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Default Here's a pattern tutorial video for use with Caster tool maybe?
Hi , I made a quickie seamless pattern tutorial video a while back , mainly for use with CAP Sims 3. However, the basic method for creating a fully seamless pattern for use in anything using any base image you want is covered. I was just looking in the chat thread and noticed someone had used a free source for patterns. The only trouble with that is sooner or later everyone ends up trying to use the same source images.

In my video I show how to take any pic and change it to a seamless pattern image rather than a pattern file but once it's truly seamless you can use photoshop to save it as a pattern filler as well.

Hopefully some of you can just grab any source image you want and change it into a seamless texture to use with Caster etc for your creation needs. I got some really nice effects using photos of real fabric this way and because I did this method, I didn't have to worry about how to find the next supply of free patterns.

I use photoshop CS5 but any version of photoshop hopefully has the tools I used. I'm afraid I don't have any experience with Gimp. Also stating the obvious, it was for CAP so the last bit is not really relevant. I do save all my images to png before loading them to CAP though.

Seamless Pattern tutorial video
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