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Abigail Ackles, daughter of David Ackles...and her day in the beach.

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4th May 2014 at 10:50 PM
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Meet Amiyah Davidson , she is a totally awesome teenager and a totally awesome cheerleader with a football player for a boyfriend. How typical right? Pls excuse her in this picture, sometimes she can become very ratchet.
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#28 Old 7th May 2014 at 9:00 PM
This is my first time playing on ts3 since Christmas. Thankfully I have now finished uni for good, so I have time to Sim (while graduate job hunting...).

Twins Sofia and Jessica Smalls took a trip to the local outdoor pool.

They really enjoyed the Slip 'n' Slide.

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Default My Teen Sims Part 1
So I've decided to upload pictures of 4 of my most frequently played teenage sim girls. From left to right (Amy Andrews, Roxanne Williams, Melissa Thompson, and Sophie Takahashi)
Other teen sims such as Amy's younger brother Eric and his friends, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the rebels, and the nerds are coming soon,
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5th Jun 2014 at 6:18 PM
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Here are some of the teenagers in my current legacy family. My gen 2 heir got a bit crazy and had EIGHT kids, so it's pretty busy right now, but I just love these kids.

This is Vendela, the oldest. She also has a daughter and a husband in the house so that makes it even more crowded. :P

Twins Suzette and Nicholas.

And then we have Silas... Most likely he will be my gen 3 heir. My preciousss...

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#31 Old 4th Jul 2014 at 11:13 PM
Evelyne Pappaioanou, on the family's horse, Charlie:

Basking in the sun together:

Her twin brother (and probably one of my favourite sims ever), Hermes:

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Petra taking the aptitude test.

Brianna, who is a parody on Barbie. Don't even ask.
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This is Andrea Anderson, 2nd generation from my latest legacy family. She was born in game to two sims I created. I was really quite amazed how beautiful she was when she aged up from a child. She is a bookworm, excitable and flirty. She has a part-time job at the book store and is currently single...hasn't found that right sim yet. She just recently learned to drive and is unsure if she wants to go to college or jump straight into the writing profession.

When she's not working or at school, she always has a book in her hands.

She's quite proper but know's how to have a good time.

She's a real looker too...
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Sophia's going through a pranking phase.
Here she is planting a whoopie cushion underneath the couch cushions.
Unfortunately, Prototype-009 saw everything and she was promptly sent for a time-out.

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#35 Old 17th Sep 2014 at 9:53 AM
I've got nine year old Rudy Wagner with a teen sim sprite living alone and she's got her own lot.This is a part of my legacy in Glenvale County and I actually play all of the town there and have to switch between the households.It's currently summer in the year of 1661 in that legacy.
She's pictured in her outerwear for the summer below.

Rudy managed to harvest from the local community gardens and gathers honey from the beehives to sell to the elixir shop to earn cash.She also got her house built on her 60x60 lot and will likely be staying there to raise her family.

She's even gone "shopping" for her furniture in the dumpsters.
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Default in love

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Annemarie, daughter of Leighton Sekemoto and Erin Kennedy, just aged into a teen.
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My sim's children back when they were teens.

here are two of her triplets playing pillow fight with each other, one human the other vampire. the human is now an adult with a degree in technology. I also posted his wedding photo in the couples thread.

and here are the female triplets fathered by the Grim Reaper and their brother doing their homework. They did pretty well in school. Kiana Reaper, the short hair with tattered clothes was the prom queen while her brother which is not in this picture became the prom king. Carlo Vargon the only male in the photo became their class valedictorian while Carissa Reaper the girl with the red dress graduated with honors.

Carissa playing chess and concentrating.

The female triplets birthday and aging into young adults.
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I recently started back playing sims 3 and I'm having a blast.

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Corey is having a mood swing in this one. The guy with the eyepatch is his adopted dad. I love all my sims to death. <3

My Corey being adorable.

His boyfriend is born-in-game who grew up gorgeous, (I created his parents) I need to take better pictures of his face.

This is the best pic I have of the boyfriend which was before I gave him new hair and clothes.
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This is Mabel Ashley, daughter of the deceased politician Jeffrey Cook and singer-turned-actress Sami Jones. She's a bit grumpy.. I think she might make a good match for Mortimer Goth back in Sunset Valley! :P
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This is Mary Bunch. Daughter of Jack and Judy
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She's currently a Young Adult in my game, but here's Chelsea Driedger (younger sister of Hayley) during her teen years:

Here's Chelsea practicing some figure skating moves:
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0///0 Oh my gosh I love your sims they are so cute
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Otissa Tobias

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Ignacio Swanson getting his first kiss from Leanne Sw0rd.

Leanne freaking out Ignacio's brother Damien xD

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Default How dare you venture to school to attend an awards ceremony?
Lavender and Marigold being scolded by their parents after the police brought them home for....attending a school function too early in the morning....thus breaking curfew..

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." Will Rogers
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Young Kat

Grounded but still going to the prom
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