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Default The Sims3Pack File of a pattern I made doesn't work
I made a pattern for the first time, and I used Delphy's Pattern Packager.
The package file works, but I prefer a sims3pack file much more.
But the sims3pack file of the pattern wouldn't work.
When I put the file into My Document>Electronic Arts>the sims 3>downloads, the files goes into the folder just like other files.
But the file doesn't show up in the game launcher.
I tried it several times but it wasn't in the game launcher that I couldn't install it.
I can still use it as a package file, but I don't want to make patterns as package files every single time.
Would I not be able to make patterns as sims3pack files ever?

I'll attach my dds file, but I can't upload my sims3pack since the uploader doens't upload sims3pack file.

P.S. The tutorial I used : title=Sims_3:Custom_Patterns
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For some reason those don't work. I have made patterns for my sets in the past and had to use the package file in order to see in game. There really isn't a solution for it.
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