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Default WCIF Matching Appliances
I'm really getting annoyed with the fact that there's no matching Maxis appliances, save for the cheapest set. I would like the better fridges, stoves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, etc. in matching colours, nothing too extreme, just a nice matching shade of white and steel of each would be great. But no, of course Maxis had to do them each in a different shade of white or steel

Anyways, sorry for the little rant, I am looking for some matching sets of appliances. Ideally Maxis recolours (only EPs up to Bon Voyage, though), but a nice, basic-looking custom set would also do. I've done a search here on MTS and didn't find anything suitable, so if anyone knows of any, I would be really thankful
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N99 forum paks might have what you are looking for

The forums it self requires you to register to see more items that they have

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Michelle, here at MTS, has many recolors of game content. All Maxis match colors. This is the appliances -

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I can never remember in what order the packs came out, if you have the Kitchen and Bathrooms SP:
K&B Steel Kitchen Appliances
K & B Stove - Colours Added
More K&B Missing Kitchen Colours - Plus Extra Stuff

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Thank you everyone I found something that I think will work on the N99 site I do love those K&B appliances as well but sadly, I don't have K&B
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