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Default The Full House Challenge
The Full House Challenge
Use infinity money to make the biggest house possible on the biggest lot. Give yourself 2,000 simoleons. Work your way from there.

People -
Grandmother. Aspiration should be Food, which provides Essence of Flavor. She will cook all the meals. Traits must be:
The grandmother is the happy cook of the home. She is not allowed outside of the house, for it “damages her skin”. She cannot have a job.

Grandfather. Aspiration should be Deviance, which provides Dastardly. He will do nothing except lay around and complain. Traits must be:
The grandfather is very rude, but always complains to the children and never to the parents.He never leaves the house. He does not have a job. He is married to the grandmother.

Mother. Aspiration should be Family, which provides Domestic. She will clean and take care of the children. Traits must be:
The mother is always nice. She does not have a job, and is a friend of many.

Father. Aspiration should be Fortune, which provides Business Savvy. He is always working, and has basically no relationship with his kids. Traits should be:
He is rude to people who are not family. He is disliked, but is nice around his wife. He has a very good relationship with her, and they are intensely in love. He must have a job.

Teenage Daughter. Aspiration should be Love, which provides Alluring. She never goes steady, but has a new boyfriend every 4 weeks. Traits should be:
She must have a good friendship with her teenage brother. She cannot have a part-time job, and must focus her free-time on love. She has to be an A student before she ages up.

Teenage Son. Aspiration should be Popularity, which provides Gregarious. He is best friends with a teen boy. He has a new girlfriend every 4 weeks. Traits should be:
He must dislike both his little siblings and a teen boy of his choice. He cannot have a part-time job, and must focus his free time on exercising and love. He must be an A student and have a fight before he ages up.

Little Son. He should be a Whiz Kid. Trait should be Geek. He must have a good friendship with his sister. He must be an A student before he ages up.

Little Daughter. She should be a Social Butterfly. Trait should be Creative. She must have a best friend.

How it works-
Each person (excluding the grandparents) will make friends with as many people as possible, while sticking to the rules. They must move in as many people as possible, also. You have finished the challenge when you give up or you have moved in all of the town and other towns. Remember, you must provide for each person!

Other Things-
-Each time a Sim ages up, you must go into Create A Sim and modify them so they fit the description of their new self. For instance, when the little daughter ages into the teenage daughter, her traits must be changed to Romantic and Noncommittal.
-The teenagers must be attractive.
-The father must have more than a 50% romantic relationship with the mother.
-The grandparents must have a floor to themselves.
-The teens must live on a floor with the children.
-The adults must have two floors to themselves.
-No Sim can die.
-The elders can die of old age. But NO OTHER SIM CAN DIE.

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I will be doing this Challenge but I will make the grandfather and father get along and loved their wives and the grandparents loving their grandchildren.
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