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Default Squirrel Infestation - Burn (Wizard)
My Wizard has to "Cast Enchant Seed." He has prepared the "Enchant Seed" spell and he has the Bag of Seeds in his inventory. I have tried clicking on the bag of seeds, but no interactions come up.

I have tried this both indoors and outdoors, including at the Forest (where presumably he will have to plant the seeds, since he burned down the Forest).

I have also tried clicking on the Forest sign, but there are no relevant interactions.

I would ditch this quest, except that I need it to annex Burdley (and the cheaper building cost).

Anybody know how to do this?

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Hey there, veil!!! I only now saw your question, and I feel sorta guilty for not having checked in MTS for a while, as I have the answer to your question, but surely after all this time, you are no longer playing this quest? I assume.
The answer is that your wizard must perform the spell, or cast the spell as a self interaction, meaning you must click on your wizard in the forest clearing, and there should be an option for him, or her to cast this very spell. Just like when the wizard casts FLARE, he or she cannot cast it on other sims, but must cast it upon himself, or herself in order to have the spell work.
As to the reseeding, it must be done after the spell has been cast, and the wizard enters into the forest, time ticks by, and then reappears into the clearing, just as if he were taking a stroll. To get the wizard to reseed the forest, click on a spot in the trees above the lane that heads into the depths of the forest, like when your sword wielding sims, monarch, knight, etc. Patrol the Forest, or a territory.

Good Questing to You.


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