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Default Lineage War Challenge
In this challenge, you will have two groups fight out a war. This is more of a fantasy-styled war, so you can be unrealistic if you want. There should be multiple camps for each kingdom, and a castle. You will also need a prison in each kingdom for surrendered soldiers. So I suggest using Newcrest since it's completely empty.

Each camp should have at least one tactician. The castle will be home to the powerful royal family, who are joining their soldiers.

How to Play:

You are focusing on one kingdom, but you can switch if you want at any time.

Every day, at 3:00 PM, you must roll a 50/50 to see if the other kingdom attacks your camp.

At 3:00 AM, you must roll a 25/75 (25% for a night raid, 75% for other camp is sleeping) to see if the enemy camp will night-raid.

It's up to you to control your kingdom's attacks. If you are night raiding, make sure to make the other kingdom's soldiers doing things they probably would be doing at night. Sleeping, chilling, maybe partying. No drunkenness, though, they probably wouldn't let their soldiers do that.


Royal Family
There should be a royal family of at least 4. 5 recommended. They should be stronger than the other soldiers, and will be leading the whole operation. They'll give the orders, etc. They were sent by their parents, the King and Queen, to lead the operation. So princes and princesses.

There should be a tactician. It's up to you if you want to do one per camp or one grand tactician over all camps. This guy should focus on the logic stat, however he could make a great soldier himself.

Self-explanatory. Each camp should have enough soldiers to reach the household limit.

Specialized soldiers. Their fitness bar should be between the royal's and the soldiers. Each royal should have 2 retainers.


You can only perform certain combat maneuvers when the tactician is at a certain logic level. It's up to you to set his minimum logic level before he is allowed to lead.

Logic level 3
The tactician can now organize night-raids.

Logic level 4
The tactician can now work with other tacticians (if there are any) to organize raids using more than one camp of soldiers.

Logic level 5
The tactician can now use reinforcements for defense.

Logic level 6
The tactician can now lure an enemy royal to a trap "duel." In a trap duel, the royal will be ambushed and attacked by everyone at once.

Logic level 7
The tactician can now convince his royals to not accept duels.

Logic level 8
The tactician organizes research, and now fatal wounds have a 50% chance of survival.

Logic level 9
The tactician is now able to lure an entire camp to their death.

Logic level 10
The tactician is now capable of using magic. Choose your element

The tactician can cripple soldiers. Remove -3 points from your target's fitness level.

Fire: Burn down a tent. Since you probably don't have the right expansion pack for this, just make a tent a patio with beds and curtains. If any soldier was in the tent as it was set ablaze, take off -1 fitness level. To start a fire, just have the tactician light a fireplace in the tent, and then put a bunch of combustible objects near it.

The tactician can blow up enemy soldiers from a distance. Roll for a kill, wound, or miss. 20% kill, 50% wound, 30% miss. This attack cannot kill royals. 30% wound for royals and 70% miss for royal targets.

The game already chooses who wins a fight for you, so:

1 fitness level = +10% chance to take no wounds. Fight again, or attack someone else. Do whatever.
This maxes out at 70%.
Remaining percent until 90%: Wounded. This unit is out for the battle. If you wound an enemy, kill them then add them back to the lot later.
Remaining 10%: Death. Kill this sim off, forever.

1 fitness level = 20% chance to take no wounds.
Maxes at 80%
Remaining percent until 97%: Wounded.
Remaining 3%: Death.


Royal Loser:
1 fitness level = 20% chance to take no wounds.
Maxes at 80%
Remaining percent until 97%: Wounded.
Remaining 3%: Death.

Royal Winner:
100% chance to take no wounds.

Battle Conclusion
If all soldiers of one side in a battle are wounded, then it's a definite loss. If all camps of a kingdom are defeated, the royals will retreat to the castle.

This is mostly roleplay-driven, so it's up to you to choose for a surrender/retreat.

This isn't called Lineage War for no reason.

Soldiers and royals should mingle when they have free time.
1. A soldier will actively flirt.
2. Soldiers will reach a high friendship level, and realize that they need each other and get married.

Since this is medieval, you can't WooHoo. Try for Baby only.

Children will be sent to the castle for a magical-grow-up session, and they will be leveled up to a Young Adult. They can join the fight. If one of the child's parents were a royal, start them off with an extra +3 fitness points. If both parents were royal, +5 fitness points from the start.

Game Set

The castle is surrounded by their camps, so you can't attack their castle and your castle can't be attacked until all camps of a kingdom are defeated. For the final battle, the castle will be attacked. It's ALL or nothing. The royals will defend the castle, along with their retainers.

Defenders win:
Defending kingdom's soldiers break out of prison. Defending kingdom's camps are recovered.

Attackers win:
Game over for defending kingdom. Attacking side controls all territory. You can control the winning side normally now, as they live out their lives. Maybe someday, the old kingdom will return for vengeance.

Try for Baby in a Larger Household by claudiasharon. Use this mod to create larger armies or to fit more people in one household, if you want.

Studio K has a huge collection of swords, so.

Sorry if this is too complex.
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It's not too complex, to the contrary I like how it tells me exactly what I have to do without going into fiddly, unneccessary details like "place 3 toilets, one kitchen sink and if the moon is full also an ornamental cat". I hate restrictive stuff, your setup is much better!
Atm I'm busy with Veronaville intrigue, but Royal Linage is on my to do list for next calendar year.
In the meantime any tips on how to best coordinate a combined attack of two camps against a third (Logic level 4)? Are you using the club system for this?
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Whoa, 3 months, time flies!

Anyway, I'm in the process of setting up a savegame for this challenge now: In the recent years the Kingdoms Nohr and Hoshido both occupied a chunk of the citystate of Windenburg and at the moment their armies are holed up in the capital, preparing to fight for uncontested control over Windenburg. Nohr controls the harbour complex while Hoshido is holding the inner city. Each of the eight royal households starts with the same tentlike structure that fits on lots of any size. The island (Nohr occupied) and countryside (Hoshido occupied) of Windenburg house their share of occupational forces, but do not see active fighting at the moment. These outskirts are also where the prisons are situated and the tacticians are housed.

As for the sims themselves, I will use Nohr and Hoshido themed characters, but not the actual ones from the game. Both armies will have native Windenburgians within their ranks, either as "Askari" (soldiers recruited from a colony) or retainers. Even with McCommand deleting townies as they are spawned is a losing battle, so instead of deleting them, I declare every townie a Windenburgian who goes about his or her business as best as they can despite the war.
And since Sims 4 sims will not stay within their districts, I expect a lot of espionage and sabotage attempts in between the major battles, perhaps even some forbidden romances.

I'll create my royals and retainers by hand, but cheat for the soldiers. Perhaps this will help others who'll attempt this challenge:
- Create one soldier per kingdom, but give them only one trait (one is required, sadly, to save the sim)
- Outfit that soldier in the uniform of their kingom, then save as Template_Nohr and Template_Hoshido
- For every subsequent soldier, import the template, uncheck "clothing" in the randomizer's filter, then randomize everything else (genetics and traits)
- Voila, instant army (and even quicker should a country employ clones or magical contructs)

And finally for the tactician I opted for one per kingdom, brother and sister for added drama. The tactician can get invited by every royal and encouraged to level logic by any legal means (clubs, play cards with etc.).

So much for the setup, will post again when I have pictures to show and maybe some gameplay.
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Still in the process of setting up things, need to create or dl retainers before I can start playing. But things are already shaping up nicely, so here's what I've done so far:

Dear father, dear sister and dear little Randall, dear everyone who isn't here,

It' been a month now since we got seperated while fleeing from Windenburg. I tried to return to the island and our ancestral seat, but it was brimming with enemy soldiers, too. Only that by now they have gone from "enemy" to "occupation" forces. I need to face it, as we all must: Windenburg is done for. We cannot reclaim our freedom, as we were never strong enough to keep it in the first place. That much I see now. And I hope that from whereever you watch over me (or search for me, please, please, let that be "search" and not "watch as spirits from the kingdom come"!), you don't judge me when I throw my lot with the invaders now.
The kingdoms Nohr and Hoshido each hold half of Windenburg and intend to fight ownership out on all our backs. It doesn't matter anymore who wins, as long as one of the factions does so quickly. Only then peace can return to these lands. So I've become Estel of the Wind, a mercenary in the employ of Queen Hestaby the older of Hoshido. and you know, the longer I watch her, the more I am convinced that I picked the right side in this conflict, if "right" can be applied to the lesser of two evils.
May the winds carry my words where they'll be heard until eyes can meet and hands can touch again!
Your son,

The uniforms of the two armies, to the left Hoshido, to the right Nohr:

This is the athletic wear that is donned for training and battles, everyday wear is more relaxed. Royals and Retainers instead wear individiual costumes and may use swords instead of the standard infantery pikes. Also shown is a typical starter lot with the two tacticians, Estel and Eirin before they split.

A handful of the Windenburg premades serves in the armies, too, following Estel's example. Ulrike, Max and Wolfgang are mercenarys for Nohr, Yuki and Morgan retainers of Hoshidan nobles and Hugo has become mercenary for Hoshido.

The royal house of Nohr:

Character Bios left to right:
King and Queen - Your basic ironfisted rulers that hold law and order in the highest regard, with little elbow room for compassion. Lawful neutral.
Rupert (Second born, crown prince) - Wyvern Lord. The Enfant terrible when it comes to etiquette or diplomacy. Pretty much interested in nothing else than flying his wyvern and causing havoc. Since Windenburg has been declared a No-fly zone, he has become even meaner than normal from frustration. What’s worse, the only person who can probably understand Rupert, is the enemy general Pegasus Rider what-was-her-name-again. He finds himself thinking quite often about her lately… Chaotic Neutral.
Claudia (Fourth born) - Dark Mage. Since growing up in times of peace didn’t allow her to test her skills, Claudia secretly worked as mercenary for several smaller countries. Just like Rupert she is more inclined to commit mischief than evil deeds (especially when paired with the right partner). Chaotic Neutral.
Celeste (Third born) - Assassin. Had to work as a maid in the royal castle for several years as punishment for defying her parents. By now she just cares for herself. People want to exploit each other and expect nothing else from others, so why bother… Neutral.
Corinna (Firstborn) - Merchant. Where the money is, there lies the power, Corinna believes. Just don’t ask her to pick up a sword - besides not knowing which end points where, Corinna might sell it to an enemy soldier for some quick cash. Actually the most dangerous and cruel of the royals, because she views people as goods at worst and production tools at best. Lawful Evil.

The royal house of Hoshido:

Character Bios left to right:
King and Queen - A naive couple that means well, but doesn’t even realize where things have went astray in their kingdom. In their own fashion they are as bad as the Nohrians. Lawful Good.
Hestaby (Firstborn, high princess) - Pegasus Rider. Neutral Good.
Dancing is her passion and the winds her partners. Being tied to the ground by the no-fly pact in this war irks Hestaby, but instead of letting it drag her mood down, she looks for creative ways to get around the rule. If she only flys for recreational purposes instead of scouting or fighting it is okay, right? Too bad she couldn’t help spot that dashing Wyvern rider on the other side… now she cannot get him out of her head… Neutral Good.
Masaru (Fourth born) - Thief. Was kidnapped as a young child and presumed dead, but in truth grew up among brigands. Good at heart he nevertheless values all the good things money can buy. Masaru knows the “real life” and would do everything in his power to shield his newfound parents from that knowledge. Chaotic Good.
Hualpa (Third born) - Shrine Maiden. To her the law and the gods are absolute, with no elbow room for compassion. She mirrors Corinna of Nohr in her perception of people as animals, the difference being Hualpa viewing them as wild beasts instead of as cattle: in need to be caged for their own good and that of society, but it can be a comfortable cage. Lawful Neutral.
Lofwyr (Second Born) - Mage. Research spells, save kingdom, eat, rince, repeat. Lofwyr can be lazy as hell, except when there’s call for a hero. He strongly believes in the seperation of nobility and common folk. Lawful Good.

Lastly I've added a handful of rules:

- The Welcome Wagon is immune to any fighting, even if it consists of enemy sims! This event represents the exchange of heralds to discuss terms between the two armys. Be polite, but not too chummy!

- One day rotations follwoing the shedule (roll two dice):
2 Estel + prison household / 3 Masaru / 4 Hualpa / 5 Lofwyr / 6 Hestaby
7 same as the day before
8 Corinna / 9 Rupert / 10 Celeste / 11 Claudia / 12 Eirin + prison household

- Wounded sims remain so for 1-6 day, determined by die roll. If a wounded sim fights for whatever reason, they die after the fight, regardless win or loss.

- Handling of prisoner exchange:
Ransoming prisoners of war for extra money sounds like a logical choice, too. This is “money out of nowhere” assuming endless money in the royal coffers… but perhaps not necessarily endless willingness to spend it.

The formula is 1000(x+y+z) = R, round down, minimum 1000
x = The higher of Fitness skill/2 or Logic Skill/2
y = Wins - Losses so far
z = Social Rank
Civillian 1, Soldier 2, Retainer 4, Royal 8, Tactician 10, Crown Prince(ss) 12

Prisoners can also be traded on an 1:1 social rank ratio.

A note on tacticians:
For tacticians y can add up quite fast, as they do not fight themselves, but are assumed to have laid out every battle plan. On the upside, tacticians can attempt to escape captivity, which is simulated by a game of chess against their keeper. They better do so before being transfered to the prison household, because then they’d have to play that game against the enemy tactician. Normally the tacticians could not be taken captive in the first place, as their households do not fight. However, tacticians may appear randomly in the world as pedestrians and when they spawn in enemy territory, they are fair game. If the main tactician is taken captive, a replacement may be chosen from the remaining sims.

That's it for now.
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