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Default Happily Ever Never challenge (UPDATED For City living)
**Inspired and Based off The Disney Princess Challenge Created By Playingwithmah **

So this is like Princesses gone Bad type thing. I use most of the same rules but every generation has a certain…twist to it. This is in the Beta stage and I would really appreciate if you tested it out and Gave feedback. Thx

A New gen has been added and has been updated for city living.

Generation 1: Cinderella
Cinderella was ecstatic when prince charming came to look for her with the glass slipper. Yet Prince charming never came to the manor. The Black smith’s daughter who just so happened to had make glass that day encountered the prince and lo and behold the show fits.
So Cinderella developed a burning Hatred for the Prince for never rescuing her from this hell whole. This is where the story begins
Gen 1:
-Create a YA Female -Must have Evil or Insane Trait as well as neat trait you choose everything else including name/clothes etc...
-Create Step mother and Sisters (they will come in later)
- Create/upload a mansion/manor/castle with a cellar for Cinderella
- Create Prince Charming and His wife and put them in the neighborhood
-Must Steal back Prince Charming
-Must have at least 1 child with prince charming
-Must Kill the step mother; Cinderella is convince she killed her father
-Must kill the step daughter’s; one was cruel to you your whole life, the other turned her head and upped her nose at you
-Must kill Prince charming's wife; she stole the prince from you
-Must kill prince charming last…he did break your heart after all

Gen 1 rule's:
-You are only able to kill a sim between the hours of 12am-5am
-Must do all the household chores (gardening, cleaning, etc.)
- Each child must complete there aspiration
-Each child must have a B or higher in school
-Each Childs traits must be randomized

Generation 1 ends when Cinderella is an elder and the selected child has grown into a teen or young adult

Gen 2: Snow white
Your mother was driven to madness and in her old age could not take care of herself or her children/child anymore and therefore was committed into the local asylum. The manor became unkempt and the bills went unpaid leaving the children*/child homeless. You Left the house to forget your past and start a new life.This is where the story begins
**For story sake the other children if u have any went to their separate ways**

Gen 2 rules:
-Must start out at an open lot
- Only allowed to have 1800 at start
-Only allowed to make money by painting, Gardening and fishing
-Must have 7 children( 7 dwarfs/ For story purposes**Snow loved her siblings a lot as they were the ones to take care of her OR All alone she didn't want her children to suffer the same loneliness she did in the big Manor)
-Each child must have one bad trait
- Each child must have the same Father (You can marry if you choose. It will add another part to the challenge as well)
- Each child must complete their Aspiration and/or get an A in school
- Snow may never answer the door to strangers or talk to elderly women
-Your snow white must Die When the oldest Child Becomes a young adult (As she fell into a coma and never woke up)
-The oldest must Take care of the rest of the children to the fullest until they are young adults
- The husband must die at some point, as he dies of sadness due to snow white dying in her sleep
Generation 2 ends when all the children are young adults, an heir had been chosen, And the father is dead

Generation 3: Tiana
Your family has barely accomplished anything over the past two generations, seeing as both your parents are dead and grandma has been locked for life, it’s time for a change

Generation 3 rules
- Must have 'Ambitious' trait
- Father must die before end of YA
- Must have food Aspiration
- Must marry a Sim with green (This can be hair, eyes, skin etc.)
-Must own a successful restaurant or Bakery by the end of the generation(GTW OR DINE OUT IS REQUIRED)
-Must stay in the same house that your Snow white has built, for this is the "Legacy" house now
- Must collect all the different frogs (This will represent her time as a frog)
-Your husband must die when your child is born
-Maximum of 1 child allowed this Gen.
When they become a child you must build them a tower.
- Gen 3 ends when child is a YA or your Tiana is an Elder

Generation 4: Aurora
Thanks to your mother's hard work, you have everything you always wanted in life, apart from love. Your Father was minding the store one night after you were born when it was robbed, and your father was shot and died on scene. Ever since then, your mother has been very protective of you. So protective to the point where she built a tower for you to be kept in. This is where here Gen 4 begins.
- Must have the 'Lazy' trait.
- May only have 3 or less friends. (Family can count if you wish)
- Must meet future spouse at night while mother is asleep
-You can only marry after Mother has died (be it old age or mysterious ways)
- Elope
- Have a maximum of 2 children - (girls are preferred as the next Gen is
Elsa and Anna)
-Husband must cheat on your Sim and have another Daughter with another Sim

- Must adopt your Husbands Daughter and they both must hate each other
-Husbands daughter is locked into your old tower
-Your first child must have no relation with her half-sister until they are young adults

Gen 4 ends when both girls are young adults and both parents are elders

Generation 5: Elsa
Your first 10 years were the best. Your mother was a kind women who raised you to the best that she could. She was your rock and vice versa, which was until she died in a car crash. At the funeral your father shows up to take you to your new home. Unbeknown to you His wife had plans to put you in her old tower so that you wouldn’t corrupt your sister. Ever since you have been spending life in that dark cold tower. Alone, your heart growing colder by the day until your 18 birthday, when you finally meet your sister on her wedding day. This is where the story begins
-Must have Insane , Evil or jealousy trait.
- Must have one child (for the first time in forever you were free… was bound to happen)
- Must kill Anna and her husband; If you can’t be happy then why should they?
-Must kill your step-mother
-**Optional: After killing nearly all your family what’s left to do but to run? Join the criminal career and go on the run
Generation 5 ends when Anna, Anna’s husband, Elsa’s step mother(Tiana) Have died, Child is a Teen or Young adult and Elsa is at least level 4 in the criminal career

Generation 6: Belle
As a child you visited the library often. Books became your friends seeing as the town now knew you as the “Criminals kid” and your mother was off doing who knows what.(Ahem killing people). You always dreamed of having a fairy book tale life and well it would soon become a reality, in a twisted way.
Gen 6 rules:
- Must have 'Bookworm' trait
- Date at least 5 men
- Meet the man of your dreams - an ugly Sim
- Marry, have kids
- Your spouse becomes beautiful (Changed in CAS) after first born child
-Must get the attractive Reward
-spouse must cheat on you and have another child (try until she has boy, you’ll see why)
-spouse must turn ugly again and die after outside child is born; Belle found out and grew to hate the beast and he eventually turned back into one killing him in the process.
Gen 6 ends when belle is an elder, children are YA and spouse is dead.

Generation 7: Aladdin (This is the other child or can be one of your kids. Doesn’t matter)
Your mother died giving birth. For about 15 years you lived with the sister’s at the local church as the “Local orphan”. Eventually you ran away to live your life and start a career. Years later you end up as a street rat with only an apple and a guitar to your name. This is where the story begins
- Have a best friend (Abu)
-Must buy a guitar
- must start out in an empty lot. But until you find your “Jasmine” you must live in a community lot; you are a street rat after all
- Must find your “Jasmine”
-Must join the music career
-Must buy 3 golden knights at some point; this will represent when he entered the Cave. Instead of taking the lamb he took riches instead
-Doing the middle of the challenge you can move them back into the original house snow built if you like. This would represent when he made the wish to the genie to be rich and royalty. This is optional
-Must have 4 children
- Must grow a death flower.
- 3 All of your children must die when they reach YA; this was his curse for taking the riches.
- Give the death flower to the grim reaper to the child that you want to survive.
-Your “Jasmine” is committed into the asylum for Heavy depression after the loss of her children
Gen 7 ends when jasmine is away, child is a Teen ,Aladdin has completed the music career and is an elder

Generation 8: Rapunzel
As a child having a near death experience didn’t do well for your mental state. Not only that due to your father’s paranoia, you’ve never known the outside world. Nor have you been in it. You’ve read books and stories from your grandmother’s collection but that doesn’t do it. You want to be free… this is where the story begins.
- Must have 'Loner' and 'Art Lover' traits
- Must reach at least level 8 painting before YA
- May only ever leave the house for school
- When you become a young adult you run away.
- Meet your “Flynn” along your travels
- Have the popular aspiration
- Elope - have kids ( at least 3)
Gen 8 ends when Both are elders, and kids are young adults and Aladdin has died

Gen 9: Mulan
“Mother knows best” your mother use to always say. Rapunzel has always favored you out of all her children. When your mother and father would return from their travels She always greeted you first. When your father was well, he and your mother spent most if not all of the household funds on their adventures. They traveled up until the end of his days. The remainder of the money used to bury your father. With that Rapunzel turned to her favored child(you) and betrothed’s you to a rich man in hopes of saving the family from rock bottom. “you’ll bring honor to us all, that I know of”. The man is evil yet his money will save your family. On the night of your wedding, in the dark of the night you run away in hopes that you can start anew. This is were the story begins
Gen 9 rules:
-Bring your family funds to 19,000 $ ( if you need more to rent the apt then go ahead otherwise no cheating)
-Must give a complete makeover to your “Mulan”. It’s her disguise
-Must move to san mysuhno into a crappy cheap apartment.( LIKE THE CRAPPIEST OF THE PILE)
-Join either the secret agent career or the military track and complete them.
-buy a woodworking table
-Bring woodworking skill to level 3 table
- build a dragon sculpture (that’s Mushu )
-fall in love
-Get married
-Upgrade your living situation
-Become pregnant. Once your character is pregnant, The husband must die( Mulan husband’s die’s in the second one)
-Once child is a teen your Mulan must lock themself away in their room until the child is a young adult as Mulan Becomes depressed from the lost of her husband
-Teen must take care of “Mulan” and themselves without Mulan leaving her room.(I suggest adding a bathroom to her room.)
-Gen ends when teen is young adult and Has A’s in school.

**A player by the name alizzzz pointed out to me that the gen. were out of order sorry about that :p***

So for gen 10 and 11 i am looking for idea's from players like you! If you have any suggestions for gen 10 or 11 just message me. You can also message me on the Tumbs @itoastthings

see you, space cowboy
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Just dropping by to say that I am trying out this challenge, interesting twist to the Disney princesses indeed. Been fun being an evil Cinderella so far. <3
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I really like this challenge... I'm now playing the disney princess challenge so I'm kind of into this type of challenge and I think I'm gonna play it, but I have a few questions...
- In the first generation, is there a specific way we have to kill the step mother, the sisters and the others?
- second... when playing another generation, do we have to move in another lot and does snow white (for example) have to be cinderella's daughter?
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Gonna try the challenge! Excited to see what happens.
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Originally Posted by jennifer_l3
I really like this challenge... I'm now playing the disney princess challenge so I'm kind of into this type of challenge and I think I'm gonna play it, but I have a few questions...
- In the first generation, is there a specific way we have to kill the step mother, the sisters and the others?
- second... when playing another generation, do we have to move in another lot and does snow white (for example) have to be cinderella's daughter?

Hello! thank you so much for trying this challenge and super sorry for replying hella late ( school has taken over my life)

so for the first question, it doesnt matter how you kill them as long as you kill them at night
and as to your second one yes you leave the lot however you can go back to the original lot after this generation
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Originally Posted by catharsis108
Just dropping by to say that I am trying out this challenge, interesting twist to the Disney princesses indeed. Been fun being an evil Cinderella so far. <3

thank you so much for Giving it a shot,
so far how is it and what generation are you on?
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I'm excited to start this!

"If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game show host."
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Just started this. Cinderella is a serial killer and it is definitely amusing me too much haha. I suggest Ariel for another generation...she's my fav
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You could do Merida and Moana. I don't know what their stories would be, but you could have it be them.
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I love this challenge! I'm definitely trying this out! Maybe for one of the future gens you could do an Ariel or Moana inspired one!
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Oh my i love this idea i wish i had sims so i could play this!
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Instead of "Happily Ever Never challenge", you should name it "Happily Never After Challenge"
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this is so messed up.
omg, beside the fact that I love the original and twisted versions of the princesses,
you just brought it back to life (kinda..) in such of an interesting way and I'm loving it!
going to start it right away!
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its so dark
i love it
and that's my 'Cinderella' , after killing the step mother, sisters, and the prince's wife.
one more to go (but let's wait that her child will get to know his father at least.)
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