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Default Mystery House
Idea stolen from Homes Are Made of Wishes a sims 3 challenge by floopyboo:

Those rules:

All rooms must be from the blueprint section.( for sims 4 we are using the pre made rooms)
• Rooms may not be deleted.
• If a sim dies in a room, it must be sealed up (lock for all sims). No one may enter the sealed room, and the grave* may not be moved. All objects within a sealed room are no longer accessible,
so you may not sell them or move them to another room.
• If the current heir dies off before a new heir is born, the challenge must be restarted on the same lot with the original sim(s) sealed in.
• Rooms may not be altered. If you don’t like the layout, it’s time to hit the blueprints for a new room.
• Wants may be resolved by blueprints where possible. Although it is not mandatory, it can be a fun way to create and extend your house in this manner.
• Building up or down levels is permitted. Using the basement tool to create enough space for blueprint rooms is encouraged.
• Stairs, ladders & teleporters are permitted to be placed to allow movement between upper & lower levels. However if a room connected to one of these objects becomes sealed off, you MUST seal off the object as well (box it in or seal off the second room, at your own discretion)
• Sims may only relocate from the residence to fulfil a want.

The game ends when you have no more room left to build using the blueprint mode or when the house becomes unroutable to the extent that sims are unable to enter or exit the house.


+100 points per room (defined as any space enclosed by four walls)
+50 points per deceased sim on the lot (*If ghosts make your game laggy, just keep a running tally of who died instead of keeping their graves on the lot.)

My Added Rules:

Start with a founding couple- each must have the mansion baron aspiration and the materialistic trait. Set them down in any empty 30 X 20 lot. Fence lot in with cheap fence and gate. Once your sims are inside lock the gate. (you will need to give access to children so they can go to school, remeber to lock them in again when they become an adult.)

set on short life span

founders start with four rooms: kitchen , bed, bath, and one of your choice that must have a money making item: computer, easel, workbench etc.
You may purchase one additional money making item at this time and a Bassinet. Never again can you purchase anything, except doors, windows , stairs, or basement space.

rooms must all touch (overlap if necessary or add small hall) You may add doors, windows if you have the money.
Don't forget to paint the outside of your house and add a roof. At any time you may build up by adding a stairway
to an excising room, or down buy adding basements.

items in each room may be moved within the room, but not deleted or moved to another room. flooring and paint colors
must be kept as is.

Sims can only leave the lot for schooling (so make friends there or you will have trouble finding spouses)

No collecting. you can only make money but painting, writing, hacking, selling made stuff at workbench or gardening with purchased seeds.

each new sim must build 4 rooms one as a teen, one as an Young adult,one as an adult and one as an elder. See List at bottom of post.

The challenge is over when you run out of room to add more rooms.

The objects is to see how many generations you can keep going and how much your house is worth.
You lose the challenge if a sim cannot add one of their rooms do to lack of money.
(easier challenge you may re roll a room if you can't afford it)

Have Fun!

teen -random roll, y adult-random roll, adult-choose any room, elder random roll

add the follow list to a random picker, such as re-roll if you don't have the room due to lack of an expansion pack)

Upscale Recess, Catalog Not Included, Bath at Arms, Grunge Retreat, My room my rules, Chamber of Pragons, Dilapidated den, Effortless modernity,
Lumber Living, Lux vip room, Boho Urban living, Unliving Room, Sweet Dining, Eclectic Dinette, Classy Regale, Back to Basics, Whimsical Sectional,
Fanciful Court, Terrace of Promises, Lush Wonderland, Lineage Parkland, Bottomless Desires, Out of Doors Dance Expanse, Private Practice,
Scorching Solid, The Real Unwind, United Colors Clothiers, The Hap Fashions, Fanciful Blue Elbowroom, Hot stuff brewing co ,Bakers cousin franchise concept,
Friendly Drinkery, Romero's e Shop, Linoleum Dream, Foodie Fantasy, Kitschy Kitschy Kitchen, Culinary Edge, Victuals Victoriana, Rustic Delight, Bare Necessities,
Natural Washroom, Cosmic clean, Flushed with Function, Harmonious Lavatory, Undressed to the Nines, Vanity Reclaimed, Yearnings, Vain Glorious, Snooze Cruise Control, Simple Sleeper, Rustic Sensibility, Mod Pod, Reborn, Dreams from the Future, Artisan's Touch, Comfy Caress, Regal Allure, in case of Company, Contemporary Living, Timeless Traditions, Art of Conversation, Fab Plaid Commons, Worldly Living, Cosmic Contact, Distressed Distinction, Country Companionship, Royal Reminiscence, Eating Essentials, Singular Mission, Taste for Efficiency, Modern Palate, Futuristic Feast, Simple Sideboard, Grand Appetites, Grand Salle, Room to Think, Firm Focus, Simple Minded, Modern Inspiration, Incubator, Industrious, Muse Room, Profound Splendor, Rock a Bye Bedroom, Plentiful Plush Playroom, Little Dreamer, Teen Idol, Sweet Dreams, Welcoming Wedding Garden, Hawthorne Park, Labyrinth of the Lost Gnome, Aluminum Allure, The Great Outdoors, Garden of Contemplation, Terraced in Teak, Chic Flicks Houseplex, Backyard Confine, Timbered and Blazing, The cave, Personal Coliseum,
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On my play through, I could not make enough money without collecting. So if you need to let your see run free to collect-go for it. I am on my 3 generation and my hose is looking ok .
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trying this! so far so good. I picked a computer for my extra money maker, and with both my founding sims writing like mad they were making $10,000 a day by the end of the first week!
I also made the female of my founding couple an alien. the two children are now a purple skined human boy and a blue alien girl (via abduciton)
added self imposed rules:
there can only be 2 sims using the same money making method in the household at the same time
when a baby ages to child a random room is bought.
besides school, sims can leave the lot to go jogging, but nothing else
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This is a really cool idea, I'm trying it. Just got the setup done, wife is a painter and hubby is writing books. She's pregnant so the real fun is about to begin!

So i ran into a snag with this. When the welcome wagon comes they bug out and never leave, at least the one with the fruitcake doesn't. Since they can't get on the property they just stand there forever. The ultra fast speed when everyone is asleep won't work either.
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