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Sims 4 Horror Asylum challenge
Sims 4 Horror Asylum Challenge

Hi! This is other very extensive asylum challenge and propably hard to figure it out. English is not my native. It has many roleplaying elements but the challenge is included.


Victorian era people had no clue whatsoever how to treat mentally ill.

You end up in victorian asylum because nobody wants you around anymore. The world is much like it was in the 1950's, in an asylum still using good old treatments like hydro therapy along with modern inventions like electroshock treatments. In the asylum there is mandatory music playing everywhere, patients tinkering, doing art (how innocent looking) but inside there is a much sinister hue: feared and sometimes lethal hydrotherapies at the basements with patients screaming of pain.

People around you are crazy and start gradyally dying like flies when the evil doctor is working on experimental therapies on patients and on you. Nobody cares what happens inside the asylum walls. You are left alone. You must escape by any means necessary. You must keep your head cool to survive. It is only a matter of luck what traits are on your side and what are not. You can choose the traits randomly or play existing sim you have played before or you can make your main character suffering from mental ailment.[/spoiler]

Inspiration for this:


Goal: Survive with your main character and preferrably get out

Characters: Main character as a patient, 6 other mental patients and a doctor

There are 4 types of patients:

Most of them suffer from 3 mental ailments (traits):
  • Insane (Psychotic and personality disorders)
  • Hotheaded (Behavioral problems and personality disorders)
  • Gloomy (Severe depression)
  • Unwanted (No ailment, no family to want them around)


Preferrable mods:


Make sims lifespan long.

Make 1 doctor who is evil, mischief lvl10 with cheats or build it yourself.

You can only control your main character who is committed to asylum and the doctor. Make 6 other patients, everybody must have insane, hotheaded or gloomy trait (or combination). You can also use existing sims in your neighborhood and move them in by editing the households, preferrably old, poor, single or homeless that nobody miss.

Build your hospital as big as you like. Use money cheats to move in your hospital household with 1 evil doctor. You can build as many additional bathrooms you please. Even more things to break and fix.
You can build as many rooms as you like without restrictions only for your doctor but you must keep them locked from anybody else.

  • Make every patient have its own assigned cheap single bed in the same room (dormitory). You can make men's dorm and women's dorm separate.
  • Make doctor his/her own room, where he/she has more expensive single bed. Otherwise you are free to build whatever you like for your doctor. Keep the room locked all times from anybody else.
  • Make 1-2 solitary rooms with only 1 bench and with 1 toilet.
  • Make kitchen area with dining, toilettes close to it with cheap group showers. You can build as many showers and toilettes you like.
  • Place speakers in each room, so patients can/must listen the music all day. Make it mild like easy listening music station. Even in their bedroom. If you must, you can build jukebox or gramophone at the kitchen area.
  • Build a library with bookshelves and chessboard for your patients. Do not buy any additional books.

Make 2 aspiration rooms:
  • Very small room with only 1 cheap computer only for writing (too bad you cannot write with pencil or a typewriter) and a cheap chair and a desk. Keep the door locked except to complete writing aspiration later on.
  • Small fenced garden to plant crops, you can leave the area open at all times for patients.

Make 4-5 therapy rooms:
  • 1 hydro therapy room: 1 sauna and bathtubs for everyone (they can be in the same room if you use no privacy mod). You can build toilettes close for convenience.
    Build a swimming pool for mandatory swimming and be prepared to fence it.
  • Make electroshock or personal counselling -therapy room. Make sure you have a seat where your patient can sit on (like massage chair) and keep it locked all times except for the therapy sessions.
  • Make art therapy room, buy easels for everyone (total of 7 minimum)
  • Make handicraft room, make workshop benches for everyone (total of 7 minimum)
  • You can make gym too for the therapy sessions. Gym can have treadmill but no punching bag (because of inciting to aggression), and a couple of yoga mats.

Each therapy room is locked outside of the therapy sessions, if you are not using gym for therapies, keep it open.

Asylum rules:

  • Use "money x" -cheat to give starting funds 1000. You can sell the art the patients produce or their tinkerings for money. Or vegetables from the garden.
  • Nobody can ever leave a lot or have any parties or invite people over. Nobody must have any jobs and patients are not allowed ever to use their phones.
  • If your main character or any patient has valuable belongings, they must be confiscated behind locked doors while they stay patients in your hospital.
  • Only the doctor is free to roam your hospital freely at all times. Do that by using the locks on doors to keep the patients out where you don't want them to go. Doctor can go to work, but not join in any career, because you are forced to leave a lot and motives are maxed out again.
  • No romances or flirting at all within a house. Flirting or any evil or mischief actions you see withing patients must be punished by solitary, 24 hours minimum.
  • No fighting, no breaking stuff, no sneaking to unwanted areas or anything that is irritating. If you see any of that, punish patients by solitary.


Therapy sessions are club gatherings, if you have Get Together expansion. You can make the club mood sad, because it is sad to have quack doctor who experiments on you with therapies.

Each therapy session lasts 6 hours minimum. During that time patients are not allowed outside the therapy room. You can do that by using locks on the doors. If they need to use the bathroom, eat or sleep, too bad, you must suck it up. Therapy is mandatory for everyone. You can control the other patients directly only to make them participate on therapies.

Week schedule:

  • Art therapy: Patients paint with an easel for 6 hours minimum
  • Hydro: Patients must bath, swim or use sauna for 6 hours. Bathroom is allowed next to hydro room.
  • One on one personal therapy, which is either counselling or shock therapy. Doctor is talking, using electric handshake or teasing them to make them sad (for an example: give fake bad news or claim you are a supervillain), if you run out of time, continue where you left off next wednesday. It is also a good way to increase mischief skill for your doctor and chief of mischief aspiration. Later the doctor can use voodoo on patients to experiment on. Make at least 3 mean or mischief actions with each patients.
  • Tinkering shop: patients must use the workbench for 6 hours
  • Free or gym: patients must use gym for 6 hours
  • Hydro therapy (extended version): Patients must bath, swim or use sauna for 6 hours. Bathroom is allowed next to hydro room. In addition 2 selective or random patients have to swim for 9-12 hours. You can build a fence around the pool. If they drown they drown.
  • Free

Therapy club (Get Together Expansion):


Getting Out:
To get out you must be declared sane. To do that you must roll a dice for getting rid of your ailments after 3 weeks. You can do this on every patients. If they leave the hospital you must create the new ones, or make somebody move by editing the existing households even if they have no ailments, especially the homeless, single or too old.

Depression (Gloomy):

Behavioral problems and personality disorders (Hotheaded):

Psychosis and personality disorders (Insanity):

If you have none of those traits or have already those maxed out to required level, too bad, you're incurably insane. But don't feel bad, there are other ways to get out or be declared sane.

Other ways to get out (by completing aspirations):

If you are there with no reason at all (do not suffer any ailments), you must complete 2 aspirations to lvl3 within hospital restrictions (maximum isn't possible, because you're restricted in a hospital and are not allowed to have work or romances). Same applies if you're too smart to begin with and have already maxed out some of your skills and are insane.
  • You can build a fenced garden in your hospital to make it possible to complete lvl3 freelance botanist aspiration.
  • You can publish your own songs to complete musical genius lvl3 aspiration (you must tinker guitar/violin for that if you didn't already have it in your inventory) Then it is confiscated and you can ask it back if you are in good terms with your doctor.
  • You can build a locked room only for writing for lvl3 bestselling author aspiration.
  • You can go to jogging for 2 hours for lvl3 bodybuilder aspiration.
  • You can build level 3 mischief aspiration, but if the doctor sees you being mischief or mean you end up in solitary for 24 hours minimum. You can pull required pranks on aspiration computer (not the one in the doctors office). No other use of that except writing for writing aspiration.

No fabulously wealthy aspirations or mansion baron aspirations are allowed, (too easy and not caused by you). If you have worked your way some of the aspiration to lvl3, if you manage to build it somehow to lvl4 within hospital restrictions, it is count as 1 aspiration completed. Or if you have any other lvl2 aspiration completed and manage to get it to lvl3 while staying at a hospital it counts as one completed.

Get out by being the doctor's assistant (with evil or mean traits):

You can assist the doctor with his/her experiments and give one on one -therapy sessions and be the housekeeper after you have participated in your own 3 Wednesday therapy sessions. You must be good friends with a doctor too and know his/her traits by getting to know him/her(no flirting). You must be cooking meals, cleaning, fixing things while being doctor's assistant.
Then you can give 3 Wednesday therapy sessions for patients, after that you roll a dice for the skeleton key, if you get 1-2 you manage to steal a key. If you get 5-6 doctor sees you stealing it and you end up in solitary for 2 days and you are no longer doctor's assistant. If you get 3-4, nothing happens and you can try to steal a key next Wednesday after giving therapy to patients.

Or you can continue being doctor's evil assistant teasing the patients and building mischief skill to lvl6. You must not use/develop mischief skill any other way. Then you are declared sane, after that you can continue to live as doctor's assistant as his/her employee with specific rules or move out.. As his assistant giving therapies you can have doctor's coat now, but different one than your main doctor.


To add even more challenge:
If you're declared sane, only way to get out is to get married with existing household or if you have spouse already waiting for you at pre-existing home. Until that you can live as a patient freely within a hospital or as doctor's assistant.
If you live there willingly as a patient you are not forced to participate more sinister therapies, like hydro or electroshocks anymore. You are required to participate in other activity therapies like art and handicraft workshop, and gym and follow hospital rules. You still sleep at the dorm. You can go to where ever you like but not have a job. You must but not invite anybody over or have any children.

Easier mode:
You can roll a dice for new traits after 4 hydro and 2 electro therapy session (after 2 weeks)
You can keep the therapy rooms unlocked all the time (like art and tinkering workshops) and patients can use them on their own. You can then build skills more quickly and do aspirations too.

Some notes about my own game:
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if your still working on asylum ideas I have a asylum music theme idea if your interested? American horror story asylum theme song Dominique a fitting song for any asylum.
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Just so you know, Paranoia Princess made a straightjacket, perfect for the challenge...
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