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Default A fresh start a little too fresh
This is a story about a rather...about medium family.About how they want a fresh maybe that start was a bit too fresh..
First of all before i get into the story though,This is my first story.I'm not kidding its my first.I'm fine and glad to take feedback but please don't rage and bash at me if there's something wrong.Into the story now. ]

One day,Yes on particularly normal,one,day the Hickens family was sitting at the dinner table having a rather...stressful family meeting.
The parents of the Hickens family weren't that experienced,and so they would have these "family meetings" every week saturday morning.Of course,today was still a normal day because these meetings were usually pretty hellish anyway.
Anyway,the Hickens were in a normal "family meeting" when the kids' mother,Elle just gave up.
She started screaming her heart out about how the Hickens family was so messed up and how kids are so stupid and annoying.


The kids' father,Adam Yelled at their mother about how she shouldn't have yelled in front of the kids like that,especially because she was yelling about the kids.Maria got really emotional..,when all of the sudden their daughter,Maria simply picked up their other daughter,Mary and ran outside,and angrily climbed up the ladder into their room,and when she got to her room she put her sister down,and simply started..sobbing..

Her father was still downstairs in the living room,bashing their mother about mistreating the kids when he heard maria..crying.
He ran up the outside,leaving his wife glaring at the back door from the living room as he knocked on the door.
He got nothing but a huge "GO AWAY!" and than huge sobs coming from the door-crack..
He ran back downstairs and when he came in the door...

"Oh hi Mr. girl's big daddy!" Elle sarcastically said,startling Adam
Adam looked at her,startled at the door.

To be continued,even though i'm still working on the second part anyway.
Hope you enjoyed,as i said before this is my first story.
Hope you enjoyed!
More coming soon :D
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