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Default Reloading Strangetown
I used marka93's The Beginning of Strangetown for this story. This is meant to take a look at Strangetown's past to learn about its present. We are familiar with the general situation, but what made the residents who they are?

A fair warning, I'm taking a lot of liberties with the Maxis storyline here. Strangetown's timeline is beyond messed up. The ancestors' genetics are even worse. She hasn't been born yet, but I'm positive we'll get a green Jill.

Generation 0

A chronicle of Strangetown will necessarily have to begin before the desert town was formed. It will have to begin with the alien colony.

Report #001

The first group of settlers, consisting of two Drones and two Queens, has safely reached the planet. They will for the near future establish their places and research the suitability of this planet as an extraterrestrial colony for our species. The eldest Birth Queen has been nominated as Overseer by the home base and will regularly send reports. What follows is a quick overview of the new settlement.

The Drones have been placed in buildings similar to their usual pods. Their main task will be to generate income for our colony. They have already begun to work and improve their abilities.

As the Drone does not require much in the way of luxury, a simple and sparsely furnished living area has been designated for them.

Upstairs a room to improve their working ability is located. Both Drones seem content with their situation. They have been promised the chance to pass on their genetics if the first stage of our project, the creation of an economically stable settlement, is deemed fulfilled.

The Queen’s buildings have been created with the intention of accommodating their offspring as well, until they are old enough to take care of themselves. It has been decided that, on completion of Stage 1, the elder Birth Queen shall produce a Colony Drone, while the younger will produce a Birth Queen.

The inside of the Queen building is furnished more luxurious than the Drone building, as befits her status. Everything needed to improve herself and prepare for the task of reproduction has been given.

Report #135

The settlement has proven to be successful. The drones were commended for their hard work and given the opportunity to pass on their genes.

The younger Queen’s behavior to her designated Drone can be described as odd. It appears that she might have taken a fancy to him. Of course, given the dearth of potential mates, this may not have been unexpected, but it is slightly unnerving. I fear this planet and its occupants may have a bad influence on our group.

This section has been deemed unimportant and was removed from the final report.

Both Queens were fertilized without any complications and in fewer than average sessions, further showing this planet’s positive influence on our species.

Report #144

The new Drone and Queen have been born and appear to be in good health.

Report #170

The recent lack of replies to my reports could no longer be hidden. While there have been a number of communication issues in the past, none of them have been nearly as long as the present and the Drones are growing worried. I request a confirmation that the past 37 reports have reached you safely.

Report #208

The children are growing up well. The young Drone is doing well in his studies, preparing himself for his future tasks.

The Birth Queen is preparing herself as well. She…

There has been no contact with our homeworld since before the children were born. Around this time, given the positive reports we sent, a larger group of settlers should have arrived.

The original settlers have met to discuss our situation. It seems to be a dire one. The protocol for this emergency advises the creation of a Pollination Technician, but both Queens are past their fertility phase. It remains to wait until the young Queen has matured. The pollination of locals and creation of hybrids will ensure our colony’s survival until contact is re-established.

Our hopes rest with our children.
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Default Generation 0, Part 2
Generation 0, Part 2

Report #288

As the only remaining Queen, the task of reporting has been passed on to me. Having familiarized myself with the reports my predecessor has written over the course of my education, I now pick up where she left off.

The original group of settlers have faded, leaving their children behind. Their lives were long and fulfilled.

Colony Drone 1000101 reached the top of his career and earned a lot of money. He supported the settlement with all his energy and helped to make this place what it is today. His life’s work was rewarded and he passed on his genes to a Colony Drone. He finished all the tasks given to him and faded.

Birth Queen created and formed Colony Drone 65535. She prepared him for the hardworking life of a Drone. As the leader of this colony, she oversaw all activities. Her child having matured and being able to stand on his own, she faded.

Colony Drone 2121 reached the top of his career and earned a lot of money. He supported the settlement with all his energy and helped to make this place what it is today. His life’s work was rewarded and he passed on his genes to a Birth Queen. He finished all the tasks given to him and faded.

Birth Queen created and formed Birth Queen. She prepared her for the tasks of a Queen, the bearing of children and the leading of the colony. She supported her elder Birth Queen in the colony’s management. Her child having matured and being able to stand on her own, she faded.

The Drone moved into Colony Drone 1000101’s building and began his work for the colony.

The Queen remained in her native Queen building.

Is there anybody who even reads these things?

Report #400…ish

So nothing has happened, really. At least, nothing of importance for the invisible entities I’m supposed to write these monthly reports for. Drone working. Queen socializing. Nobody listening.

There's a human settlement nearby that's just starting out. I made some friends at school. Learned stuff about earth culture. That’s what they call the planet, in case you didn’t know. Or care. They’re kind of different here. No lifetime decisions made at birth. Sure, Drone might say this is complete and utter chaos, but if those people, say, lived in a colony that really needed a Pollination Technician and couldn’t produce a new one, some random person could just say “I’ll do it!” and their colony would be saved now and they wouldn’t have to wait like thirty years for it. They wouldn’t be completely dependent on a big ship that’ll never arrive anyway.

If we had done that, I wouldn’t be stuck with this amazingly gigantic number of mating partners. I mean, one? Really? Couldn’t they have at least produced a second Drone to give me some options? Oh, sure, there was supposed to be this gigantic ship full of people. Well guess what? It never arrived. And now here I am.

Oh well. I’ll just get Drone some competition by myself then. I mean, just between me and nobody, obviously I’ll have to mate with him and produce a Pollination Technician, because that’s like the whole reason I was born, but nobody has to tell him that. I mean, you certainly won’t.

You never tell anybody anything.

Report #Fucking Finally

Pollination Tech#9 has been born. There, I’ve been good.

Report #WhoGivesAShit

Moved Drone in to take care of the kid. Don’t give a shit that this is against rules. Even he didn’t complain and he’s all about the rules. He says he’ll raise him right. Good riddance.

You know what? I’m through with this. I’ve spent half my life writing monthly reports to a black hole. If you aren’t all dead already, fuck you. Fuck you and your whole planet.

Generation 0: End

Next time on Reloading Strangetown: WICKED!
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Nice story so far, the end was a bit surprising and funny too
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Thanks! I hope you'll like the next part!
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I love it, great work and great story lines.

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Default Gen 1, Part 1: Aliens
Generation 1 - Alien Household

“So why are you all green?”

“Because I am from another planet. Everyone is green there.”

“Like an alien? Cool! Do you have death lasers?”

“Do we have what?”

“Nevermind. I’m Glarn Curious. What’s your name?”


“That’s not a name.”

“My full description is Pollination Tech #9, if you’d prefer.”

“That’s too long! Hmm… I can’t call you Polli cause that’s a girl name. How about P.T.?”

“I suppose that is acceptable.”

Pollination Tech #9 had made it through the first weeks of school in an orderly fashion when a classmate just walked up to him and started firing questions. Glarn Curious was fascinated by the idea of having a whole family of aliens in the neighborhood and wouldn’t stop pestering Pollination Tech #9 until he agreed to show him around the house after school.

“This is my old room. I lived here when I was a baby, but since I started school the Queen made some renovations.”

“The Queen?”

“I suppose you would call her my mother.”

“You mom’s a queen? Like, Queen of the Space Aliens?”

“I guess? She’s our leader.”


Apparently, every mundane thing about the house was “cool”, “wicked” or “awesome”. Pollination Tech #9 was unfamiliar with these words, but figured them to be meant in a positive way.

“So here’s where me and the Drone live - he’s my father if you will. We have the whole second floor to us.”

“Isn’t your dad the King if your mom’s the Queen?”

“No, he’s just a Drone. They work for the Queen. The Drone does the housework here and makes money.”

“Oh. That doesn’t sound fun at all.”

“Of course not. He also teaches me, but that’s not usually a drone’s job.”

“And you’ll be a Drone too when you grow up? Or will you be king?”

“No, I am a Pollination Technician. That’s different and really important for the continued survival of our species.”

“Wicked! So what do you do?”

“No idea, but the Drone said it was important.”

“So, can we go downstairs and meet your mom?”


“Why not? I want to see a queen!”

“She doesn’t want to be disturbed. And I am not allowed in there unless she calls for me.”

Glarn kept asking and asking, but Pollination Tech #9 refused to show him the Queen’s living area. Truth be told, she’d never actually forbidden him to go there. The Drone said it wasn’t proper, but even that wouldn’t have stopped Pollination Tech #9 from showing off to his new and excited friend. He just knew that at this hour, the Queen would most likely be drunk.

I love writing Glarn. He's just so excited about everything related to space aliens.

Coming up next: Curious and Curioser
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I love this story and Glarn's bubbly personality!
I'm excited for the next chapter :D
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Default Gen 1, Part 2: Curious, Aliens
Curious Family

Glarn soon managed to convince P.T. to visit his house and see how an earth family lived. His mother Zo was a bit confused when “Petey” turned out to be greener than expected, but she was just as excited as her son. Actually, Glarn had to throw several hints in his father’s direction until Notzo finally got her to stop. She limited herself to taking notes on P.T.’s diet, analytical skills and physical constitution, as observed through dinner, a game of chess and some football.

Zo and Notzo Curious had moved to Strangetown with several other young couples to create a new city. The clear skies had appealed to both of them and Zo had soon begun to build her very own observatory. It was just a simple construction of wood and stairs right now, but she was confident that the Curious Observatory would one day become the most famous building in Strangetown.

“Here, that’s mom’s telescope! Don’t touch it, she’ll have a fit. But maybe she can help you see your homeplanet.”

“I actually don’t know where that is.” P.T. admitted. “I could ask the Drone, but he was born here as well and we lost contact with our homeplanet even before that.”

“Really? What happened?”

“I don’t know. Nobody’s telling.”

The green boy looked really sad for a moment, so Glarn decided to leave the observatory and distract him with some games. The poor kid didn’t even have comics or videogames, because they didn’t “prepare him for his future task”. Being an alien really didn’t sound fun, even without the whole homesickness thing.

Returning home from Glarn’s loving family was always a harsh change. Certainly Pollination Tech #9 knew that his culture did not have families like that. Drone had taught him enough to know the difference. A Queen gave birth to children from different Drones, each selected for breeding because of some extraordinary accomplishment. She raised them until they were old enough to be given to a mentor. That was perfectly reasonable and within certain limits had been accomplished with Pollination Tech #9’s education. While the Drone was by no means a suitable mentor for a Pollination Technician, he was able to fulfill this role well enough.

It just would have been nice if the both of them didn’t fight all the time. Pollination Tech #9 did not ask for a loving couple like Zo and Notzo, who kissed “like all the time, yuck!” according to Glarn, but he was pretty sure they were supposed to coexist in a friendly way. When he’d asked the Drone about it, he had been given the answer that this was true, but the situation was also complicated, which wasn’t much of an answer at all.

The problem, as far as a child of Pollination Tech #9’s age could tell by listening in on arguments after he’d been sent to bed, was that the Queen insisted that she was not meant to have a single partner for her whole life. To which the Drone agreed, naturally, but there was only one alien for her to mate with, which left her with very few options. The Queen, on her side, agreed that her breeding options were limited, but not her mating options.

Which is how things came to a crisis when the Drone, on returning from work, caught her in bed with the mailman.

The Drone was furious. The Queen was angry. He accused her of polluting the gene pool and got a lecture on birth control. She accused him of being jealous and got a lecture on rationality. Around that time, the argument turned towards the colony’s general situation and became progressively irrational.

Pollination Tech #9 tried to shut out all the fighting and spent most of his time at Glarn’s house. He never mentioned any of this to Glarn, but he was sure his friend could tell when he was being unhappy. Glarn would always cheer him up. There was something to be said for irrational friendships.

Glarn introduced him to other children and he knew all the games you could play. And if he ran out, he’d make some up. Like “Watch the Flamingo”. Later, Pollination Tech #9 could never really put together the rules, all he remembered was that it had been the most exciting thing in his life.

The great advantage of having Glarn around was that none of the other children seemed to care about Pollination Tech #9’s skin colour after they got introduced. There was something about “Hey, this is my friend P.T., he’s an alien and that’s why he’s so green.” that seemed to answer all questions and make his greenness completely normal.

At home things had… settled… in a way. His parents were not on speaking terms, but at least the yelling had stopped. Something else that had stopped were the Drone’s culture lessons. When Pollination Tech #9 had asked him about it, the Drone had just said that there wasn’t much of a point. He’d looked sad when he said it. The Drone never looked sad.

Pollination Tech #9 had however found a great amount of old reports on the Queen’s computer. Glarn had explained to him what to look for and he managed to sneak in and copy them one day when the Queen had passed out in the living room. There were a lot of them and he could only read them when the Drone wasn’t around, but he wanted to find more information about his homeplanet. Maybe he’d be able to find it one day.

The flamingo caught on fire when Glarn was visiting and Arty Loste's (Kristen's father) older sister walked by. It was too adorable not to include.

Coming up next: How To Make A Friend During Summer Holidays
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I love this story! Please keep going with it!

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I love this story and I will be reading the next chapter since this ended on a cliffhanger! :D
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Me to, I will keep on reading this story and EA should stand up and take notice to.

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Default Gen 1, Part 3: Muenda, Nigmos

P.T. wasn’t the only friend with trouble at home, as Glarn knew. Even if Olive’s troubles were often her own fault.

Olive Muenda had loving parents, a sweet little sister and a house near the local graveyard (Wicked!) where Glarn now knew actual space aliens had been buried (WICKED!). She kept mostly to herself at school, finding Glarn the only person worth talking to. He’d spent most of their childhood trying to get her to open up and make more friends. This however had brought its own set of complications with it.

“So there’s this kid next door, you know? Creon Nigmos? He’s in Willow’s grade. I went over and introduced myself, like you told me to. He seemed nice enough, just way too young to actually, you know, talk to him about anything at all.”

That was Olive’s main problem summed up neatly. She was very smart for her age, probably smarter than Glarn, even if he hated to admit this. She was also really bad at getting along with people who didn’t share whatever her current interest was. This summer it had been bugs. Presumably, Creon did not know or care about how many different species of bugs you could find around Strangetown and what characteristics you could use to distinguish them.

“So you made a new friend and couldn’t talk to him. What then?”

“Isn’t that obvious? I brought Willow. I mean, they’re both little kids, she’s an airhead, he’s an airhead, I thought they’d get along well.”



Glarn was the first to admit that he had some strange hobbies himself, but he’d never let that stop him from talking about other things. And he understood that some people didn’t care about spaceships - or bugs - but that didn’t make them stupid. Olive’s little sister wasn’t an airhead, she was just a little girl who cared more about her dolls than her books. So, perfectly normal then.

“So what did you do when you were surrounded by airheads? That must have been a horrible experience for you.”

“Stop making fun of me!”

“Okay, okay. Just wondering why you kept going there if it was all airheads.”

“They’ve got this huge pool!”


“What? So, we pretty much spent the whole summer in Creon’s pool. It was even fun. You know how it is, I can’t talk to Wiwi but she’s still good for playing games. It was the same with Creon.”

“I’ll count that as progress.”

“Creon’s dad taught me how to play chess, so I had things to do even when the kids were watching that stupid show with the bunnies. I still can’t believe Creon loves this thing.”

“Wait, you mean Social Bunny Party? Isn’t that for toddlers?”

“Wiwi never stopped watching it.”

…Okay, so maybe there was something airheadish about Willow.

“Oh wow. But anyway, sounds like you had fun, doesn’t it? And you made a friend? That’s good, right?”


“But Dad wanted to meet Creon’s parents. And…”

“What’s wrong?”

And that’s when Olive dropped the bomb.

“I think he’s in love with Mrs. Nigmos now.”

Glarn jumped up. “Wait. Wait wait wait wait. Hang on. Are you sure?”

Mistake #1. You didn’t ask Olive if she was sure. Olive was absolutely sure of anything she said.

“I can tell.”

“Olive, you can’t just say things like that randomly. You need proof.”

Glarn rattled his head, trying to find some way to calm Olive down long enough to avoid anything drastic. He knew that she was really bad at reading people’s intentions. She knew that he knew.

“I can tell! Isn’t that enough proof?”

Which made her defensive. Crap.

“Of course not! She’s too busy making googly eyes at Creon. And in the meantime, Daddy makes googly eyes at Mrs. Nigmos and it’s disgusting!”

Glarn sighed. She’d obviously argued herself into a dead-end here. “Now you’re just…”

“You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna tell Mom about this! She deserves to know what a disgusting person Dad is!”

“Are you crazy? Olive, there’s no way she’ll believe you! I don’t even know if I should believe this!”

“So you’re calling me a liar?”

“I think that maybe you’re seeing things that aren’t there! Maybe there’s really nothing going on here!”

“So you’re calling me a liar!”

“Listen, Olive, just wait for a bit and then…”

“No! I’ll tell Mommy and then you’ll see!” Olive stormed off. If Glarn hadn’t known better, he could have sworn that she was close to crying. But Olive never cried.

Olive Muenda was as good as her word. As soon as she got home, she went straight to her mother and told her all about her father and Mrs. Nigmos.

Lerato listened to her daughter’s story, then sent her to her room without saying anything.

A while later, Willow snuck in and glared at her older sister.

“Mommy and Daddy are fighting because of what you said. I hope you’re happy!”

“I am. Dad has done something bad.”

“Well I’m not! Daddy promised to take me to the park today, but now he and Mommy are busy yelling at each other! Why do I have to be punished because you tell lies?”

Olive jumped up from her bed.

“I’m NOT lying!”

“Daddy says you are and I believe Daddy! He says you made up some nasty rumours!”

“What? He’s the one that’s nasty!”

“Don’t call Daddy nasty!”

“I’ll call him whatever I want!”

“I hate you! Now Mommy and Daddy will get a divorce because of you and your stupid lies!”

Willow started to cry when their mother entered the room. “Willow, I need to speak to your sister for a moment.”

“…Are you and Daddy still angry?”

“We’re not angry, sweetie. Now go play in your room.”

“…Okay.” Willow wiped her tears off and left.

What followed was a long lecture. About how Olive had said a very bad thing. About how it wasn’t true. About how she shouldn’t say things like that ever again. About how her parents loved each other very much. About how they loved her very much too and couldn’t understand why she’d say mean things like this.

Olive listened quietly. Finally, when her mother asked if she’d understood, she said yes. She said that she knew what she’d said was wrong. She promised to never say it again.

Her mother believed her father. Willow believed her father. Even Glarn believed her father. Willow’s sobs still echoed in her ear, when she’d talked about their parents getting divorced.

Olive told her mother that she was sorry. She then went to her father and told him she was sorry.

It was the first lie that Olive Muenda had ever told.

Poor Olive. She's not completely wrong. Peponi Muenda and Hecate Nigmos have a three-bolt-attraction, which is where that storyline came from. Funny enough, the neighborhood seems to write the story by itself sometimes with things like this. There's a whole story about a minor character that only started because of something the game did.

Coming up next: Happy children! (Because we really need them)
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I'm in love with the Muenda family's storyline, great job Ovenhole!
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Really good story! Can't wait for the next chapter.
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Default Gen 1, Part 4: Various Families

Missy Melons was an unplanned child. Her mother Marry never concealed that fact from her. She would have thought it cruel to do so. It was important to her that Missy knew exactly how things stood.

Marry Melons had had a short fling with Mike Steel just after she moved to Strangetown. He was a nice and good-looking man. They were, however, completely incompatible.

Mike was a farmer. He wanted a nice housewife that could help him around the farm. They could go fishing together when she wasn’t busy with the children. He wanted lots of children. Strangetown was a wonderful place with clean, fresh air, where he could grow his organic vegetables and raise a big, healthy family.

Marry on the other hand hadn’t really planned for children or marriage. She wanted to focus on her career, go to parties in the next town. Strangetown didn’t have much to offer for her, except for the low rent. As soon as she’d made a name for herself, she’d move into the city. As for marriage and children, those were things she wanted, but not in the near future.

Shortly after Mike and Marry had broken up, Marry found out that she was pregnant. While she hadn’t planned for this at all, she decided to raise the child. She made enough money to support her family, as long as she remained in Strangetown. And the time with Mike had been enough to convince her that the country air was clearly better for a growing child.

Marry could never quite say what had been the deciding factor, but she never regretted her decision and made sure Missy knew that. They lived happily together in their small house.

Missy couldn’t really imagine anything different than this, even though she was the only child in Strangetown with unmarried parents. It didn’t bother her. Even though she was only a child, the idea of her parents living together, as different as they were, seemed to her funny at best and usually completely impossible.

Mike had naturally been ecstatic when he heard that Marry had a child. While he knew that the three of them would never live together as a family, Marry made sure that he was a part of his daughter’s life from the beginning.

Missy always visited her dad on the weekends, when Mike taught her about plants and farming. She thought it was wonderful.

She’d bring her friends over to see Mike’s fields and he’d let them eat strawberries. Really, things couldn’t have been better. Missy always thought that she must be the happiest child in Strangetown.

The boy talking to Mike is little Chip Grunt, Missy's future husband.

Of course, a lot of kids probably though that. Kitty Hogleg, a good friend of Missy, certainly did. She was an only child. Her parents were good friends with Missy’s dad, Annie Hogleg because of their shared love for all-natural food and Hamm Hogleg because of their shared love for cowboy hats.

As for little Xanthos Salamis, having identical elder sisters had been wonderful at first. There was always someone who would play with him and you couldn’t even tell if it was Helena or Isabella. When he was little, Xanthos had just called them Hellabella to make things easier on himself. Twins were awesome.

Of course he’d always figured that at some point, his sisters would stop being so much alike and get over their habit of confusing strangers. As Xanthos got older, he learned that having older twin sisters could also be a terrible curse. Twins were truly a thing of horror.

The elder McGork siblings, Angus and Owen, would probably have signed both of these statements. Rose and Grainne were a handful, even if they didn’t look alike at all.

With four children, the McGork family was clearly the largest in Strangetown. Wouldn’t have it any other way either.

Bjorn Beaker, on the other hand, wouldn’t have traded his status as an only child for the world.

Neither would Erik Halfdanarsson have traded his status as the oldest Strangetown child and uncrowned king for all the world. The first one to reach teenage age, every single child admired him.

It’s a bit lonely at the top though, so Erik was glad when others like his brother Siegfried came to share this status with him. Little Gundrun meanwhile was happily hiding behind her brothers’ backs.

As a wrap-up for the childhood arc of Generation 1, have a look at some of the less plot-important Strangetown families, including the non-canon siblings. Strangetown is looking a lot more lively than usual!

My general rule for those families was that the families kept trying for babies until they got one with the correct gender. There were some exceptions, like how it wouldn't make sense for the Aliens or Missy to have any siblings, but that's the main thought. I think I reloaded for Gundrun several times, because the house was full and she was the last one missing.

Bjorn sure looks adorable, doesn't he? Hard to imagine he could father someone like Loki Beaker. Really hard to imagine, actually. I can't wait to show you Loki "The Adorable Chin" Beaker. Other Maxis sims are better off. The Grunt nose is going strong.

To finish things up, have a look at Angus McGork and his questionable fashion sense:


Angus, no...

Next up: Losses
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The story keeps getting better and better all the time.

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Yes! I LOVE this story! Thanks for being a great writer
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I love this story. It's really interesting. I can't wait for the next chapter.

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So glad to see your story continuing!
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Default Gen 1, Part 5: Aliens

The Queen had died.

They had found her one day, lying in front of the bar in the room she barely left by now. Her affairs had stopped after several fights with the Drone, but her drinking had gotten worse at the same time.

The Drone had not taken it well. He seemed fine on the outside, doing his work around the household, earning money, but something was wrong. Pollination Tech #9 couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Maybe the Drone missed her after all. Pollination Tech #9 wasn’t sure if he did.

The Queen was buried next to her ancestors at the local graveyard. Glarn attended the funeral along with his friend and listened to the Drone’s traditional speech.

“Birth Queen was the earthborn child of Birth Queen and Colony Drone 2121. She created and formed Pollination Technician #9, on whom all hopes of our species rest. As the leader of this colony, she oversaw all activities. Her child having matured and being able to stand on his own, she faded.”

Pollination Tech #9 listened to the speech and wondered. It may have been the traditional passing rite, but everything about it was just… wrong. This wasn’t who the Queen had been. There had to have been more about her life than just this short list.

Was there?

“She didn’t fade.”

It was Pollination Tech #9 who broke the silence that evening.

“I know about fading. It’s a graceful and voluntary act, where the elder has finished all their life’s work and leaves everything behind in order to make space for their offspring. It’s not passing out in a puddle of your own vomit. So why do we say that she faded?”

He almost wanted to take those words back when he saw the pained expression flicker across the Drone’s face. But it was only for a second before the Drone returned to his usual serene mood.

“How do you know that this wasn’t her way to fade?”, the Drone asked calmly.

“Because she’s been drinking herself to death since I can remember.” Having started once, he didn’t feel like he could stop. “Because it only got worse with each year. Because she didn’t raise me or form me or anything. Because she didn’t oversee our colony. You did all this. So why…?”

“Why did I say all those things at her funeral?” Still calm. Nothing could disturb the Drone’s perfect calmness.

He nodded.

“Because that is how I wished for her to be remembered.”

And there was nothing he could say against this.

He spent the next weeks reading all of his mother’s log entries. He learned of her feelings about the colony. Her increasing frustrations about being bound to the traditions of a planet she had never seen. And he felt like he understood her more now than he ever had when she was alive.

Like his mother, P.T. wasn’t happy with the life that had been planned for him either. The more he learned about Earth culture, the more he wanted to be a part of it. He wanted to be one of them. He wanted to live like them, instead of in a breeding pot. And most of all, he wanted a family just like they had.

After he had finished going through his mother’s log entries, P.T. had come to a decision.

“I wish to go to University, Drone. I feel that it will help me learn more about this planet’s culture. And I will meet new people, which will help me to find possible targets for hybrid creation. What do you think?”

The Drone looked calmly at P.T. “If you wish to know my opinion, I consider it an excellent idea for the reasons that you just mentioned. But even if I didn’t, my opinion is unimportant. You know as well as I do that you are my superior, as well as our colony’s current leader. It is up to you to make that decision.”

P.T. sighed.

“Now, you have already grown out your hair, which will make it easier for you to fit in. You will also need a last name. I hear that ‘Smith’ is one of the most common human last names.”

“’Pollination Tech #9 Smith’? Sure, why not.”

The Drone stopped eating and looked P.T. straight in the eye. “Which brings me to another point that needs to be clarified. What are your plans for me?”

“Plans? I… didn’t really think of any…” P.T. stopped as he realized what the Drone was talking about. ‘No… Please no…’

“Does that mean you do not require my services any longer?” The Drone’s expression never changed. “In that case, I assume my role has been played out. I will...”

“No!” P.T. jumped up and grabbed his father’s shoulders. “I still need you! I wasn’t thinking! You can’t just go and…” Fade… He didn’t even want to say it. He didn’t want to be in this situation. He didn’t want to sit here, at dinner, and calmly discuss his father’s death.

The Drone removed P.T.’s hands. “While you are still in school, I will take care of the house as usual. But you will move away to University soon. What then?”

“You’ll still take care of the house! I’ll come back, you’ll see! And I’ll need you!”

“Fine.” The Drone continued eating. “If that is what you wish, I will delay my Fading.”

“Please do.” P.T. whispered, hands still shaking. He couldn’t bear to lose his father too. Not so soon.

Poor Queen... But in the end, she might have influenced P.T. more than she thought.

Next up: College is crazy!
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I just wanted so say thank you to all of you for leaving such nice comments on my story! If you notice any errors, or just something you don't like, please point it out.

The story is fully screenshotted and written until the Gen 1 kids become adults, so no worries there. Gen 2 has been screenshotted and planned up to College now, but I still need to write it.

In other news, Loki Beaker still looks absolutely adorable with his tiny chin.
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I'm reading too. Good job.

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I love the new chaper and I can't wait to read more. It's such a great story!

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I love your Strangetown story. I really can't wait for the next chapter! xD
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Gets better and better with each chapter added to a great story line.

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