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Originally Posted by joandsarah77
@Cloud_Strife you are replying to a 5 year old thread. You need the graphic rules done to change that and you should also use the 4 gb patch. Check the sticky thread. Unfortunately, you have to mess with the files or find yourself an older computer made before 2010 to run it on. Its because sims 2 is an old game and we are trying to run it on new systems and it needs help. Also if you plan to use a lot of CC you preferably want to get a 4Gb card not a 2gb card and 16RAM. If you are playing CC free you can get away with what you have.

I have currently upgraded my PC to 16GB RAM, but switched the video card to a Radeon HD 5450 2GB PCIe 2.0 x16 video card, and before those two changes it worked on the internal graphics of a Biostar AMD-based 16GB-DDR3 motherboard, but I don't have Freetime or Pets, and I've already run the patches, not sure what the 4GB-patch is or where to get it, but no one has ever tried different hardware, instead of messing with system files and folders, which is stupid, if it works on an older machine with it's memory maximized and mind you, my custom-built Windows XP-Professional 32-bit PC with The Sims 2 Deluxe, Seasons, Best of Business Collection, University Life Collection, Glamour Life Stuff, Bon Voyage, Pets(back when I still owned it), and Apartment Life; then it should work on older hardware like a good ole' Core 2 Quad Q9650 3GHz CPU and a maximum limit of 4GB(2x2GB) PC2-8400(DDR2-800) RAM and a 1TB 10,000rpm HDD!

By the way, this thread may be old, but the resolution issues are still current as long idiots forget one truth, if it works with ALL or shy one or two expansions and it runs well with the hardware after the CPU and Memory upgrade, but still runs on otherwise older hardware and it gives a wider selection of resolution than 800x600, then leave it the HELL alone!
I'll see if my "hardware way" works, and if it does and I get more than just 800x600 resolution selections in-game, then I'll inform you all what hardware you need to run ALL if not shy 1 or 2 expansions and the CPU and Memory fully upgraded as well!

I'm open to other "hands-on" methods as opposed to what y'all are doing, by sticking with a PC that works with The Sims 2 and it's expansions as a whole and still offers 800x600+ resolutions and not giving-in to this "new is the only way" BS that Microsoft has you sucked into doing, you'll learn that what works for one person might work for everyone else, just having a PC that runs The Sims 2 with expansions perfectly is enough!

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I think the problem is when you're thinking you need to upgrade to make the game work, you're kinda off-track, because that's not quite how it works any longer. Nowadays the game is so old it often struggles to recognize hardware automatically, especially if there's a graphic chip and dedicated card to choose from (and if you're very lucky you just need to get it to switch. If not... well...).

Basically, TS2 doesn't recognize new and shiny graphic card (or new and shiny anything, really - it's running 2004-2008 software, after all), and bunches it in with "very bad graphic card I'm not familiar with" and sets it up as "lowest possible resolution" because "This is completely unknown so it can't possibly run anything higher, right?"

Editing graphic rules simply makes TS2 understand that "Oh, so this graphic card is not classified as worst ever possible card, but the next best or best card" (I think there's 5 categories in all) and also adds a few extra resolution options that weren't in the game plus some extra widescreen options since widescreens weren't too common at the time AL/M&G came out (also not 4K... or other huge screen resolutions, for that matter).

Very old game
+ Very new hardware
+ Very new software
= Potential compatibility issues

Potential compatibility issues
+ Known fixes
+ A bit of patience
= Possible solution

It really isn't that difficult. All you're doing is to make the game and your hardware/software understand each other. It's nothing to get so worked up about. I know it's extremely frustrating to see the game act insanely stupid and not see that brand new graphic card that probably could run a formula 1 car or some such - but honestly, it really is as simple as fixing graphic rules. There's even the GraphicRulesMaker that does the whole job for you (and now it even adds a potential fix for pink-flashing, too - which is great).


However, if you're going REALLY far back, to XP and old hardware, then sure - you could get some alright performance out of the game, but then you need to be aware that some of the fixes may not work (like 4GB, because it's not for 32-bit systems like XP), and whether GraphicRules + VideoCard files need editing may depend a bit on which card you have. If it's post-2009, it's a bit hit-and-miss with which the game will recognize without having to be told, and even pre-2009 it's not absolutely certain it's going to work. Some older cards are technically listed as incompatible.

It is a heckuvalot easier and faster to edit two files than doing major hardware upgrades/downgrades to a computer, though. Out of all the problems I've had with my game after switching laptop, getting it out of 800x600 (and fullscreen) mode was probably the easiest to tackle
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It works easily on older machines because it was built for older machines.

As soon as you start getting more modern hardware it needs help recognizing them. We have all had to deal with it. It also depends if you want to use lots of modern CC with high poly and high-resolution sizes. 2004 didn't have things like reflective pond water mods and moving clouds.

The 4 GB patch makes the game 4GB aware. "This very little tool patches x86 executables in order to let them have 4GB (instead of only 2) of virtual memory on x64 platforms" This isn't for 32-bit machines.

A 2GB card will give issues especially if you load your game down with high-resolution CC. If you play fairly vanilla it will probably be fine.

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