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#5301 Old 2nd Jul 2020 at 5:12 PM
I myself won't mind the odd accidental death in a town with a large enough population to support it as long as it was well established though not so keen in my BACC at the current stage because it's just being established and sims are still settling in.
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#5302 Old 3rd Jul 2020 at 1:50 AM
The Ottomas family just welcomed yet another grandchild, bringing them up to 16 grandchildren between their 13 children, thankfully not all in the same house,
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#5303 Old 3rd Jul 2020 at 3:14 AM
I'm making Daniel Pleasant cheat on Mary Sue on anyone he can and he wants to flirt with his mother in law. I have a mod that prevents that, thankfully.
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#5304 Old 3rd Jul 2020 at 5:07 AM
Jodie and Jason Larson hosted their first party in Paradiso de Manana. The Larson twins were disappointed how the party turned out. They know they can do better, they just need to better acquaint themselves with Paradiso de Manana culture. They don't know who's who yet.

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#5305 Old 3rd Jul 2020 at 9:55 AM
My sim who had twelve kids just completed her LTW and the new one is to have six grandchildren. Her three oldest daughters rolled romance as either their primary or secondary aspiration and are currently each trying to woohoo 20 sims each. (The cycle of poverty sure is tragic in my neighbourhood, all her kids making the same mistakes she did as a teenager and then continuing into adulthood. The oldest triplets were born three days after Georgia became a teenager). I honestly think Georgia will have six grandkids before she even becomes an elder.
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#5306 Old 3rd Jul 2020 at 12:10 PM
Veronica and Savannah Williams are nobles, but they really aren't behaving that way! They have a gentleman (unmarried noble women are not allowed to work or conduct business, so a gentleman is provided for them), and a lot of free time, so they are on a manhunt. I foresee problems in their high-context world.

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#5307 Old 3rd Jul 2020 at 3:57 PM
I'm pleased to report that a couple of my Sims achieved their lifetime goals. Stella Terrano became the Mayor of Downtown, finally achieving alien domination over the humans; the humans seem a bit relieved to give up the responsibility, tbh. And Frances J. Worthington III earned $100,000, achieving his goal of having lots and lots of money. He will probably retire and throw his wife, Jessie, an anniversary party.

In other news, Tank and Kristen have divorced. Tank found out that Kristen had been leading a double life, not only seeing other men behind his back but also leading a life of crime (and being quite successful at it). He saw this as a huge insult, considering that he had dedicated his life to Law Enforcement and is the leader of the SWAT Team. He was happy to see the back of her and actually got a positive memory from it. He bought a new suit and wherever he goes, the ladies think he looks rather hot, so maybe he won't be alone for long.
#5308 Old Yesterday at 3:28 AM
In my Highway to Respite "boardgame" hood, most Sims are now en route, with just three families still "procrastinating" in the bin.

The Ottomas clan didn't get far on their first day, and took so long getting ready to move on the next day that they decided to just stay put for a bit longer. With the twins due next round, I wonder if they will move on after that, or if they're going to end up trying to settle permanently and scratch a living out of the desert soil. They'll need to hurry up and build a shelter if they're going to stay - poor little Tommy is already cold, even in his outerwear, and fall has barely started.

Meanwhile the Ramirez family, who have been making good headway, found a bombed-out apartment building. The upper stories were gone, but the lower levels seemed to be intact. They've decided to spend a couple of nights there with a proper roof over their heads, not least because the folks who fled from that building left food behind, and the electricity somehow never got turned off, so Tessa just had her first hot meal ever - Grilled Cheese! She turns teen tomorrow, so I hope she realizes there are other things in life to aspire to!
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#5309 Old Yesterday at 4:32 PM
The community service center is about to have a new extension completed and ready for use before it gets too far long into fall as they got the outside of the walls closed in with planks of wood.Dodge is getting close to being ready for the coming winter.
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#5310 Old Yesterday at 10:25 PM
I don't know how this happened, but... I was experimenting to see how much chaos would happen if I let Sims fend for themselves on free will, and whether they could survive. I sent 4 Sims in the Grunt family to accept the delivery of groceries. Somewhere along the way, they all died of starvation. Remember my pet peeves post where I complained about how hard it is to accept deliveries in this game? Well I made that post before this even happened. I didn't expect this. Oh well. lol
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#5311 Old Yesterday at 11:34 PM
In Alice Springs a lot happened in one day.

Seth Short's 'perfect' marriage imploded, for an unknown reason. Gail became angry at him, and refused to tell him why. The situation got so bad that she called one of her friends, Dan Thompson to ask him if she could move in with him and his sister while she figures out what to do. She doesn't want to stay married to Seth. She moved out that night.
She did get to work the next day, and received a promotion.

Dan's sister Ruby also got a promotion, and with that, she decided to hold a party.

Which was a roof raiser-complete with fights, sudden infatuations, lots of pizza and beer, hard feelings, devastated relationships, developing relationships and everything else a good party consists of.

Dan had always been in love with Gail and they went to bed with each other-however, his quasi-girlfriend, Irene Nash, took great exception to it. His sister Ruby had already gone to bed with Leah Green's estranged husband, Manuel, which led to another fight.

Gregory Woods fell in love with Irene Nash, Grace Becker and Cameron Richard had a first kiss.

The next morning they all had a good look at the house after..it was an utter mess and disaster.."I think we ought to call the public works department, Ruby!" Dan told his sister.."It looks like a tornado came through here!"
"Yeah, but it sure was one HELL of a party!" Ruby exclaimed. "They won't forget this one!"

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