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Default Tutorial: How to delete a sim.
The intention of this tutorial is to show you how to use Theo's SimPE plugin to delete sims, as safely as we know how to. This is not an endorsement of the technique, nor a declaration that this technique is safe.

You are always better off to stop sims from being added to your neighborhood in the first place, rather than deleting sims after they have been added. You can reduce the number of sims in your neighborhood using clean or empty templates and no-regen mods. Discussion of these techniques is beyond the scope of this tutorial. [Need links.]

WARNING: This technique can leave your neighborhood unplayable. Be sure to backup your neighborhood before, and to test it after, deleting any sims. Specifically, Universal Sims are never safe to delete (see Playing_NPCs_and_Adding_them_to_Householdswiki). Sims that have family ties and other connections may be unsafe to delete (see the rest of this post for details).

Pescado tells us how to delete sims from a neighborhood:,6205.0.html

This technique requires the batbox:,72.0.html

Since that tutorial was written, Theo wrote a SimPE plugin which makes the SimPE and Windows Explorer steps easier. You'll want the Action Delete Sim plugin from here:

How to use the batbox and SimPE to delete a sim from your neighborhood:
- backup your save game. DO NOT SKIP this step.
- Extract and install the batbox in your Downloads folder.
- Extract and put Theo's DLL into the SimPE Plugins subfolder.
- Run SimPE and remove any family ties that include your sim.
- Run the game.
- Turn on debug mode by typing in the following cheat:
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
- Use the batbox to prepare your sims to be deleted. Note that you need to <shift><click> on the batbox to see the option to prep your sim.
- Save and exit the game.
- Open your neighborhood in SimPE and select the SimDescription(s) for the Sim(s) that you want to delete.
- On the extreme right hand side of the SimPE window, click on "Resource Actions". The text is sideways right against the edge of the window. If you can't see that, try resetting the SimPE layout.
- At the very bottom of the Resource Actions area under Plugin, you'll see "Delete Sim (by Theo)". You may have to expand the Plugin area before it becomes visible.
- Theo's plugin will delete the Sim Description (SDSC) and Sim Scores (SCOR) for the sim. As well, it will delete the sim's Character file.
- Theo's plugin will ask whether to delete the Sim DNA. Do not delete it; it's unsafe to remove.
- Run the game and test everyone who knew your sim. Symptoms of problems include empty wants lists or want controller errors if you are in debug mode. If there are problems, then you may want to restore from your backup, or to consider deleting the SWAFs of the sims which contain invalid references.

Some pictures available here:

Exceptions: Neither the batbox nor Theo's plugin will delete all references to sims that are deleted. Here are the references that we know are not deleted:
- Family ties.

- References in the Wants and Fears history.

There may be other records which are not properly cleaned, for example:
- Sim Scores

Because of these problems, I cannot endorse this technique.
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How do we spawn the batbox?

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You buy it from Misc / Misc.
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Sorry if I perform some Necrothreadomancy, but can you safely delete the Unsavoury Charlatan this way? And Mrs Crumplebottom? Because ( at least the bloody Charlatan) keeps annoying me.
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No. You cannot delete universal sims without destroying your game installation files, thus requiring you to uninstall and reinstall.

Here is a thread which discusses how safe sims are:

Instead, you should install a mod which stops these characters from visiting your lot. Ask in the WCIF (where can I find ...?) forum to find such a mod.
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Is it okay to delete SimDNA? Theo's plugin asks me if I want to, but I remember Pescado saying we shouldn't delete it.
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No, it's not safe.

The plugin really should default to "No, don't delete", rather than "Yes, delete".
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