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Folksla is made up of two parts. A beautiful roaming countryside and a buzzing metropolis. There are five tribes that call Folksla their home. Each tribe is unique and have their own values and pursuits in life.

Norrak (military)

They believe in living a disciplined and organized life. They value honor, courage and being of service to the people of Folksla. They strive to be the best they can be which includes physical and mental abilities. Their aspirations revolve around gaining knowledge and using it to better themselves and those around them. They have a dislike for those that are lazy, fat, and have everything handed to them without any work being done. They like having a sparse living arrangement with only the necessities and don't understand those who put value in having stuff. Children in their tribe often have a short lived childhood since they are trained at a young age. They are middle class and are driven in their personal and work life.

Ro'kken (business / politics)

The Ro'kken seek fortune and power. They are often seen as bullies and view the lower class as a waste of time. They won't socialize with anyone unless it benefits their career or their agenda. They are obsessed with having the best things that can be bought. In the tribe if you do not hold a position of power or are not in a high salary business career role then you bring dishonor to your family and are shunned by the tribe. A way of separating the weak from the strong. This is why all Ro'kken do not take on the wealth of their family but have to go out and make it on their own to prove themselves worthy. They dislike the academic type who put their worth in knowledge. They see having service workers for their home as a status symbol to show off to their friends. They are competitive between families which includes sabotaging each other if they are feuding for power but can work together if it is mutually beneficial. They can be dirty handed and stab people in the back. They are upper class and are power, career, and money driven.

Grelfon (farmers / gardeners / low paying jobs)

The Grelfon put value in family and having a household full of children. They believe in equality and feel each family member should contribute to the household and have a say in the decisions made including children. No one chore is classified female or male it is discussed and agreed upon amongst the family who is best suited for a chore. It is their custom for a tribal elder to match a couple at the age of 16 for courtship and then married at 18 when they have graduated from high school. The Grelfon don't believe in the need for higher education and they have their own school system to train their children with only the things they will need to know for raising a big family and working in nature. They try to be friends with everyone no matter who they are and are quick to forgive when others are not so nice. They practice peace and understanding to all in their families and outside of their circle. Family is more important then money and owning nice things. They respect their elders and the elders run the tribe and do have some control over what happens inside the tribe. They like things casual and dislike formality. They are lower class and are family driven.

Sanora (society / upper crust / born rich)

The Sanora people are very colorful, eccentric and romantically inclined. They believe being fat is beautiful. They tend to be highly opinionated on all facets of life and are great conversationalists because of it. Although, they have a hard time admitting it when they are wrong since they are a bit snobby and believe all others are beneath them. In their culture only those who are picked to continue the line of their tribe by having offspring may marry. In order to marry they must go through a process to find their soul mate. This is usually someone of equal high breed and society standing. It is governed by a council and takes a year to be completed. Generally both the female and male must be at least 30 years old. They believe that there is much to learn in their young adult life by being with many lovers and seek pleasure. Only those perceived as the tribe's best are picked by the council to marry and have offspring. The rest live a life of pleasure and romance. The ones who sacrifice to have a family are respected and have high honor. They dislike the outdoors and feel best in the city. They tend to be formal with those they don't know. Society driven.

Taruna (creative / artistic / cultured)

They are passionate about music, art and theatre. They are welcomed into society because of their talent. They are upper class and passion driven. They don't believe anyone is superior or have negative thoughts on any race. They are liked by all because of the enjoyment they bring. There are no values ingrained upon them other than to be open minded in life and to be free to create in any shape or form they wish. They are pleasant, friendly and playful.

Pleasantview challenge my way.
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A very interesting start to this story. I am intrigued, and looking forward to seeing how you tell the tale of the tribes of Folksla. I was sad to find your picture of the Taruna didn't show up though. I will be checking back for updates!
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