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Normal mapping a skin
Okay, so I think the title explains the question better than me. I just need help with normal mapping (If you want to give me tips about specular mapping on the way you're more than welcome), things like tips, tutorials, what program to use and how....
I'm trying to use Blender for this merely because help is very accessable for me concerning this program, so if you know a better or easier way for normal mapping a ts3 skin, I will be happy to hear about it.
This is the first skin that I ever made, so I just finished learning how to edit the texture and now I want to do the mapping- also starting from scratch- so please keep in mind that I'm a noob (I'm making a non-default, if it matters)
I would be great to get help here in the forum, but if you have the time and power for it it would be even better to get more personal and detailed help via email, messages, skype or whatever is comfortable for you.
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