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Default Bump and specular maps for floors?
Hi there! I've got a question about these- I have 3 packages of floor textures lying around, mostly based on floors I have photographed during my travels. They work just fine, but I've used generic blank specular and bump map dds'es as I have no idea how to make these. Is this is problem? I put a lot of work in them, I think they look nice, but I'm not sure if they are good enough to upload...
Pic for one of the packs, there's another one with Roman mosaics and another one with several other textures.
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I recommend you this site :D
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You need to do special editing for normal maps and specular maps. Specular is not just black and white and normal maps use a different RGBA structure.
Try these tutorials, they helped me when i didn't have a clue about this:
Also, this PDF may help too:
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