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The Simself Challenge for The Sims 4.
The Simself Challenge for The Sims 4.
Originally by (Luna_Rain21) for The Sims 3.
I am NOT the original Creator of this Challenge.
to see the Original Challenge Click this Link.
You where playing The Sims 4 one day and you thought to your self "I wish I was a sim." and all of a sudden the door bell rang. you opened the door and you saw someone familiar. It was Bella Goth! you gasped in amazement "how is this possible you thought."
Bella said to you "hello [Your Name] I here you want to be a Sim" and all of you felt dizzy and weak. the next thing you remember was waking up.
and that's it.
#1. no cheats.
#2. Have fun.

You will have to make your Simself for this Challenge.

(Base Game)
get a job that came with the Base game.
Find The Sylvan Glade.
Find The Forgotten Grotto (NOTE you can do this anytime during the game because you have to get to level 10 handiness)
Build a Rocket Ship and go to space.
Get one of each of the following Collectable (Crystal) (Element) (Fish) (Fossil) (Frog) (Metal) (MySims Trophy) and 1 (Postcard)
Start a Garden.
(Outdoor Retreat)
Go on Vacation to Granite Falls.
Find the Deep Woods (also known as The Hermit's place)
Befriend the Hermit.
get to level 3 of the Herbalism skill.
Harvest a Herb.
Go fishing at Granite Falls.
Catch an Insect.
Tell a ghost story with fellow campers.
Roast a bug and eat it.
Go Home.
(Get To Work)
Quit your job and join one of the Get To Work Careers.
Upgrade your rocket Ship to go to Sixam.
Find some Geodes on Sixam.
Befriend an Alien.
Open a retail business.
buy a Camera and take photos.
Get to Level 3 in the baking Skill.
(Luxury Party Stuff)
Have at least 5 Friends.
Buy The Fountain of Mirth)
Buy a Buffet Table.
Get to Level 3 of the Mixology Skill.
Get to Level 4 of The Cooking Skill.
Throw a Party.
(Perfect Patio Stuff)
Buy a Hot tub of Course!
Upgrade the hot tub.
Use the Aromatherapy In the hot tub.
invite some friends for a Patio Party.
(Spa Day)
Go to the Spa.
Get a Massage.
Do Yoga.
Use the Sauna.
Aromatherapy Bath.
Mud Bath.
Get level 3 or Higher of the Wellness Skill.
Buy a Yoga mat for your self.
Buy the Luxe Drink Tray.
(Cool Kitchen)
buy an Ice cream Maker.
buy a Dish washer.
Get Level 7 of the Cooking Skill.
(Spooky Stuff)
Buy a Pumpkin Carving Station.
Get level 5 in the handiness Skill.
Buy a Candy bowl.
Dress up in a costume.
Throw a Costume Party.
(Get Together)
Start a new club that represents you.
Go to the Cafe.
Go to the bluffs with your club.
Go to the Ancient Ruins.
Go to the Von Haunt Estate.
Get Level 5 of the DJ Skill.
Get Level 5 of The Dancing Skill.
Play on the arcade.
Buy some Club points.
Woohoo in a Bush.
(Movie Hangout Stuff)
Buy the Popcorn Popper.
Make all the kinds of Popcorn.
Invite your Friends over for a Movie Night.
Watch all the Movies.
(Romantic Garden Stuff)
Place a lot with the Whispering Wishing Well on it.
Make a Wish.
Find the Fountain Of Gluteus Maximus.
Add Soap to the Fountain and play in it.
(Dine Out)
Open a Restaurant.
Eat at a Restaurant.
Try some Experimental food.
(Kids Room Stuff)
Have Kids.
Buy The Voidcritter Battle Station.
Buy Voidcritters.
Buy a Puppet Theater.
Put on a Puppet Show
Go out on the town.
Hire a nanny.
(Backyard Stuff)
Buy the water Slide.
Slide on the slide.
Add Soap to the Slide.
Buy a Bird feeder.
Feed the birds.
Buy the summer Drink tray.
Buy the Wind Catcher.
Buy some Wind chimes.
Throw a Summer party.
More Coming soon.
If I missed any thing that you think would make more challenges in the Challenge than tell me
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Are you going to update for city living and bowling night?
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Can you update it for Parenthood
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Can you update this for seasons? and Cats and Dogs?
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