when I opened the lot, Scott had a want for one! He was also in the middle of bouncing on the couch. Too bad that'll go away in the neighborhood reset for anyone who opens the house in a neighborhood with anything more than base game installed. The house is arranged weirdly, with the fridge in the bedroom presumably occupied by Gina and Scott, but presumably that's not your doing.

This is another case of the household description promising a level of pre-existing conflict that the household doesn't deliver. The toilet is dirty, but not clogged, nothing is broken, and though the sink and bathtub both bring up "clean" interactions, they aren't visibly dirty. No one is friends, but the relationships are high enough that there's no trouble getting there, and if they show up in anybody's welcome wagon they could easily make friends with each other before being played the first time.

If I were doing it, I'd play the household for several days and let mess accumulate, training Victor to clean and Gina and Scott to be slobs; then break all the bathroom fixtures if they didn't break themselves. This would allow Victor to build up a good puddle rage against his daughter and grandson, and raise tension in the house to the point that the description promises. To emphasize the lifestyle difference, maybe micromanage Victor to clean and keep a tight schedules, and hardly control Gina and Scott at all, so that they're going to bed and eating at all hours (that would make sense of the refrigerator in their room), playing the stereo too loud (set the stereo at a station that an old man can be presumed to hate), and so on.

Description - Nothing wrong here but a typo:
After her marriage went awry, Gina knew there was nothing left to do but return to her father's home. But their lifestyles clashed the moment they arrived at his door. And now that their sloppy behavior has destroyed her father's pristine bathroom, will she have any luck in finding a home of her own?

Suggested bios:
Victor - At first Victor was glad that Gina had ditched That Loser and come home, but now...well, he hadn't realized how set in his ways he'd gotten!
Gina - Gina wouldn't have come here if she'd had any choice. She's grateful and all, but she didn't escape from That Loser just to let her dad take over her life!
Scott - Scott is trying, but he can't keep track of all the new rules. Gramps needs to stop having a cow over every little thing.

Another oddly-arranged house; I'd have put the toddler in the room adjacent to the parents, myself. Also, only two beds for the three older children.

Apart from dragging Gina's aspiration down a bit so she'll act more rebellious - possibly giving her a stereo in her own room, which she can set to a station more suitable to a punk wannabe, while the main one is set to pop - and the usual fiddling with ages and skill points, the set up here is okay. A big family like this never takes long to become engaging, and with the house so bare and money relatively low the player will be motivated to start job-hunting right away.

The household description is grammatically okay and no typos, so I'll leave it be.

Suggested bios:
Barbara - Goodness, there aren't enough hours in the day!
Sam - It's not true that Sam never does anything around here! Just yesterday he organized the spice rack.
Gina - How is Gina supposed to build up any street cred if she has to be seen with these people?
Carla - Carla is better at most things than Jim, but don't tell him that.
Jim - Jim is better at most things than Carla, but don't tell her that.
Seth - Seth was the direct result of make-up woohoo after a parental disagreement about some issue that no one now remembers.

And that is everybody! I would be unlikely to play this neighborhood as a regular thing, both because I have more neighborhoods than I can keep up with now and because the characters don't have enough physical variety for me to keep them straight, but it's an attractive neighborhood, the households would be easy to get engaged with, and I see why you want to resurrect it.

All of my suggestions are only suggestions. You may well get Better Ideas as you work, and I say go for them. I'm just the enabler. The work is yours and so is the credit.

PS: Oh, I just looked in SimPE and realized that Mellisa Brooke is the telescope shover! A teen is an odd person to fill this role...You might want to think of some plausible or funny reason for it to put into her bio.

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As I was reading through the posts, I was wondering, isn't Virginia Sarah's sister? According to the play-through done on Youtube, she was. :S
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Yes; if you'll look at my suggested bios for the family, Virginia is the sister who caught Don with Dina. And Marka has connected the Thompsons and the Baxters - they have family tags and show up in the appropriate places in the family trees. I didn't check them in SimPE, but as far as I can tell they were connected correctly.

One thing I didn't think of till the middle of the night last night when I should have been sleeping - Marka, did you also make sure the genetics are consistent in each family? CAS can be trusted to set it all up correctly if the family is built from scratch, but not when you import clones; and of course CAS never had a chance to connect Sarah and Alex to the Thompsons.

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marka93, first of all, I see that you did an amazing job, though one thing is just bugging me, and that is, you gave Sam Jefferson's face wrong. He's supposed to have the greek-type (I think it called something similar to that) face template, but the one you gave him was the male version of his wife's.
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I believe that you don't have to play a house to make things dirty. If I remember correctly, you can just turn on debug mode, right click on the item, and change the dirty state.

Peni, I just want to thank you for all of your feedback. I think that your suggestions will really improve the neighborhood.
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Originally Posted by M.M.A.A.
marka93, first of all, I see that you did an amazing job, though one thing is just bugging me, and that is, you gave Sam Jefferson's face wrong. He's supposed to have the greek-type (I think it called something similar to that) face template, but the one you gave him was the male version of his wife's.

This is now fixed. Thank you for finding this , I don't know how that happen.

It might be a few days before all is set, I have been a little sick and when I feel better I will get this all done.

A BIG Thanks go out to all who have help here.
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Originally Posted by marka93
This is now fixed. Thank you for finding this , I don't know how that happen.

It might be a few days before all is set, I have been a little sick and when I feel better I will get this all done.

A BIG Thanks go out to all who have help here.

You're welcome, though a pic of how he looks now would help, just to make sure you didn't get it wrong and that I didn't confuse you with another template.

Get well soon!
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Here is the pic.
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Originally Posted by marka93
Here is the pic.

Yeah, its still the same, its actually this template:
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