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Default Creating an item with its own thumbnail
So you want to make an item that appears all by itself, not as a recolor of an existing item. First, let's define two terms:

Swatch vs Thumbnail.

A Thumbnail is the big image of the item itself. A Swatch is the tiny square of color that appears when you click the Thumbnail to choose a style.

What we're going to cover in Part 1 of this tutorial is how to create an item that has it's own Thumbnail, but has no swatches of it's own. (So just a single stand-alone item).

If you want to have swatches for that, too, I'll cover that in Part 2 later.

For part 1, we only need one tool: CMar's CAS Tool. Grab the latest version here.

You'll also want whatever program you want to use to edit the components involved (such as Photoshop, GIMP, Blender, Milkshape, or whatever is relevant to your project).


1. Open up CAS Tool.

2. Click "Use TS4 Game Packages".

3. Locate the item you want to duplicate from the list. You can use the filters to help narrow down the list.

4. Select a color as a base. (If you intended to recolor or use a custom pattern, I recommend starting with grey).

5. VERY IMPORTANT: Check the box that says "New Custom Content".

6. Give it a name, and hit "Clone"!

7. Save that file into your Mods folder... and that's it!

Now you can edit the contents of the package using S4PE and whatever tools you like.

Coming in Part 2, I'll explain how to give swatches to your item.
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Reserved For Part 2
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1st Oct 2014 at 6:26 PM
I can not find the thumbnail file in package
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I'm sad that you never got around to part 2. I'm interested in making new content and I'm stuck at adding swatches. Without the ability to add swatches I have to clone the mesh files over and over which makes for extremely large file sizes. If you see this message I hope you will decide to do a quick swatches tutorial.

Thank you very much for part 1!
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Here is a link to a really good explanation about how to create swatches (not just color swatches, but pattern swatches!) for your newly textured item. Hope this helps.
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Can you get to Part 2 soon? I really wanna try it.(:
Please and Thanks
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