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The Craine Family Drama: Part 10 (Updated Better)
[This story revolves around the Craine family's fraternal triplets and their friends. They all live in a mansion together, and get along peacefully...Except for one particular sim who's family had died and was taken in by The Craine family. She's out to destroy the siblings one by one to inherit the Craine family fortune.

This is Alexzandria Craine. She is a very kind-hearted model and singer. She is gifted at dancing and playing the piano. She is currently in relationship with Chase Marlo.

This is Anthony Craine. Though he's a super intelligent genius, this wizard is a nice good-hearted sim, just like his sisters. Anthony also plays the drums, and was in a band at one point. He is in a relationship with Christopher Ferrari.

This Is Ashleigh Craine. (pronounced Ash-Lay) If you'd define nice, friendly, kind-hearted, etc. in the dictionary, she would be in it! An eco-friendly fairy, Ashleigh loves gardening and is a surprisingly incredible bartender. She is a bookworm and plays the violin and bass.

This is Chase Marlo. A vehicle lover, this all-Simerican genie is a former firefighter and is a jock. He's friendly and athletic.

This is Christopher Ferrari. This werewolf is a very athletic jock, who loves sports and is very protective of the ones he cares about. He is also a gifted singer and guitarist.

This is Kyle Marlo. A fae that is a beach loving Broseph. Kyle suffers from a mild form of autism; which means he's also very childlike, and afraid of fearful situations such as the dark. He is the younger brother of Chase Marlo.

This is Sidney. She is a witch who you'd describe as good-hearted but also mean-spirited. She is extremely athletic master martial artist who loves winning fights, (Never lost one) and is a no dress wearing tom girl. Sidney also is a well-rounded sim; meaning she thrives in mastering anything she wants, and does it very quickly.

This is Madison. What can say about Madison in a PG 13 way? Well she has an ego as big as her breasts. She is an all-about-her-self type diva and a professional homewrecking extraordinaire. (At one point she had an affair with a married man, then cheated on him, with his grandmother!)

We start the first chapter with Sidney and Madison in argument.


Sidney: "Llama Girl, what are you twelve? This coming from trash like you?"

Madison: "I AM NOT TRASH!!! BITCH!!!"

Oops, Madison shouldn't have slapped her! We'll return when this fight ends; which shouldn't take that long.

Madison: "OHH MY BACK!!!"


After some aspirin, a mad Madison went outside.
As Madison stood outside smoking a cigarette, an alien from space appeared.

Madison: "OH MY GOSH!!! WHAT IS THAT!?"

Alien: "It is a special thing we aliens use to meet new sims."

Madison: "AHHEEE!!!!"

Alien: "Hey turn around!"

Alien: "It's just a rubber duckling."

Madison: "You dumb alien! You have some nerve scaring me like that!"

Alien: "Whoa calm down it was just a...Who is that?"

Alien: "I have found her, I have found my queen!" And this time, I'll be sure to use my telepathy to control her mind so she won't be able to resist. "Hey you, Earth girl..."

Alien: "Earth woman, you are now my queen!" You will obey and love me."

Oh no! Sidney's mind is being hijacked by an alien! What will happen next?! Stay tuned to The Craine Family Drama to find out!
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The Craine Family Drama: Part 2
When we left off, an alien had declared Sidney his queen and hijacked her mind.

Alien: "Now, Kiss me my queen!"

Sidney: "NO! But you can kiss this goodbye!"


Madison: "Stupid Sidney, stand back I'll...Ooh he's actually cute!"


Sidney: "Yeah, I don't think so!"

Madison: "Hey alien guy, check this out!"

Sidney: "YAA!!"

Alien: "NO! I WON'T LET YOU WIN!!!"

Alien: "Now you'll pa-OH NO IT BOUNCED BACK!!! BUT HOW?!"

Sidney: "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!! "PWERAU GREAT O'R ARCTIC, yr wyf yn YN EICH GALW I RHEWI FY GELYN!!!" (Translation) "Great Powers of the Arctic, I summon you to freeze my enemy."

The alien has been frozen solid! Sidney has won!

Madison: "Now that I finally beat that alien, I think I'll go shopping." {"They don't know that I plan to steal Alexzandria's heir loom, her bracelet to give to Bartholomew..."}

What does Madison have planned for Alexzandria? Was that alien attack planned? Find out in the chapter of The Craine Family Drama!
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Default Days Of Our Sim Lives
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Default Days Of Our Sim Lives
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Default Days Of Our Sim Lives
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Default Days Of Our Sim Lives
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The Craine Family Drama: Part 3
When we left off last time, Madison had been scheming in her thoughts. What does she has planned for Alexzandria? Lets find out.

Alexzandria: "I am so totally buying this handbag! Now lets try an outfit on." Whoops, better try a new hairstyle first!

Alexzandria: "Hmm, lets see."

Alexzandria: "I so need to get this dress! Chase what do you think?"

Chase: "I couldn't care less if it made you go baldheaded. I just wanna go home and sleep."

Alexzandria: "Well, it would go quicker if I knew what make-up would go with it. You wouldn't mind if I try some eyeshadow on you to see if it will work with this dress?"

Chase: "That's it, I'm getting the hell out of here!"

Alexzandria: "Calm down, I'm just kidding! Just help me with one more dress. Oh by the way, I'm sure you might like this outfit."

Alexzandria: "What do you think about it Chase?"

Chase: "Whoa! I love it!"

Alexzandria: "I knew this was going to get your attention! Anyways lets leave; we have a party to go to tomorrow. I just need to go change and checkout."




Chase: "Alexzandria stop! You don't need to hurt her. Let's go home, and get ready tomorrow."

The next morning...

Alexzandria: "Ugh, its so boring waiting for a limo. I should've went back home and changed into my new outfit. I apologize if I'm sounding shallow, it's just that I hate standing in this 90° weather."

Chase: "This limo service sucks. It's been 32 minutes. Hey, why did party-girl Madison back down from going to the party?"

Sidney: Don't know why she bailed or care, but Anthony and Kyle aren't going 'cause they went out of town, and Chris and Ashleigh are still trying to fix the computer. Do you guys hear that?"

Chase: "Hear what?"

Sidney: "What the heck is that noise?!"

Alexzandria: "Wait! Sid, I need your help with-

AN EXPLOSION!!! Did Madison just kill them?! Find out what the fallout is in the next chapter of The Craine Family Drama!
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Sorry about the walls not being closed. I started this story a while back on the Sims 3 Studio.
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The Craine Family Drama: Part 4
When we left off in the previous chapter, an explosion took place. Now let's continue on...


Sidney: "WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON?!... LET ME GO!!! IF I-- mmpf, mmmm!"

Chase: "ALEXZANDRIA?!!!, SID?! SIDNEY?!!!!"

So after magically cleaning himself, Chase returned to the Craine mansion to tell the family.

Chase: "Alexzandria and Sidney's been kidnapped. I already called the police; they're on the way."

Ashleigh: Oh my gosh! This can't be happening!

Chase: "She's about 5'6", 123 lbs. Sidney's about 5'8", 133 lbs. I should of protected Alexz."

Officer Nellisberg: "Don't worry, we have the entire force out searching for them. It's late, why don't you all go and get some rest."

Anthony: "They have to find my sister and Sidney Chris. How am I gonna tell Mom and Dad about this?"

Christopher: "Don't worry Anthony, we'll find them both."

Christopher: "I promise you we will!"

...Meanwhile, at an unknown location...

Alexzandria: "OH MY GOD!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!"

Dear God, someone needs to help Alexzandria before it's too late!

Find out what happens in part 5 of The Craine Family Drama!
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The Craine Family Drama: Part 5
When we last left off, Alexzandria and Sidney were kidnapped.



Stranger: "HAHAHAH!!! Your sealed in a anti-magic chamber witch, and your losing your powers and strength! You'll be dead!"

Sidney: "DAMN YOU YOU FREAK!!! This door's reinforced steel and I can't break it. Oh God I'm getting weaker!"

Stranger: "Oh please, girl! Those blades rotates all over. Go ahead and stay up like that! It's all over now, pretty girl!"

Anthony: "Well that's weird. This is a anti-magic chamber door. And if I go in with the door closed behind me, it would kill me."

Chase: "Chris are you sure this is the place?"

Christopher: "I can smell Alexzandria, but not Sidney. I can't get through this door! Can you use magic on the door from the outside?"

Anthony: "No I can't. Its impervious to the magic of witches and fae. Wait! It might not be to genie powers; as long as Chase isn't sealed in. But if he is sealed, we might be able to use his 3 wish powers. Anyways, Chase see if you can get in."

Alexzandria: "AHHIEEAHHH!!!!"

Chase: "ALEXZANDRIA!!!!"

Anthony: "NO!!! HE KILLED MY SISTER!!!"



Chase: "Oh god, Alexzandria. I failed her."
Christopher: "I'm sorry Anthony, I should of found Lexie sooner."

Sidney: "H-hhhelp. S-ssomebody."

Alexzandria just died! What's going to be the aftermath of this? Find out in the next installment of The Craine Family Drama!
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Default The Craine Family Drama Part:6
We now will continue with The Craine Family Drama.

Anthony: "Sidney? Chris she's locked in a anti-magic room and it's killing her. I was too late for my sister, but I won't let my best friend die!"

Sidney: "A-Anthony? Is that y-you?"

After Sidney was released from her entrapment, she regained her powers.

Sidney: "I can bring her back with a spell. She may have temporary amnesia and might be a little incoherent though."

Sidney: "Bwerau mawr y meirw, yr wyf yn erfyn i chi ddod yn ôl hoff gostwng un, yn gyfan ac yn fyw." (TRANSLATION: Great powers of the dead, I beg you to bring back a fallen loved one, whole and alive.)

It looks as if Sidney's spell has worked.

Alexzandria: "What's going on, and why am I in a bikini?"

After making it home and after all the hugs, Chase and Alexzandria were left alone".

Chase: "I should've been their in time."

Alexzandria: "Chase it's alright, I've died twice. OH NO, I totally forgot about the award ceremony tomorrow! I'm being nominated for artist of the year and I have got to get some beauty rest after what just happened!"

The next day; at the award ceremony. Alexzandria wins the award!

Alexzandria: "Omigosh thank you! I'm shocked. Well first I have to thank God for creating me! Next, I have to thank my parents Jennifer & Maximillius Craine for raising me into someone they could be proud of. And to my brother Anthony and sister Ashleigh, I love you guys! To a very special person in my life...Chase, I love you! I also have to thank my manager Douglas Larimore, and everyone who helped make my album incredible!

Alexzandria: "Next, and most importantly, I have to thank my fans! Without you I wouldn't have a career. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I love you all!!!"

After the ceremony; back at the Mansion

Ashleigh: "I know Chase still feels awful about what happened to you, he cares about you Lexie. I'm just glad you guys resolved the issue regarding the circumstances of your kidnapping."

Alexzandria: "What are you talking about?"

Ashleigh: "You know, Chase and your abductor. Did the police not fill you in on the details? Oh boy, I think you need to talk to Chase."

Alexzandria: "No, I was too tired afterwards to the police or Chase. What details? Start talking Ashleigh!"

Ashleigh: "Well there's something you need to about the man that kidnapped you..."

Anthony: ..."It turns out, that guy, uhh... Bartholomew something, had worked with Chase when he was a firefighter. He was crazy obsessed with Alexzandria."

Christopher: "What?! Who told you that?"

Ashleigh: "...The police, said that Bartholomew Fritz-Dwyer had photos of you everywhere in his home. Chase said he knew about some picture Bartholomew kept of you, but never thought he would snap like that. Why didn't Chase tell you about this?"

Christopher: "...I don't know why he didn't tell her Tony. Maybe he didn't want her to panic? What I do know is he loves her and wants to protect her."

Anthony: "Look, I understand he wants to keep her safe, but Chase still knew about Bartholomew's obsession and did nothing. I'm a psychologist and detective Chris; I know when someone develops an obsession over someone, they will begin to go mad. They'll do anything just to be with that person, and will be very envious and jealous of that other person's significant other. Chase not telling my sister anything about that guy is unbelievable."

Alexzandria: "He is so unbelievable! I can't believe he didn't tell me about any of this.
Ashleigh if you don't mind, I need to talk to Chase alone."

Alexzandria: "CHASE, GET IN HERE!!! And Beauty, you go lie down on your bed."

Chase: "Coming. What's wrong?"

Alexzandria: "YOU JERK!!! Beauty go lay down now! How could you not tell me about..."

Chase: "Calm down Alexz. The neighbors can hear you. I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry. You know I'll always take care of you and have your back"

Alexzandria: "Got my BACK?! Where the hell were you when my BACK was being sliced up by rotating blades?"

Chase: "Look I'm sorry okay? There was nothing I..."


Alexzandria: "And as for you, I don't want to hear anything else. Just get out."

Ashleigh: "Did you really have to kick him out? He made a mistake that's really hurting him. And telling him to get out is like kicking him while he's already down."

Alexzandria: "Yeah, maybe your right. I mean sure I did get killed, but he probably is still tearing up inside about that. I'm gonna call him to come home. Right after I get rid of that hideous painting, and maybe the wallpaper too while we're on the subject."

Anthony: "What's going on, I heard yelling?"

Alexzandria: "Nothing. Just a problem I need to fix."

Alexzandria: "Okay, he still hasn't answered. Chase where are you?"

Chase: "Oh God."

Chase: "What have I done?"

Well it seems Chase has dug himself into a much bigger hole with Alexzandria. Will she be able to forgive him even after being together for 5 years? You'll have out in the next installment of The Family Craine Drama!
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Default The Craine Family Drama: Part 7.1
The last time we left off, Chase was amiss a cheating issue...

Chase: "Come on you stupid zipper!"

Mimi: "Chase? Where are you going? Come back to bed."
Chase: "I'm going home to tell Alexzandria what I did and hope she'll forgive me.

Mimi: "I thought you loved me? Alexzandria will never be better than me, she doesn't love you like I do. We can start a family together!"
Chase: "It was a one time meaningless fling."

Chase: "You got the wrong guy. I love Alexzandria. I belong with her."

Mimi: "Don't say that! Chase! Don't leave! Chase!"

Mimi: "CHASE!!!"

Mimi: "Please don't leave me."

Meanwhile, back at the Craine Mansion...

Sidney: "Oh God, Chase couldn't have!"

Sidney: "Chase lied to Alexzandria about Bartholomew. He didn't tell her everything..."

Alexzandria: "Who could be at the door this late? OMIGOSH!!!"

Chase cheating, Sidney finding out more about Alexzandria's kidnapping, and some one at the door? We will returned to the Craine Family Drama part 7.2 after this commercial break.

The Craine Family Drama has been brought to you in part by...Kleenex* tissue.

"It's that time of the year again! Ragweed, dust, and pollen. Well lucky Kleenex* brand tissues has the thing your looking for! Lotion applied tissues for all weather or tear-related issues!"

- A message from City Hall. "It is important that when you give birth, you always make sure you have a birth certificate. That's why we here at city hall plan to make sure you get them, half price when you register before birth. That way we can keep track of how many future individuals we have and how many more homes need to be built." - This has been a message from City Hall.

"Today is the start of vintage week here in Sim Country, so start it off right with a Classic 57' Chevy. Starting at just $11,543 simoleans, with no down payment and zero percent interest. Don't miss this great deal! Go to your local car dealer and get it today!"

"Family time. At least 3 times a week, sit down and do something as a family." -Dr. Mark Zinth, Psychiatrist.

"Who's that coming down the street? Maybe someone to help beat the heat. The Sims Ice Cream truck is here, just turn around and we appear! At 6 in the morning or late at night, even at 2 a.m. but don't have a fright. We only sit there and watch your house just in case, you need a treat but don't come to us or off we'll race!" Now everybody sing it! The Sims Ice Cream Truck; always there even when you don't want us around.

We will now return to the Craine Family Drama.

Alexzandria: "Mom...Dad...What are you doing here?"

Jennifer: "Oh my sweet baby girl! We rushed across Sim Country when we heard about your kidnapping! I'm so glad your alright!"

Alexzandria: "Mom, I'm okay. Dad are you crying?"

Maximillius: "No, I'm just, well maybe a little."

Maximillius: "I'm just glad my daughter is okay. Now where are my other 2 children?"


Chase: "Alexzandria I need to talk...Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Craine, I didn't know you were here."

Madison: "Hi Daddy! Did you come here to give me more money?"

Maximillius: "Oh uh, hi Madison. I see your still calling me Dad, which is okay; but I'm actually here to check on Alexzandria."
Madison: "But of course you are. She seems to be the crown jewel of this family."
Maximillius: Now Madison, you know it's not like that. I promised Bill and Sheila that I'd look after you when they passed away, and I treat you like my own kids. Your apart of this family."

Ashleigh: "I'm glad your home Mom."

Chase: "We need to talk."
Alexzandria: "I know, not right now. Hey mom and dad, I'm going upstairs to change."

Maximillius: "Hey Beauty ole girl! Still have those beautiful blue eyes." Your sure not a puppy anymore."

A little bit later...

Chase: "Since it's so late and on short notice, I'll just poof us up some food so Tony doesn't have to cook. What will you all have?"

Maximillius: "I'd like a steak."

Chase: "Here we go. Everybody else just tell me what you want."

Jennifer: "I'll have some Porcini Risotto."
Sidney: "I'll take a hamburger."
Ashleigh: "I'd like some clam chowder please."
Christopher: "How about some ribs."
Alexzandria: "I have a photo shoot tomorrow, so I'll just have a green salad."

Anthony: "I'd like a taco."
Chase: "What about you little bro?"
Kyle: "I'm not that hungry, but I guess a hot dog."
Chase: "Madison?"
Madison: "Please! Like I'm eating with you guys! I have things to do!"
Chase: "Okay, won't miss you. I think I'm feeling...Hot wings."

And they all ate dinner...on a glass table; Sidney at the bar.

Later, when everyone went to bed...

Chase: "Alexz I don't..."

Alexzandria: "Chase we all have a photoshoot tomorrow."

Chase: "This can't wait, I need to tell you."
Alexzandria: "Fine. Lets go."

Alexzandria: "Alright, what is it you need to tell me so urgently?"

Chase: "I don't know any other way of saying this so I'm just gonna come out and say it; I cheated on you."

Chase just admitted his affair, but what else is he keeping from her; and what "things" do Madison have to do? Find out next time in The Craine Family Drama!
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The Craine Family Drama: Part 8
Last time, Chase admitted he cheated.

Alexzandria: "I can't believe this."
Chase: "Alexz, wait!"

Chase: "I just want-"
Alexzandria: "I don't wanna hear it."

Chase: "Please. I made a horrible mistake. Can't we talk?"

Alexzandria: "I can't even look at you right now. We all have a photo shoot tomorrow, so goodnight. Your sleeping on the couch tonight."

Poor Chase! Well, we can only hope that a goodnight sleep for Alexzandria will help calm her down; not that she doesn't have a reason to be upset. We'll join them tomorrow on the photo shoot set.

On set...

Chase: "I don't know what else to do Tom. Alexz won't even look at me. What do I do?"

Alexzandria: "...And that's what happened. Leesee what do I do?
Elise: "Do you still love him ?"
Alexzandria: "Yeah, I do."

Elise: "Then girl, you need to work it out! Especially since you guys will be on set soon."
Assistant: "2 minutes until you need to be out on set Elise."

Chase: "Those are her favorite flowers."
Thomas: Alexzandria's gonna forgive you bro. She..."
Assistant: "Thomas, we need you out front."

Thomas: "We'll talk later. If you will excuse me, I gotta a hot date with Elise. She is so freakin' hot!"
Chase: "Try not to say any dumb pick up lines like you did last time. Theresa left the country after your last one."
Thomas: "I'm not promising nothing!"

Ashleigh: "Chase wanted me to deliver these to you. How are you doing."

Alexzandria: "I've had better days."

Madison: ("Damn her. Damn that Alexzandria! How do I get rid of her? It's not like I can...Wait! Fabulous!!!")

Madison: "It's so crazy, it just might work!"

Madison: "I need you to get me something. I need a ring...STOP ASKING ME WHY AND JUST GET IT!!! Make it here ASAP... Yes RIGHT now...I DON"I GIVE A DAMN IF YOUR GRANDMOTHER'S IN THE HOSPITAL, GET HERE NOW!!!"

Enrico: "Yes, perfect, Elise, you are killin' it. Tom, your sucking. Michael, could you lift the camera a little bit more?"

Thomas: "So...Do all the angels in Heaven look like you?"

Enrico: "Elise, your shots are spectacular! Okay that a wrap. Crystal, send in the guys."
Assistant: "Right away sir."

Michael: "Great, one more shot!"

Enrico: "Alright, great takes guys, Next is the underwear shoots."

Enrico: "Thomas! What the hell are you wearing?
Thomas: "Cheetah print briefs."
Enrico: "Oh well, got it done in one shot! Crystal, get the women in here. We are going to do the nude group shot."

Ashleigh: "Me and Alexzandria don't feel comfortable with the nude takes Enrico."
Enrico: "That's fine. Just but on your swimsuits."

Enrico: "Sexy people, sexy. Thank you Thomas. You are finished for today. Alright time for the Gang shoot"

Enrico: "Perfect gangsta posing! I can't wait to edit the background to these photos. Ladies you have 5 minutes until your shoots."

Ashleigh: "Okay sis, I could feel the tension between you two."
Alexzandria: "I really don't know what to do."

Enrico: "Gorgeous ladies! Sidney, is there a reason why you're not wearing a dress?"
Sidney: "I don't wear dresses or skirts."

Enrico: "Ladies, swimsuit time!"

Michael: "I have a word to describe your looks. Ashleigh; timeless, Elise; hot, Madison; awkward, Alexzandria; phenomenal, Sidney,,, Well, murder.
That's it, we are done!

Later that day...

Madison: "I can make you famous Mr. Photo Director."

Enrico: "How?"
Madison: "I have something for you out there. Come on."

Madison: "Marry me."

What?! Talk about role switching. What is Madison up to now? Find out next time on The Craine Family Drama.
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If any viewers have any ideals on how to improve this story, constructive comments are welcomed.
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The Craine Family Drama (UPDATED CHAPTER 9 Good!!!)
In the last installment of the Craine Family Drama, Madison proposed to Michael...

At an undisclosed location...

Nikolay: "...I DON'T CARE!!! FIND ME A DAMN HOME HERE!!! Something me and my wife will enjoy. AND MAKE SURE IT'S SECLUDED SO THE POLICE DON'T BOTHER ME!!. Khorosho pomogayet trudno nayti v nashe vremya..." (Translation: "Good help is hard to find nowadays")

Michael: "Pops! Whatever plans you got, you need to put them on hold. I just got hitched!"

Nikolay: "What?! To who?!"
Michael: "To Madison DeVo're."
Nikolay: "The wealthy adopted daughter of the Craine family?"

Nikolay: "I'm proud of you son for getting a Craine."

Nikolay: "I got a beat- I mean meeting, but we will celebrate later."

Later that that night...

Nikolay: "Let me make this clear; My son's always been obsessed with you, so you break his heart, you die."

Madison: "Oh please, Daddy-in-law. You know my family is way more wealthier than you, and more powerful. I'm only using your son for personal gain, but if you help me, you will be well compensated."

Nikolay: "What do you want?"
Madison: "A hired assassin who: gets the job done, doesn't get me caught, and can outdo that damned witch Sidney."

Nikolay: "I got the right man for the job. He's in prison overseas., so you have to get him out yourself."



Sim County Federal Prison...

Madison: "I was told you can deliver top quality assassinations. So I need you to do me a favor."

Konstantin: "I don't have to do anything for you. Leave me alone!"

Madison: "Fine. I'll just let you rot here in this hell hole."

Konstantin: "Wait. Who do you want me to take out?"

Madison: "I'll brief you the details tomorrow. But first, I'm gonna get you out of here."
Konstantin: "You got that kinda power?"
Madison: "Don't worry about that. Just be ready when I need you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for a plastic surgery and boob job appointment."

Even later that night...

Konstantin: "Well I'll be damned!"

Nikolay: "Huh?"

Nikolay: "Konstantin, you sly dog!"

Konstantin: "I didn't know that blonde girl had you as an accomplice."

Nikolay; "That bitch is my daughter-in-law."

Konstantin: "What?! She's married to little Mikey?"

Nikolay: "BAH!!! If you can call it a marriage. She's using him."

Konstantin: "And your letting her do that do him? You sure I'm talking to Nikolay Kozlov, my former boss?"

Nikolay: "She's the adopted Craine daughter. She is way more wealthier than me, meaning she has more power...By the way, what job did she want you to do?"

Madison: "Perfect. Everything is falling into place...

The next day at the beach...
The Craine family, the Marlo Brothers, Sidney, & Christopher enjoy a well deserved break.

Ashleigh: "Hey mom? You haven't seen my towel have you?
Jennifer: "I think its by that tree over there. I'll go get it. What the..."

Konstantin: "Showtime!"


Madison: "Perfect."

[B]With Mrs. Craine shot with a bullet that prevents her from being resurrected, will she survive? Find out in the next chapter of The Craine Family Drama.
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Sorry for having to wait a month for each chapter. I stay so busy and don't get to much time to start chapters. I have a long break coming up, so that will shorten the long waiting. Also, If you have any suggestions on how to make the story better, comments, and or constructive criticism, it would be very much appreciated.
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The Craine Family Drama: Part 10
When last left off, Mrs. Craine was shot by the hitman Konstantin. We continue on this story edition of The Craine Family Drama.

Craine Siblings: "MOM!!!"
Maximillius: "JENNIFER!!!"

Ashleigh: "I'm calling 911!"

Maximillius: "Jenny, hold on."

Mr. Craine reached over and put a towel over her to keep her warm.

Five long minutes later, the ambulance and police show up.

Paramedic 1: "You ready to put here in the car?"
Paramedic 2: "Yeah let's go."

Officer Garcia: "I'm Officer Hector Garcia. Since all the detectives are all overseas on a case, I will conduct a interview. We are going to find out what happened to your wife Mr. Craine." Let's move over there so we're not messing up any evidence.

Officer Garcia: "Did anyone see or hear anything out of the ordinary?"

Officer Carson: "...So you think this was planned.?"
Sidney: "It had to have been. I couldn't use my powers to heal her. It was canceled out by an anti-magic bullet."
Officer Carson: "So this was pre-meditated."

When the Garcia interview was over, the Craine family changed into their clothes and rush to the hospital.
As they were driving to the hospital, Ashleigh felt an amount of sheer terror overwhelm her. "Something seems wrong here," she thought to herself. It was established that it was a pre-meditated shooting, but who would of wanted her mother dead? She's a kind, giving woman who wouldn't hurt anybody.

Maximillius: "Excuse me."

Maximillius: "My wife was transported here. Do you know where she is?"

Receptionist: "What's the patient's name?"
Maximillius: "Jennifer Craine."

Receptionist: "It looks like she's still in the E.R.."

Receptionist: "You'll have to wait in the waiting room. It's two doors down that hall over there."

So the Craine family walks down the hallway. Alexzandria is wishing to be held by Chase, but is still mad at him for cheating.

Ashleigh, once again is enveloped in sheer terror. This time, she collapses in the waiting room, crying uncontrollably.

Maximillius: "No...No, come on Ashy, no tears. Your mother will be fine."

We will return to The Sims Family Drama in just a minute

20 minutes after the Craines departed from the beach, Kyle, Christopher, Sidney, and Chase left and headed towards the hospital. Chase thought about Alexzandria and what she was going through. He had to convince her to put aside what he did, so he could comfort her. Kyle looked at his brother and asked what was wrong, but Chase seemed to stay in deep thought.

Chase: "Excuse me miss, do you know where Jennifer Craine is?"

Receptionist: "Mrs. Craine is still in the E.R. Her family is in the waiting room. That's two doors down that hallway."
Chase: "Thanks."
Receptionist: "Hey, do I know you?"
Chase: "I don't think so. Why?"

Receptionist: "Uhhh...OH! Um, never mind!"

Sidney: "Why do I feel like I know her?"

Chase: "That's weird. I don't know who she is, but she thinks she knows me."

As Chase walked past Sidney, he saw her cold stare directed at him.

Chase: "Alright Sidney, What the hell is your problem? You've been ignoring me until we got to the beach, then you talk to me as if nothing was going on. Now your doing it again."
Sidney: "I only did it so nobody caught on."
Chase: "To what?"
Sidney: "I know what you did. I saw in my crystal ball you, were the one to hire Bartholomew even though you knew he was obsessed with her and had bipolar disorder. Don't worry. I'm not telling anyone, especially now."

Sidney and Chase stopped talking about the subject when Christopher and Kyle had walked by.

Receptionist: "He's here....Chase..."

Kyle: "Dude, they have my favorite pop and candy here!"

Chase: Alexz, I'm sorry. For everything. I know your hurting. Please let me help you get through this."

Ashleigh still crying on the ground, Christopher comforting Anthony, and Kyle near the vending machines, Madison snuck out the room to make a phone call.

Madison: "You did it! Their so distracted with Mrs. Craine, that I'll get enough time to steal some of their fortune!"

As Madison was gloating about her plans, drama and sorrow was happening in the E.R.

Surgeon: "It's too late..."

Surgeon: "She's dead. Go ahead and stitch her up."

The surgeon was deeply saddened. He knew of the Craine family and their generous charities and their huge bailout of the hospital when it was going bankrupt. They continued to make donations to the hospital and were the nicest family you'd ever meet. He hated what he had to tell the family, but he had no choice.

Madison: "Perfect."

Surgeon: "Are you one of the Craines?"
Madison: "No but they're in there...I gotta go, I'll keep you posted."

The surgeon walked in and everyone gathered around for news. As Ashleigh looked in the surgeons eyes, she burst into tears. Ashleigh didn't have to hear him say her mother was dead, she knew.

Surgeon: There was too much bleeding, and the bullet destroyed her linea alba. She didn't make it."

Alexzandria couldn't believe her mother was gone. She walked outside the waiting room for air.

Chase: "Alexzandria, I'm..."

Mimi: "Chase?"

Chase: "Huh?"

Chase: "W-wwhat are you doing here?!"


Chase rushed over to the two fighting girls.

Chase: "Am I gonna have to do this every time you get in a fight?"
Alexzandria: "You better be lucky he's here bitch! Just you wait tell I get you alone!

The fighting and screaming attracted a lot of attention. Sidney walked over and asked what happened. Alexzandria told her who she was, and it dawned on her who the receptionist was. It was one of Mimi's cousins. "You dare come here when Alexz and her family is mourning?!," said Sidney with anger in her voice. She than cast a curse on her

Later that day, Mr. Craine falls on the floor at the Craine Mansion in a drunken stoop. As he gazed at the picture of his late wife, he vowed to get vengeance for her death.

What will happen next? Find out on the chapter of The Craine Family Drama.
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