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Default Boats, rivers and bridges
Hi all, I am stuck with CAW and need some advice

I downloaded Monte Vista as I love the Italian/Mediterranean theme, but I've noticed houseboats won't go under bridges, which I'd like them to do.

So I downloaded CAW and tried editing the Riverview template. All I want are bridges that boats will go under, how can I do this please?
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Q: Can houseboats drive under bridges?
"Most of the time a houseboat will not fit under a bridge, in which case it will simply stop. The one exception is the bridge in Bridgeport, which the houseboat can pass under."

That's by SimGuruSemedi from the official houseboat tutorial page.

Haven't really tested with the other bridges to prove that wrong, though. Maybe someone else have.
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Q: can houseboats drive under bridges?
Yes they can - but you have to build a world of your own. In the EA-worlds - with the exception of Isla Paradiso - the water is not deep enough and the terrain is not raised enough. I tested this in CAW using a flat map. If you own WA, you can choose the Arc de Triomphe and raise the terrain up to its height. If you build a bridge that is heigher than the Arc de Triomphe, houseboats will drive under your bridge. Unfortunately not all bridges look well if you raise the terrain in this way, those standing on bridge piles look strange with their piles in the air. In addition to the Suspension Bridge in Bridgeport - in the German CAW it is called "Hängebrücke" - you can also use the "Steadfast Bridge = Unerschütterliche Brücke" (the green) and the "Bogenbrücke aus Metall" (seems to be a recolour of the green bridge). In my test I used both bridges. Before raising the sea level of your world, you choose the "tree Eucalyptus". Now you raise the sea level until the treetop is the only part looking out of the water. Here are three screenshots, two taken from CAW and one in game. I figured this out when I opened Isla Paradiso in CAW. I removed the water because I wanted to know how they built it. I compared the different heights of the terrain to objects from CAW. The first lowland plain - place for the ports - is as heigh as the "Tree-Palm-Date = Dattelpalme". The height of the second plain can be compared to the "Egyptian Obelisk" (used in my screenshot) or the "Al Simharaer Palme". With the help of these objects I built a simple world because my next CAW world should be an island with bridges.
I wanted to know whether two houseboats can drive under the steadfast bridge and I just checked it out.
Sorry for my bad English - I hope you can understand my explanations.
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