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Default How do I even roof
So I'm new to playing Sims 4, having spent donkeys years playing 1 and 2. I'm not used to building a roof since being spoilt with auto-roof, so any advice on how I'd place a nice looking roof here would be appreciated.

Pics related, it's the house. Apologies if the pictures are too big

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Hi MissLiv! I also hate roofing - BUT I hated auto-roofing more!! I wouldn't consider myself a roofing pro, but I definitely think I've come a long way. I think you should just keep playing with the options. I know that sounds suppper generic as a response, but I mean it. Change heights and see how they look, use different styles, and even combining little pieces of each style can create a neat look. For your pictured lot, you might start by increasing the peak heights of the gabled roofs to match the peak height of your hipped ones (you'll notice that at the right heights, they will actually look seamless). For the hipped roofs on the lower level, try lowering the height as much as possible until it is almost flat! You could also switch it to a half gabled roof and have it flush with the building. And you can use different roof styles on the front and the back Hope that helps
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