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Born in the House Challenge
This is a challenge I came up with after playing my Legacy Challenge for 7 generations and got bored with it.

Born in the House Legacy Challenge

Idea: There is a curse placed on the Sim household you are about to make. No Sims can enter this house by marriage or living together. All Sims must be born in the house.
To start this challenge, create a young adult female Sim, she is your founder. Make her the way you like, just don't add the "hate children" trait.

Basic: Livespan must me set to 'normal' and can never be changed. No age potions allowed, the challenge is to be limited by time and money.
1. No money cheats or mods allowed, but you also don't have to spend the first given money like a normal Legacy Challenge.
2. Your Sim or her ancestors may never marry or live together with another Sim, the only way to gain more Sims in the household is by getting pregnant.
3. No adopting children, you must romance and woohoo to get them.
4. Any career is allowed to have (also the new careers of the expansion pack).
5. You are allowed to earn money by writing books, but earning money with painting is far to easy. Painting itself is allowed, but never sell any of your paintings (no one would want them anyway).
6. Make sure you get female offspring, only they can raise the next generations.
7. All capable females in the house are allowed to have offspring, multiple Sims may be pregnant at 1 time.
8. None of the children will ever leave the house until they die. So both male and female offspring will become old en die of old age.
9. The male offspring can only work and help the females. They may never start a romance, woohoo or have children outside of the house.... aww poor souls...
10. The females must get pregnant before the first aging message. After the first aging message they can't get pregnant anymore (to late, pregnancy expands the life span of the females, so try not to cheat with this).

If you have the new expansion pack:
Try this challenge without careers, but open a store instead. Earn money only with your store and have every Sim in the Household from teen to elder help in the store (no employees allowed).

Manage your Household. You are limited by time, money and space. No Sim is allowed to move out, so make sure you don't get to many children. Keep in mind that you need space for both elders and baby's.
Make sure you always have a female offspring in each generation or you will get stuck in this Legacy. Can you get a household value of 1 million simoleons in just 10 generations? The challenge ends when generation 10 reaches the elder life stage.
But most of all: have fun and grow emotional on the Sims. As soon as your founder dies of old age, all sims in the Household are born under your rule. Don't you also think that's just perfect? Look at their skills, they are more perfect then any other sim can be.

Game over:
You are game over when you don't have available females in the household for reproduction, also when you don't have enough money to pay your bills.

Personal experience with this challenge:
I always give my Sims in the Household a collar to present the curse put upon them. I also work with clothing colors to see in a instant what generation each Sim belongs to. My founder is always white dressed, generation 1 is blue, 2 is red etc.
The start is really slow, but once you get to 3 adults or more the money challenge go's off of it and the challenge becomes purely about management of how many Sims you have in the house and what ages. You want to keep the number of sims between 6-8, because if you have not enough working sims, its not possible to reach 1 million simoleons within the time limit. Pretty challenging!

I'm going to start this myself all over again, but then with the store challenge. Having a shop is awesome

Hope you like this challenge, tell me if everything works or if some rules should be changed to make it more playable! :P
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I loooove this idea! I just started it and the one thing that bothers me is the starter house sorta doesn't make sense for the story. So I've decided to move my lady into a big old looking UNFURNISHED mansion and pretend she was there all along; it totally is going to add an extra element of challenge since the bills will be higher, and she'll have to pay for everything so it shouldn't be a financial benefit.
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