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Default Chapter nine, part two
Apologies for the month long wait. I guess I shouldn't have posted the first part right before the holidays xD.

Also there were some difficulties with the flashback scenes in this chapter. I originally going to have pictures, but it just didn't look the way I imagined it. Instead I just wrote it out. Needless to say, I will not be doing anymore flashbacks of 1000 years ago. Finding the outfits and figuring out how to write the characters was just way too difficult.

Mia:....What is this place?
Demon: Take a look around. What do you see?

Mia: It' can't be.

Mia: The house I grew up in?? Why did you bring me here?
Demon: Look closer....
As Mia gazed into the window, a rushed of nostalgia hit her and she began to cry.

Demon: January 13th, 2004. Otherwise known as....

Demon: Your thirteenth birthday. The night I found you and entered your soul.

Demon: Hmmph....Shane sure had humble beginnings. It's too bad he's a bloodsucking abomination now. Good thing you grew out of that awkward phase too..

Demon: Ah Sarah....still pretty much looks the same.

Demon: The youngest of your group. Poor Carolina. Only twelve and not quite sure about her looks yet. Good thing she's not a tomboy anymore.

Mia: Why are you doing this? What does this have to do with anything?
Demon: Well you are about to feel immense pain in the coming days, Mia. I just thought you should see something nice before that happens. I may be a demon, but I've been a part of you for ten years now. Besides, don't you want to see your best friend?

Demon: Sade...confident as always. It's such a shame she got herself killed.

Mia: *sobs*...Oh Sade...

Ten years had passed since Tatiana had gone to Gaia for help that night.
Since then, her and her friends had become guardians of the forest and nearby villages.

A 24 year old Tatiana slept in her favorite field.
Tired after a long days work...

Cyrus: Hmmm someone had a hard day.

Tatiana: Oh my....Cyrus. I was just resting. I spent the day with the farmers, this drought has been so hard on them.

Cyrus: *laughs* I was merely teasing you. I had a hard day myself. I helped the hunters all morning. They love that I can smell prey miles away. I will forever be grateful to Gaia. These gifts really changed our lives. I mean look at this field! Letha has been making this forest absolutely beautiful.

Letha: Ha! That is not all I can do!

Tatiana: Letha, where did you come from? I didn't see you this whole time!
Cyrus: Ah...Letha has a new trick to show you. It's very fascinating.

Letha: Just watch...

Suddenly Letha disappeared into thin air. A bright yellow orb took her place.

Tatiana: Haha! This is wonderful!

Cyrus: She's been going to Gaia everyday to understand the full extent of her power.

Tatiana: This will help us whenever we need to spy on my horrible siblings.

Letha: Mhm! Speaking of them, I spotted them sneaking around Gaia's tree this morning. It seemed like they were up to something.

Tatiana: As they are everyday. I wonder what wicked thing they are planning now?
Letha: Well they live at the edge of the forest now. I can go spy on them.
Tatiana: Wonderful idea! They will no longer torment our home. Cyrus, would you like to come with us?

Cyrus: Unfortunately I promised someone I would help them tonight. Seems like everyone needs me these days. I'll see you in the morning.

Tatiana: That was strange. Have you noticed that he doesn't seem to be around much anymore? I'm off helping the villagers everyday and you are tending to the forest, but Cyrus always claims he is far away helping someone.
Letha: He is my brother, but even I know when he is acting strange. It's been like this for months. He is hardly ever home.

Tatiana: Then I say we follow him instead.

Present day.
Tatiana: That was the day that we found out Cyrus betrayed us and Gaia. My siblings and Joseph had a plan to kill Gaia and gain more power for themselves. This backfired of course and Gaia died fighting. Before she died however, she put a curse on Joseph and Cyrus.....which is now known as the vampire/werewolf curse. She died shortly after...along with Cyrus and Letha. Their three souls were turned into stones. I was then left alone in the forest with Letha's soul stone and my siblings' as enemies.

The room was quiet for a second. Everyone still taking in everything they just heard.
They had waited months for answers.
Now they finally got their wish.

Tatiana: So before I get into our plan, does anyone have any questions?

Chaz: I just don't understand one thing. If the souls of the original werewolf and faerie were destroyed, then how did their species live on? Also how did witches live on? Unless you had kids or something.

Tatiana: When Gaia was destroyed, her soul burst into many pieces. Same goes for Letha and Cyrus. I guess you can say these pieces found their way into many people. However, that is not important. What's important is that you know everything now and we can continue with my plan.

Carolina: Which is what exactly? You went to Europe to find this Theodore guy and he's not even here. What were you guys doing this whole time?

Alex: Theo is a complicated guy. He doesn't like big groups of people. Which is why we sent him to keep an eye on Joseph's vampires. He was in Europe trying to throw Joseph off track. When we got there we helped him set up a fake soul stone. So now Joseph thinks he has all three and he's coming back here to do the spell. When in reality, Tatiana has had the stone this whole time.

Shane:It's what we've been doing for years. Killing off Josephs allies was just a bonus.

Jasper: So you have the soul stone? How come you never showed it to us?

Buck: Jeez you people are dense. You really think we just keep something like that in our damn pockets? No wonder you morons couldn't handle anything while we were gone.

Chaz: Hey! Don't talk to my friends like that.

Buck: Oh yeah?! What you gonna do about that, dwarf?

Buck: Man Tati, you are lucky that I'm doing this for you. These guys are useless.

Buck: C'mon Alex. Let's go get a beer.

Carolina: He's really charming.
Alex: He's just in a bad mood. Teleporting makes him cranky. I'll go calm him down.

Tatiana: I apologize, Buck is another complicated one. Anyway the soul stone has been hidden for some time now. Years ago when Joseph discovered this spell and we knew he would be going after the soul stones, I created a hiding spot for Letha's stone. It's in the place where she died.
Chaz: Ok so who is coming with you.
Tatiana: Well naturally I would need the witch and wizard. However, anyone is welcome to come.
Carolina: I will call Naomi right now.

Naomi: Hey Lina, I just wanted to let you know that I'm on my way. I just had to get my place in order.

*phone ringing*

Naomi: The hospital? Ugh I took a vacation this week!

Naomi: Hello?
Woman: Hey Naomi, I'm sorry to bother you on your vacation, but something happened last night. I think you need to get down here.
Naomi: What is it? Just tell me!
Woman: JJ came into the hospital early this morning. He...I don't know. I really can't explain it over the phone, but it's bad. I'm only telling you because I think he needs to go home with you tonight. There's nothing medically wrong with him, but something happened.


Diane: I can't believe we are doing this....

Diane: Promise me that we hop on that train tonight and we finally start our lives together. Joseph free.....
Rika:....Joseph free. It's so nice to hear that.

Rika: We better hurry. Who knows what Joseph is up to.

Diane: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane: No...please...Rika do something!

Rika: I...I....

Joseph: You thought you could run away from me that easily? I sent you to this city to seek out anyone who would make a strong vampire. Not some floosy who you plan to run away with. Don't think I'm stupid enough to let that happen.

Rika: Ok...ok. You got me and I betrayed you. Please just let her go and punish me. She has nothing to do with this.
Joseph: Trust are about to get your punishment. Eric, lets take them to the water. There's less....commotion out there.

Diane: Let me go, please! I'll join your side, I promise!
Joseph: Shut up!

Rika: Don't do this.....don't....

Joseph: I was considering just making you a vampire when I found out about you, but then you both decided to run away. No one does that to me and gets away with it.

Joseph: Eric, kill her.

Rika: Stop!!!!!!!!

Joseph: To think...if you didn't try to betray me, we could have made her a vampire.
Rika: *sob* you....*sob* I....

Joseph: Once you are done blubbering, meet me at the warehouse. I will assign you a new city.

Rika: Oh Diane......Diane.....

Rika:....I'm so sorry.....

...And from that day on....

...Rika was always Joseph's most faithful ally.
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Default Chapter nine, part three

Naomi: Oh JJ....what were you doing last night?

Jasper: Ok. Tatiana and them are waiting outside..........whoah what happened?

Carolina: His's white.
Naomi: He wandered into the hospital last night half naked and covered in snow. Somehow he didn't have hypothermia or any other injuries. He told the nurses to call me and then went to fall asleep on the chairs in the waiting room. I got there and he immediately woke up and said "the demon king will rise" over and over. Thankfully I got him in a taxi and brought him here.

Carolina: That was really nice of you....considering what he did. You know, Mia is supposed to be staying with him. Do you think something happened to her too?
Naomi: I really don't want to think about that now. Whatever this is, it will have to wait until after we get back with the soul stone. I'm pretty sure Joseph is more of a threat right now.

Naomi: Just please text me if anything happens. Thanks for watching him, guys.
Jasper: It's no problem. Good luck out there.

Mia: This is it's the moment you became apart of me?
Demon: Yes...

Young Mia: Ack!
Mia: This is so horrible....why can't I remember?

Demon: Because......this is a hallucination.

Mia: No...stay away....stay....


Jane Steuben, who had been living below Rika, was about to go out for a late night feeding. However, she was distracted by the distant cries on the balcony above her.

Jane: Rika?
Rika immediately stood up and ran to Jane.

Rika: You were right, you were right! Oh, Jane...what have I done??
Jane:'s alright. Whatever you did, we can fix it. I promise.

Rika: How do I tell Sarah that I've been working with Joseph? How do I tell her that our entire friendship has been a lie and that I'm the reason her life became a disaster? How?!
Jane: It's ok. We can get through this. When Joseph comes here in a few days, you can just forget all about it. We won't tell him about her.

Suddenly a cough came from behind them.


Rika: Sarah!!!!

Rika: I was going to tell you!
Sarah: You are the reason my best friend is dead. You are the reason why JJ's sister disappeared, you are the reason....

Sarah: You are the reason why everything has to gone to hell! How could you do this to me?! How could you could you lie like that?!
Rika: You have to understand *sob*. Joseph....he is powerful. I was on his side when I came here, but then I realized that you and your friends are good people. I don't want to work with Joseph anymore, but if I betray him again, he will kill me!

Sarah: I've had enough!

Sarah: I can't deal with this right now.

Rika: Sarah....please don't leave. Please.....
Sarah:Get your hands off of me. You're nothing, but a liar and a murderer. I'm getting my stuff and leaving.

Jane: C'mon Rika, just sit here on the couch.

Jane: This will all be better in the....
A loud crash and scream came from the bedroom.
Rika: Sarah!

Rika: Oh my god......

Rika: No...this can'

Rika: Joseph...

Joseph: So this time it was with a blonde, huh? What a shame, Rika. The last girl was at least better looking.
Suddenly Joseph turned Sarah onto her back and showed his fangs.
Rika dropped to the floor.

Rika: Please....I'm begging you. Don't hurt her!
Joseph stopped feeding from Sarah and glared at Rika.

Joseph: Pathetic.

Joseph: You have betrayed me for the last time.

Rika: Ughhh....

Joseph: Wipe those tears away. You did well.

Joseph: This filth is not worth crying over. You have earned my trust, Jane. Now go watch these two while I make a phone call.

Joseph: Hmm....looks like I have my human and vampire sacrifice. How pleasant.


Jane: *sob* I told you...before.... It's better to be on his side than be killed. *sob* I'm sorry.

Joseph: Remy. Meet us at the warehouse. It is time.
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