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Default Fixing already pixelated textures, can it be done?
Hello, me again!

So the other day I posted this in the vent thread "Over the past few weeks, I have come to the realisation that virtually everything I have made for my sims has been ruined due to Bodyshop compression (I did change the graphics rules before I made them, but it hasn't worked). My textures are pixelated on almost everything now. So I'm going to have to remake each outfit, one by one. This is annoying because it has taken me months and months to make those outfits in the first place. And they're still not good enough to upload!"

I wasn't expecting an answer, but Mootilda said I could just fix the existing textures. Is there an easy way to do that?

I was thinking I'd have to replace my textures with earlier versions. These would need lots of adjustments, to catch them up to the textures that were ruined, and also, I didn't save many of them in layers, so I was worried I might lose work already done, such as highlights and shadows.

Thanks for any advice you have
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I think it's probably fixable, yes. Exactly how the compression has borked your textures will change how you'd fix it, but if it's sort of pixel noise, I'd select it piece by piece (so... if it's a tee shirt and jeans outfit with a logo on, I'd do the logo, then the shirt, then the jeans) and add a tiny bit of gaussian blur, or use a blur brush at a low setting to blend some of the yucky areas. A sharpen brush can touch up any areas that get too muddy.

If it's the sort of... weird banding that happens with dark colours, I think that'll require a bit more work, hand-painting those areas to blend the banding. You can avoid this in future by adding a touch of monochromatic noise to the texture before importing into Body Shop.

If it's the issue with the textures being imported too small because Body Shop is an asshole sometimes, I don't think there's any way to "fix" that unless you still have your original files.

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What HP said.

Body Shop compression has burned me in the past, especially with dark colours. Now, when I make anything, I have a separate PSD file that I store in a separate folder. It contains all the colour/pattern variations of whatever piece of clothing I'm working on, stored in layers. I make PNG files with transparencies from that, and then import those into my recolour packages using SimPE. That way, I bypass Body Shop and its lousy compression altogether. The files are a little bigger, but at least there are no weird blotches and banding on my Sims' clothes.

It's just a suggestion for your future projects.
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Thanks for answering. It is the dark colours that are a problem. I have started saving things as GIMP xcf files, but it's too late for some things. I just worked out how to make png files the other day. I'm going to do that in future.

I get very frustrated with recolouring sometimes, as I can find it really difficult to get the idea in my head onto the page. I've only just begun to mesh, but I find that easier for some reason. Maybe because I'm not very artistic.
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