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Originally Posted by Tasia714
Hi hmrnd3, I am really enjoying your story. I try to reach a chapter after I post a chapter of mine. You are doing a great job getting all the families rolling in the right direction. Well done working with the Pleasant family, that Angela is such a pain in the booty. lol
Keep up the great work.

Originally Posted by Tasia714
I have to laugh at your take on the Broke family. In my version his girlfriend Angela is a total pain in the neck. And I like how you are having Cassandra Goth take in her younger siblings. Well done.

So glad to hear you are still reading and enjoying my story! I hope to post chapter 9 soon; I am a bit overdue for new one.

I am keeping up on your Brandi Broke story as well. It is funny how different writers have such different takes on the Maxis/EA characters.

Thanks for the lovely comments.
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Originally Posted by Plumboob
Woot, I remember Central Drip Coffee house. A proving ground for my sim jokesters and beatniks. Coffee houses in general were greatly useful in Sims 2 for lengthening an outing, but that one had a great setting. Best community lot Maxis ever made in my opinion. There's a version of it in Legacy Island 2, but as well-built as that is, doesn't have the same feel as the old place. Maybe I'll make my own version with University stuff.

Good job keeping up with the chapters.

I liked Kaylynn in my games, maybe she can find someone else. Playing games with don seems it would drive her to exhaustion sooner or later.

Haha, glad you got a kick out of the coffee house. It was the first time any of my Sims had ever been there; it just fit the story and it was the first one I laid eyes on when I called the taxi. I was never big on my Sims leaving the house. Can't stand the loading screens.

I like Kaylynn pretty well too. She's a good girl at heart. Thanks for reading and commenting!
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I just read through this story tonight. I really like seeing people's takes on Pleasantview, and it's well also helps that all of your Pleasantview sims have cute makeovers I can't wait to read more~
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Originally Posted by mangoberry
I just read through this story tonight. I really like seeing people's takes on Pleasantview, and it's well also helps that all of your Pleasantview sims have cute makeovers I can't wait to read more~

Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I'm delighted to hear you can't wait to read more!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (9)

Wow! This chapter is SO past due, and I apologize. I have been beyond busy with graduation type things as well as being in the hospital with my fun, new diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The joy never ends. Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I enjoy your feedback! Please rate and thank! Also, since this chapter is so late I'm planning to get chapter 10 out ASAP. So without further adieu.


Dina Goth slunk down her staircase wearing a tight green dress. She had a self assured smirk poised on her face. The shimmery fabric clung to her body, and the headmaster of Pleasantview’s most prestigious private school couldn’t take his eyes off her curves. He gulped; his pulse quickened. “Good evening, Mrs. Goth. It…it is Mrs., isn’t it?”

Dina strutted towards the curly haired man and shook his hand delicately. “Yes. Mrs. Goth. But, you may call me Dina. The late Mr. Goth won’t be joining us tonight…unfortunately.”
“Oh…well I’m sorry to hear that.” The headmaster began to sweat, and trying to remain professional, abruptly changed the subject. “Your son, Ricardo, was just showing me around the house. You have a fine home, Dina.”
“Oh why thank you. We just redecorated. Please, won’t you join Ricardo and I for dinner now?” Dina’s words rolled off her tongue elegantly. She was the picture of wealth and class. Quite proud of her new image and lifestyle, she planned to continue the trend for her dear son. He deserved only the best, and private school was indeed the best.

Dusk came, and the group filed into the dining room for a dinner of seared prawns. The headmaster’s eyes lit up after the first bite.“This meal is divine! Do you cook, Dina?”
Dina laughed musically. “Why yes, I dabble in the culinary arts a little. I have my own vegetable garden in the backyard so I can cook with fresh produce. That garden is my pride and joy! Well, besides Ricardo, of course.” She winked at her son. Although Dina did have a green thumb and gardened frequently, both mother and son knew the butler had really cooked the night’s dish.
The headmaster smiled. What a fine family! “Of course. Let’s hear a little more about Ricardo?” He turned to the boy and smiled warmly.

Ricardo opened his mouth, thankful for the invitation to speak. His mother cut him off. “Oh Ricardo is an amazing boy! Not only intelligent, but gifted in the arts! Tell him about your paintings, darling.” Ricardo lit up and began, but Dina again interrupted. “The other day he painted this piece. Oh, what was it honey?”
“It was…”
“That’s right! It was an outdoor scene! A moon with trees and snow. It was stunning! “
“You’ll have to show the headmaster after dinner, sweetie.”
Deflated, Ricardo smiled and nodded while popping another prawn into his mouth. It was no use trying to get a word in edgewise when his mother was excited about something. Ricardo was a sweet natured boy, and loved his mother dearly. He knew she loved him, and was only that way because of how proud he made her.

After every last bite of prawn was consumed, the butler cleared everyone’s plate. Ricardo shook the headmaster’s hand before Dina sent the boy to bed. The adults rose from the table, smiling. “Well Dina, I think your son would be a fine addition to our school. You have a lovely family. We’d love to see Ricardo for his first day starting next week.”
Dina beamed and shook the headmaster’s hand joyfully. “Oh thank you sir! I know he won’t disappoint you. Not my son.”

Between her hectic job, her obsession with giving Ricardo the best money could buy, and keeping up with the lifestyle of the elite, Dina often forgot she had in fact, two sons. Little Gideon spent most of his time alone, crawling around the Goth mansion undetected. He got into all kinds of trouble. The only person who really noticed and cared for the child was the butler. After all, that was his job.

“What are you doing in here you little rascal?” The butler scooped up the toddler from the now sopping bathroom floor. Gideon had been playing in the toilet, again. He had also soiled his diaper, again. The butler sighed. “Your mother should have you potty trained by now." He felt sad for the boy. The man had not been serving the Goth household for very long, but he knew some of the secrets that went on behind closed doors. He knew Gideon was only born as an inheritance insurance. Unlike Destiny who had been rescued by her older sister, Gideon would never have the love he deserved.


Letti Caliente sat alone in the rubbery swing at Pleasantview’s newest playground. It was a sunny spring day, and her mother had sent her out of the house for a little bit while she had company over. Letti enjoyed the nature, and didn’t mind being sent outdoors for a couple hours. After growing bored with kicking around brown mulch with her shoe, Letti began to pump her legs.

Letti closed her eyes and listened to the wind rush through her black hair with each swoop of the swing. She imagined she was a bird flying high into the air. *Plop* A fat raindrop suddenly hit the girl smack dab in the forehead. *Plink* Another splashed onto her glasses. Letti opened her eyes and noticed the sky had grown a sad, gray color. She squinted and frowned, disappointed by the sudden weather change. While contemplating walking home, Letti watched a familiar young boy walk onto the playground.

Ready to head for a dryer climate, Letti hopped off the swing and began venturing towards the playground fort. Before she could reach the ladder, the familiar child stopped her. “Hey! I know you!”, the dark haired boy exclaimed. “You’re one of the kids who used to go to my old school. Letti, right?”

Letti’s green eyes went wide. Surprised somebody remembered her name, she smiled meekly. “Yes. That’s my name. I remember you too. You’re Ricardo. You got into that private school.”
Ricardo beamed. “Yes I did! You’re really smart, right? You should come too. I bet they’d love for you to be in my new class!”

Letti blushed. “Oh, I wish I could. My mom says private school costs a lot of money though. We don’t have a lot of money.”
Suddenly aware of Letti’s embarrassment, Ricardo changed the subject. “Oh, well that’s okay. It’s not so great anyway.” He looked around the playground somewhat nervously. “But hey, do you come here a lot? We could meet here to play. We can be playground friends!”

Letti giggled and nodded, suddenly enthralled by the idea of having a friend that was not of the four-legged, furry variety. Ricardo smiled a toothy grin, reached out, and tapped Letti on the shoulder. “Let’s get started! Tag! You’re it!”

The two children spent the rest of the afternoon chasing each other around the playground, inventing all sorts of different games. They laughed and played for hours but soon enough, the rain grew too thick and they decided to part ways. Ricardo and Letti hugged, agreeing to meet again as soon as their mothers would allow.

Letti skipped all the way home, glowing with excitement. Nina quirked an eyebrow at her daughter when she bounded breathlessly into the kitchen. “Back so soon?”, she said sarcastically.
“Sorry, Mom. I made a friend at the park and lost track of time!”

“A friend, huh? I thought I told you not to talk to strangers.” Nina listened half heartedly, cleaning up the dirty lunch dishes.
Letti followed her mother around the kitchen like a giddy, lost puppy. “Oh well, he wasn’t really a stranger. He used to be in my class. Not dangerous either. Just a kid like me.”

“He’s in your class?”
“Used to be. Now he goes to private school. His family is rich.”
Now intrigued, Nina listened carefully. “Really now? Who’s his family?”
Letti was confused as to why her mother cared so much, but was excited to be asked so many questions about her new friend. “I’m glad you asked! That’s the funny part! We have the same last name!”

Nina froze. This couldn't be happening. Not now. “What did you just say?”
Letti picked up on her mother’s changed tone instantly. “Uhm…we have the same last name. Caliente. His name is Ricardo.”
Nina was silent.

Letti gulped, growing nervous. “What’s wrong mommy? Am I in trouble?”
Nina took a deep breath, finally composing herself. “No Letti, you’re not in trouble. But c’mon, let’s go sit down for a minute. We have something to talk about.”


Don Lothario climbed out of the mud spattered camouflage army vehicle and stepped onto his freshly manicured lawn. Lorenzo’s nanny walked out of the house and got into her van, her shift now over. Don nodded at her absentmindedly, stretching and yawning. His long, hard days at the army base running drills made him tired; he was happy to be home where he could finally relax.

“Kaylynn, I’m home!”, Don shouted as he stepped into his house. He looked around his living room. Empty. He listened. Quiet. Puzzled, Don peered around the corner. “Hmm…”, he thought out loud, “I know Kaylynn was off today.” After knocking on the bathroom door and inspecting the dining room, he decided to try the kitchen for any signs of life.

Don walked into the green kitchen, his army boots clicking on the linoleum floor. He glanced around, still no one. One thing did seem different: a note tacked to the bulletin board hanging next to their phone. Don quirked an eyebrow and moved closer to read it.

I took a mini vacation with Brandi to that new spa place in Bluewater. Will be back tomorrow afternoon. You’re home alone with Lorenzo once nanny leaves. Don't panic. Make sure he has dinner and a bath. Try to get him to use the potty.

Don buried his face in his hands, immediately sent into a frenzy. “Oh no! Oh no no no no NO!” Panicked, Don grabbed the phone and wildly dialed Kaylynn’s cell phone number. “Please, please, please pick up Kaylynn!” The phone rang and rang; Kaylynn’s answering machine picked up.

He begged to the robotic voice for mercy. “Kaylynn! You have to come home right now! I…I don’t know how to take care of babies! Not alone! Please help me! Please!” He waited, hopeful she’d pick up and assure him this was a joke, that she was not hours away and would be walking through the front door any moment. Don was not that lucky, and soon, he heard Lorenzo screaming from his crib upstairs.

Don eventually hung up the phone and made his way upstairs, Lorenzo’s cries growing louder with every step. Nervously, Don entered the hollering toddler’s room. “Hi little guy. Have a nice nap?”
Lorenzo blinked at his father, mouth agape. He burst into tears. “I WANT MOMMY!” The bunny-slippered boy wailed for his mother as big salty tears fell down his face. Don bit his lip and frowned.

“Mommy isn’t here buddy. She went…on vacation. She’ll be back tomorrow.”
Lorenzo stopped yelling for a moment, intrigued. His mother left him? She wouldn’t be back until the morning? Suddenly realizing the implications of his father’s statement, Lorenzo melted back down to an emotional wreck. “MOMMYYYY!”
Tired of the screaming, Don plucked Lorenzo from his crib awkwardly. “Okay that’s enough of that.” Lorenzo went silent, surprised his father actually picked him up. Upon being so close to Lorenzo, Don noticed a horrendous smell coming from his bottom. “Oh no…did you poop?” Lorenzo nodded solemnly, and Don carried him off to the bathroom, holding him at a distance.

Don stripped his son down and drew some bath water, oblivious to the standard diaper change protocol. “In you go, stinky. You’re supposed to use the potty, you know?”

Lorenzo sat in the water patiently while Don attempted washing him. “Mommy does it different”, he said frankly, in mumbled toddler lingo.
“Yeah I bet. Well, mommy isn’t here, is she?” Lorenzo’s little lip quivered at the reminder.

The remainder of that night went horrifically, as well as the next morning. Don chased his son around the house endlessly; Lorenzo’s curiosity and hunger for trouble was immense. Finally defeated by the uncooperative toddler, Don gave up and collapsed onto the couch. He laid there helplessly, watching chaos unfold until Lorenzo finally ran out of steam and passed out on the carpet.

The next morning, Don was awakened by a knock on the door. He sprang up, ready for action, but was relieved to see Kaylynn standing in the doorway. She looked radiant in her springy, purple dress. “Mommy!”, cooed Lorenzo as he opened and closed his chubby fists, signaling for his mother to pick him up.
“I’m home! How are my boys?!” Kaylynn could hardly contain her excitement upon seeing the face of her small son.

Before Lorenzo could steal his mother's attention away, Don leapt from the couch and bounded to Kaylynn. He engulfed his wife in a desperate bear hug, smothering her with a thankful kiss. “I am so happy you’re home! It feels like it’s been years!”

“Well well, what a lovely welcome home!” Kaylynn gladly accepted the sudden flow of appreciation coming her way.
Don beamed at his wife. “Honey, I don’t know how you do it. You’re an amazing mother. I could never do this alone. Please, please, don’t ever leave me again.”

Kaylynn smirked, trying to hold back a victorious snicker. She’d have to remember to thank Brandi for the “spontaneous” vacation later. Mission accomplished.

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Hi there, I just read chapter 3. Oh my goodness, that was the BOMB, I loved it and even started to cry a little bit with the touching scenes between Mortimer and Bella.
You are a very good writer and I am enjoying your story. I loved this line.
"Nina yelled and screamed, angry that she had to experience so much pain all because of that two-timing creep, Don Lothario." That cracked me up.
Great Job!
Now I will go and post the rest of Beau's Birthday Party.
Tasia. Smile.
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I like the new chapter. Will be interesting to see how the neglect affects Gideon, it's fun to be a sadist in the Sims sometimes. But boy Ricardo is a little brat, which made it funnier to see Don struggling. Interesting way Kaylynn is going about things, showing him how it can be without her around while relaxing at a spa. Romance sims make good partners, though, discrete affairs notwithstanding.

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I really like reading this and I think that you really got talent, and im so happy you are doing this
Its sad to hear that you got MS im really sorry.
This was a good chapter! The picture where Don goes like '' wah! '' and his son is trying to escape the house

I wonder what Katelyns mission is

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Tasia714: I didn't realize you had only read up to chapter three! The fact that you've only read that much and already like the story so well makes me really happy. I'm so glad you are enjoying reading it, and that the scene with Bella and Mortimer touched you. Thanks so much!

Plumboob: So glad you liked the new chapter. I always love to read your analysis/interpretation of my characters and plot.

ZenGarden: Thanks you very much; it means a lot! I'm so thrilled that you're such a fan of my story!
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Good im waiting for the next one.
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Originally Posted by
Good im waiting for the next one.

Thanks,! Chapter 10 will be posted in an hour or so!
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (10)

Jeepers! This chapter is behind as well and for that I once again apologize. I'm on a role here, and not a good one. Anyways, hooray! Double digits! This one is a bit longer than usual, and I even cut some out. Please comment, thank, rate, and enjoy!


“I’m so glad you could both make it!”, Brandi exclaimed while hugged her son’s girlfriend tightly. She hadn’t seen either of them in a while, and was elated that they came out for Carter’s birthday.

“Of course, Mrs. Long! Dustin and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Brandi smiled appreciatively at the red head. The girl had done so much for her son over the years; she was truly thankful to have Angela in their lives.

The large crew packed in the kitchen around Carter and the cake, cheering and clapping for the toddler. Carter teetered back and forth on his chubby legs and soon shot up into child form with a flash of light. “Wow! Look at me!”, the child cried. Everyone smiled at the boy and congratulated him before digging into the sweet, white cake.

After a while of celebrating, things died down as Benjamin sent the children to bed and helped Brandi clean the kitchen. Dustin approached his mother who was watching television in the living room. “Hey mom, can I talk to you about something?”
“Sure sweetie. What’s up?” Brandi patted the couch cushion next to her, signaling Dustin to have a seat.

Dustin sat down, visibly nervous. He cleared his throat and looked into his mother’s eyes. “I'm going to ask Angela to marry me. I know we're young, and I really haven't had any other girlfriends. But I know she's the one, and she's made it more than clear she's ready.”
Brandi blinked, her own gray eyes growing wide and mouth dropping open slightly. “Oh Dustin…that’s wonderful! Oh honey! I’m so happy for you two!” Brandi’s excitement intensified as she realized that meant grandbabies were in her near future.

She began to babble loudly about wedding colors and grandchildren names. Dustin smiled uncomfortably, trying not to squash his mother's excitement. “Mom! Keep your voice down! I want this to be a surprise.”
Brandi covered her mouth and began to whisper. “Oh! Of course, sweetie! I’m just so happy for you two. Angela is really good for you. You’re lucky to have to her.”
“I know.” Dustin looked worried. “That’s why I don’t know how to ask her. I told her it would be so special, and now I’m really nervous and don’t have a plan.” Dustin chewed his lip, a pensive look on his face.

Brandi looked at her eldest son lovingly. “Oh Dustin, it doesn’t matter. Angela loves you, and I know she’ll say yes no matter how you ask her. Just make it meaningful, let her know how much you love her. She’ll see it.”
Dustin pondered his mother’s words for a moment then smiled, reassured. “Thanks mom. I’ll call you first thing after I ask her.” The pair grinned at each other and then embraced just as Angela and Benjamin walked into the room. The four said their goodbyes, and Brandi struggled to not make a comment regarding red headed grandbabies.


“I’m so happy they cancelled school so we can play in the snow!”, Destiny Goth said enthusiastically to her niece, Eden Dreamer.
“They didn’t cancel school just so we could play in the snow, silly. The roads are too icy and they don’t want the buses getting smashed.” Although younger than her kid Aunt, Eden was a bright girl. Sassy and smart, she often made the cheerful Destiny feel quite small. Despite their personality differences and unconventional relationship, the girls were closer than sisters.

The girls spent the better part of the afternoon working on a rather large snowman. Snowball by snowball, Destiny and Eden meticulously assembled the snowman. When hey finally finished, and Destiny stood back to admire their creation. “He looks great!”, she declared proudly while Eden smoothed his torso with her little mittened hand.

“Yeah yeah, he’s fantastic. Whoa! What’s that?!” Eden made her brown eyes go big as saucers, and looked off into the distance behind Destiny.
Destiny whipped her body around, ready to see whatever amazing thing was waiting behind her. “What?! Where?!”

While Destiny’s eyes darted around, Eden cackled and tossed a big, dripping snowball up and down in her palm menacingly. Destiny began to turn back around, “I don’t see…” Before she could finish her sentence, Eden hurled her chilly weapon right in Destiny’s face. *Oomf* Destiny almost toppled over completely into the thick snow.

After her initial shock wore off, Destiny broke into hysterical laughter in which Eden soon joined. “You are so dead!” The girls chased each other around the yard and onto the deck, struggling to run through the tall snow. They threw chunks of snowballs of various sizes at each other until they were both blue lipped and shivering. Noticing their dampness, Darren called them inside for some sweet hot chocolate.

After drying off and stamping their snow boots clean on the deck, the girls were joined in the kitchen by Alexander. The teen had been lured away from his telescope by the sound of the hot chocolate maker. After grabbing a mug, Destiny steadied herself on the wobbly stool to join her family. “Enjoying your snow day, girls?”, Alexander asked after taking a sip of his piping hot drink.

Eden wrinkled her nose and began to speak vehemently. “Yeah! You should have come outside and played with us! You’re going to college soon and we’ll miss you!” The child was not looking forward to the day when her Uncle would leave their home; she knew they would probably never live together again.

“You’ll miss me, eh? Well I suppose I’ll return for a visit every now and then.” Although he didn't show it very well, Alexander was touched by his niece's comment.
Eden frowned. “I think you should just stay here. What’s so good about college anyway?”
“Yeah,” Destiny added quietly, “I don’t think you should move either.”

Alexander was surprised. “Wow. I didn’t realize you girls felt this way. I have to go to college though. I’ve been dreaming of university for years.” The young man couldn’t fathom not furthering his education. Disappointed, Destiny and Eden looked at the floor gloomily and sipped their drinks.
“That’s stupid,” Eden piped up once again. “Pretty soon you’ll be gone, Destiny will be a teenager, and I’ll be all alone.” She flopped into a pouting stance, her wild curls bouncing around her head.

True to Eden’s word, it was soon time for Destiny’s birthday. Goths and Dreamers alike gathered in the green, striped kitchen to cheer and shout. They all watched proudly as Destiny blew out her orange candles and transformed into a beautiful young woman.

After the festivities ended, Eden and Destiny snuck upstairs for a slumber party. They sat on the floor of Destiny’s pink bedroom, pajama clad and hopped up on a birthday cake sugar rush. “Well,” Eden began, “What’s it feel like?”
Destiny thought a moment, pursing her red lips. “It feels…weird.” She smiled and shrugged. “But good. I kind of like begin taller.”

Eden giggled, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “How long do you think it will be until you get your first kiss?”
Destiny’s cheeks flushed red. As a new family sim, she had definitely already wondered that herself. “Oh, Eden! I don’t know!”

Eden smiled devilishly, then suddenly grew shy. Looking down, she began picking at her fingernail. “Well don't tell anybody I said this… but I think you look beautiful. I hope I’m as pretty as you when I have my birthday. I also hope you still want to be my friend now that you’re older.”

Touched, Destiny grew a little teary eyed. She was used to the usual cynical Eden, not the tender heart she just displayed. “Oh Eden. Of course I still want to be your friend! Nothing is changed, really. And I know you’ll be gorgeous when you’re older; you already are!”
Eden beamed, failing to hide her pride and excitement. The girls joked and talked late into the night until they were caught and sent back to bed by Cassandra.

The next morning, Alexander called a taxi to take him to Sim State University. His family hugged him and waved him off; everyone was sad to see him go. The feeling, however, was bittersweet as they all knew he would excel in college and make each of them beyond proud.

Alex pulled on a sweater and wrapped a wooly scarf around his neck. He climbed into the honking, yellow taxi. “Where to, kid?”, the taxi driver questioned. Before answering and closing the door, Alexander paused to take one last look at the house. He knew college would be the best time of his life; four years of nothing but learning and discovery. Despite his excitement, he knew the day brought reason to be melancholy. He looked the house up and down, imprinting the picture into his memory. Today, Alexander left his first real home, but it was time for a new adventure.


Daniel Pleasant was napping soundly in his living room when the sound of his doorbell awoke him. He sat up groggily, his old back cracking. Daniel shuffled over to the door and foudn an older woman with a baby standing on his porch. He studied the figures, his eyes still bleary from his nap. He suddenly realized who the visitors were. “Mary-Sue…”, he whispered in disbelief.

Daniel moved towards the door just as his wife turned, and flung it open herself. She walked in the house without a word and stared at Daniel coldly. Blinded by joy, Daniel was oblivious to Mary-Sue's anger, and smiled brightly at his wife and son. Felix was much bigger since he had seen him last, and the toddler stared curiously at his father. Daniel also noticed how much older his wife looked. Her skin had turned a grayish color and her hair shone silver. Daniel still thought she looked as beautiful as ever. He was the first to break the silence with a simple, “You’re back!”

“Yes Daniel, clearly. Thank you for that.”, Mary-Sue said sarcastically; she was not amused. “We need to talk.”
“Can I hold Felix first? I haven’t seen him since he was a little baby, Mary-Sue.”
“No. He’s tired. Is his crib still here? I need to lie him down.”
Daniel sighed. “Yes. It’s still in our room.” Mary-Sue walked away briskly to put Felix down for his nap, pushing past Daniel with a little shove.

After Felix was asleep, Mary-Sue and Daniel sat down in the living room. Daniel spoke first, trying to break the ice. "Did Angela tell you that Lilith married that Dirk Dreamer kid?"
"Yes, Daniel. I don't want to talk about that right now.
“Sorry. So, why are you back then? You’re obviously still mad at me.”
Mary-Sue sighed, not breaking her cold demeanor. “My father died. My mom is a wreck. I literally had to have her institutionalized. I had to sell their house. So I’m back. Not for you, but because I have nowhere else to go.”

Daniel frowned, his face growing grim. “I’m sorry about Herb. We never got along too well, but still. I didn’t know.”
Mary-Sue blinked away a few tears and looked away from her husband, embarrassed. “Yes well, now you do. My life has been like hell since I left, including the day you cheated on me.”

Daniel grew angry but held back his temper. “Mary-Sue, I did not cheat on you! How many times do I have to say it?! What do I have to do to make you believe me?!”
Exasperated, Mary-Sue closed her eyes and brought her hands to her temples. “I don’t care, Daniel! I don’t care what you did or didn’t do anymore. This marriage is a disaster! I don’t even consider it a marriage anymore. I want us to stay together for Felix and that’s it. We’ll keep it together until he’s grown and then we can divorce if we like.”

The word divorce made Daniel go silent. He choked up, but kept his face expressionless. “If that’s what you really want.”
“It is.” Mary-Sue’s words had an unnerving finality to them. The couple sat together in quiet for several moments, both trying not to scream at one another or cry. Suddenly, Mary-Sue opened her mouth. “You didn’t even come after us.” Her sentence hit Daniel like a ton of bricks. You didn’t even come after us. He didn’t know what to say. Mary-Sue stood up and swiftly walked away.


Angela Pleasant sat in her dorm’s lounge with her cousin, Lucy Burb. Lucy was newly graduated from high school, and the most recent addition to the Pinenut Plaza Dorms. Although Lucy had lived with Lilith for most of her childhood, she always got along better with Angela. The girls had similar tastes, both girly and giggly.

Angela was happy to have a friend, so when Lucy moved into the dorms, she took her under her wing. They spent almost all their time together, so it was no surprise when Lucy was the first one to notice the rather large engagement ring on Angela’s finger. The cousins were reading textbooks quietly when Lucy suddenly let out a noise halfway between a squeal and a gasp. “Angela Pleasant! Is that what I think it is on your finger?!”

Angela smiled sheepishly and stuck out her hand for Lucy to see the diamond more clearly. “What, this old thing?” She giggled girlishly. “Well if you think it’s an engagement ring, then yes!” The cousins shrieked, hugged, and jumped around a little. After they calmed down, they returned to their books to avoid the odd looks they were getting from fellow dormies.

“Well, spill! How did he ask you?”
“Oh it was so sweet, we went to dinner and then danced. After that he took me to this quaint little park with a pond and flowers and trees. He got down on one knee and just poured his heart out!”
"Oh my!"

“Yeah! I almost teared up! He pulled out the ring and by that point I was kind of expecting it. But anyway, I took it out and slid it on. Perfect fit! Then I flung myself into his arms to hug him; I was so happy!”

Lucy stared dreamily at her cousin. “Wow Angela,” she breathed. “That’s so wonderful. It sounds like something out of a movie!”
“Doesn’t it? He’s so romantic. I suppose I made him that way but, whatever! I can’t wait to start planning the wedding! And you’ll be my maid of honor, of course!”
Lucy beamed. “Oh Angela, of course! Yes! Definitely! And, congratulations! I’m so happy for the both of you.” After her emotional talk with Angela, Lucy began to think about her own love life. Lucy had some boyfriends in high school, but nothing serious. Now that she was a college student, the family sim thought it was high time she find a real man.

Lucy had her heart set on one particular man, Alexander Goth. Alex was also new to Sim State, and Lucy had her eye on him ever since freshman orientation. He was smart, good looking, not a big ladies man, and slightly mysterious. Lucy liked the way he spent his time hoarded in his dorm running tests and calculations. Lucy’s lifetime want was to graduate three children from college, and Alexander was the perfect specimen of a man to raise three education loving children. So when she finally spotted the young man outside his dorm, she swooped in to make her move.

Lucy plopped down in the seat across from where Alexander was intently scrawling in his notebook and introduced herself. “Hi, Alex! Whatcha working on?” She waved and smiled, perhaps a bit too overzealously. Alexander kept writing, unaware of the brunette desperately trying to get his attention. Lucy waited patiently, and then grew bored. “Well, my name is Lucy. We’re both freshman this year.” Finally, Alexander looked up to see who this Lucy was, without removing his hand from his forehead.

After examining her for a moment, Alexander returned to his work. “Yes, well, it’s nice to meet you, Lucy. Unfortunately, I’m very busy right now and I cannot properly converse.”
“Oh…sorry for bothering you.” Lucy was disappointed and fairly embarrassed; she frowned. “I just wanted to say hi, and maybe ask you out.”

This caught Alexander’s attention. “Ask me out? For a romantic date?”
Lucy smiled warmly. “Well…yeah! I’ve seen you around campus, and I just want to get to know you better.” Alexander did not know what to say. He had tried his hand at dating in high school and discovered that he really did not enjoy romantic relationships, nor did he enjoy the company of high school girls. Now he was in college, he thought perhaps the female population would be more mature by now.

That was not, however, something Alexander wanted to waste his time to find out. “I’m sorry Lucy,” Alexander chose his words carefully, “But I’m truly not looking for a relationship now, or perhaps ever. I just arrived here at Sim State, and I only have four years to utilize collegiate resources for my experiments. There’s so much to learn and so little time. You’re a beautiful girl, and although I appreciate your interest, I really just do not have any time or desire for dating.”

“You’re a beautiful girl” was all Lucy needed to hear, and was all she did hear. “Hey, you know what? That’s okay! I totally understand. I’d still like to get to know you though. Since you’re so busy, maybe I could help? I’m majoring in philosophy, not biology, but I took honors science classes in high school. I could totally be of service to you in your experiments!”
Alexander was intrigued. “You mean similar to an assistant?”
“Sure! Just call me assistant Lucy”
Alex shrugged. “Well, I suppose that couldn’t hurt. You’re hired.”
Lucy smiled brightly, happy to get some time alone with her prince charming. Alex smiled back, excited to have a lending hand. Nobody had ever shown so much interest in his work. Perhaps Lucy could really contribute. Perhaps this was the start of something very, very good.

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hmrnd3, I have to admit that I got a bit tired of all the 'Pleasantview Drama' Stories, but yours? There's just something different about it that keeps me wanting to go on and read! Somehow, I like your 'Pleasantview Drama'!

Its a job well done and its wonderful! Keep on going for a very long time please! Am anxious for the next chapter!
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Originally Posted by M.M.A.A.
hmrnd3, I have to admit that I got a bit tired of all the 'Pleasantview Drama' Stories, but yours? There's just something different about it that keeps me wanting to go on and read! Somehow, I like your 'Pleasantview Drama'!

Its a job well done and its wonderful! Keep on going for a very long time please! Am anxious for the next chapter!

Wow, MMAA! Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed my story so well, and that it stands apart from other Pleasantview dramas. I plan to write many more chapters, so I hope you keep checking back!
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Yup, I have to agree with MMAA, I just read chapter 5 and 6. You really have a nice talent for this. Great job! LOL your story kind of reminds me of Dallas. smile.
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Originally Posted by Tasia714
Yup, I have to agree with MMAA, I just read chapter 5 and 6. You really have a nice talent for this. Great job! LOL your story kind of reminds me of Dallas. smile.

Thanks so much, Tasia! So glad you're still reading and enjoying! What's Dallas?
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Originally Posted by hmrnd3
Thanks so much, Tasia! So glad you're still reading and enjoying! What's Dallas?

I believe she was referring to the TV series (called Dallas).
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (11)

Taa daa! Here is the almost week late chapter 11. Hopefully, chapters should be coming out weekly from here on out (for a while at least). This was a challenging chapter to organize and write; maybe you’ll see why when you read. Or maybe not. Please comment, thank, rate, and enjoy!


Don Lothario enthusiastically blew a noisemaker in his son’s direction. It was Lorenzo’s birthday, and Don was greatly relieved to see the ornery toddler move on to a more low maintenance stage of life. Lorenzo smiled up at his mother as she swayed him back and forth.

Although Kaylynn was happy to see her husband finally make it to their son’s birthday, the thought of her only baby growing up made the day bittersweet. As a family Sim, Kaylynn desperately wanted more children. She knew deep down that Don was an inadequate father, and did not want to bring anymore children into the world with him.

Kaylynn blew out Lorenzo’s candles and then set the boy down on the kitchen floor. Don and Kaylynn cheered for their son, and soon he sprang up into his new, child sized form. Lorenzo cheered loudly, and helped himself to a slice of cake. Kaylynn spent the remainder of the night deep in thought about her family.

The next morning, Kaylynn decided to have a little chat with Don while Lorenzo was away at school. Don smiled slyly when his wife explained to him her idea. “So you’re telling me you want me to connect with my other kids?” Kaylynn’s sudden interest in the well being of his eldest children amused him.

“Well, yeah!”, Kaylynn said, a worried look on her face. “I don’t know their home situations, but I don’t think it’s fair that they’ve had to grow up not knowing their father. They’re teenagers by now, right?”
Don frowned, trying to count dates and years in his mind. He grumbled when he realized he didn’t know how old his kids were and that, in fact, he didn’t even know their names. Now irritated, Don grew short with his wife. “Why do you care about them so much? Doesn’t the thought of me talking with Dina and Nina make you jealous?”

“Well, not really.” Kaylynn shrugged. “I think you’ve matured significantly over the last few years; I trust you for the most part. Not to mention, I don’t think Nina and Dina are interested in you anymore.”
Don scowled. “Well gee, thanks.”
Kaylynn held back a chuckle. “I’m just looking out for the kids Don. Not just your eldest, but Lorenzo as well. I want him to know his siblings, be friends with him. We’re certainly not having anymore children, and I don’t want him to be lonely.”

Don stayed quiet after that, reflecting on his wife’s words. Maybe he should try and get in touch with his estranged children. They should be older now, more like friends than a responsibility. Although he didn’t have a particular interest in either child or a desire for a relationship, he didn’t want to be remembered as the horrible father who was only as good as a child support check every month. “I’ll think about it.” Don wanted the conversation to be over.
“Thank you”, Kaylynn said. “That’s all I’m asking right now.”


Letti Caliente huffed and puffed until her blazing orange birthday candles were extinguished. The child blinked through the smoke, smiling slightly. It was her birthday, and her mother Nina was nowhere to be found. In fact, there were no guests at Letti’s humble birthday celebration. “At least she got me a cake”, Letti thought to herself. “I still wish I could have had a party.”

After Letti blew out her candles, she felt a strange, tingling sensation throughout her body. “Whoa!”, she cried as she wiggled and spun on the white linoleum. Suddenly, Letti was a young woman. The teen inspected her now larger hands, and ran them down her newly curvaceous thighs.

After the transition, Letti cut a single slice of cake and dismally padded over to the kitchen table with it. She munched on her dessert solemnly while reflecting on her childhood. Her once innocent mind now saw all the flaws in her mother, and the parenting style she raised her under. Letti recalled all the instances and various forms of neglect she put up with throughout her life. She thought especially about the day her mother explained to her the twisted, dark roots of her family tree. The cheating, the secrecy, the illegitimate children. Despite the horrible depiction of Don that Nina laid out, Letti wondered if her father had been around, whoever he really was, could things have been better?

Later that night, Letti played around with different makeup techniques in her bedroom. She looked in the mirror with an exacting eye, perfecting her simple eyeliner and rearranging strands of her hair. She’d never really given much thought to her appearance until now, but the new teen quickly realized she was indeed beautiful. The realization made her nervous, so did the thought of boys and dating. Perhaps, she’d keep the makeup simple for now and concentrate on science and school.

Letti shook of the thought of awkward first dates and kisses. She turned around and found her dog Scout napping on her bed. “What do you think, Scout? Like the new look?” The little dog’s ear shot up at the sound of his name and his master’s voice. He arose and looked her over carefully, gave a small yip of approval, and hopped off the bed.

Letti laughed and bent down to pet Scout, who was now sprawled on the floor begging for a belly rub. “You’re such a good boy!” Letti sighed. Scout was a wonderful dog, and she loved spending time with him. Still, she ached for human companionship. A shy girl, her only real friend had been Ricardo, her half brother and cousin. They hadn’t seen each other since the day in the park, when Nina suggested the children not play together anymore. Nina thought it best to tell Letti her side of the story, and not get involved with the lies she knew Dina was feeding her son. At that moment, Letti made the decision to disobey her mother for the first time in her life. She believed Ricardo deserved to know the truth, and she deserved to have a friend.

The next day, Letti contacted Ricardo in secret, and they agreed to meet at the park at 250 Main Street. Letti told him everything she knew about their own, and their parents’ dark history. Ricardo sat on the wobbly park bench and listened while gazing off into the distance absently. After taking in every word, he was quiet for a long moment. “Wow”, he eventually whispered. “So my Mom is your Mom’s sister?”
“Twin sister, yes.”
“And we have the same dad.”
“But I don’t know who he is.”

“You’re sure of this?” Ricardo hoped it was all a joke, maybe a misunderstanding.
“Positive.” Ricardo sighed, trying to organize his thoughts.
“I just don’t understand…” he trailed off, hanging his head.
“I know. It’s a lot to take in. I’m sorry, but you deserve to know.” Letti waited patiently while Ricardo buried his face in his hands.

Suddenly he shot up, his eyes narrowed and wild. “How could my mother lie to me about something like this?! I have another whole family I didn’t know about! I’ve grown up thinking my father was dead and now I find out that wasn’t even him! What else don’t I know?!”

Letti could tell how livid Ricardo was and she tried to calm him. “Listen, Ricardo. I know you’re upset, but don’t take it all out on your Mom. We don’t know the details. All my Mom told me is that our Dad slept around, got both of them pregnant, and then just left the picture. She didn’t want us to be friends because she wanted your Mom to work things out with you on her own. What I’m trying to say is maybe it’s not your Mom’s fault; maybe he didn’t want to be a part of our lives. Mortimer may not be your real dad, but he did help raise you. Your mom must have saw something in him. ”

Ricardo snorted. “Money.”
Letti scolded her brother. “Ricardo…”
“No, I know what you mean. You’re right. I’ll try not to make accusations and assumptions.”
“So are you going to talk to your Mom?”
Ricardo thought a moment. “I don’t know what I could say without getting mad.”
“I know what you mean.” Letti gave her brother an understanding look. They looked at each other sadly for a moment before hugging and parting ways, sure they would be seeing each other again soon.


Gideon smiled and laughed while staring at the flickering candles on his birthday cake. His family’s butler, Scot Rauscher, held the child and blew out his candles after singing to the tot. Gideon laughed at Scot lovingly, unaware of his mother’s absence at the important celebration. He was content with being held by the butler.

Scot, however, understood Gideon’s neglect and was deeply saddened by Dina’s lack of affection towards the boy. He had grown to love the toddler, and took care of him as if he were his own son. “Happy birthday, Gideon. I hope your next birthday brings you much more love and happiness.” The butler gently kissed Gideon’s forehead and watched him transition into a child.

Despite the circumstances Gideon proved to be a happy and fun loving child. Like his mother, Gideon was fascinated by nature. Unlike his mother, Gideon liked to hunt for bugs and insects where Dina took to gardening and cultivating plants. The child tried connecting with his mother through their hobby, but Dina found Gideon’s interest disgusting. Through all his attempts at winning her love, Gideon only succeeded in pushing his mother away further.

It was no secret that Ricardo was Dina’s favorite child. When she had the third floor of their house made into a private art studio for Ricardo’s birthday, nobody was surprised. “What do you think, son? I had all kinds of supplies bought for you, all your paintings hung on the wall. Absolutely anything you could ever need is right here!”

Ricardo looked around the room in awe; he was truly thankful for the generous gift despite his new feelings towards his mother. “It’s great Mom, really. I don’t know how to thank you.”
“You don’t have to thank me. I’m your mother, it’s my job to take care of you. You’re a wonderful artist and you deserve the best! The designers did a great job, don’t you think?”
Ricardo smiled at his mother halfheartedly. “They did.”

Dina smiled and sighed happily. “I just want to look around at all of your work, and then I’ll leave you be.”
Ricardo chuckled at his mother. “Okay, Mom. I think you’ve seen them all before though.”Dina waved off her son’s comment and walked further into the studio. She began to admire her the many paintings covering the walls. Some of them she had seen dozens of times, and others were new. One painting in particular, a painting she had never seen before, stopped Dina dead in her tracks.

Dina’s heart skipped a beat as she locked eyes with the painted Bella Goth. Guilt, confusion, and fear surged through her as she gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth.
Ricardo immediately noticed his mother’s reaction. “Mom? Mom, what’s wrong?!”
“Ri-Ricardo? Did you…did you paint this?” Dina felt her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

Ricardo gulped, concerned. “Uhm, well, sort of.”
Dina grew angry, and spun around to face her son. “Answer me! How do you know this woman?!” While she was screaming at Ricardo, Dina racked her brain. How could Ricardo have known about Bella to paint her? Does he know what I did, how I lied?

Dina’s own anger towards her son, as well as his new knowledge of his family’s dark past, turned him hostile.
“What are you talking about?! I don’t know who she is! I found the painting half finished up here when I was a kid and just painted the rest! Why are you getting so defensive?! What are you hiding?!” Dina suddenly regretted her reaction. Ricardo didn’t know as much as Dina had originally thought he did.

“Don’t take that tone with me!”, Dina yelled in effort to avoid the situation. Her mind was reeling.
“Don’t change the subject! I know something is up! I met Letti. Yeah, you know, my sister and cousin. She told me everything! I know about your sister and my dad. You lied to me my whole life! Mortimer isn’t my father! It’s all about money, isn’t it? This house doesn’t belong to us. You’re a manipulator and a cheat! Now the only thing that doesn’t make sense is that woman! Who is she, and why are you getting so upset over her painting?! Tell me the truth!” Ricardo demanded his mother’s honesty with a dignified, booming voice. He did not receive it; all Dina could do was blink at her son in fear.

“I’m done with you”, Ricardo declared. He was disgusted by his mother. After speaking with Letti, he had hoped she was mistaken. Their fight only confirmed Letti’s words and showed Ricardo there were even more secrets to be uncovered. He turned his back and began to walk away.
Finding her voice, Dina called out to her son. “You think you’re so smart playing Sherlock Holmes. You think I’m the bad guy. You have no idea what I’ve been through! Everything I’ve done has been for you.” Ricardo ignored his mother’s statement, kept his back turned, and walked down the stairs.

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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (12)


It was a sunny Saturday in Pleasantview, and Beau Broke was spending it cleaning house and babysitting his rambunctious little brothers. Brandi and Benjamin both had work, and depended on Beau to take care of Henry and Carter.

Beau understood that his parents would rather he watch the kids than the nanny; money was tight with all the home improvements. He didn’t mind babysitting his brothers, but he desperately wished for some free time to go out and explore the town, maybe even meet some girls. As a family sim, Beau had been wanting his first kiss and a girlfriend for a very long time.

When Henry grew into a teenager, some responsibility was lifted off Beau’s shoulders. Before Beau could even ask permission to go out, Henry suggested the brothers go clubbing. Henry, a new romance Sim, was even more excited to meet ladies than Beau. So on Friday night, the boys found themselves at a very dead Club Dante. Henry pouted as he watched Beau play pin ball. “Dude, this place is lame. There’s only a bunch of old guys here. Let’s leave.”

Beau ignored his brother as the little red pin ball was lost in the depths of the machine. “Oh man! I almost beat the high score!”
Henry sighed, slightly embarrassed by his brother's obsession with the game. “C’mon Beau, we came here for girls, remember? There are no girls here so let’s go!”
Beau gave in reluctantly. “Okay, okay. You’re right. But let’s just wait a little longer and see if anyone else comes. It’s still early!” Henry groaned dramatically and followed Beau onto the dance floor.

Much to Henry’s horror, Beau began to dance spastically the moment he heard the music begin to play. The teen smiled brightly while flailing his limbs around, unaware of his lack of rhythm. “You’re crazy!”, Henry gestured and mouthed over the loud music. He desperately wanted to leave; Club Dante was not all it was cracked up to be.

Before Beau could respond, he lost his footing and fell onto the hard, tile floor in an undignified fashion. Henry closed his eyes and shook his head in embarrassment while a cute, young girl laughed and pointed from afar.
“Beau! Get up! There’s a girl over there!” Henry said through gritted teeth. Beau’s cheeks turned bright red as he got back up on his feet

The doe eyed teen made her way onto the dance floor, heading straight for Henry. She began to dance with him playfully and Henry went along with it, forgetting all about his shamed brother. “Hey! I’m Tabitha, Tabitha Burb. What’s your name?”

Henry tried to play it cool like a romance Sim should, but found himself rather taken aback by Tabitha’s beauty. “Nice to meet you, I’m Henry. Burb, huh? You wouldn’t happen to be related to a Lucy, would you?”
Beau nudged his brother, suddenly jealous. “Henry! I’m still here!”
Henry ignored Beau, continuing his conversation with Tabitha. They shouted over the club music. “My brother, Dustin Broke, goes to school with a girl named Lucy Burb.”

Tabitha’s eyes lit up and she flashed Henry a big smile. “That’s my sister! Your brother is engaged to my cousin, Angela!”
Henry laughed. “So he is! Wow, cool! Small world!” Tabitha and Henry talked and danced for hours, leaving Beau alone and very unhappy.

Beau turned his back on the couple bitterly and continued his own wild dancing, hoping more girls would show up at the club. They never did, and Beau soon realized he was completely alone on the dance floor. “Oh c’mon, Henry! Some wing man you are!” Beau grumbled and set off to find his brother.

It didn’t take long; Beau turned the corner and found Henry and Tabitha making out on the club lounge couch. “Uhhh…”, he said uncomfortably. After the initial awkwardness wore off, Beau grew angry. Henry had only been a teen for a couple days and already had more girls than Beau. “He was supposed to help me”, Beau thought to himself.

Hoping to ruin the moment, Beau called out to his brother while waving obnoxiously. “Yoo hoo! Henry! I’m leaving!”
Henry couldn’t here Beau over the music and stayed sitting with Tabitha in his lap. Beau gave up, and eventually ended up leaving the club alone and hurt.


Eden Dreamer was watching television in the living room when her Aunt Destiny strode in carrying a newspaper. Eden smiled at the teen and kicked her legs restlessly. She was tired of cartoons and happy to have a distraction. “Whatcha doing with that newspaper, Destiny?” She waited for a response.

Destiny helped herself to a seat. “I’m job hunting. Hopefully there’s something good in here.” She shook out the newspaper and began to unfold it while smiling optimistically.
“Oh.” Eden said with a nod while searching her brain for more questions to ask. “Well…what kind of job are you looking for?”

Destiny scanned the help wanted section carefully. “Well, believe it or not, I want to go into architecture like Cass and Darren. I’m hoping I can get into that special after school apprenticeship.”
Eden cocked her head, puzzled. “Why don’t you just have Mom or Dad get you into the apprenticeship where they work? Wouldn’t that be easier?”
Destiny frowned. “Well since I’m not actually their daughter…it doesn’t work like that. I actually have to apply for the apprenticeship.”
“Oh.” Eden wished she hadn’t asked the question. She was indeed aware of the sore spot in the family caused by Destiny not really being Cassandra and Darren’s child. After finding no construction related jobs listed, Destiny sighed and crumbled up the newspaper. She was now not only annoyed with Eden, but the job prospects in Pleasantview as well.

Destiny moped into the kitchen and threw the newspaper into the garbage can. “I’m never going to become an architect”, the teen mumbled to herself.
“An architect, you say?” Destiny jumped at the sound of Waylon Menon’s voice, her guardians’ coworker.
“Waylon! You scared me! Did you come home with Darren today?” He had been around the house before, a familiar face to Destiny.
Waylon chuckled at Destiny’s startled appearance. “Yeah. We’re supposed to go out for dinner. He wanted to stop here and get something. What were you saying though, just a minute ago?”

Destiny brought her hand to her hip and began to wave it in the air sassily. “I said I’m never going to be an architect! I want to do what you, Darren, and Cassie do but there are no job openings. I can’t even get into the company apprenticeship. Of course if Eden wants to enter the business when she’s older, she’ll get in before you can say favoritism.”
Waylon laughed. “Do I sense a little jealously?”
“No!”, Destiny declared scowling.

Waylon laughed again; he found Destiny quite amusing. “I can get you into the apprenticeship.” He couldn’t; he lied.
Destiny beamed and clasped her hands together girlishly. “Really?!” She flashed Waylon a big smile.
“Yeah! Easy! I’ll just talk to the boss tomorrow.”

Destiny grinned goofily, unable to contain her excitement. She didn't think to ask just how Waylon could pull strings so easily. “Oh Waylon, you’re the best! I could kiss you right now!” She blushed violently and covered her face, instantly realizing what she said. “I’m so sorry.”
Waylon smiled dangerously at the girl. “Don’t be. I wouldn’t mind kissing a pretty girl like you.”

“What the hell is going on in here?” Darren appeared in the doorway, catching both Destiny and Waylon by surprise. They both blinked at Darren in fear. He stormed over to the pair.
Destiny could see the fury in his eyes. Embarrassed and terrified, she pleaded with her brother in law. “Darren, please! We were just talking! He was trying to help!”

Darren ignored the girl; he shoved Waylon away from her. “What are you thinking?! She’s a kid!”
Waylon was dumbfounded. “I wasn’t…we weren’t…I’m sorry, man!”
Darren kept fuming, not accepting any excuses. “Get out of my house before I do something I regret.” Waylon quickly scampered away, happy to avoid Darren’s wrath.

Once Waylon left and Destiny heard him shut the door, she turned on Darren. “Are you crazy?! What was that? The first guy who talks to me and you shove him?!”
Darren was shocked at Destiny’s reaction. “What?! I was helping you! That guy is a creep; you’re lucky I was here. He’s too old for you, Destiny!”

Destiny made a disgusted noise. “Oh please! He was just going to get me a job. Besides, I don’t need your help! You’re not my dad!”
With that, Destiny ran upstairs to her room leaving Darren stunned and slightly hurt.

Destiny stayed in her room for the rest of the night, refusing to talk to anyone. Later, Darren started dinner and Cassandra was forced to talk to him rather than Destiny about the earlier events. He explained everything to his wife sadly. “Wow. I’m sure glad you were the one to find them. I might’ve beat Waylon with his wrench and buried him under the daisies.”
Darren only smirked at his wife’s comment, still hurt from Destiny’s words. You’re not my father.

Cassandra easily picked up on her husband’s mood. “Don’t beat yourself up, Darren. We didn’t know Waylon was such a skunk; it’s not your fault.”
Darren sighed. “It’s not that. I could care less about that scum bag. We’ve made Destiny feel like an outsider in this family. She knows we’re not really her Mom and Dad, even though it feels like we are to her and us. We love her like she’s our daughter. Despite it all, she’s hurting. I don’t know what to do. Have her call us Mom and Dad?”

Cassandra wrinkled her nose. “No way. That may be easy for you to say because you too aren’t really related. You adopted her, but I am her sister. She should’ve been mine, but that’s not how fate wanted it. We’ve been clear on our family dynamics from the get go. We didn’t want to lie to her Darren, remember?”
Darren nodded grimly then turned. “I know. Still, I think we’ve been too clear.”


In the Pleasant household, Mary-Sue and Daniel continued on with their lives after their argument like nothing ever happened. Although, they did not show each other affection and rarely spoke. If they did exchange any words, they were always about Felix. When it came time for Felix’s birthday, the small family gathered in their kitchen for a humble celebration.

Mary-Sue held Felix, who looked more like her grandson than son, in front of his cake as the toddler attempted to blow out his blue candles. Mary-Sue chuckled at the boy. “Happy birthday, sweetie! I bet you can’t wait to taste this cake!”

Mary-Sue set Felix down on the floor and stood next to her husband to begin cheering. Little Felix stood up on his wobbly legs and soon transformed into a happy, healthy child.

Mary-Sue and Daniel were surprised to see what a happy child indeed Felix turned out to be. Like a ray of sunshine, he brightened the day of everyone he met. “Good morning, Miss bus driver! How are you?” The bus driver blinked, surprised to see such a polite, cheerful young boy.
“Well...I’m fine thank you.” The bus driver couldn’t help but smile at Felix.
“That’s good! I’m so glad!” Felix flashed the bus driver another bright smile and took his seat.

In the days that followed, a rather sorrowful event took place that deeply saddened even cheerful Felix. Mary-Sue received a call from the hospital informing her that her adoptive mother, Coral Oldie, had died peacefully in her sleep. Although expected, the news was painful to the Pleasant family.

Mary-Sue cried softly while standing in front of her parents’ graves. The funeral had ended, and most the guests had left. The grave was adorned with flowers left by Lilith and Angela. “It really is beautiful here”, Mary-Sue said through her tears. “Mom would have loved all the flowers.”
Daniel watched his wife uncomfortably, not knowing what to say. He wanted to put his arm around Mary-Sue and tell her everything would be okay, but he didn’t think she’d appreciate that. “I bet you’re right”, Daniel said awkwardly. He had never been close to either Coral or Herb.

Before either Mary-Sue or Daniel could say another word, Felix began to cry much louder and harder than he had all day. Mary-Sue wiped her own tears and knelt down to her son’s aide. She rubbed his back soothingly and let the boy cry. Felix had been very close to Coral; she'd helped raise him.

“I miss Grandma so much. I wish I could have visited her more,” Felix mumbled through his sobs.
Mary-Sue embraced her son tighter. “There there, darling. Grandma knows how much you love her. She’s with Grandpa now, she’s happy. You know she missed him very much. You'll see her again someday.”
Felix sniffled, comforted by the thought of his grandparents dancing together in the clouds. “Yeah. You’re right,” he said calmly. After everyone said their goodbyes and cried themselves dry, the Pleasant family headed home. They were ready to shed their black garb and resume enjoying life.


Lucy Burb furrowed her eyebrows, trying desperately to concentrate on her book. She had been spending a lot of time with Alex lately, but he just wasn’t falling for her. Although she was disappointed by his lack of affection, she loved being around him and helping him with his research. Still, her cousins and their significant others made it very hard to be satisfied with friendship.

“Could you four get a room?” Lucy couldn’t take it anymore. Angela and Dustin ignored her bitter, yet playful words.
Lilith smirked at her cousin. “What’s wrong Lonely Lucy? Ol' Alex still not cracking?” Dirk laughed at his wife’s quip. Fed up, Lucy shot Lilith a dirty loook, slammed her book shut, and stomped off to Alex’s dorm.

Aren’t you cold?”, Alex asked Lucy curiously. After she came to his dorm, Alex led her outside to the telescope.
Lucy smiled and shrugged. “Nah. It’s better than standing around watching you hog the telescope.”
“I’m sorry,” Alex said, “I have to be the one in charge of the telescope. You don’t know what we’re looking for.”
Lucy pouted. “Yeah yeah, I’m just the assistant. But the only reason I don’t know is because you refuse to tell me!” Lucy had been helping her crush with science experiments and research for months, ignorant of the purpose behind their work.

Alex chuckled mysteriously. “All in good time, my dear.”
Lucy pouted for a moment, then jumped up to stand by Alex.
“This is dumb!”, she declared. “I’m telling you right now Alexander Goth, if you don’t explain to me what it is we have been doing I’m not helping you anymore! Why the heck are we outside in the freezing cold, in the middle of the night, looking at the sky?!”

“It is that important to you, huh?” Alex didn’t remove his eye from the telescope.
“Yes!” Alexander weighed his options. If he revealed the method to his madness, Lucy may not understand. She may call him crazy, or reveal his work to outsiders. That would also mean they would be equals, and the experiment would no longer be Alex’s.
However, if he refused to tell her he may lose a very good assistant as well as a dear friend.

Alex stepped away from the telescope and faced Lucy. “Fine, I will tell you. You must swear to secrecy though, complete confidentiality.”
Lucy beamed, suprised her little fit worked. “I swear!” For the next several minutes, Alex explained what he knew of the mystery behind his mother, Bella Goth.

Lucy listened carefully with wide eyes. “One day she was at home, the next day she was gone without a trace. My father went mad, ranting about spaceships and aliens. The town believed she had been murdered, and blamed various neighbors for numerous reasons. Years passed, my whole family aged. Then suddenly, she returned. She had no idea of the time lapse, and her body did not show any aging. It was quite amazing, actually. She and my father conceived another child, and her body began to show rapid deterioration. Physically, she couldn't handle the pregnancy. It was as if the baby, my sister Destiny, sucked the life out of her. She ended up passing away shortly after giving birth. My father returned to his maddened ways and my elder sister hated him for it. I don’t agree with her though. I don’t think my father was mad. I want to, in a sense, avenge my mother’s death as well as clear my father’s name. I want to find the extra terrestrials that took my mother and prove their existence to the world.”

Alexander stood still, watching for Lucy’s reaction. He was quite pleased with himself. “Wow”, Lucy breathed. She thought a moment and cleared her head, growing skeptical. “That’s all good and fine, but doesn’t it seem more logical that your father was really mad, and that perhaps your mom just skipped out for a couple years then came back and needed a cover?”

Alex frowned and returned to his telescope.“Perhaps. It is logical. But I refuse to believe that. So, are you going to help me track these UFO flight patterns or not?”
Lucy threw her hands up in the air in defeat; she smiled. “Well Alex, if you believe, I believe. I’ll stick by your side until we find those aliens and right all the wrongs.”
Alex smiled, his heart warmed by Lucy’s spirit. “Thank you, Lucy. You’re a terrific friend.”
Lucy winced and half smiled at Alex. “Thanks, Alex. So are you.”

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Thank you very much for this fabulous story! It's really different from the other Pleasantview stories I have read, and much more interesting. I hope the next chapter will come soon!

Just a little question : do you remember where you got these beautiful coffee paintings in Cassandra and Darren's kitchen? They're really nice!

Thanks from France
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Originally Posted by Camellia29
Thank you very much for this fabulous story! It's really different from the other Pleasantview stories I have read, and much more interesting. I hope the next chapter will come soon!

Just a little question : do you remember where you got these beautiful coffee paintings in Cassandra and Darren's kitchen? They're really nice!

Thanks from France

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed my story so much; thank you kindly for the wonderful comment! I'm planning to write many more chapters, and upload chapter 13 within a couple days.

The coffee paintings are from a really cool website called Around the Sims 2, and they actually have stuff for TS1 and TS3. Here is the link to the page with the coffee paintings:
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Default The Pleasantview Diaries (13)

Behold, chapter 13. If you read this story, and especially if you enjoy it, don't be shy to comment!


Letti’s heart rate increased slightly as she gulped, debating on how to execute the delicate conversation she'd been planning to have with her Mom. She figured their talk could go one of two ways, very poorly or very well. She finally took a deep breath and began. “I’m just going to cut straight to the chase here, Mom. I’m sorry if this upsets you but, I want to know who my father is. His name, what he looks like. I even want to maybe…”, Letti hesitated, “…I want to meet him.”

Nina was surprised to hear this from her daughter. She never really had feelings for Don, and it never bothered her that he wasn’t interested in Letti. To Nina, Don had always been nothing more than somebody fun to mess around with. She rarely thought about him anymore, and never expected him to be a good father in the first place. “Well”, Nina began, “ I’m not upset, so you don’t worry about that. You may not want to hear this but, I never really loved Don. That’s your dad’s name, Don Lothario. So anyway, it really it doesn’t hurt me to talk about him. I never intended to have a baby with him, and I never expected him to be much of a father. I hate to tell you this kiddo, but he's kind of a loser. I thought you knew that, considering our circumstances. I'm suprised you want to meet the guy.”

Letti twirled her spaghetti around with her fork, slightly hurt but not entirely surprised. “Yeah, I guess. Still, I do want to meet him." Letti paused. "You didn’t care about him, not one little bit?”
Nina smirked and breathed out a small laugh. “Nope, sorry sweetie. We just fooled around; we were two of a kind. It was purely for fun, friends with benefits if you will. When I told him I was pregnant he took off and I didn’t chase him. I figured I could take care of you by myself. Don't forget that was also when Aunt Dina was still around.”
“Does he know anything about me?”, Letti asked hopefully while ignoring half of her mother's words.

Nina thought to herself a moment. “Well, I know Dina called him quite a lot when we were pregnant. I don’t know what all she told him though. We didn’t really talk much during that time; we were both pretty embarrassed. Maybe now he might not mind meeting you, since you’re all grown up anyway. There’s not much responsibility left he has to worry about.” Nina snorted.

Letti smiled. “Despite everything, I still want to meet him. Just hear things from him myself. I think Ricardo does too.”
Nina nodded. “I understand, kiddo. You can call him whenever you’re ready; I've prepared you enough with the backstory. I’m sure I’ve got his number around here somewhere. I want you to discuss it with Ricardo first though, now that he knows everything.” Nina stuffed the last bite of spaghetti in her mouth before standing up to clear her plate. “As a matter of fact, I’m surprised we haven’t heard from Dina since you foiled her little game.”

Letti looked down, now worried. “You don’t think she’d do anything, do you?” The teen gulped.
“It depends on how mad she is, I suppose. She’s always been a little unstable.”
Letti thought on her mother’s words for a moment and grew fearful. She decided it would be better to call Ricardo sooner than later.


It was mid morning when Ricardo Caliente’s cell phone went off. Its' loud ringtone and amplified vibrations against his hard desk awoke the teen. Ricardo yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes while lazily walking over to his desk. He answered the phone, holding back another yawn. “Hello?”

A far too awake and cheerful Letti replied. “Oh good! You’re up!”
Letti? Do you have any idea what time it is?”
“Uhm yeah, it’s almost ten. Why?”
“That’s too early.”
Letti groaned, slightly exasperated with her brother. “Don’t be so lazy! I have important business to discuss!”
Ricardo sighed, realizing going back to bed was no longer an option. “Tell me then.”

“I have great news! Well, I think it’s great but I suppose there’s a chance you won’t. Anyway, I’ve been talking to my Mom about our Dad and she’s willing to help us meet him! I have his phone number and we can call him whenever we want!” The excitement in Letti’s lilted voice was obvious.
Ricardo blinked, stunned. He didn’t know what to say and remained silent for a long moment.
Letti grew impatient. “Ricardo? Are you there? Ricardo?”

“That’s great, Letti! Wow! Let’s call him today! I want to meet him as soon as we can!” Ricardo’s heart pounded in excitement.
Letti laughed. “Oh, I’m so glad you feel that way! I was worried you’d be upset and not want to meet him. I don’t know if I could do it without you by my side.”
Ricardo was puzzled. “Well thanks Letti but, why would I be upset?”

“Well…”, Letti thought about her answer for a second, “I just know you’re cross with your mother about the whole situation. You went your whole life thinking Mortimer was your father. I thought maybe you’d want to keep it that way, if you know what I mean.”
“Oh, not at all. Since I found out my Mom lied to me, it’s only made me want to know the truth more. I’m not like her. I can’t just pretend lies are reality. I know there’s more she’s lied about too. I want to meet my real father. Maybe he can even help me put some of the puzzle together. You know?” Ricardo sniffed the air, suddenly smelling smoke. He began searching around his room for the source, distracted from Letti’s words.
“Okay, if you’re sure. Speaking of your mother…”, Letti gulped, “She’s not dangerous, is she? I mean, I don’t want her to be mad at me for telling you the truth. I’m sure she is though…”

“Ricardo? You there?” Ricardo looked out his bedroom window and saw what looked to be a large bonfire. He studied the fire for several moments. That’s odd, he thought to himself. Why would some one be making a fire at this hour? Suddenly, Ricardo noticed his painting of Bella Goth sticking out of the top of the fire. His heart dropped and he gasped. He dropped the phone and took off running, leaving Letti worrying on the other end.
“Ricardo? Ricardo?! What’s going on?!”

Ricardo bolted upstairs as fast as his legs would take him to his art studio. He panted as his eyes darted around the room. "No...", he breathed. He cursed at the stark white walls. Everything was gone. His paintings, his easel, every bit of furniture. Gone.

Ricardo dashed downstairs and into his backyard. He saw the fire, and all of his beautiful paintings engulfed in flames. All his studio furniture had been smashed and was now turning to ash. He wanted to cry, he wanted to scream. Dangerous anger bubbled up inside when he saw his mother standing next to the blazing art with a proud smile on her face.

Ricardo ran over to his mother; his fury taking control. The teen did something he never thought he could do to anyone, let alone his mother; he shoved her. “How could you do this to me?!”, Ricardo bellowed through gritted teeth. Dina almost fell backward, a terrified and stupefied look on her face.

Dina was bewildered. “I-I’m just trying to help you! To help us! Those paintings, that painting ruined everything!”
Ricardo was blinded by fury, his mind a maddened whirl. He had to stop himself from diving into the flames and saving his paintings. “You’re crazy!”, he screamed. “It's all your fault, not my art! You’re a monster and I hate you!”

Ricardo’s words stunned Dina, and sent her into hysterical sobbing. Ricardo had no mercy for his mother. “How can you cry right now?” Ricardo held back his own tears. “You’re insane; you need help.” Dina kept crying. “Get out of here! I don’t feel sorry for you!”

Dina eventually walked back into the house without saying another word to her son. When she left, Ricardo broke down into his own tears. He sat next to the fire and watched his most prized possessions burn to the ground. His mother had broken his heart, caused him to suffer a great loss. As Ricardo sat listening to the crackle of the fire fizzle out, he promised himself he would never forgive her.


Don and Kaylynn Lothario relaxed together on the soft beach at their hotel on Twikkii Island. Due to a series of big promotions, the Lotharios had some extra cash on their hands and decided it would be a good time to take a family vacation. They wanted to spend some quality time together, and with Lorenzo before his birthday. The husband and wife listened peacefully to the sound of their son playing and the waves crashing on the beach with their eyes closed.

Lorenzo giggled while flinging more sand onto his castle. “Daddy, you look like a lobster!” The shrill sound of his voice brought the boy’s parents back to reality. Kaylynn blinked open one eye to inspect her husband.
She gasped a little, then held back a laugh. “Oh my, honey…you might want to get out of the sun now.”

Don sat up abruptly and soon realized he was indeed, very burnt. “Oh man!” Don poked his reddened shoulder and cringed. “Agh! That hurts!”
Kaylynn and Lorenzo giggled. “I told you to put on some sunscreen!”, his wife reminded him teasingly.

Kaylynn sauntered over to her husband and he put his hands around her tiny, tanned waist. “I told you I don’t need sunscreen, I’m too naturally tan to get burnt.”
Kaylynn rolled her eyes playfully. “Oh really? Then how is it that you’re fried and I, the original Snow White, am perfectly bronzed?”

“I don’t know”, Don purred while embracing Kaylynn and admiring her body, “But I like it.” Kaylynn's heart began to flutter; she placed her hands gingerly on her husband’s burned shoulders. Don winked at his wife as she looked over to their oblivious son, who was now combing the beach for seashells.
“Uhmm, Lorenzo sweetie. Daddy and I are going up to the room for a minute. We’ll be back in a little bit. You stay here and keep looking for shells. Okay?”
Lorenzo was too busy to even look at his mother. “Sure, mommy.”

Kaylynn and Don scurried up to their hotel room, hearts pounding in anticipation. Lorenzo didn’t bother his parents, and the family soon got back to beach activities after the quick, vacation rendezvous. They spent all day on the beach and the family of three fell into bed that night, exhausted from sun and salt water.

Lorenzo, unfortunately for Kaylynn and Don, recuperated from the previous days’ activities much faster than his parents. “Wake up, wake up, wake up! I have my trunks ready and I want to go swimmin’!”, the boy shouted while jumping up and down on his bed.

Don groaned and kept his eyes shut. “Lorenzo, it’s hailing outside. Go back to sleep.”
“No it’s not!” Lorenzo continued flinging his body up and down on the bouncy mattress.
“Yes, it is.”
“Liar Liar, pants on fire!”
Don sighed, hoping his wife would help him out. “Kay?”
Kaylynn kept her eyes closed. “Lorenzo, we’ll go in a little bit. Just please, stop jumping on the bed.”
Lorenzo instantly fell back on the mattress. “Yes, mommy.” Don grumbled something about a "mama's boy" and fell back to sleep.

The Lotharios spent the day exploring every opportunity available on Twikkii island. From fire dancing and shopping, to hot springs and local cuisine, the family was busy as a beehive. They had a blast, and bonded with one another quite a bit.

Kaylynn felt herself growing tired very quickly throughout their day, but toughed out every adventure for the sake of the vacation. When they finally got back to the hotel, she flopped down in a hammock while Lorenzo and Don ran off to find firewood. Kaylynn’s felt her insides gurgling and held her stomach in distress. Ugh, she thought to herself. It’s probably that pineapple surprise. This must be the surprise. Kaylynn chuckled at her joke, then grimaced as the laugh knotted up her stomach.

The vacation came to an end with a boy’s only marshmallow roast; Kaylynn was too sick to join the party. Don and his son enjoyed their guy time together. He explained the dangers of food poisoning to Lorenzo while they sat on the beach, causing the boy to eye his goldening marshmallow suspiciously.

The Lothario family eventually headed back home, unpacked, and changed out of their beach clothes. Kaylynn was still ill, unsure if it was really pineapple surprise or perhaps seasickness. She convinced her husband to check the mailbox and listen to messages on the answering machine for her.
Don reluctantly payed the bills and hit the red button on the black receiver to hear the messages. There was a message from Brandi, wanting Kaylynn to call her back and tell her how the vacation went "ASAP". A couple coworkers had called for both Don and Kaylynn. The last message, however, caught Don off guard. He didn’t recognize the voice, it sounded like a young girl’s. Probably a wrong number, he thought before really listening to the message.
“Hi. I hope this is the right number. I’m looking for Don Lothario. My name is Letti Caliente, and I’m sitting here with my brother, Ricardo Caliente. You've never met us, but I think you can guess who we are. Anyway, we’d both really like to meet you so please, give us a call back. There's a lot to talk about. My mom, Nina, says you should still have our number. So, bye for now I suppose.” *BEEP*

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Oh God! I just read 3 chapters at once I had to catch up, I'm sorry but i've had so much to do and all the homework but now when school is over
It makes me happy to see that Don is starting to become a stable father and that Felix is such a happy kid.
I feel quite sorry for Dina actually, I don't think she knows what she is doing. And this whole thing with Lucy and Alex, Lucy is never going to get anything from him I'm afraid.
Thank you for the great reading!
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Originally Posted by ZenGarden
Oh God! I just read 3 chapters at once I had to catch up, I'm sorry but i've had so much to do and all the homework but now when school is over
It makes me happy to see that Don is starting to become a stable father and that Felix is such a happy kid.
I feel quite sorry for Dina actually, I don't think she knows what she is doing. And this whole thing with Lucy and Alex, Lucy is never going to get anything from him I'm afraid.
Thank you for the great reading!

Hey, you don't have to apologize! I know how crazy school and life can get. I'm just glad you came back

So happy you're enjoying the story. Yes, Kaylynn's little tricks and some family bonding have changed Don, hopefully permanently.
Felix is doing well, oblivious to his parents' issues. Perhaps he'll realize what's going on when he's older.
Dina is acting irrationally, but like Nina said, she's always been unstable.
Alex totally has Lucy friend zoned, hopefully she can make it work or move on!
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Hi there, just read chapter 5. OK, so what is the big idea not telling us if Brandi's baby is a boy or a girl? That was very naughty of you to leave us on a cliff hanger like that.. LOL! I feel sorry for Danial's wife, poor thing having a baby while her husband is out talking to his ex lover. tsk tsk.
Keep up the great work.
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