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Default Relationships - any way to sort them by strength? *Solved, download available
For some reason (namely, challenge rules) I need to establish which Sim is the closest friend and which is the farthest acquaintance to the active Sim.
In TS3, that was simple: Relationships panel -> first Sim on the left is the best friend -> first Sim on the right is the worst enemy.
Is there any way to sort relationships by strength in TS4? I'm not sure what's the current order, but Sims are definitely not sorted by friendship score anymore.
Can I at least use (and WCIF) some cheat/mod/hack to get exact numbers (e.g. Sim A has 38 points of friendship out of 100 towards Sim B, or something like that)?

upd. Made the mod myself
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I need this too. I'm trying to play a Bachelor challenge and it looks like he has the exact same relationship with everyone, which is making the challenge impossible. Are Sims 4 relationships really so basic that they can no longer be measured in percentage points?
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sadiebutterfly, given that there are cheats like modifyrelationship SimA SimB 100 friendship_main, I think it's fairly safe to say relationships can be measured by 100-point scale. Sadly, I don't know any code to display the current points, just to change them.
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