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Default PCHS Pirate Cheerleading Uniform
I recolored one of the cheerleading uniforms to look like the cheerleading uniforms at my alma mater high school using MS Paint, submitted it, and was told the neckline was too choppy and that the logos needed to have sharper edges. So I remade it with GIMP, and I think it looks better now, but as I said in another thread, I'm what you call a n00b at photo editing; I tinkered with software like Microsoft Picture It and Adobe Photoshop years ago, but for years now all I've used has been a "toy" known as MS Paint... So I'm wondering what else I need to do with this to make it pass the test.

Attached are the original one and the remade one, and screenshots of the remade one front and back.
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I noticed you had no replies here. I am not a clothes creator so I can't say what you should do, except to say the thinner lines look better but I think the colour on the main area needs more blending on the stomach area.

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Interestingly enough, the black on this uniform, for the most part, is from the Maxis made cheer uniform. The top part of the Maxis one is darker than the bottom part, and I found out it didn't blend perfectly when I erased the stripes in the middle. At the same time, I didn't want to tinker with it too much because I was afraid of making it look goofy, but I will try and patch that up a little so that it flows together.
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Per Joandsarah's comment, I remade this with the lines thinner. I made two versions: one with the logos sharpened up, and the other with the logos a little less sharp. The texture included is the one with the logos sharpened. Please tell me what you think, and whether anything needs to be improved.
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Glad to see you posting here.

Is there supposed to be sparkle on the red areas of Pirates? If not, make sure that there are no stray white pixels in the red areas and no red in the white areas. Clean up the colors. It seems that this is Red and white with no shades in between. This is the tedious part of recoloring. The 'sharpen' function only works so far. You still have to manually pixel edit. It looks like sharpen made it more pixelated. There is a way to start a line and end a line that will give you nice clean edges.

Remember to work with layers. Keep the dress intact and just work on the logos. The alphas for the logos will help you get cleaner edges. Once everything is the way you want it, then flatten the layers.

The crossbones on the back are a bit mushy It is ok to have that white glow around the crossbones you don't have to chop that out just make it smooth looking. What you do to get a nice faded edge is to make the layer's alpha semi gray around the edges and solid white under the main crossbones.

Distorted Images: Your images are stretched waaaay too tall. When you crop them, remember to constrain the proportions. You don't want to change one side just to make it some number you want. That distorts the image.

I use photoshop and have limited experience with Gimp. I recommended Gimp to you because it is a good image editing software, it is free and there is a good support group for it. (at the Gimp site.)

Your dress is really cute. Keep at it. I want to see it in game. It took me a long time to learn how to use photoshop and make decent textures. You're coming along nicely.

I've been working on the sims 4 wiki so if you have questions, send me a pm and I'll pop over here to look. ok?
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The distorted images can be fixed with "the game options for using square pixels. Also the pictures here must be from head to toe and with proper lightning that doesn't over lit/darken the actual outfit. See our tutorials database for more help
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