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#1 Old 6th Sep 2014 at 12:18 AM
Default Want handymen? They exist, and they're willing to have a cup of coffee with you.
Okay, here's a big one for you. Handymen do appear to be in the game after all. They aren't an actual NPC, but just random sims that will show up upon request and fix things. Works for maids and parties as well. This astronaut showed up to mop up my floors.
Commands are at the bottom

Don't get mad though, these commands are for soak testing (running the game for a long time to check for memory leaks) and SimGuruLyndsay had a very reasonable explanation for the handyman existing:
She said it hadn't been bugtested and was surprised it works. I will vouche that it works very well though, the sim will have cups of coffee with your sim if there's nothing to fix. The second there is, they will jump up, fix it, and leave.

As for why they had a handyman just for memory leak testing, she had a perfect explanation:
oh sure - when we're soak testing it literally means leaving the computer unattended for hours. We try to find memory leaks or autonomy problems or crashes. It's a great tool for that. The reason we create cheats like this is to help make sure the game keeps running. For example - if we don't auto fix breakage then at some point during a soak test eventually all the motive objects on a Sims house would be broken and the Sims will start motive failing instead of continuing on doing things autonomously. We also don't want them autonomously fixing electronics or dangerous items during a soak because they might die. That is not helpful for a long soak test so we need houses to stay clean & fixed so the Sims can keep simulating during the 12 or more hours the game is just running on its own. Is that what you meant to ask about?

I suspect we'll see a handyman in some EP since it practically already exists, but I'm not angry about it after conversing with her
Use this command to enable it:


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#2 Old 6th Sep 2014 at 12:34 AM
I want those people to show up! Those are the best kind of guests to have!

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