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Default The Loud House Challenge 2.0
You felt sort of lonely being the only boy/girl among your opposite-gendered siblings. That didn't meant that you all didn't love each other. With your siblings around, you always managed to have some fun hanging out with them.
The challenge is based off Nickelodeon's cartoon: The Loud House. The goals are simple: Get straights A's in school and be best friends with all of your siblings before you become a young adult.
(Rules were changed to be more MC centered than before.)

Rules (There is now a new easy mode and hard mode)

Easy Mode

-The family is non-selectable unless they need to prepare food or do homework and work or get them off the computer. None the less, you are only to control the main character.
Household CAS
-By default you have to have six children including the main character. Unless you have a household mod, you can only have up to eight sims in a household.
-There has to be at least one parent and be a young adult or adult. (I would reconmmend being a young adult.)
-The family has to have at least two teens and three children including the main character.
-All of the children have to have different personalities from each other. No child can have the same base trait as another. They can only share traits if the are secondary or third traits. Parents don't matter.

Household Playing

-All parents have to have jobs away from the house.(No stay-at-home jobs.)
-You don't need to be completely friendly with parents. If you do then that's a bonus.
-If parents die, then they will need a new adult to take care of the children.

-Kids can't do much. So, if the kids want to go anywhere by themselves, a teen or adult needs to watch them unless it is over to a friends house that is in the neighborhood.

Teens and Young Adults
-The kids in the household need to live in the house till their young adults. They can move out then if you choose to.
-When the parents are not home, the teens are in charge of doing the cooking.
-Teens are allowed to have jobs.

Main Character
-The main character has to be a kid at the start.
-You are to only control them and nobody else with exceptions.
-As they grow into teens, they hold the same responsiblility as their older siblings.
-Their only goals are to be BFF's with all of their siblings and get A's. The rest is up to the player.

Hard Mode
Hard mode has the same rules except, you can choose for the parents to leave at anytime and leave the household up to the oldest teen. There is only one rule.
-One of the teens have to work while the others have to stay home with the other kids and cook and clean.
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I like this, I'm going to give it a shot
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That's a good challenge even though my Cable TV no longer has Nickelodeon.

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I think im going to do it with ts3, i really want to do it, (i have ts4) but, i just want to do the challenge in sims 3.
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