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#5601 Old 7th Jul 2020 at 7:52 PM
Originally Posted by Neverwinter_Knight77
You know, I don't like the Maxis Sim Bin families. The same ones (with a few exceptions) are in every neighborhood and you can't just delete them, because corruption. Normally I leave them there, but they show up as work friends that you can't call because they don't have a phone. And they never age, of course, unless you play them.

In case they're already in your hood (and it sounds like they are, from the above), you can call bin sims using BoilingOil's Phones for All.

With FT you can age up townies--though sims aging from kid to teen will need to be summoned over and have their aspirations fixed and you'll have to summon over elders, too, when it's time for them to die.

Otherwise, there are some experimental mods you can use to age up non-playables:
1. AncientHighway's NPC Aging. I believe the version linked to (dated 4/9/2010) is the latest version: "Every day, any non-playable character on the active lot, residential or community, will age at 6pm, just as playables would at home." (Note: does conflict with BoilingOil's Slow Aging Controller.)

2. Syberspunk's Grow Up Townies

3. Biorithmus by XPTL (link to XPTL's archive in my siggy). The Biorithmus seems to be a configurable mod with different parts that can do different things, so make sure to read any read mes/text files included.

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#5602 Old 9th Jul 2020 at 2:40 AM
The process of switching between SC4 and TS2 thousands of times just to make your hood layout perfect. If only we could place roads and lots while playing TS2.
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#5603 Old 9th Jul 2020 at 4:23 PM
@BeckyBoo8 -It's possible to place the lots in the town screen from in the game though placing roads is a different matter as I've often started in blank terrains without lots or decor and had to add that myself.
#5604 Old 9th Jul 2020 at 4:27 PM
Right, I meant that I like to plan out my towns start to finish. Like I know exactly what sized lots I want to use, and it would be nice if I could in TS2 place roads according to the lot sizes, since the grids don't match up perfectly when transferring from SC4 to TS2.

My main hood is pretty rural so there's a lot more flexibility with roads since I can just use the extra space to place hood deco, farming fields, trees, etc. I'm currently designing a Downtown to add to it and I want it to be a city with a tight grid road system, so I have to be a lot more specific with my road placement.
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#5605 Unread Yesterday at 7:04 PM
I've had an issue with my garden requiring too much care and plants dying despite the care so I downloaded a Mod to remove most of the plant decay which would've helped a lot if I'd known to download it sooner.
@BeckyBoo8 -I've got no plans to add any outside districts to Dodge until it's population is big enough to require a second district and that would be a shopping dostrict to start with.I'll add a downtown when the main district starts filling up even with multiple shopping districts.They'll start off empty and get slowly built up like how I started my town out.
#5606 Unread Yesterday at 7:18 PM
@TadOlson that makes sense! I do things a bit differently. Right now I just have the main hood. I am adding a Downtown next because it's going to start off with just suburbs. But, they're also going to build a highway and a train station. Taxes are being put into the railway and highway construction to bring more Sims in. At the railway station right across the street is going to be a large office building. The idea is that once there's a railway and large office building, there will be more reasons for Sims to start settling in Luna Canyon. Eventually the Downtown will expand to have more modern buildings. By that point, I'm hoping some families will be wealthier. My Shopping District is going to be a high class boating town (inspired by Page, Arizona). The private school will be built there too. Until then, all Sims are in public school. Luna Canyon is a brand new town built from nothing so mainly lower class families have been moving in. Adding a Downtown is going to add a lot more housing and job opportunities.
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#5607 Unread Yesterday at 7:44 PM
I'll have my town adding a shopping district first which will add more job opporunites like farming and woodcutting and a few other trades and make more room for farmers in their own special district so the town center can eventually start changing from a famring distict to a residential and working one.A second shopping district opens up even more farming and encourages more families to settle in town and start working their way up from poverty.Downtown is added later on and will have more high density housing and mostly sims from lower income fmilies living there in rental housing while higher income ones live in higher rent apartments and smaller higher end homes.
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