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Default Tutorial: Resurrecting Sims using SimPE
This tutorial will help you bring your dead Sims back to life if you're running a game system with just the base game installed.

In case you have any expansion packs installed, please use an in-game method of resurrecting Sims (bonephone, Genie wish, Vivificus Zombiae). If it just so happens that you don't have either one of those expansion packs that introduce resurrection, download Sim Manipulator. Obtain it from the buy mode in-game, and resurrect a Sim by clicking the Sim Manipulator:
Misc... > Resurrect Sim.

Sim Manipulator also works for Life Stories, Pet Stories, and Castaway Stories.

You should only follow this tutorial if you have the base game installed, because the base game doesn't have a supported resurrection method in-game, and Sim Manipulator doesn't support just the base game (requires at least one EP).

This tutorial is not intended for resurrecting pre-made dead Sims of EA neighborhoods. You also won't be able to follow this tutorial if your desired Sim's character file has been deleted ("shredded"). More on determining that later on.

You will need:
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Default Clearing the ghost flags and resetting remaining days
  1. Back up your game.

  2. Open SimPE. Click CTRL+SHIFT+N, or navigate to Tools > Neighborhood > Neighborhood Browser. Load the neighborhood that the Sim you wish to resurrect is in. Once you open it, SimPE will hang for a bit while it loads all the necessary game files - this hang is normal.

  3. In the Resource Tree, look for Sim Description (SDSC). In the Resource List, select the name of the Sim you wish to resurrect. Tip: you can sort the list alphabetically by clicking on the "Name" column.

    Sims may have identical names. Make sure the Sim you selected is the Sim you actually want to resurrect.

  4. Determining if the Sim is able to be resurrected. If the portrait of your Sim has a blue or red background, sorry - you can't resurrect those Sims, as the data that keeps them playable has been deleted, and the characters have been unlinked from the neighborhood. A possible cause to this would be that the dead Sims' graves have been sold or deleted prior to installing nounlinkondelete, or if you've done something else (intentionally or accidentally) from the list of things considered to cause neighborhood corruption.

  5. Edit Sim's remaining days. In case the value of remaining days is something crazy high, such as 65535 or alike, you'll need to edit those days so that your Sim will be able to age once resurrected. Use the following values depending on your Sim's age group:
    Toddlers: 1-4, Children: 1-8, Teens: 1-14, Adults: 1-29, Elders: 1-31.
    If you'd like to set larger values, you'll need to download an extended aging mod, otherwise those Sims won't age.

  6. Remove Sim's ghost flags. Under "Other" tab in plugin view, un-tick everything under ghost flags - remove check marks under Is Ghost, Can Pass Through Objects, Walls, and People, and Ignore Traversal Costs.

  7. Commit changes.
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Default Deleting the I Am Dead token
  1. From the Resource tree, select Neighborhood/Memory (NGBH). From the Resource list, select Neighborhood/Memory.

    Open the "Default" household. Loading of that "household" may take a bit longer. Find your Sim on the list. At the right-hand side of the plugin view, there should now be a list of their memories, tokens, known gossip, and inventory objects.

  2. Scroll through the list of memories until you find "memories" without an icon, which read
    [invisible] Token - I Am Dead { }, and
    [invisible] Token - I Am Dead.

    Right-click on both of those tokens and select Cascade Delete Selection. Note: your Sim may only have one of these two tokens, and that's ok. Delete the one that they have.

  3. Commit changes.
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Default Adding Sims back to a household
There are two methods of moving the now-alive Sim to a household. The SimPE method allows you to either make your Sim a townie by adding them to the townie pool, or add them to an existing, playable household. The in-game method involves the use of testing cheats and the cheat object Tombstone of Life and Death.

SimPE method of adding Sims to a household - editing FAMI data
  • Adding Sim to a playable household. From the Resource tree, select Family Information (FAMI). Scroll through the list of known family/household names where you'd like to add your Sim to. Select that household. In the plugin view, there will be a blank drop-down list next to a list of names of Sims that are already in that household. Click on the drop-down list, and find your Sim.

    (If you have multiple Sims sharing the same name, you can tell them apart by comparing their Sim ID (the hex number next to their name). To confirm the Sim ID of your Sim, find their Sim Description - back when you were editing their ghost flags. Under Overview, their Sim ID should be stated above their name and surname field.)

    Add your Sim to the household by clicking on Add Sim below the drop-down list.

    Commit changes, and save the neighborhood package. Close SimPE. Make sure that you have nounlinkondelete installed before you start the game again.

    You have now completed the tutorial. Please read on about possible problems regarding graves of Sims once you've resurrected them in the following post.

  • Adding Sim to the townie pool. If, instead of having the Sim playable, you wish for them to roam the town freely, you can add them to the townie pool. It isn't enough to just resurrect them in order for them to randomly appear as walkbys - Sims belonging to the Default "household" never appear somewhere on their own in-game.

    Adding Sims to the townie pool can be tricky, though. The townie "household" is usually called after the first townie's surname. For example, if the first townie that your game spawned for your neighborhood was called John Ng, the townie "household" would be named Ng.

    I'm playing a downloaded neighborhood whose creator edited the townie "household" name to Townies, making it more simple to find.

    If you're unsure which household is the townie pool, it is best to join your Sim to an existing household, and then follow another tutorial on making them a townie in-game.

    The process of adding Sims to the townie pool, once you've actually found it, is identical to adding Sims to a playable household. Follow the appropriate steps listed above.

The in-game method of adding Sims to a household - Tombstone of Life and Death
  1. After you've deleted the ghost token, save the neighborhood package in SimPE and close the program. Make sure that you have nounlinkondelete installed. Start the game, and load the household you wish to add your Sim to. (The household, of course, needs to be in the same neighborhood where the Sim died.)

  2. Type in the cheat:
    boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true

    Shift-click on the active Sim, and select Spawn... > Tombstone of Life and Death.

    A tombstone will appear next to your Sim. Click on it, and select Add Neighbor To Family. From the list of Sims, select your Sim's name.

    Note: this menu will only display Sim's first names. In case you add the wrong Sim (dead or alive), exit the lot to neighborhood without saving, and reload the lot, and add a different Sim. You can try noting how many times you've pressed the More button, or where the names were on the dial. It is a trial-and-error process.

  3. Once you've added the Sim, you've successfully completed the tutorial. Delete the Tombstone of L&D through buy mode. Deactivate the cheat by typing:
    boolProp testingCheatsEnabled false

    Please read on about possible problems regarding graves of Sims once you've resurrected them in the following post.
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Default Possible problems regarding leftover graves of resurrected Sims
I currently don't have a system with just the base game, and I cannot test this scenario properly. My main concern over the tutorial is how the game would handle tombstones of Sims who have been resurrected. When at least one expansion pack is installed, the game realizes that Sims are resurrected, and displays "Sim has been resurrected on another lot!" message if you load a lot that has a grave of a Sim, but the Sim themselves don't have flags that mark them as dead. I am uncertain what happens if this scenario occurs in just the base game, before the ability to resurrect Sims was supported. Graves are considered to be an object representing a Sim (just how alive Sims are represented by a person "object"). Having two representations of a Sim may cause issues.

I have opened a thread in the creative feedback forum, where I asked fellow players to test out this scenario. You can follow up and read the reports, if there are any.

In case graves do not disappear after you've added Sims to a household, you can simply delete/sell them through buy mode. Make sure you have nounlinkondelete installed before doing that! If you experience wonkiness, you can restore from a backup that you made before following this tutorial, and delete their graves before you attempt to follow the tutorial again from the start. (Again, nounlinkondelete is crucial to have in order to do this without corrupting your neighborhood.)
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If you have FT and get the genie lamp you can also do it that way. If you want them brought back as a zombie, an evil witch can do that if you have AL.
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There are people like past you, Matt, who hated on every single EP there was, or for some other reason they don't have it.
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DJ., you and Josepina should be given achievements for writing tutorials.

(I myself wrote a small tutorial too, on MTS's wiki, but didn't get one either.)
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Like I said in another post the InSimenator mod works in CS, LS and PS. I use the DEST one and it works great. (It may say it is "not supported" but it still works.}
Just remember not to use it in story mode or you could break your game. I sometimes use the motive one and have had no problems in Story mode.

In both LS and PS you can also use the Sim Manipulator mod.
The same as the InSimenator do not use it in story mode or you could break your game.

If you are still in Story Mode do not use SimPE or it will break the story on you and you wont be able to finish the story.
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Ok, Marka! I got it!

But I've written this tutorial to explain yet another method of making Sims alive again. As far as I know, there are the following methods:
  • In-game method: the Resurrect-O-Nomitron object. Requires University. Chance of your Sim returning as a zombie completely depends on the ritual deposit
  • In-game method: the Dusty Old Lamp/Genie wish. Requires Free Time. Chance of your Sim returning as a zombie is completely random.
  • In-game method: the Vivificus Zombiae evil spell. Requires Apartment Life. Chance of your Sim returning as a zombie is 100 %.
  • Third party software: Insimenator. Unsupported mod.
  • Third party software: Sim Manipulator. Recommended if you can't or decide not to use the in-game methods.
  • Third party software: SimPE. Steps explained in this tutorial. To be used only as a last resort or if you only have the base game installed.
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You won't get problems with other sims having corrupt memories if you do this?
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Huh... not sure what you mean there. What do you consider to be a "corrupt memory"? Like, memories with junk subjects, memories with 0 instance set to anything besides 0 or 4...?

Remember; this is the same as you would resurrect your Sim with Resurrect-O-Nomitron. If you'd do it that way, then you can do it this way, too.
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Hi, i tried resurrect Hugh Thanasia and Lou Thanasia (Strangetown). In Hugh family tree is Lou alive, but I can´t add Lou to family through Tombstone L&D, because i can´t find his name. Is there any other way to add Lou to the family? Please, help me.
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Resurrecting dead pre-mades is generally a bad idea and not what this tutorial is for. Most dead pre-made sims are not safe to resurrect as they don't have full data. I looked that name up as I suspected it was a pre made and it says it's one of Olive Specter's husbands. I don't know much about how safe they are, but I would err on the side saying not safe unless you have found it said someplace that it is safe?

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Very few of the ghosts in the base game neighborhoods have character data, because back when they were created, resurrection was not part of the game, even the developers didn't know much about how corruption worked, and the developers only made the parts they needed to make the ghosts as scenery.

Tarlia's made a Strangetown subhood that has given character data to as many of the ghosts as she could, but as a general rule you should leave the base game dead alone.

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#17 Old 28th Jan 2015 at 4:18 PM If you really want to play all the dead Sims from all the Maxis hoods then get all my Beginning Hoods for I fixed all of them so I could extract them and clone and made them new in my hoods.

All my Beginning Hoods as shopping districts.

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS.
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town.
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