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Default Yandere SIMulator (Requires Get to Work)
Mischief MDK With Handbuzzer
Get to College (Requires Get to Work)
More People at the Gym
More Sims at the Bar, Nightclub, and Lounge
MC Command Center (Turn off autonomous Mischief unless you want possible student murders)
(Optional) UI Cheat Extension

Before you begin:
1.) Create your Yandere. It can be either sex and can have any trait and aspiration. They must, however, be a Young Adult. Make sure to enroll them into college via the "Find a Job" option on their cellphone.
2.) (Optional) Create Senpai. It can be either sex and can have any trait and aspiration. They must, however, be a Young Adult and cannot live with your Yandere. To ensure Senpai (or any other Sim you'd like) attends college, you will need to control and enroll them into college manually via the "Find a Job" option on their cellphone before the first day of class. Make sure they are all enrolled in the same course as your Yandere.
3.) Use a college off the gallery/Build a college and place it in your world. To learn more on how to set up your college, visit the Get to College article here:
4.) Turn off Aging.
5.) Money Cheats, MoveObjects, FreeRealEstate, cas.fulleditmode, and TestingCheats are legal, but no other cheat is allowed at all times.


Main Objective: Confess your feelings to Senpai on graduation day and eliminate anyone who tried to take them first.

Basic Rules:
1.)Your Yandere may communicate with anyone except for Senpai (This isn't about romancing Senpai. This is about sabotaging their love life so they have no choice but to accept your Yandere). They may only speak to Senpai on the last two days.
2.) Your Yandere is not allowed to have people follow them until they are friends.
3.) Your Yandere loses if their GPA drops (get a demotion). Senpai could never love an idiot.
4.) Your Yandere loses if three or more people witness any murder that you directly cause (A witnesses is anyone who shows up to a crime scene you directly caused while you are close to the body). Three witnesses are enough to create a solid alibi for the police department to arrest your Yandere, and Senpai could never receive a love confession from someone in jail.
5.) Your Yandere loses if Senpai witnesses any murder that you directly cause. Senpai could never love a murderer.
6.) Your Yandere loses if Senpai is not your Boyfriend/Girlfriend by the end of graduation day. Senpai is moving to another country afterwards, and your Yandere will be unable to keep in contact with them. Senpai could never love someone they forgot about.
7.) Although rare, your Yandere loses if Senpai gets married. If their spouse dies, they will be too distraught to ever love anyone else ever again.
8.) Although rare, your Yandere loses if Senpai dies. Your heart belongs to Senpai and Senpai only. Nobody could ever replace them. Nobody.
9.) Your Yandere can skip school, leave early, or stay late at any time. Skipping or leaving school early, however, could cause harsh consequences to your grades, making it easier for your GPA to drop, and Senpai could never love an idiot.
10.) Your Yandere cannot use any methods to get an excused absence.
11.) Your Yandere can visit school any day of the week, but must leave by 3:00pm.

There are two current ways for your Yandere to kill their rivals (for me personally, anyone who even talks to Senpai is a rival, but you do you, fam.) If there are any other Sims 4 murder mods out there (like a Sniper mod perhaps, since we have in-game cameras now! Please come through for me Sims modders!), please let me know and I'll see if I can implement it into the game somehow.

1.) To kill someone, use the "Trick With Handbuzzer" option in the "Mischief" menu. Keep in mind where your Yandere is when they attempt to kill someone. The last thing they want is a witness, especially if it's Senpai.
2.) Using the UI Cheat Extension, you may get rid of the "Mourning" moodlet if you choose to (see article for details:

In Yandere Simulator, you are able to kidnap students and mentally torment them to bend them to your will. Since the Sims 4 doesn't have any means of torture as of yet (I don't know if that's a good or bad thing), Yandere SIMulator has a similar method of "breaking" your victims. You will need to build a "torture room" in your house to do this.

1.) In order to begin the "breaking" process, your Yandere will first need to "kidnap" someone. They may kidnap anyone who either knocks at your door or accepts an "Invite To Stay The Night" interaction. They may not "Travel To..." your Yandere's home together or be invited to a party at your house.
2.) Once a Sim is in their house, your Yandere may add them to the family using TestingCheats and teleport them into their "torture room."
3.) Your Yandere may only capture one Sim at a time.
4.) Captured Sims may not eat, shower, use the bathroom, have fun, be social, or sleep in a bed under your Yandere's "care." They may "Care For Self" while your Yandere is not home, but they may not leave the "torture room" at any time.
5.) Captured Sims can live for a maximum of 3 days. They must die once that time limit is up.
6.) To "break" a captured Sim, they need to have a -100 relationship with your Yandere. Your Yandere can use any method to obtain this goal except for the "Fight" or "Declare Enemy" interaction.
7.) Once a Sim is "broken," they can be sent out to kill someone after school hours. They must be sent to school.
8.) If a slave is sent out, they are not allowed to return home. They have until 3:00am to kill someone or else they must kill themselves via Simocide (see article for details:
9.) Once a target has been selected, your slave can kill them via the "Trick With Handbuzzer" interaction. Your slave can only kill one person. Witnesses do not matter when your Yandere isn't doing the killing, even if it's Senpai.
10.) After your slave kills a Sim, they must immediately kill themselves using Simocide. The perfect murder-suicide.

Have fun and be creative with this challenge! Anyone is welcome to play, YouTuber or not. However, if you are YouTuber using this challenge, some credit my way, as well as some for the mod creators and YandereDev, the inspiration behind the challenge, would be nice *nudge nudge* *wink wink* *hint hint.* Good luck and have fun, because remember, it's all for Senpai!
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Might try this! Inspired idea!
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I just wanna give a HUGE shoutout to LaurenzSide, a YouTuber that I have been subscribed to for quite a while now, who is posting her version of the Yandere SIMulator challenge on her channel. I hope you and your viewers enjoy the challenge and it is a great honor to see it play out in the YouTube community. Subscribe to LaurenzSide as well for Yandere SIMulator and other hilarious gaming related videos. Thank you.
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Yay! I hope you enjoy it!
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I need to try this, although I cant get mods... Ill work it out with the base game (and Outdoor Retreat, but I dont think thats gonna be of much help). Ill just starve the sim using cheats, but this should be fun, thanks for making it .
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I really love the idea and also discovered it due to Laurenzside, so kudos to her! :D
Unfortunately, I only will have "Get Together" in a few days as it was more important to me than "Get to Work" and I had to choose, I also can't use mods since some time, idk what happened... so I made my own alteration of the gameplay, I hope you don't mind if I share the changes! ^^

Changes in Basic Rules:
the characters can be either teen or young adult
ad1. yandere can talk to senpai after she reaches level 10 of charisma (NO CHEATING HERE!!!)
ad4, ad5. don't count because yan-chan can't kill publicly
ad6. We enable aging here (the time span of life determines "difficculty", player can choose between the three) and the time Yandere or Senpai skips to the next age group (they should age at the same time but sometimes it's not that way so the first to age determines it) is the deadline to confess to Senpai.
ad11. of course does not apply
The other things are the same.

Elimination methods:
Yandere can only kill at her place, in the basement. The rules are the same as for kidnapping to this point. Then she has as many options as the game gives:
- starvation
- drowning
- bending the mood (from what I know they can die from 3 things: laughter, anger and embarassment)
Yandere can also torture in a way described by you, but there is no use of this (except for Yan-chan's good mood when that person dies, so that's a good thing). However, I know there are some sadists that just love to make sims suffer as much as possible, so there's that.

Also, if someone has "Get Together" like I will, they can also use the non-lethal method: play matchmaker! And I'd like you to add a thing in the YandereSim(s)' "rulebook" for owners of such expansion - Clubs! Like, what benefits could they bring etc.
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how could i kill some one in sims 2 if i did the yandere SIMulator challange
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Default To Jaswq
I have posted a post on something that could enhance the gameplay for this challenge, especially if the Simmer is playing with high schoolers instead of YA's. If you want me to take the post down, I'll take it down. Here is the link -->
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Oh! That's perfectly okay! I just posted kinda the "basic rules" for this challenge, so it makes me more than happy how people are able to build on that and make gameplay even better! I don't mind at all that you wish to expand it publicly and I hope your follows can enjoy this challenge even more thanks to you, however I do very much appreciate that you asked for my consent.
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Default Screenshots
Just wanted to share two screenshots from my attempt at this challenge, which was super fun.

The first is Yandere-chan's basement, which I redecorated with all the photos I took while stalking Senpai:

And the second is a walled-off room in my shop (The Steal, filled with stuff Yandere-chan has stolen) where I keep the urns of Yandere's victims:

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We can stab people, now, via a new mod made by a dude.
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Originally Posted by CuteCuteSimChild
We can stab people, now, via a new mod made by a dude.

OOOOOO can you put the link down????
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4th Apr 2017 at 6:15 AM
This message has been deleted by BagelTheDog.
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12th Jun 2017 at 5:15 AM
This message has been deleted by pechaberi.
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#14 Old 2nd Jan 2018 at 5:28 AM there a mod out to actively have a sim add poison to a meal possibly from a menu on an appliance? It would help with the poison kill method so if there is not already a method, is anyone up to making one/does anyone know someone who can make it??? Thanks!
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WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD HER HOUSE????????? I just made 87 sims for a fully staffed and inhabited Hogwarts AND I NEED A BREAK AND DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO MAKE ANYTHING ELSE!!! Someone please PLEASE help a sistah out?????????

and if there's a link to premade households filled with the rivals and background people, could someone ANYONE share that too???? Seriously, I have work in 8 hours. I have been looking for these things FOR 7 HOURS!!! This is NOT okay with me! I would be spending more time trying to make these things which means more time that I'll take to get back to my Hogwarts thing! I really want to put that up! I painstakingly made the characters, staff, and even have plans to make Aragog's forest if people feel brave enough to venture there...I have arachnophobia and I'm the one making it...

and if I replied the wrong way...sorry newbie and when I get up...need...Monster...have only 6 in the where near enough...
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...I'm a little shocked that I posted twice with two hours between the posts waaay early this morning...

anyway...I decided that I'll suck it up and just repackage SOME of the 87 Harry Potter characters I have and that will be the Yandere rivals and background people. I'll post a link to my blog that will have the links to the cc needed as well as the link to the completed households plus instructions on how to. It will take me a while to finish and post them but hopefully it will be before March...I got a lot going on besides this...but work is slowing down and I should see some more days off...and consecutively so that'll get me a dent in the workload because that's 48-72 hours to work on it, eat, stretch, and sleep. I only SAY March because ya never know what could pop up. Had a rough three weeks and looking to move to a new apartment...this one SUCKS!!! Anywayz thanks for helping...I'll be sure to update when I've completed them with a link
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