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Default invisible floors
hey guys , so ive managed to create invisible flooring . however when i place it everything on the floor below doesnt show except the walls and floors and shadow maps .. any advice ?
im guessing its the way the game handles object hiding to preserve memory ?

from a diffefrent angle the objects appear
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In sims3 it was a setting to choose if you could see objects on the floors below.

How did you make invisible flooring?

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Was playing with the matd file and corrupted it by mistake .... But it became invisible .... Rather than showing the "?"
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There's a setting for object rendering (RenderHideNonActiveFloorObjects) in the graphics rules (true for objects on Low, false for everything else) -- do you have Objects on Low in your Graphics Quality settings?

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im running everything on ultra ... i can post the file on here for ya'll to try out ?
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