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Default Dead sims back to life?
Can i make dead sims alive again? is it possible?
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Have they died of Old Age? Do you have University?
if they died of Old Age, no you cant but anything else you can use the ressurect-a-nomitron that comes with University Expansion Pack. The sims will be able to come back only if there sims you've played with before they died. If you dont give enough money to the reaper he brings them back as zombies!
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I had a question concerning this actually. :confused: If you were to bring back a Pre-made alien, such as the birth queens or the drones from Strangeville (or whatever it's called), would they be full aliens? And could you, in theory, make an Alien population with them? Or would they produce default skins and so forth. And will the memories be consistant, both with the past, and with family members?(ie. Bella Goth) :confused: I know this a little more specific. I had just wondered.
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I dont know that one br0k3n79, but i would say so.
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arobo, that's not true. I ressurected PT 7 (custom) whom died of old age.
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You can resurrect dead sims easily without the university resurrectonomicon thingy provided that:

(a) Their tombstone or urn hasn't been deleted
(b) You have SimPE (or another package editor) installed and you know how to use it.

Go here for a quick tutorial on using SimPE to de-deadify a sim:

If you're resurrecting an elder, though, remember to give them some more days in their current life-stage or age them down when you're in SimPE. There's no point trying to bring back a sim if their package file still says they've reached the end of their life: the Reaper will just turn up and take them again.

And if you've never used SimPE before, check out the tutorials and remember to save a copy of your neighborhood file before you use it. Mess up and you could lose everything if you don't have back-up.
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Yay! so its possible... tnx for the info guys.
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Please make up your mind about who can be resurected. I'm getting confused
:confused: and I'd like to understand... :blah:
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Originally Posted by AnnieBonnie
Please make up your mind about who can be resurected. I'm getting confused
:confused: and I'd like to understand... :blah:

It isn't hard: anyone with character data can be resurrected, and when a sim dies in-game the character data gets transferred to their urn or tombstone. So any sim who died in-game and who still has a tombstone or urn can be resurrected. Any sim whose urn or tombstone has been deleted is gone forever. Some of the Maxis pre-made dead sims, like Skip Broke, seem to have character data stored somewhere else. I never did find Skip's tombstone but I, and a lot of others, still managed to resurrect him without difficulty. Basically, any dead sim without a pink dot in their picture in the SimPE Sim Browser view has character data and can be resurrected.

Now whether you can bring them back in-game with the University resurrecto-whatsit depends. You need to pay money to do this. Anthing less than about 8,250 simoleons, or thereabouts, and they get zombified. I don't know the exact amount, but it's a lot of money. Also, you need university installed. I don't know for certain, but I suspect, that the resurecto-whatsit telephone may only work on sims who died prematurely - i.e. not elders who died of old age. I may be wrong, though. I've never tried using the resurrecto-thing. If I want to raise a sim I use SimPE outside the game. It doesn't cost anything and is 100% reliable without all this messing about with the seriously lame grim reaper the game provides. Besides, what's it going to do with 8000 simoleons of your money? Buy a years' supply of floral necklaces?

But if you use SimPE to resurrect an elder...which you CAN as long as they still have character data...then just remember to give them more time as elders or change their life stage to something lower while you're in simPE. They'll drop dead immediately if the character data still says they're at the end of their life. Changing life stage in SimPE won't change body shape though. It's why there are disturbing babies out there who take out the trash and dance in front of the hi-fi. And even more disturbing adults who can't use lavatories and like being snuggled. If you want to make an elder an adult, say, then after you've twiddled with all the appropriate bits to make the game forget they're dead, age them to a teen in SimPE, but with 1 day left in that life stage. When you open the game, you can select your resurrected teen_elder and make them grow up. They'll transition to adult.
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SimPE can resurrect any sim with character data. The resurrectron can also resurrect any sim with character data with two exceptions.

1. Sims that are not known by the Sim who 'phones Grim

2. Sims that are tagged as "unlinked", which is basically all the premade dead ghosts other than Darleen Dreamer. This is also how they prevent Bella from appearing in-game as she is also tagged as "unlinked", however this unlinked property can be altered with SimPE
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I tried to bring back Skip broke and Darleen Dreamer with sim PE and I followed every step on the tutorial and even double ckecked it but they still didnt come back so I was wondering if anyone knew why it wasnt working. I think it might have to do with them being unlinked or something but how do you link them?
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I broght Bella Goth to life wothout problem, mine now is to ressurect all the dead in Olivia's garden and also to make it clear in my head : pizzadelivery girl, repairman, maid, General Buzz wife, several defunt husbands, two teens Luc and Melissa (dont know it is the same names in encglish) Luc looks like teen, but ressurected he is adult and has no point of personality (interests, experience, nothing, )no aspiration, nor great new platinum goal in life. Ressurected mother of Olivia, cant woohoo.
Has anyone make any experiences with it? Can he share of what he found out?
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I've tried to bring back several maxis sims and Bella is the only one I've been able to as of current.. If anyone has any insight into it, I'd be interested too.
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What is the "resurecto-whatsit telephone" and where do i find it?

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the resorectonomitron is a carear reward oldmare..
if you dont want to send your sims thrue the carear you can search for the buyable reward objects on this site.. or if you use boolprop testingcheatsenabled true on the mail box you can get the reward objects for the carears.
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