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Default No-fade ceiling lights
I did manage to stop the ceiling lights from fading, but when I zoom out they switch to (appear to be) the color of its default swatch. When I zoom back in, they correctly appear as the actual currently selected swatch, and you can see that not all lights make the "switch" at the same time. The first one does it when the camera is still relatively close (probably a regular distance for gameplay), and the last ones do it when the camera is fairly far back. The rest go at various points between them.

I know Shimrod's no-fade mod doesn't cover the lights and I don't think I've seen another one that does either; can I assume that this issue is why? Or does anyone have a possible solution? I'm happy to be able to actually see ceiling lights in pictures now, but it would be nice if they didn't have a costume change when I move the camera

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