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The corrected Cyjon link is

In 2014 Cyjon moved all his mods to a new host. See this thread. Removing "drupal." from old links generally works.

This mod won't work for me as I don't have Bon Voyage, but food stealing in restaurants has only ever been an occasional hazard. On one quite recent occasion though, Andrew had his food stolen at Londoste by mean Veronaville townie Kendra McCarthy, and I was quite worried for him because he was really hungry. He ordered more food when the rest of his party had finished their course. After years trying to teach him morals, I could hardly tell him to steal somebody else's food!

As for drinks stealing, the original subject of this old thread, it was a case of delayed justice for Ralph Enriquez, another Veronaville townie, when he was trying to buy himself a drink at the bar at the Paintboyz gay nightclub, and other boys kept stealing it before he could drink it. A few months earlier he had amused himself at the same club by going round insulting and poking the club's patrons. On that occasion not one of the gay boys poked him back -- they all burst into tears. Well, I wasn't standing for any more of his behaviour, and at the first opportunity I got, I summoned him with a teleporter and dragged his nice points up to 10. Soon afterwards he decided he was really gay himself, and demonstrated it by autonomously having his first kiss with Jihoon LeTourneau. And so he was back at the club with Jihoon, now his boyfriend, and these boys were all stealing his drinks. But weren't they the same boys he had previously delighted in poking and insulting? So, as I said to him at the time, I think it was a case of what goes around [eventually] comes around!

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