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Default Teen Sim Pictures (v3)
This is where all your angst, EMO, preppie, awesome and possibly alien Teen imagery goes. RIGHT HERE!

- S2/S3 Sims For Download
Tiberius Arthur Glover - 06/09/09 / Atticus Oliver Leigh Glover - 08/12/09
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Kind of preppy.
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My favorite sim's son:

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Brianna Coldwell. Head cheerleader, wannabe pop star, teen model, teen monster. Brianna is mean, rude and has severe anger problems. She's been going through a rough patch lately, after finding out that rather than being unique and special, she's actually a copy of her mother. Her father is ugly, and Priscilla didn't trust his genes, so she had a designer baby made with her own genetics dominating. At least being designer made is a comfort.
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Bethany and Everett had an interesting date at the criminal HQ.

First they messed around with a deadly venomous snake.

Then Everett's inner piglet became too strong to control.

And Bethany didn't want to be thought of as a wuss, so she followed suit.

Concidering the way these two are raised, though... they seem to be turning out quite normal.
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#7 Old 17th Jul 2013 at 4:45 PM
So my teen from the previous Teen thread grew up and had two kids of her own. Here oldest just turned a teenager.

Mercedes Delaney
A rebellious teen who'd rather explore the outdoors than sit in school for hours. However, her over-emotional ways and hypochondria forbids others from taking her seriously.

~* Childish, Eco-Friendly, Snob, Couch Potato, Inappropriate *~
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Helena, my insane Mary-Sue wannabe, proclaiming her love for her boyfriend.

She's also arranging demonstrations to protest tyranny and oppression. And Prepz.

CAS picture of her sister, Eveline. My personal belief is that she's at least in the Top 3 of the prettiest TS3 Sims I've made.
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26th Jul 2013 at 11:56 PM
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Isabella Torres & her horse, Coco.

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More Helena. She's really growing on me.

Scanning the Hangout for spirits and ghosts.

Eveline, the normal and neglected younger sister. x)
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A few more of Isabella. She's the grand daughter of Pedro Herrerra from Aurora Skies & the daughter of Matteo Torres from Isla Paradiso. Turned out pretty well for mostly pre-made genetics.
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Carmen, a free-thinking, strongly opinioned drama-queen who writes tragic novels. I think her combination of necklace and shirt is a subtle attempt at a statement.

All my attention-loving Sims seem to have an ordinary sister. x) This is Laura, who spends 60 % of her free time playing her guitar.

Carmen and her friend Debbie.

Petra Coldwell, the normal sister of Brianna. Also a designer baby, but made from a different set of genetics.
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this is lauren born in the game i think she is so pretty her dad is in another thread

i take my sims photos using fraps!!!!
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Cassandra Goth

Talking with her mother Bella

Cassie and violin

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TigerAnne, love Laura, she looks so angelic and innocent
Nemiga, anything sims2 is awesome :D, love Cassie!

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Default Some of my teens

Lark Washington, a Sim I made from 2 Sims of my friends who are sadly childless in real life. I wanted to see what a child of theirs "might" look like.

Lilac as a teen. Surprisingly attractive, she was adopted. Remember in Sims 2 how UGLY and weird many of the adopted kids were?

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Originally Posted by Lysol
TigerAnne, love Laura, she looks so angelic and innocent

Thanks! She's an unusually well behaved teenager, actually! Her sister took all the rebellion for herself.

I love Vienna's eye colour!

Carmen and Laura on the bus.

Sisters Kim and Fern.

Edward Hollins, who I made as a joke boyfriend for Helena. He waits outside her house while she's sleeping... (Out of free will, may I add.)

...shows up while she's at work hunting ghosts...

...and enjoys a good chick-flick.
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Playing a fresh install with no CC, this is Luna, first kid of my newest legacy.
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Some of the teens in Georgia Falls.

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Siblings, Owen and Lyla Maxwell, both in-game born.

Close up of Lyla.

And Owen.

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16th Nov 2013 at 6:30 AM
Default Gametime With Eric
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Rick sister,Alexia

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Twins Elsa and Anna weren't happy about being woken up by their little sister Sophia.
It's too bad their new home, while much bigger than the old one, means they have to
share with two noisy toddlers.

Anna's usually a sweetheart though, she's my favourite. But she doesn't know
how to make a snow angel properly... face first? She got the 'frosty face'
moodlet after this. Well done Anna...

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#24 Old 18th Jan 2014 at 1:05 PM
Natasha and Sasha, daughters of a famous smuggler and STALKER of the Chernobyl territory and a Psychic woman.

Natasha is a friendly girl, and cares about the environment, and likes art and science, but unlike her, her sister Sasha is more of a rebellious childish and a geekish girl.

While Natasha enjoys a quiet evening with books, Sasha likes to make noise on the phone

They also have a cute little sister called Kimiko

They both also transformed into supernaturals, Sasha became a wolf that chews furniture and causes more messes than she usually does, and Natasha turned into a plant which reflects her traits. At the beginning it was hard for them living that way, but with time it became easier
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#25 Old 31st Mar 2014 at 1:23 AM
Nina Wolff recently aged up. She is now a teenager
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