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Default Pyremont (New Chapter 24 updated 19/10 2014)
In the early 1800s there was a kingdom called Praaven. Peasents, knights and nobles would have their homes in this glorious land until a war would come and break all known rules. Our story takes place just right before this, and you will meet the nobles of House Pyremont who was just about to settle down in their new resident.

Lord Pettyr Pyremont and his Lady Marie Helene Pyremont of the House had been long lost love birds until Pettyr came back from his duties in the Kingdom and courted young Marie Helene at her childhood home. They would leave shortly after that and move into Praaven, which is the most important city in the region and a vital trading post on the edge of the kingdom. The city is split into five roughly defined districts, along with the Cathedral Quarter and the Castle. (Quote: Praaven Thread)
Chapter 1 - The Housemaid

Lord Pettyr Pyremont, a middleage well-known tradesman in the Kingdom of Praaven.

Lady Marie Helene had given Pettyr a son, who they had names Little Lord Arryn. One day, he would be the heir of their Family Name Pyremont and also inherit all of their riches and their big homestad.

They sat down together for a nice, quiet dinner. It was their first day in their new home at Praaven Kingdom. It was close to both St. Simians Chapel and the royal familys home, the large castle of Praaven.
"Isn't this nice, dear?" Pettyr asked his young wife. She nodded quietly and tried to get used to her new surroundings. She wasn't always fan for changes, but this house sure was impressive. Would she ever get used to this after living her whole life in The Vale of Stenstzik?

Lady Marie Helen looked out her windows. The neighbour house was empty and all lights were out. This sure seemed quiet. Every now and then she would see shadows from beyond her garden view, but maybe this was only just wild dogs running the streets at night? She thought and finally went to bed.

The nights would go by fast and Lord Pettyr and Lady Marie Helene would spend their free time in front of the fireplace in the masterbedroom. "Doesn't Arryn grow fast?" Pettyr asked his wife, but she looked confused. She hadn't noticed her child age at all, but she would spend most of her time by painting and not with her son, Arryn. There was plenty of time in this world, she thought.

The new housemaid, Clara Housen, just moved in to the resident. Her new life in Praaven could settle her some more opportunities, as her biggest dreams was to become a famous tailor. But for now, she would serve House Pyremont as well as she could.

Time went by real quick and by a glimpse of an eye, Little lord Arryn had grown to be a child. He was given the finest clothes and toys in the entire kingdom, and the center room in the large house. This room had a view of the quiet streets outside.

Lord Pettyr found himself starring at Clara The Maid too often. His wife didn't have any suspects yet, but Pettyr could not hold it any longer. One night, when everyone was asleep, he went to the cellar and woke poor Clara up. He could not resist her any longer. As a maid, of course, Clara had to give in to her lord despite her feelings not being the same for Pettyr.

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Default Chapter 2 - A visit from the past
Finally the day arrived where Lord John, Marie's brother, would arrive. Everyone greeted him and this kept Marie's thought long away from her suspects of her husband staying away at night often. What was it with all those secret doing at night?

They would share their long lost childhood together and suddenly everything seemed to be just fine. They discussed the state of their father, he was not well. But Marie couldn't help herself but feel happiness for a brief moment, as her brother was here.

Lord Pettyr would continue to spend the night with Clara more and more often. Would anyone suspect?

Clara cleaned the house and was a good maid. She would both clean and cook for the family.

In her free time, by the evening, she would study in hopes of one day becoming a famous tailor in the Praaven Kingdom.

Lord John would be staying in the Blue Room, which was the resident guest room. Here he would stay the next couple of weeks studying medicine and having a break from his lordships at home.

The little lord Arryn was also very fond of his uncle, though this would be the only and last time he would ever see him. But a grown up wanting to speak with him seemed like a whole new world to him. The next couple a months, Uncle Arryn would share knowledge and stories with his young nephew.

"Where have you been?" Lady Marie pleaded her husband. He sighed, as he thought he could just crawl into bed without her noticing. He told her, that as a man he had lust and not always could a wife for fill that. She cried and leaped into his arms, knowing that this was just how things were for a noble wife.

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Default Chapter 3 - A bitter farewell
The little Lord Arryn was not so little anymore. He had just grown to be a young man, and would soon see him self searching for a bride. That, if he's father had not already found him one.
His father was very strict about wealth and family names. He was probably already married, he thought and gazed. The Blue Room was now his to use.
Clara was not herself. Something had change. One night when cleaning the little lords room, she had to stop, throw up and just sit on the noble bed. She had become with child. Lord Pettyrs bastard.
Arryn thought to himself, that he would like to see the world outside now that he'd grown and before he had to marry. Maybe he would see it differently than usual. He took a long bath, packed his things and went away on adventure.

A tavern was just in front of him, and he thought he might as well stay here for some time and get used to the thought of marrying a stranger. If that was what faith had decided for him.

Lord Arryn was well asleep. Until he heard a nudge, and Lady Marie was not in bed. He got up immediately to search for her.

She was on the floor. Her breath had stopped and there was nothing he could do. Given the times, no one could really diagnose her death, but Lord Pettyr would always feel she did of sorrow due to his love affair with Clara The Maid that he had revealed shortly before her passing away.

He went to St. Simians Chapel and put her remains on a pedestal along with flowers and an angel statue. When he left, and the night had taken over the kingdom, Lady Marie Helene would see the mortal world one last time before leaving for the better. Her hopes was with her young son, Arryn, whom she would never see again.

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Default Chapter 4 - If walls could speak..

Lord Pettyr was filled with anger, remorse and lost for months. His son, Arryn, seemed not to care much for his lost mother as she had not been there for him during his childhood.
Pettyr found himself with surprise, when one day there was a scream from the cellar. Clara had given birth to a girl. Bethany the bastard.

Pettyr wanted to hate that young infant, but instead he felt like something that seemed was lost forever was now within reach again. He shred a tear and held the newborn.

"She shall wear the finest clothes and marry the richest man in the kingdom." Pettyr applauded his young infant. But Clara, who was known for wanting to move away and become a tailor, yelled: "No! We are leaving this forsaken place. All you have is anger and hatred against everyone but your beloved, dead wife!" She screamed, only to make Pettyr even more furious.

And that was it. In front of the newborn Pettyr had had it. He had no choice but strangle his lover to death, after threatening with taking his bastard daughter and leave the resident. She chose this for herself, he thought while she screamed and he would tighten the grip around her neck sucking the last life out of her.
"Stop it!" Was the last words of Clara The Maid. She took her last breath and fell to the floor.

Arryn was out with his visitor from the Tavern, that he had met, so Pettyr would wait till nighttime with hiding the body in the front yard. No one could ever know.
He took the baby and would now place her in the noble rooms. She would never know the true story of her mother, well, he hoped not.

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Default Chapter 5 - The Engagement
Meredith had just moved to the Kingdom with her rich and well known Parents, Barthor and Evelyn Majore. Their riches was from trading with foreign countries, and now her father had gotten an even bigger deal settled in Praaven Kingdom. There for they would move here to for fill new riches.

Luckily for Arryn, he would now have a possible spouse whom he chose himself. Filled with sorrow, Lord Pettyr had not taken the time to find him a wife, so everything was possible. Their love seemed rather hesitated, but all in all they looked like quite a couple from the eyes of a stranger.

They had spend months together ever since they met in The Tavern, and they had been seeing each other for long enough It was time to court her, Arryn thought.
Meredith could not help but being surprised, and agreed to the marriage to come. Arryn was thrilled. What he didn't know, that Meredith was quite a mystery.

They spend a wonderful night in Arryns' Blue Room.

Pettyr was also happy for Arryns engagement, but had other things in mind. How would he explain to neighbours, business partners and regular peasents in the kingdom who little Bethany was? He had told Arryn, that Bethany was his sisters child, and Arryn so in love with his new bethroved, he had accepted the little one in their house. He told everyone that his sister had passed away and he now had to take care of the child.

This story might stick, he thought and went back to his chambers.

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Default Chapter 6 - A deceitful woman
Years passed, and Bethany was all grown up now. Today she was very excited, as Lord Pettyr had promised her to go see the windmill and the small village nearby. "I am so excited!" She yelled while running down the halls.
"This is lovely, Uncle Pettyr!" She smiled and hugged her uncle. The air smelled nice, the grass was green and the windmill making corn in the sunny weather was amazing. Bethany was thrilled.

Wonder what a flower smells like? Bethany thought at took one from the ground. There were plenty of them out here in the fields.

"Mhmmm! Pettyr, Pettyr, come smell a flower!" She was amazed. She spend hours exploring the nature and Lord Pettyr would stand close nearby.

Then they went to see the vineyards and a small bit of the village, until the day had passed so quickly, that they had to go home before night would fall. This was one of many lovely days they would spend together.

At dinner they both shared their enjoyment of nature. Today was also a special day, as Lord Pettyr would age up to be an elder. "You can't stop time from moving", he wisely told to little Bethany and she listened carefully.

Lord Pettyr could feel the age pressing against him. Soon enough he would have to leave this world and join his beloved Marie Helene. But who would take care of little Bethany? He sighed deeply before they went to bed with many thoughts in mind.

The next day Lady Meredith announced her pregnancy. She had become with child and soon enough she would give birth to an heir to the fine resident and the Pyremont family name. But what the household didn't know, was what lied beneath her. She had married the wealthy Lord Arryn and pretended to be perfectly well-behaved. But she hated his family, Bethany, the servants and everyone. Even her once loved Arryn.

She continued to pretend likeable and Arryn had no idea. They even hired a governess to take care of the upcoming baby and Bethany.

The new governess Louise, discovered some odd noises one night. She called everyone to come down, as she found ol' Lord Pettyr whom no longer could hide from his age.
Little Bethany was crushed as she stood in the fine clothes Pettyr always swore she would wear, and cried her eyes out while Grim Reaper came to claim the life of Pettyr.

She would mourn for months in their yard, where Lord Pettyr was buried. They had discovered Marie's remains had been stolen from the chapel, so nobles should be careful. He was now at rest at the Homestead.

It was soon due for Lady Meredith and her womb had grown even bigger than the months before. After Lord Pettyrs death, Arryn really needed support from Meredith but she had not been kind. She acted like nothing had happened and asked him to keep quiet at night with his constant mourning over the loss of his father. He have had enough, and so had she!

"I can no longer live with a deceiving woman, claiming to be something she is not! I thought you had a heart. As you bear my child I cannot get rid of you, but we cannot share the same chambers. I will leave and leave for good. I have joined the army and I intend to stay in combat from now on." Lord Arryn yelled.
"Fine." Was all Lady Meredith had to say. Even though she was devastated, this was not the worst thing that could happen. A normal noble man would have kicked her out to the countries, but not Arryn. He had compassion for the children and felt for the family as his father did.
Arryn packed his things that night.

Little did Bethany know that her half-brother would soon leave the resident. She continued playing at her noble chambers.

Arryn left the next morning. Meredith couldn't stop him, but soon realized that despite her now being on her own, she could control the resident as she wanted to. Arryn had left for the war for good and put his things into the Horse-wagon waiting for him to get on board and join the army.

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Default Chapter 7 - Running
Bethany was moved to the cellar after Arryn left, and was taken her possessions including the noble robes. All she had now was a sewn rag cloth that she could wear.

At least the bed wasn't to bad. What she didn't know, was that this was the exact same bed her real mother used to sleep in during the cold nights at the Homestead. She fell asleep quickly that night, dreaming of the times with uncle Pettyr.

With Lord Arryn away, Meredith could have all that she wanted. She bought a whole new closet, the finest clothes from the finest tailors and refurnished the house. Her life was just perfect and now with little Elmegaard's arrival she could not find a better place to be.

A new crib was build for little Elmegaard and she inherited the room that her own father lived in as a toddler. The room would now be cleaned twice a week, as Meredith did not care for children bacteria.

Lady Meredith really did not care for children, but this hug would symbolize her feature heir, which was the key to her wealth and power. "Sleep tight, little one." She whispered and went to bed.

Meanwhile outside, the governess was told by Meredith, to make the little Bethany start working as a servant for the household.
Now, Bethany was raised by her real father as a noble, so she did not approve of this. When declining, governess Louise shouted at her.
"I'll tell you something, you little bastard.. I used to work here as a child. I know everything. I listened by every door. Your own father lied to you! You are a servants child. And when your father, Pettyr passed away, you are nothing. Now, work or leave!" She yelled furiously.

Little Bethany had no idea. Was Lord Pettyr her real father? Then, why did he not tell her? She was devastated and ran away from all the evil and lies at home.

She came to the market square and mourned for her lost father. She understood nothing at all. And after Lord Arryn left, she was now alone.
While all shred in tears, she found a sign. A blooming pink flower in the middle of the market square made of hard rock. How could it have grown there? She wondered and thought of the times her father, or Uncle Pettyr, as she thought he was, took her out to see the world.
She picked the flower and made a choice. She would not go back to the evil Lady at her childhood home. She had to survive somewhere else.
She went to the Docks, and looked across the sea. Wondering what could be on the other side of the big blue waters. But, for now, she did not have a boat and had to find somewhere else to stay for the night.

The Rat Hole, as some townsfolk called it, was abandoned and no highborn nobles men would look for her here. She opened the gates and found an empty room only home to crates of salty fish.
Now that she had left the noble family, what would happen now?

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Default Chapter 8 - New hope
Bethany would stay in the Rat hole for some days, and live off the vegetables outside. One day, a stranger walked into the building. She got scared, but luckely it was just a boy her age. His name was Thyge.
"Who are you?!" Bethany asked the stranger, "Don't be scared!" he said.

He was there to gather a crate of fish, that his father wanted him to fetch. They talked for some time, when Bethany explained her situation. Without hesitation, Thyge suggested she came to stay with his family. She had not much of a choice, and when night came they ran for it. What else could she do?
They ran from the docks, and they had to run through the city to get to the other side.
The sky had turn purple and stars were all over. Bethany was tired, but they would be there soon enough she hoped. They had been running for hours.
A small village was in the horizon, and they finally arrived at Thyges homestead. They were a poor farmer family, but very welcoming.
Thyges father stood with his daughter when they arrived. He welcomed both of them, took the crate of fish and didn't say much. Bethany was welcome.
At the noble house, Meredith was furious when she heard the news. Governess Louise told her, that Bethany had ran away and she was no where to be found.
"Fine." She said. "Can you put Elmegaard to bed now?" She would stand in front of the fireplace figuring her plans out.

If her husband would officially leave her, after their huge fight, the giant resident would be inherited to Bethany. She could not let this happen, she thought while making plans. Something had to be done.

Bethany helped clean and cook, the few times there was food enough for the whole family. They all liked her, but it wasn't a secret that funds were low with another mouth to feed.
"Maybe we could go fish?" Thyge asked his father, when they discussed the situation. They agreed and the next morning they got up at 5.00 am.
A small path from the village led to a lake, where there was plenty of fish. But could they catch enough to feed the entire family?
Bethany fell at her first try, and sighed. How could she ever repay the family that had given her so much already?
They would fish for hours, but didn't catch too many. They finally gave up and went for a swim in the lake.

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Default Chapter 9 - Secrets revealed
The family was more hungry than ever. But no one could tell poor Bethany, as they have started to like her over the years which had made the family poorer and poorer. Soon they would die out of starvation.

"I need to go for a walk." Bethany told Thyge and left the house.

"Will you be back?" He asked fearing the worst. She just left and closed the door behind her. Thyge and her was all grown up now, and ate more food than children. Thyge could fish, but poor Bethany could not cook, clean or fish so she was only an obstacle.

Mauhlborg Chapel was more beautiful than ever and dawn had just arrived.

Bethany decided to visit the chapel and enjoy the sun. She knew she couldn't stay with the farmer family forever. A choice had to be made, and it wasn't easy. She longed for the days in her noble robes with her beloved Pettyr.

Something made her feel that she should go see the graveyard at the village chapel. In front of her, there was a tomb. On the tomb it said "Clara Housen" - She did not understand. Housen was her last name? She had never met anyone with that last name. And suddenly it all made sense.
She cried. Was this the remains of her real mother?

Later that evening she asked Thyge to go for a walk the same place they used to fish as children.

"I can't stay. The family can barely support themselves, so how are you supposed to keep supporting me?" She looked at Thyge with sorrow in her eyes. "I'm sorrry." She said.

Thyge didn't want her to leave, but there was nothing he could do. The family would starve to death either way, and her staying there wouldn't help things.
The next day she left the Farmer family without a word. She didn't want to make the choice harder than it already was, so no soppy goodbyes. They would notice soon enough.

On the road she stopped by a mill. It looked familiar. Was this the same mill she used to visit with her father? How close was she to Praaven City?

She entered the mill and took out her blanket, a pillow and the only fish she had in her bag as food. Things were tight.
She roasted the fish and ate the whole thing. Tomorrow she would not have any more food, but as she was hungry, sad and could not stop thinking about the remains of Clara, she had to eat something. Who was this woman anyway, beside her mother?

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Default Chapter 10 - Lord Arryn comes home
It was a quiet evening at the Pyremont' House. But not so quiet, as it seemed. Something is coming, Meredith thought to herself. Something was about to change.

Little Elmegaard was now a child as years had passed, and a very quiet child. Her mother disliked children so she spend most of her time alone, in the garden or with her governess.

Some days after a long forgotten warrior arrived at his home. The giant resident laid beneath him and looked like itself. Just like before the war. He sighed, and was not his jolly him anymore. The war had changed him. He was hurt, so the army send him home.

"Arryn!.." Meredith greeted him at the door. What was this? Why had he come home? She was furious. She had to make him leave somehow. Arryn did not say much, just a quiet mumbling.

"Louise.. You are my most betrothed servant in this house. I need you to do something." Said Meredith, as Louise would listen while she told her her plans.
"Are you my real father?" Asked little Elmegaard and tried to understand the arrival of Lord Arryn. He also didn't say much to Elmegaard, but just held her hand. He hoped that the war would never reach Praaven.

That night Meredith brought Arryn some documents. He signed them all, without even reading the lines. This was documents stating the heritage and heir of the resident, giving it all to Meredith and then Elmegaard.
"Where is Bethany?" Arryn asked his wife.
"She is just down the village shopping, she will be home any minute."
She answered knowing this would not be the case. "Here, my love, take something to drink. You look dead tired."

Arryn took the glass of vine from the table, drank it and suddenly fell terrible.

"Poison!" He screamed, Meredith being quiet.

He collapsed on the floor minutes after that. The posion Louise had bought from the towns wizard seemed to work.

"He's dead!" She whispered loudly and checked his pulse just to make sure.

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Default Chapter 11 - Castle Keep
At the Castle Keep..
Young Crownprince Tyrion was now aged to be a king. But his mother would not give him the crown, before he had married. There was plenty of young girls in the kingdom, but it seemed faith had already decided.

The prince would take off on his horse to search the kingdom for a spouse.

But he did not seem satisfied, and when night had fallen he still hadn't found her yet.

At the Baelish' House..
Lady Meredith had spend her entire evening dragging the heavy corpse of her belated housebound in the cellar. She went as deep as the resident could go, and soon she was down to the lowest room, which only she had the keys for.

"Let me get you some light, Arryn." She said and lit the fireplace. At least his cold body should have some warm. There would go years before she would ever return to this haunted room.

She lied on the coffin for hours, relaxing. "My poor housebound. Now everything is perfect once again. Are you lying allright down there?" She laughed and smiled.

The next day she had heard rumors about the prince marriage. She would not miss the opportunity of her daughter marrying a royal. She hesitated to the castle, asking for an audience. Luckily for her, the prince was already outside and off guard.

"Morning, My Lord. I have come to you as I have a proposal." - And then she would explain the beauty of her daughter for a while, asking him to consider a marriage between the two.

"Alright. Bring her to my castle, and we will see. But heads will roll if she is not as dreamy as you described." He threatened and left to go inside the castle.

And indeed pretty Lady Elmegaard had grown to be a stunning woman. She was to be found in the garden, and soon enough her mother would come home and they would prepare for the royal audience.

A week later at Castle Keep..
"Mhm." Crownprince Tyrion looked at his possible wife, as she kneeled down before him for the throne.
"I guess she can do." He told them, and they would get up. "Bring her by the castle tomorrow, so she can move in."
They unpacked the day after at the Red Room in Castle Keep, which would be Lady Elmegaards to live in. "I have to leave now, darling." Her mother said. They both knew it would be months, maybe even years, before the two of them would meet again. Castle Keep was a long way from home.
"What do I do? I do not know this man." Elmegaard said as the spoiled child she was. Back then everyone should be clapping their hands when marrying a soon to be King.

But Lady Meredith had to leave. She had plans, as she had learned where the home of Bethany The Bastard was. And she was not coming for a friendly visit. "Bye, my child. Be good." She kissed Elmegaards forehead and left the castle.

After weeks of traveling she finally arrived at the Ol' Windmill where Bethany was a grown woman. She lured her outside in the middle of the night, making noises in front of the mill.

"You!" Bethany screamed, and tried to run away. But Meredith was too strong and Bethany had not had a decent meal for months. She was weak.

Lady Meredith kept hitting until Bethany would stop reacting. Her body lied motionless on the ground, and soon crows and rats would come to destroy the evidence of this fearful night.

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Default Chapter 12 - A King's Wish
Years passed and within the first summer, Lady Elmegaard gave birth to a healthy infant girl. Though this was not the wish of the King, she would just have to bring him a baby boy in order to ensure the heir of Praaven Kingdom.

They named the girl Princess Lysa. And the queen was pregnant once again.

"Three years has passed, and I have no heir yet!" Said the King angrily and Elmegaard pleaded him. "Please, I will give you a son." She looked at him in fear.

"This pregnancy better for fill my legacy." He slapped her and left the throne room.

Later that night the King came to her chambers. "I believe it's a boy, My King." She whispered and he smiled inside. It must be a boy!, he thought and held her. It was the thing he wanted the most.

She looked out her windows and wished for a heir. If there were any gods up there, this would be the time for them to listen.

The King stayed in her chambers that night, making sure nothing would harm the belly where his baby boy was resting.

Queen Elmegaard took a shower that morning, feeling some what odd inside. What if this was not going to for fill the kings wishes? How many pregnancies would she have to go through, and could she ever give him a boy?

King Tyrion had a haircut..

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Default Chapter 14 - First snow
"Your first snow!" Queen Elmegaard held her dear child so she could reach a passing snowflake. It was the child's first snow and she was lucky, because it had just arrived on the little Princess' birthday. Lysa giggled and was amused by the situation.

Ah well.. Everything seemed perfect at Castle Keep.
The Royal Family had gathered for the upcoming ball at their castle. The children had bloomed and Lysa was now a child. Her birthday in consideration, the castle had decided to invite people from long and beyond and some from Praaven city to gather the next couple of days and celebrate Lysa. The Ball was thrown the very next day.

Queen Elmegaard longed for more children, as she could not bear the feeling of her children growing up so fast. She lied on the couch in the lounge, when the King came by. "Come." She told him.
"My Queen.." He anwsered and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. They didn't spend many nights together in the same chamber, and Elmegaard was thrilled to know that her housebound was not tired of her. Yet, at least.

She was well rested and glad that there were no servants around to watch. The King left for supper, while she relaxed in the Lounge.

Lysa would spend a lot of time with her younger brother, Florian. She cared for him very much and felt like the luckiest girl alive, as he smiled upon her.
The next day by the Ball at Castle Keep..
The King's older sister had dropped by a visit, even when she lived two kingdoms away. She was married to an old Lord, but she was always full of joy.

Lord Ty was actually the King's old uncle, who also decided to join in on the party.

Then the King discovered a rude guest, that had snug into the castle. Why on earth would he be wearing a pyjamas? The King felt mocked, and hit the poor peasant.

And just as the fight was over, King Tyrion saw a female guest passing by. Stunned by her beauty, the rude guest fled and he would turn to the stranger.

"Are you enjoying the party?" He asked the strange woman. Her name was Evelyn, and she sure was beautiful. The King had a weakness for such things.

"I did, My King. But it was a long ride. I come from Westerling." She told him. Westerling was a Kingdom far away, but as she did not appear to be royal, the king could approach her.
He leaned over asking permission to place a gentle kiss on her hand. She let him.

The guests would spend 3 days at the Castle, before travelling home. Evelyn had also been staying for three days, and the King had spend all his time with her during the Ball. They went for a quiet evening walk in the Castle Gardens. Arm in arm, she would tell him stories about the place she grew up. It sure did sound interesting.

"Evelyn.." The King mumbled and turned her around quickly. These three days was the best days he had had in a long time. All thanks to her.
They shared a long kiss and most of the guests had already left. Queen Elmegaard had decided to go fetch her housebound, when one of the guests insisted on saying her farewells to the King before leaving. But the Queen found more than she was looking for. She quickly left the gardens without being noticed, and went to her chambers.

That night the Queen did not sleep very well and servants heard mourning outside her door all night.

The King went out to the same garden the morning after. It was only dawn and the sea was pink. From his Castle view he could look all the way across the narrow sea, and all he could think of was Evelyn, that had left the night before to go back to Westerling. Would he ever see her again?

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This is really great, I have tried for the game play and never thought of reading Sims.
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Hi Harry, thank you so much for the nice comment. I am just about to upload another chapter :p

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Default Chapter 15 - A visitor from beyond
It was in the middle of the night, but Lysa could not sleep. She was having bad dreams every night, and it was like something kept calling her. She found herself in a place at the Castle, where she had never been. Castle Keep was quite large, and she was still young.

"Lysa.." Something kept calling, and that calling was the exact reason why she finally had given in and gotten out of bed.

She wanted to go back and away from the horror she felt standing outside the old room. What was in there? She thought as she stood for a brief moment and then suddenly heard it again. "Lysa.." Someone called.

She got a huge shock as she entered a room. A boy her age, almost transparent, stood in the door opening when she opened it. He was almost dusty, but wearing fine old, very old, clothes with laces. This was no living boy.

"ARGH! Get away from me." She screamed, but no one could hear her so late at night and in this godforsaken hour. "Lysa." The voice said again, and confirmed the calls she had been hearing at night.

"What are you?" Lysa asked. She was terrified, but curious. She knew, that she would not like the answer. "I'm just Pickle." He said. "Pickle? How can you be a pickle?! You are not even green!" Lysa did not like this game. But suddenly she realized, maybe that was the boy's name.

"Please help me.. I have not seen a person in decades. No one listened to my calls, but then you came! I have been in this room for almost as long as I can remember. You are the first one to enter." He looked at her. And he was right. The Castle was still not refurnished, and was given to King Tyrions grandparents after the war had ended. Before that it had just been.. Empty. Like some rooms still were.
The next day..

King Tyrion had invited Evelyn for another visit. She agreed to stay for a couple of weeks, and the King was thrilled. Ever since she got there, they spend most of the day together, expect from when he had royal duties. The family also welcomed Evelyn, thinking Tyrion was doing business with her father. But that was not the case.
He kissed her and almost forgot his important meeting, he had with the royal adviser. The 10 year war was still on, and rumors would that it was coming near Praaven. The King had no time to waste, but still found himself distracted from the duties.
A week had passed, and the King visited the Queens chambers later for a visit, but she was not very welcoming. She had seen him with Evelyn, and she knew what was going on. But who was she to tell her King what to do? "Please, I'm tired." She said. The King was confused.

"What is, dear?" He asked his wife, but she just sat there quietly. She was not pleased with his company at the moment. "You've changed ever since she got here." She said and looked right at the wall. The King did not want her to interfere, so he kept denying.

"Changed? What a silly thing to say. Yes, you must be tired indeed. I will leave you, and maybe the day tomorrow is better off." He said and left her.

Instead, the King went to his own room and there was Evelyn. He was very fond of her already, and this would be their first night together. They had both waited for this moment to come.

The King left her sleeping in his chambers, and decided to get up for a bit. He was thrilled being with Evelyn, but not completely happy with the entire situation.

The next morning they would spend in front of the fireplace, and yet again he would forget about the war decisions that had to be made.
Queen Elmegaard spend most of her time with the heir to the throne to avoid Evelyn. She also spend a lot of time assiting in the King's war affairs, but did not have so much knowledge about warstrategy. If he did not interfere during the important meetings, could things end up badly? Then - Would the war really come to the idyllic Praaven Kingdom?

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Default Chapter 16 - Help me see the light

The winter was long and Prince Florian was now a child. He thought about everything and there was not a thing, that couldn't be explained by logic. At least that what was he thought. He looked out the windows to observe the snow falling on the ground. Where did it all go?
Castle Keep was covered in thick layers of snow and an odd feeling had surrounded the Kingdom. Everyone was talking about the war - Was it only rumors or had the King really given up on his duties? Was the war near?

Princess Lysa visited her new friend more and more often. She had discovered he was once a merchants child, who by accident was locked up in the room as it was only for statues, that there was no place for in the castle. Here he had starved to death with no company than the sad faces of carved stone. No one had heard him cry, not even the knocks on the door.

"I want to show you something." Pickle announced. He was more than happy for her company, as he could not leave the room that bounded him with the statues of marble. All objects and stone people disappeared for a moment, as Lysa started to feel weightless.

"What is this?" She asked. He lifted from the ground and took her with him. "It's almost like flying. I have been practicing on lifting objects ever since I met you." He smiled with a transparent grin and lift her from the ground.

They swirled in the air for a while, and then Pickle became serious. He called himself that, as he had long forgotten his real name. "Lysa.. I want to join the light." He said. "Can you help me?" She did not want to loose her dear friend, but knew once she was married and moved away, he would be in this room for maybe even more decades.

"I'm sick of being hidden away," Evelyn told her king and lover. Tyrion looked at her softly and replied, "My love. I will not hide you any longer. You will be at my side for all times to come." He said wrapped up in her seduction.

Evelyn had taken the Queens chair for the meeting with the children. The Queen was out visiting her old mother, while King Tyrion sat in his own thoughts and let Evelyn talk. The children stood in a corner, not knowing how to react. "Isn't this nice, children?" She asked and was already getting used to the soft pillows.

Elmegaard had come home after visiting her ill, old mother. There was not much time left. She had asked how her royal marriage went, and she had told her that everything was in perfect order. But that was just a lie to try and please an old lady. Elmegaard had begged the King to visit her chambers, and one night he would come. She held him tight "Do you still love me? Why can't you make her go away?!" She cried and could not hide her feelings for her housebound. He said nothing and just stood there

"I do not love you any longer. But you are the Queen, and you will do your royal duties." He said with no remorse in his voice. Evelyn had caught him in her magic, and he was so wrapped up in it that he could not think rationally. "I thank you for the heir, and I thank you for taking care of my royal duties. But that is no longer needed, I have decided to go back to my royal assignments." He said and left the queen in tears.

A week after, young princess Lysa had grown to be a teen, and she was wearing her royal green dress and small crown as a symbol of her status. Lysa had spent much time in the haunted room, and had become close friends with little Pickle.

"Wauw! You're all grown up, Lysa." Pickle sad in a happy voice. She enjoyed his company more than anything, so when he said his next sentences she froze. "Lysa.. I need you to take my remains and help me see the light." He looked at her, also in sorrow. He was too fond of her, but years would pass and someday he would still be trapped in this godforsaken room. She sobbed, but knew what was the right thing to do.
He swift his hand, and suddenly an old table came to sight. On it was a box made of old wood. "I've kept it here for so long." He said for himself, Princess Lysa just nodding.
She took the box and promised him, that when the time was right she would bury the remains. "Lysa.. When you take this box, and you will, I will no longer be visible in this room. But I will stay with you, you hear me?" He said in an odd voice that lingered years to come in the haunted room. "I will miss you, Pickle."

Yes, things were about to change at the Old Castle. None could be sure of their position, and soon enough everyone would have to adapt..

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Default Chapter 17 - Something Fishy
King Tyrion II had returned to his duties, after his wife had filled in for him for a while. He still felt more like visiting Evelyn during the day, but war was near. The big war had already reached Westerling, where Evelyn lived. She could not go home for now, as it was not safe. This pleased the King.
He had to prepare in case of the war would reach Praaven. Peasants were worried, fishermen had raged outside the castle and even his own royal advisers had told the King to start a defense plan already. The King would prepare in his study chamber.

"Ann.. You have been such a dear friend. Ever since you told me about the King's marriage, I've been so fortunate to end up here." She talked with the Maid of the House, Ann.

Ann had served the family for many years, even when it was only the Queen and her son, Tyrion, living in it. But she was also a Westerling. "Your father is very pleased. After my visit in Westerling I told him of your situation." Ann replied. "You are close to for filling their wishes." Said the Maid.

Princess Lysa had a lot to think about. Her dear dead friend, Pickle, was locked in the box containing his remains. She had not seen him for quite some time. She enjoyed the garden and often thought of him, when suddenly her father called.

The King had come to the conclusion, that war would indeed come to Praaven. He had no choice but do what a King had to do. Even if that meant marrying his daughter away to get a trusted ally.
"Lysa, you are old enough now to understand the meaning of war. You will marry my close friend's son, Lord of Eglade." He said to his almost grown up daughter.

"Marry?" She said. But her mother had already warned her about being a woman at these times. You was just to do the man's orders, marry, have children and no more than that. But Lysa had seen her parents marriage. She knew what was going on, and that was not what she wanted for herself. But as much as she was mad at her father, just as much she feared him.

"Yes, father." She knelt before him and he left.

Evelyn was thrilled. Everything went her way, and the King was blind of his love for her. She had him just were she needed him to be. The King had told her to meet him at the Sculpture room of the castle, so she waited for him.

She was over him at an instance. He had no own thoughts nor choices anymore, everything was about Evelyn. The King had fallen for lust. Meanwhile he was spending the evening with Evelyn, the Queen taught her son how to behave like a real King. As she was in deep pain for her housebound's new found love, she was pregnant again. That must have been for months ago, the last time she had seen the King at night.

"Will I ever be a good King?" Little Florian asked his mother. He was thoughtful, and knew the war would come eventually, would he be King by then or would his father still be here to stand up for the country?

Little Florian was not so sure of anything anymore. He often thought of Evelyn sitting at his mother's throne, and knew something was going on. Who was he supposed to tell it to? His pregnant mother? His sister who was soon to be married away? No. One day, when he would be king, justice would come.

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Default Chapter 18 - Leave me be

A year had passed, the queen had given birth and it was soon time for Young princess Lysa to marry..
The snow was still thick and winter was not leaving any time soon. Praaven's capital was covered in white covers.
he King was deeply in love with his Evelyn. But he knew, she wanted to be more than just a lover.
"My sweet King.. I will leave you, if I am not to be queen." She looked straight at his eyes, and he collapsed. How could she be queen? There was already a queen.

He held her tight. He did not want her to go back to Westerling nor wanted he to divorce his queen. If there was anything he cared about, it was honor as the outside world would see it. And no honorable man would divorce his wife of 18 years.

Everyone gathered together for dinner knowing that soon enough the day for little Lysa would come, where she would marry the Lord of Eglade. She had not met him yet, but it was common that a couple did not meet until their wedding day.

"I will try and talk to the Queen." Evelyn told her King. She already knew the answer, but foolish as the King was, he thought it made sense. A good dialogue, if you will, could clear most things up.

Ann sat by the table in the middle of the night. She had been cleaning the entire first floor in the castle, and was dead tired. She took a cup of gingerbeer before she went to bed.

The queen had given birth to a young princess, Beatrice, and still had some fat left from the childbirth. "What are you doing here?" Elmegaard asked the unwelcomed betraying affair her housebound was having.

"Listen, you old witch. I will not let anything get in the way of me wearing the god damn crown. Watch out." Evelyn told her rival and looked at her with hatred. "You might have my housebound's heart, but you cannot change the fact that I am the Queen!" Yelled Elmegaard just as furiously.
"Ann.. We have to change plans. She is not giving up. This is her own fault. Do you understand?" Evelyn asked her betrothed servant. Even though old Ann had been taking care of the royal castle for so long, she would not stand in the way of her own kin.

"It will happen tonight, My Lady." Ann said and shortly after that, she left the room.

Queen Elmegaard was filled with bad confidence, and her King had not visited her chambers for many months. She felt bad on the inside and was now having trouble faking a smile to the world.

The only thing that made her happy now, was the love of a child. Her newest child, Princess Beatrice.

Queen Elmegaard was not well due to her recent discussion with Evelyn and her sorrow of being a betrayed wife. She lied in her bed and was feeling ill. "Mother, I am right here. Are you awake?" Her loving daughter asked. Elmegaard was barely awake, but listened to her daughters voice.

"I heard her, mother. I heard what she said to you." Lysa held her mothers hand and softly stroke it. She loved her mother to no end, but they both knew how dangerous Evelyn was.

"Don't mind that, My Child. You should be looking forward to your upcoming wedding with Lord Harris of Eglade. I heard many good things about him." Today was also Lysa's weddingday, and she would not have her daughter feeling bad on an already tense day. "Will you be there tonight? I need you." Said Lysa and the queen nodded. "I just need some rest, dear."

Lord Harris of Eglade finally arrived and the wedding could start. Due to war affairs, the King had not much money to spend on having a big celebration part for his oldest daughter. They would marry with the King as witness and even Elmegaard was at the event.

"I here by sentence you man and wife." The King applaused knowing he now had a strong ally to march with him into war. "I thank you, My King. She is beautiful, just like you promised." Lord Harris said and held his bride.

The new lord did not seem like a monster, so at least that was positive. Lysa did not like the thought having to move to Eglade and leave her mother behind with that monster who called himself King.

"I will miss you, mother!" She cried as they went for a garden walk. Soon they would both leave, as Lord Harris had war documents to sign and advisers to meet. After the wedding the Praaven Kingdom and Eglade would gather together south and defend Praaven.

"And I will miss you too, dear child." Elmegaard held her only friend on the castle and wished the best for her to happen.

"There is just one more thing, I need to do before I leave." She said and went out to the forest with a discret guard to watch over her.

"Thank you for this proposal. I will arrange the soldiers to march south tomorrow already." The Lord said and the King would shake his son-in law's hand.

The sun was going down, and Lysa had to hurry. Soon she would leave as newly wed with her housebound, but she had to help Pickle before leaving.

he land was covered in pink from the light above. She had arrived at her destination. A quiet gathering of trees in a quiet land.

"You will rest well here, Pickle." She giggled and missed her dear friend very much. She took out his remains and placed them at the forest ground.

"Pickle! How did you appear?" She opened her eyes, and there he was. "Lysa.. Thank you. I can already see the light." He said with a distant voice. He was passing over. She cried and hugged him. "I will say hi to your mother from you." He said and vanished into the air. Say hi to her mother? What did he mean by that?

Ann had captured the Queen in her own chambers. Ann would have a key for every room and had locked the doors. "I have to do this." Ann said and the Queen yelled in despair! What was going on? What about her children?!

"Scream all you want! I told the guards to go take a break, and when they will be back, I will be long gone My Queen. Now sleep in eternity." She whispered as the Queen gasped for air.

Ann left quickly when the Queen stopped breathing. She knew, that the guards would tell on her and she would not be safe. Westerling was much better.

Later that night, The King arrived at his Queens chambers. Not to spend the night, but to listen and see how the talk with Evelyn went. Evelyn had not said much, and the King wanted to see how his wife was doing. But it was already too late.

She lied on the floor lifeless and cold. It must have been hours since she passed away. "Elmegaard!!" He yelled in despair, desperately wanting his wife back to life. She did not deserve this!

He checked her pulse again, but nothing. She was not going to wake up. He cried and held her for hours, before another maid arrived and made him leave. The next day he was to say his goodbyes to the Queen. She lied in an open coffin for some time.

"Elmegaard.. I never wanted this. What have I become?" He said and was fed up with guilt. They never got to talk about the events before she passed away. There was so much to say, and nothing to be done.

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Default Chapter 19 - Masquerade Ball

To celebrate that Crownprince Florian had come of age, the Castle had a marvelous Masquerade Ball for nobles in Praaven. Everyone came in masks and had a jolly evening. The good thing about this sort of ball, was that no one could see behind the masks. Everything was allowed.

The King had felt so alone ever since Elmegaard passed away. Evelyn had already taken her throne, and he could not bring his Queen back from the dead. He did not enjoy the party as much as Evelyn, who danced with one and everyone it seemed.

Then she spotted a man with a long Crow mask. He looked so familiar, even though she could not see his face. Who was he? He went upstairs, and she followed leaving the King with the rest of the party.

"I've missed you so much." He said, lift her up and kissed her deeply. Evenlyn let him kiss her. She missed the touch of him as well. How many years had it been since she saw him the last time? What would one kiss do?

She cried in her arms feeling both joy and sorrow. This was her supposed to be housebound, and she missed him so dearly. "Let's spend the night together, My Love. Before we say farewell once again." He held her and they went to the Guestroom.

Even though she was not supposed to, the memories of her lost love made her spend the night with him. Who would ever find out?

The prince did not care much for the party. He picked up his little-sister whom he loved more than anything in this world. Ever since Queen Elmegaard died, and no murder had been found, the only one he had left to trust in this castle was the little princess.

Knowing how dangerous greed, love and lust could ruin a family and a Kingdom, the prince whispered in his little-sister's ear: "I will never let anything harm you. Don't you ever worry."

The prince took a large sip of a drink, before he went downstairs to his party.

When he came down the stairs, he saw a ghost of his belated grandmother. His father's mother. He observed them. It was not often the Castle's ghosts would come out at night, there must have been a reason. He stood still and listened.

"Mother!" The King saw her for the first time since she died of old age, and held her. It had been many years and there was so much he wanted to share with his mother. Could it really be her? He shrugged and she greeted him with a hug.

"My dear son. I know you are going through hard times, but I have come to warn you. Stay away from Evelyn." She said in a humble voice that lingered for days to come in the castle hall.

"Stay away from her? Why, Mother?" He asked, but it was already too late. "I have to go." She said. His mother was fading away and once again the King was left on his own.

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Default Chapter 20 - The Old Man Of The Sea

"King! I must warn you. You will regret the decision I know you are going to make." Ann said just as she was about to leave for Westerling. The King got furious. What decision? Was she talking about his war duties or his mistress, Evelyn? "Go away, old woman." He just said, not really caring much about the maid who they have had for years. "I warned you." She said and left Praaven for good.

Evelyn had invited her King on a royal dinner at the new fine restaurant who just opened outside Praaven. It was quite expensive, and only noblemen and women could afford such a meal here with golden platters and foreign wine.

She was late. King Tyrion waited for her arrival.

"My sweet King." She said and took a chair to sit down. She had great news.

"I have become with child. But as you can understand, I cannot give birth to a bastard. I would have to leave the castle My King! Do you want that for your unborn child?" Evelyn had trapped him. She knew he loved her too much to send her away with a bastard baby.

The King had just lost his belated wife, Queen Elmegaard. He had no choice but agree to take Evelyn to court.

He stood by the windows in the restaurant and had now taken a decision. They would marry the day after. No time to waste, the court must not think that she had become with child before a marriage had been done. He would loose all his credibility.

The King had invited all their family, friends and even some peasants to join in on the wedding. He was to marry his long time mistress, Evelyn. An odd thing was, that Evelyn's parents had declined the invitation and had not come. They excused it by war affairs, who had taken over Westerling.

And it was done. Evelyn and Tyrion had exchanged rings, she was pregnant and there was no going back now.

The children of Queen Elmegaard and Tyrion stood by in silence as they watched it happen. What have had become of their father? Taking a new wife only months after Elmegaard's death? Especially Prince Florian had his worries. His father so in love with the blonde witch, that he had not taken care of his royal duties for long.

Little princess Beatrice was also confused. Was this supposed to be her new mother?

She would now wear a crown even bigger and more beautiful than the old Queen. She was truly a royal now, she thought as her housebound held her hand in court.

Evelyn would sneak around the castle in order to make sure, that no maids or servants would speak badly of her new position. Everyone was on their toes.

Prince Florian had spend most of his night studying the war affairs, and things were even worse than it seemed. The enemies were only a hundred miles of the Kingdom, the spy had told him. His father was not capable of going to war, but would Florian be able to?

The gentle boy decided to leave the Castle for a while, figuring out his plans. The army would always stand ready, but if his father would not support him, he needed the trust of the people.

Just in the horizon Florian saw the docks. He had not been out of the city too often, and though he was during his father's duties, he was also excited to see more of the enormous Kingdom.

The snow had almost melted in the Fisherman's garden, and Florian asked: "Would you be willing to support the King if war would come? I need all forces I can find." The fisherman nodded. Yes, he would be willing. Afte all the prince himself had asked.

Florian was lucky this time. But he soon realized that asking every citizen in the huge kingdom would take too long. He needed to figure out something else! But how? He sobbed loudly.

Florian ran and ran through the forest, past the lakes and until night would come. He had heard rumors of an old man telling stories about a kin, that was not known to anybody but him. If the stories were true, would Florian be able to convince such people?

Florian arrived at the Inn. He had not seen any old man looking suspicious, so he would just have to be patient and wait for more people to arrive at the Inn. It was only 20.00 pm, so there was still time.

It can't be long now.. He thought and took another sip of his drink waiting for the old man with the myths. The Old Man of the Sea, they called him.

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Default Chapter 21 - A New Alliance

Florian waited for another hour or two. Finally the old man would arrive, and Florian would ask him to join him. "Mighty prince himself.. What's the honor, aye?" The Old man, who clearly had years of experience with sailing, sat down by the fancy table at the Inn. "I've heard stories." Prince Florian told him with not a single face expression.

"Aye, you must mean the Horsepeople." He laughed a bit. The Old man seemed to enjoy sharing his adventures with strangers and everyone he could. "Young boy.. It is far from here. What do you need to know?" He asked.

Florian was a bit confused. Horsepeople? It just sounded like regular knights on horses, but oh well, he could use that help too.

"Listen, Old man. I've been waiting for someone like you to show up and help me guard the Kingdom! Do you want war?!" He raised his voice at the stranger.

They went inside for a drink. The Old Man, named Evan, was suddenly aware of the seriousness of the situation. So the war rumors were true, he thought. "Listen, lad. I'll help ya. You need to go to the highest point of the mountain. Here you will find what you are looking for. Make sure to do it at dawn." He said and was distracted by a woman entering the Inn.

Ah, yes.. Everyone was not so quiet in Praaven any longer. Florian would spend the night at the Inn and wait for Dawn to come.
Some hours later at dawn

Florain was lucky. The Inn was on a high mountain top, and its peek was not too far from here. If he would meet a so called Horsepeople, that would be here. A pale stranger carefully catch up to him. She was not afraid, but Florian could not believe his eyes.. Was that a.. Horse? A Human? What was this creature?

She would stare at him for quite some time, and just like you should be afraid to scare a deer, he would not say a word while she studied the Odd looking visitor.

"My name is Prince Florian. I've come to ask for your help." He looked her in the eyes and tried his hardest not to acknowledge the fact, that she was half horse half woman. He explained the situation to her, and she listened.

"Aren't you an odd looking creatue," She said and continued, "I am not the leader of my clan. But I will take you to her." She said and felt sorry for the tiny human.

Florian and his companion would walk and ride that morning until they arrived at a quiet location surrounded by trees. Was this their homestead?

"Our leader and her daughter will come anytime now. You need to tell them the exact thing, you told me. Then, I'm sure they will listen." She patted him on the head. What a strange little creature he was.

The Leader (To the right) and her daughter (To the left) arrived outside the counsel house. "Let's go in and discuss this matter!" Ary, the leader, said.

"Are there any more of your kin trying to come and imprison us?!" Ary yelled at the little Prince. She did not trust humans, and he was one of these she could tell for sure. "No, not at all! I am here to ask for your help. War is close, and it will affect us all if we don't do something about it!" Florian spoke like a real King now.

"You speak well for your case, little man. We are only women here. Your kin killed all of our men not too long ago. We are not many." Horsepeople could age up to a hundred, so maybe that was why these few was still alive.

"That's all right. I need all the help I can get." Even though there was only few of them left, Florian had heard what enormous strength and power these creatures possessed.

"We will fight for your, Brave little human. And for our kin." The daughter of Ary spoke to the Prince.

The three Horsepeople would gather and ride to war at the next sunrise. But Florian knew, that he needed more than the strength of just these remarkable creatures.

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Default Chapter 22 - Angel of Faith

Prince Florian had spent the last two years on convincing all townsmen to fight for him. It was hard, though, because people were tired and ever since trades was stopped due to war they were all living a hungry life.

It was the way the South could attack Praaven - By stopping their food supplies and just wait. Florian was mad. He could not let the people suffer like this!

Meanwhile the Royal family had grown with the second Queen Evelyn's and King Tyrion's child. He was now a toddler, and one day he would grew up as the result of a King's fall. Young Princess Beatrice had grown to be a teenager and would soon be an important picture in the puzzle of getting allies.

Florian spend most of his time visiting the garden, when he was not out joining forces. It seemed like they would loose their battle, if no food was coming to Praaven there was not much the people could do. They would not even be able to fight.

His father, King Tyrion, was not much help. He still only had Evelyn in his mind and could not be justified as a good King. It was all on Florian now.

Suddenly! A Stranger appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the Vault. What was this?! He thought. "Who are you?!" He called the stranger.

"I've come for you, Prince." She said her eyes all white. She was not human. She was pale, had white hair and a voice of an undead. "I know you want to save Praaven from devastation. But how can you really save a people you love, if you do not know yourself?" Her voice lingered in his head. Who was this woman?

They sat down. Florian felt something inside he had never felt before. A dizzy uncomfortable feeling. Ever since young adulthood he had spend all time for the people, and had no idea who he truly was himself. Maybe this woman had a point? But how could that help Praaven?

"I know you are looking for Him, Prince. But the road ahead is only dangerous and full of death. Are you willing to sacrifice everything you know and love?" She stood up. "Yes I am. But looking for who? What do you mean?" Florian had cries in his voice. She touched something. It was almost unreal.

"You will only find the Dragon, when you find yourself!" Her voice was loud and clear as crystal glass. After she cried out her words she vanished again just like when she arrived. She was gone.

Prince Florian stood up from the bench. What was he going to do? Was this faiths way of telling him something? Sure was a confusing experience. Florian had to act. But how? She said dragon, was he supposed to hunt for something that had been extinguished for decades? There were no more dragons left in Praaven, he thought.

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Default Chapter 23 - A Dream Of Dragons

Welcome to Chapter 23

Florian spend a lot of time in the Royal Library to see if he could gather any knowledge of the Quest he had ahead. But all tales of Dragons and unusual creatures seemed to be just a myth. But then he remembered his encounter with the brave centaurs.

Florian had gathered his two best Knights. One of them used to be a commoner (Allistair, to the right), until Florian had seen him fight! The other one, Braavos (To the left) was the best knight in the entire Kingdom. To help him on his journey he had put his trust in these two.

"I will leave Praaven for foreign lands." The Prince said. His followers listened to his words. "We are close to starvation. I do not want our people killed by this god forsaken war! Are you with me? Will you join me on the quest of the Dragon?" He looked at his friends. There. He said it. Now they knew exactly what he was looking for. A Dragon.

"A Dragon?! Are you mad? Those haven't even existed for centuries, My Prince!" Braavos tightened his fist. Though he loved his prince, how could this possible save Praaven? To go hunt for something that had been dead for eternities?

"I only ask for your assistance on the Quest. None of you will fight the beast. I... I just know this is the only hope we have left for our beloved Kingdom."
The King looked with his darn blue eyes so pure of honor that no man could possible dis guard them. "All right. We will follow. But this is madness, you know." Allistair said.

But as the good Prince he was they decided to follow. They would ride for days until they reached the border of Praaven and the Unknown land. Here they would put up their tents, tie their horses and light the fireplace.

"I knew I could trust you. I promise you, I will fight for every mean possible to find that beast." The Prince said while his followers listened carefully. They admired his bravery, though his quest was uncompleted yet.

Allistair had a grey horse, Thunder. The horse had been given to him by The King himself for fighting for Praaven when the South tried to invade. There were strong and brave men in Praaven, but none of them would be able to defeat the South with an army of thousand men.

When night came the three warriors would sit down by the fireplace and have a common meal. They were all worried for their families, children and beloved Kingdom.

Florian sat alone for a while. He looked back on Praaven only divided by the Unknown Land with a wide lake. He longed for his home, and often thought of his sister, Princess Beatrice. Would she be safe now that he had left?

Florian felt asleep in the tent that night, worrying for his ever ongoing trouble. But he had a dream that night.

He found himself in his dream in front of a massive skeleton. It was wider than anything he had ever seen. Was this.. Was this a dragon skeleton?

"Evening, Prince. Have you done any soulsearching yet?" The lady in front of him. That was the same woman from the other time in the Vault. "What is this? Is this supposed to be a joke? This dragon's dead. Tell me what to do!" He pleaded in his dream. But she said nothing.

It was almost like she kept dragging him into this madness of old mythical creatures from long lost times, without even giving him any hints.

"I thought so. Prince, if you want to save the country you cannot waste precious time. Tomorrow go down to the Witches circle. Here you will find something to help you in your search. Sleep tight, Prince. I will leave you now and do not forget what this is really about." Her undead voice lingered long time after that in Florian's head.

Soul searching? Witches Circle? What was it really all about? He kept being more and more confused, but some people say you have to hit rock bottom before you can finally see the light.

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Florian, Braavos and Allistair had reached the Witches Circle. Nothing stood out, it seemed, expect from the rocks forming the circle.

"Hey, Prince.. Wasn't there supposed to be some kind of clue here for our quest? Where is it? All I see is rocks and seawater." Braavos told his King.

Florian got off the horse and took it to the middle of the circle. He felt something nearby, but was not able to describe exactly what he thought it was.

"Prince, I'm not too confident about this. There is nothing here. Can't we just ride back?" Allistair (To the left) might be brave enough to fight, but he did not like the unknown. And this was a quest of a dragon. Things could be more than scary.

Florian curled up in an inhuman way and looked almost possessed. "They are at our base. We must go back!" He flattened out again and breathed heavily. "Who is at our camp, Prince?", "Southern men." He answered. He had just seen them in a vision.

Three southern warriors was waiting for them. They were on a duty to kill of the Future King and his men, but it would be an equal fight of strength and mind.

"You shall not have my PEOPLE!" The Prince yelled stronger than ever. He suddenly realized something. What he was fighting for. What he knew now, that in order to be strong for the people he to be strong for himself first.

"Kill them, men!" Florian called his two followers and they would end the lives of the southern knights.

"Not a good day to duel a commoner!" Allistair told the blonde man and finished him.

"They're dead, My Prince." Allistair looked at Florian. "Let's throw them in the sea!" He yelled excitedly. "No. We must show the south that we are men of honor. And all men shall be buried - Enemies or not." The Prince told them.

"Aye.. Shall You lie here forever. Your debt has been payed with your lives. Rest and let the Gods watch over your forsaken souls." Florian said and knelt for a while. These men probably also had wives and children at home, but this was war.

"I think I'm ready now, Braavos." The King said to his friend.
"Ready, My Prince? Ready for what?" He asked looking confused. "I'm ready to meet the dragon, friend. And you shall not come with me. I need you to stay here and guard the borders."

Braavos was not all hooked on the plan. But he had now learned that the Prince was wise, and so must his decision be.

The Prince rode at dawn and somehow his heart was telling him where to go.

"Well, well.. I thought you might show up at some point. This will be our last encounter, you know?" The Dragon Lady, as Prince Florian had decided to call her since she was not giving him a name. "You. I now know who I am. I am Prince Florian, Son of Tyrion II, and I will not wait any longer. My strength is demanding you to let me see the beast!"

"Finally. You are no longer a boy. Go to the door and find what you are searching for." She said.

He touched the ancient door of and it would open for him. His loyal horse stood by.

"Accept your faith, Young King. This is it." The Dragon Lady said and this would be the last words she ever spoke to him.

"ROAAR!" A sound so dark that it could only be it. A giant dragon from lost times stood in front of him. What was this!?

"So, you finally came for me." The Dragon could talk. But only in odd words that somehow made sense to Florian. "We are one, you know. I am your strength." The dragon's voice filled him. He felt complete. Ever sicne his mother died and even before that he had always felt like some part of him was missing. "I shall go with you to war." The Dragon said.

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