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Default What am I doing wrong
I'm trying to create some new wallpaper, however I'm very new to creating dds files so I'm not sure if I've done them correctly I used a compression of BC3/dxt5 and clicked on generate bitmaps, is this correct? I keep getting an error message when I put the XML file in WallEZ. I have attached the files - would appreciate any assistance.
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These 3 lines:

<TextureShort Filename="CreamStripes_short"/>
 <TextureMedium Filename="CreamStripes_Medium"/>
 <TextureTall Filename="CreamStripes_Tall"/>

need their extensions (.dds).

<TextureShort Filename=""/>
 <TextureMedium Filename=""/>
 <TextureTall Filename=""/>
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Thank you very, very, much - that was a case of couldn't see the wood for the trees, I don't know how many times I went over the text but didn't see that simple little mistake.
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