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Poor Sno and Charming

At least, Calvin is a cute baby ^^
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 2: A Curse - Chapter Ten - Broken
Chapter Ten - Broken PIC HEAVY !!!!!!

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Oh no, the poor family

It's so sad, Sno will never see her daughter grow up

I can't wait to see what'll happen next, and I wonder how Regina will react when she'll learn that Sno had a daughter, despiste her curse :o

Anyway, it was a good chapter :D
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Such a sad chapter...
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 2: A Curse - Chapter Eleven: No Hope
Chapter Eleven - No Hope

A light rain falls over the kingdom. Raindrops anxiously lick the windows of the castle. The death of Sno has hit Charming hard. He spends most days in his room. Today is no different. In his bed he sits, in complete and utter isolation. Surrounded only by his thoughts and memories of Sno.

The kingdom too is devastated over Sno's death.

Loyal subjects of the kingdom have left flowers, candles, and toys, in honor of Sno outside the castle wall. It's a lasting testament to the kind of noble ruler Sno was.

Since Sno's death, Charming has been making less and less public appearances. He's been holding less balls and celebrations. He simply doesn't care anymore. He has no hope for himself. He doesn't hope for today or for tomorrow. His heart is shattered over the death of his love. The only time he finds any hope within himself, is when he looks into his daughter's eyes. Charella and his other children are the last pieces of Sno he has left. Although some days looking into Charella's beautiful blue eyes makes him cry.

After months of daily seclusion, Charming sends word with an advisor, for a meeting with Esther. Esther and her ever growing list of maidens, have become the sole caregivers since Sno's death. With Esther's guidance however, Charming has been raising Charella. Charella even sleeps in his bed chambers in her cradle, as opposed to the nursery.

It's a rainy cold afternoon when Esther enters the bedchamber. Charming who didn't bother dressing, is still in his night clothes. He sits up in his bed, his hair messed with dark circles under his eyes as if he hasn't slept in months.

"Yes Highness? How can I be of service to you today?" Esther asks bowing her head as she enters the chambers.

"Please sit, we need to have a chat." Charming says pointing toward Sno's cherished bed seat.

Esther bows her head and sits.

"Esther, you have been a great many things to this family, and you have been there for us all during hard times. Without you, this family, and this kingdom could not continue.
Esther stares at Charming.

"What I'm trying to say Esther, is, it's time you were rightfully recognized for it." Charming says standing.

Charming hesitates, he glances toward the window at the sky. "My eldest son Brody, he just celebrated his thirteenth birthday? Correct?" Charming asks clearly unsure of himself.

Esther bows her head in respect. "Highness, apologies, Brody is sixteen this month." she humbly corrects him.

Charming clears his throat, and offers no indication that he ever heard what she said.

"Well then, Brody is the new King. Effective immediately. Please arrange his ceremony and invite the surrounding kingdoms royalty to commemorate this event."

Esther stares at him blankly.

She stands from the bed seat and looks at him curiously and with worry. "Apologies Highness, but where does that leave you?" she asks confused.

Charming offers no reply. A stray tear has been building in his eye. It now overflows with tenacity and descends down his face, another tear quickly follows down his other cheek.

"Esther, please make preparations to crown Brody. That will be all. You may now return to your duties." Charming says boldly.

Charming lies back down on his bed, as if their encounter has taken every bit of energy in his body. His chest aches. He feels incomplete without his love.

Esther although confused, bows her head, "It will be done your Highness." she replies, and exits the bed chamber.
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It was a good chapter ^^

Poor Charming, I hope he'll start to feel better soon
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l hoped Sno wasn't really dead, but I was wrong.. Poor Charming..
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 2: A Curse - Chapter Twelve - The Ceremony
Chapter Twelve - The Ceremony

Charming stands at Sno’s grave. Sno’s final resting place is in the royal garden next to their daughter. Not ready to part with Sno’s actual throne, Charming has had a replica made and placed over her grave. He has commanded bouquets of flowers be laid on the steps each and every morning. Today his grief is much. He can smell the flowers. He wipes away a tear as the wind blows against his face.

Esther busily prepares the castle for the ceremony of the coronation of Prince Brody as King. It’s been a few weeks, the return invitations have been accounted for. The invitation simply states “To Honor Prince Brody.” They know not that Brody will be Coronated and take the throne.

It’s midday, Charming sighs as he takes Charella from her cradle and cuddles her close to him. He opens the door to his bedroom and peers out. It's quiet. Stepping out, he feels the humid air hit his face. It's been a while since he left his chambers, and the air is refreshing. His bare feet are overjoyed by the cool stone beneath them. He makes his way to the stairwell and descends. He can hear his maidens busily hurrying about in the kitchen and dining hall further down the hall. Careful not to draw attention to himself, he quickly creeps down the stairs, then he exits the hallway, and leaves the castle.

The door to the tower creaks in protest as Charming pushes it open. It's even hotter in the enclosed space, but he isn't bothered by it. He begins to climb the stairs. Once Charming reaches the top of the stairs, he stops and stares out the window at Sno's grave. Charming cuddles Charella against him, she snuggles into his shoulder. Today, Brody will be Cornonated and crowned King. It should be a happy day, but as he stands there in the tower in his night clothes, his heart is heavy.

As guests enter the palace that evening, Charming is in the tower. He holds Charella close to his chest. She is contently asleep. He hears the music swell as the coronation begins. He hears the response of the other royals. Then he hears the announcement of his son being crowned as the King, a tear races down his face as looks out at Sno’s grave.

“Sno, my love, Brody has become King..” he sobs. His heart aches everyday without his love and he simply cannot do it anymore. He cannot be in this place. He cannot hope for this kingdom when he has no hope for himself. Completely broken and hurt, he opens the window and looks down.
He sees his Horse grazing and he calls to her. As she makes her way toward his tower, he rushes down to meet her.

Clutching Charella, he readily leaps onto his horse. He brings nothing but the clothing on his back. He wraps his arms around Charella and grasps the reins. Then he flees out the open gate of the castle walls and over the hills, never even stopping to look back.


** Thank you to my loyal readers! : D We have reached the end of book # 2. Book 3 is in progress and chapters will begin to be posted soon! Thank you for your continued support!

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You're welcome, stephie ^^

Good luck with your 3td book ^^

Poor Charming, the lost of his wife really struck him hard
I hope he and Charella as well as the other members of their family will be fine :o
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Eager to
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Default Who would continue reading without pictures? Is this possible to do?
Hello everyone. I'm very sorry that I haven't provided you all with an update in a while. That is the reason I am writing this. I have been having some issues with my game, and its caused a lag in my pictures. Because of this, I was wondering how many of you would be opposed to moving this story into the "no pictures" story? To be completely honest, I have fully completed the writing to the first 4 books, and I'm just about finished with the 5th. Taking pictures in game is holding me back from posting as much as I would like. And now with the "in game" issues, its making it all the more difficult. If the majority of you would prefer to still have pictures, I will find a way to manage, but if you wouldn't mind any pictures, I can update a lot sooner. Also. I can still post a picture of the main characters to get an idea (since I know some of you will want to see the results of the genetics) But other than that, I would prefer to just write without pictures if possible. I have run into issues with finding the proper poses and features to compliment my story in game as well, so the creativity and vision of my story is now being stifled. :'( it's up to you guys though! Whatever you want! Let me know!

#62 Old 11th Jun 2017 at 7:55 AM
Hi ^^

Ow, that's suck if your game got some problems :/

I wish you good luck for fixing it and finding the poses you need ^^

Yes, it won't be a problem if there's no pictures ^^
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 3: A Girl - Chapter One- Time Heals Most Wounds.

Chapter One - Time Heals Most Wounds.

Its been 8 years. Charming smiles at Charella as she quietly sips her orange juice at the breakfast table. The sunlight shines through the magnificent windows of their cottage mansion, echoing off the chandelier that hangs over the table. It’s been almost a year since Charming re-married. Embracing the love of another has been the hardest thing, other than letting go of Sno, he's ever had to do in his life. The loss of his daughter and his wife still plague him everyday.

“Mother. We’re going to be late again.” Chlorinda complains making her day down the stairwell down the hall.

“If you didn’t take so long to get ready, we wouldn’t … ” Andra protests, but their mother puts her hand up as she reaches the bottom of the stairwell.

“Girls. Girls. That’s quite enough. Its time we hurried. The carriage will be along shortly, no reason to doddle any further.” she wisely states.

Charming looks up from his plate, he can hear his wife and her daughters in the hall. Not wanting to be social this morning, he gets up from the table. He plants a kiss on Charella’s forehead and then rushes out the door, letting it click behind him.

“Where is your father this morning Charella?” Treshara asks.

“He’s left already.” Charella says looking down.

With Charming gone, Treshara’s smile fades. “Will you ever finish!?” she shouts impatiently. “We must be on our way, do hurry up!’ she says even more irritated.

Charella nods her head, “Yes stepmother.” she replies. She’s barely touched her breakfast, but she knows better than to cross her stepmother, and she stands and follows her and her stepsisters outside to the waiting carriage.

That night at dinner, Charming seems more run down than usual. Charella notices he isn’t acting like himself. She isn’t extremely worried until he excuses himself from the table without hardly touching his dinner.

“Hmm.” Treshara says knowingly. “I wonder what’s the matter with your father?” she says pointingly. Charella doesn’t like the tone in her voice.

Once dinner is finished, Charella hurries up the stairs to find her father. He’s in his study.

“Father, can you tuck me in?” Charella asks with an innocent smile.

Charming looks up from the book hes reading and nods, he stands and accompanies Charella to her room. He picks her up and sets her into her bed, kissing her forehead as he pulls the covers over her.

“No story tonight?” Charella asks, heartbroken.

Charming sighs and picks up the book sitting on the nightstand, and begins to read. Charella is confused, and she knows something isn't right.

“Father? Are you alright?” she finally asks him as he closes the storybook.

“Yes sweetheart, everything is fine.” he says with a tear in his eye. “Dearest Charella, Never forget, that no matter what happens, everything I ever did, I did out of love for you. I love you sweetheart. Please never forget that. Ok? he asks pulling her into a hug.
Charella frowns, “Yes Father. I promise. I’ll never forget.” she says confused and slightly worried.

Charming leaves the room, and pulls her door shut to just a crack. He lingers there a couple minutes in the light, watching her get comfortable. Then he heads to bed himself.

Downstairs, Treshara rinses out the dishes from dinner. She picks up each of the glasses and sniffs them. Then once she’s found the one she’s looking for, she rinses it out and places it into the cupboard, away from the others.

“Don’t want to use that on anyone by accident.” she chuckles to herself.

The next morning, Charella wakes and heads downstairs to the breakfast table as usual, but finds no breakfast waiting, confused she heads back upstairs to her Father and Stepmother’s room. For as long as she can remember, her Father has cooked breakfast, its routine. She enters the room and tiptoes to her Father’s side, she reaches for his hand to wake up him, but when she touches it, she jumps back.

It’s ice cold.

“Ahhhhh!” she screams.

“You ignorant fool. What are you doing in here!?” her stepmother demands awaking from beside her Father.

“Apologies Step mother, but Father is very cold. Why is Father so cold?” she asks confused. “Is he alright? And why hasn’t he gotten up to start breakfast yet..?” Charella asks demanding an answer.

Charella. Leave now.” Treshara says pointing with her finger toward the door.

Charella leaves, sad and confused, somehow she knows he’s gone. Somehow she knows he was saying goodbye last night to her, and somehow she knows things will never be the same. . .
#64 Old 22nd Jul 2017 at 8:42 AM
It was a good chapter, Stephie :D
I'm glad to see you're back ^^
And it seem you managed to fix what bothered you with the game ? If so, that's good :D

Oh no, Charming is dead and with his wife, now T_T

Poor Charella, I think her feeling are right, things will never be the same :/
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Poor Charella, she's an orphan now.. and her stepmother ans her two stepsisters don't seems nice...

Is it a murder... poisoned by his wife ?
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#66 Old 26th Jul 2017 at 5:21 AM
This story is so sad, I just read all the books, (except 3) and they're all so sad, I'm balling my eyes out on my pillow right now. This series is one of the most tragic stories I've ever heard. Please continue this series many people read it but just don't comment. This series is so sad but so good.. thank you for making this I hope you continue this series. Also, no pictures in the chapters are excellent Thank you SO much for making this series even though it's very unfortunate, I appreciate you making it.
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 3: A Girl - Chapter Two - Changes

Chapter Two - Changes

It’s been 8 more years and much has changed. For starters, Charella is the maid of the home. She is no longer permitted to sit at the table and enjoy breakfast in the morning, with her family; or listen to stories at night. She is expected to have supper on the table every evening, she is expected to have the dishes washed and put away every evening by sundown and she is expected to do everything daily without fail or question.

As the years have gone by, Charella hardly remembers her life with her Father. Everyday her memories grow dimmer, while she hates her life more with each passing day. Today Charella has to go to the market. It is the only time she’s allowed to leave the house. She is looking forward to getting outside. Today, the birds are chirping and the Spring flowers are starting to bloom. She gathers her basket and prepares to select her cloak from the hook near the door.

Then all of a sudden, Andra comes running into the parlor, carrying a letter. She smashes into Charella and falls to the ground.

“Watch out you clumsy fool!” she yells getting up and dusting herself off. Charella sees the letter and tries to pick it up and hand it back to Andra, but Andra snatches it from the ground before she can.

“Mother!” Andra calls. “Oh Mother!”

Treshara appears at the top of the staircase, and begins to descend.

“Andra what is it?” she asks annoyed.

“Mother, I was just outside, and there’s to be a ball tonight. In honor of Spring!” she chirps excitedly.

Treshara elegantly proceeds down the stairs and takes the letter from Andra’s hands.

“So there is.” she says without emotion.

Charella rolls her eyes and purses her lips, she knows she will never be able to go, and she knows her entire day will now be dedicated to getting her step sisters ready, she tries to sneak out the door, but it creaks as it opens.

“Charella? Oh you thought you were going to the market? Change of plans, I need you to dress the girls for tonight. Make everything ready.” Treshara demands with a wave of her hand, before turning to go upstairs.

Charella sighs loudly. Andra takes notice and laughs. She turns back around and approaches Charella once again.

“What are you in such a bad mood for? It’s not like you have to wear those heels all night.” Andra complains with a laugh.

Then Andra turns on her heel, and ascends the staircase, leaving Charella alone in the parlor.

Charella can feel her eyes welling up with tears as Andra reaches the top of the stairs.

It’s nearly time for the ball, Charella has been busy, cleaning and mending her step sister’s gowns, shining their shoes and jewelry, and making sure they are clean and presentable for the ball tonight. A carriage pulls up outside. Charella sees it from the hall window. She makes her way to her stepmothers bedroom and knocks lightly on the door.

“What is it?” Treshara says, opening the door and stepping out.

“Sorry step mother, the carriage is here.” Charella says bowing her head.

“Ah but of course, are my daughters ready?” Treshara asks.

“Yes Ma’am, they are.”

“Good. Now I don’t need to tell you Charella that you are not to leave this house. You were not invited to the ball and you will not be there.” Treshara begins ranting.

“Yes, I know, have a good time.” Charella says with a frown before turning and going to her bedroom.

Charella ascends the highest staircase and walks down the dark hall to her attic bedroom.

She closes the door and lies on her bed, tears fill her eyes as she hugs her pillow.

“Daddy I miss you so much.” she says through her sobs.

She glances out the window of her bedroom and sees her step mother and step sisters get into the carriage and depart. She opens the window and lets in the cool night air. It’s so inviting.

She knows her stepmother told her to stay in the house, but she just cannot help herself.

So forgetting all reason, she rushes down the stairs and out the door.
#68 Old 23rd Aug 2017 at 7:25 AM
It's a good chapter Stephie ^^

Charella grew up into a really pretty girl ^^
But, the poor girl, turned into a servant :/

I hope things will improve for her ^^
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#69 Old 23rd Aug 2017 at 6:27 PM
Charella is so pretty, I hope something good will happen to her. The stepmother and the stepsisters are so cruel..
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 3: A Girl - Chapter Three - Stranger
Chapter Three - Stranger

As Charella walks toward the garden it begins to rain. Instead of running from it, Charella dances in it. She takes in the smell. She takes in the free feeling she has, paying no attention where she is dancing or going, she soon finds herself in the woods, that border their cottage home. It's very dark and she quickly sets about trying to find the way back to the path toward the house. The moon shines, lighting the way.

"Excuse me?" someone says in the dark.

Charella freezes. Who else would be out late at night in the dark. She bites her lip and tries to run for it, but trips over her shoe and falls into the dirt. She knows the stranger heard her fall and she scrambles to get up, driven by fear.

"Please don't go, I only want to talk." the voice says as she gets up and hurries away, not watching where she is going, when BAM! She slams into a boy not much older than herself.

Charella is embarrassed and scared. She doesn't know who this person is.

"Oh. I'm so sorry." he says jumping up and giving her his hand, "Let me help you up." he helps her up and introduces himself as Augusto.

"I'm Charella. Augusto, if you don't mind my asking, why aren't you at the ball?"

"Ah the ball. Yes, well, my family isn't so keen on matters which pertain to royality. I might ask you the same question.." he says with a smile, although in the dark, Charella cannot see it.

"It's the same in my home as well." she lies.

As the moon climbs higher into the night sky, the rain subsides and Charella and Augusto chat. They sit upon a log in the forest, talking about their lives, Charella of course is the daughter of a poor millmen who's only wish for her is that she be happy. Augusto's father has been killed in battle and he lives with his mother. He is an only child. The chat is going well, until Charella hears the bell toll for midnight.

"I'm very sorry Augusto, but I have to be getting back now." she says standing.

Augusto is sad to see her go but smiles and takes her hand, kissing it.

"Farewell Charella. Will we meet again?" he asks hopeful.

Charella smiles as well, pulling her hand away.

" I should hope so." she says blushing.
#71 Old 8th Oct 2017 at 9:15 AM
Good chapter, Stephie :D

Charella met someone interesting, I hope things will goes well ^^
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#72 Old 9th Oct 2017 at 6:34 PM
This young man seems nice. Eager to read more.
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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 1: A Girl- Chapter Four - Tea Time
Chapter Four - Tea Time

The next morning, Charella is awoken by her step mother pounding on her door.

“Charella! Get up you lazy girl, why haven’t you started breakfast!” she demands angerly.

Charella sits up and rubs her eyes, she can’t decide if her meeting with Augusto last night was a dream or not. She gets out of bed and realizes she is still in her work clothes, and they are covered in dirt. She quickly realizes it wasn’t a dream, she has a friend. Thankfully Treshara doesn’t enter Charella’s room or else she might notice the dirt on her clothing and begin asking questions.

Charella hurries to change her clothes, taking care to hide them from view. She catches her glance in her mirror on the wall and can’t help but admire herself for a moment. Then she rushes to get started on her daily tasks.

All day Charella is beside herself and happy. Just having someone who she can talk to has made her feel like there is hope in the world for her. She finishes her chores early and then hurries to make the tea for the afternoon tea party. Charella no doubt, absolutely not invited, doesn’t mind, because as she pours the tea. Charella’s stepmother and step sisters gossip and she can listen to them and quietly mock and laugh at them.

This afternoon is no different, and they are talking about the ball. Charella hangs her head in anticipation of what she might hear. As she enters the tea room carrying the tea pot. She sets it down on the table and stands nearby, waiting quietly and patiently should anyone request more tea.

“But he wasn’t even there, I don’t understand why he wasn’t there.” Andra says again.
“Well then who was I dancing with all evening..” Chlorinda argues.

“Girls. Let’s not argue now, this is a nice tea session, now let’s not ruin it.” Treshara interrupts them.

Time seems to pass by more slowly than ever before. Charella finds herself day-dreaming about the young man she met in the forest. During her days at the market, she always keeps an eye out for him. Her efforts are futile though, she never does see him.

Before long, its Summer, and the annual Summer ball is upon them. Charella has already gotten everything ready for her stepsisters and is finishing her stepmothers gown. She works quickly and efficiently. For the past few days something has kept her quite happy, possibly the fact that she might see Augusto again tonight. She is hopeful.

After her stepmother and stepsisters leave, she races to the forest, and sits upon the same log as last time. She hums quietly to herself as she waits.

It’s nearly midnight, and still Augusto has not shown up. Charella’s hope is starting to dwindle. She feels a tear streak down her face. Getting herself so excited for something and then having it not come true is like a dagger through her heart. She hears the clock toll midnight and she gets up to walk home. Suddenly something crumples beneath her feet. It’s a note, she picks it up and begins to read.

Dearest Charella,

It was my intention to meet with you tonight, but something has come up and its kept my time away from you. I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me and agree to meet during the next ball?

Sincerely, Augusto.

Charella holds the letter to her chest. She smiles wide to herself and feels her cheeks blush. Although she didn’t get to see him tonight, it matters not. She thought he had forgotten about her, that their meeting was a one time occurrence, but clearly he thought of her those past 3 months as she thought of him and he wants to see her again.

Charella is forced back into reality as she hears the last toll of the bell. It is midnight. She rushes quickly inside.

Charella hears the carriage pull up outside, and hurries to her bedroom. She is conflicted with herself about the note, on the one hand, she wants to keep it to remind herself that someone cared. And on the other hand she is fearful her stepmother or stepsisters will find it. She decides for now to leave it outside, hidden under a flower pot.

So it is, every 3 months, twice per season when the palace holds the annual celebration of the season, Charella would sneak from the house and meet with Augusto in the woods.

Each meeting, is like a dream. They would chat of themselves, of what they hope for, and what they dream. Charella pretends her life is almost perfect. She pretends her Father was still alive. She pretends she isn’t a maid, that she enjoys walks outside with her Father, and that overall she is happy. Augusto tells her of his past as well. How his mother is pushing him to find someone to settle down with, and how he isn’t ready. How his Father’s death has left a hole in their family and how things are all together different now that he is gone.

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Default Once Upon A Time Series. Book 3: A Girl - Chapter Five - This Feeling
Chapter Five - This Feeling-

It’s Fall. There’s a crispness to the air, as Winter’s impending breath draws nearer. The first annual Fall ball of the season has arrived. Charella's stepmother and stepsisters have already made their way to the castle.

Charella finds herself readying to meet with Augusto. She pulls at her tattered dress and smooths her hair. Normally she isn't so concerned with her appearance, but for some reason tonight feels different. She’s determined to see him at least for a couple minutes, yet she hopes for longer.


She makes her way to the woods, overturning leaves as she walks.

“Augusto?” she calls as she nears the log. But there is no answer. She continues walking, still hopeful he is there.

“Augusto?” she calls again. Still no answer. She sighs loudly, but continues walking until she reaches the log.

There in the leaves, sitting in silence is Augusto.

“Augusto? Why didn’t you answer me?” Charella asks just a slight bit annoyed.

He still doesn't answer.

She walks over to him and stands in front of him, then she sees his tears.

Charella’s breath is caught in her throat.

“August?” she asks concerned. “What’s the matter?” she asks pulling him up from the ground and into a hug.

Augusto wraps his arms around her as well, and then kisses her cheek. Charella pulls away caught by surprise.

“I'm sorry Charella, I didn't mean to startle you, I’m sorry I didn't answer when you called, I've been beside myself, when my Father died, there was a debt that was to be paid on his behalf and since he can no longer pay it, my mother looked into another way…” he trails.

“Okay, so what was the other way..” Charella encourages him further.

Augusto wipes away another tear. “She has arranged a marriage for me.” he blurts out. Charella stares in stunned silence.

“She has arranged for me to marry a rich girl who will solve all our problems.. ” he continues finally, as another tear escapes.

“And so, what’s the matter with that?” Charella asks her heart fluttering in her chest.

“Charella! Everything! Everything is wrong with that!” Augusto exclaims angerly, causing Charella to jump back.

These past few months, something has been growing inside Charella. Whenever she thinks about Augusto, her heart skips a beat, her palms get sweaty, she gets really happy and her heart feels like it might burst. She hates to admit it, but she’s fallen for him.

She comes closer to him, and reaches for his hand.

“Why is everything wrong with it Augusto?’ Charella asks holding her breath.

Augusto looks up at her, the moonlight shining radiantly on his face.

“Because I love you Charella.” he says as another tear falls.

They stay looking into each other’s eyes for several moments. Not sure what to do.

“I love you too Augusto.” Charella finally says breaking the silence.

Then Augusto reaches for her, he kisses her hard on the lips. “Dearest, I don’t want to be without you, but in a years’ time I will be married.” he says pulling away. “I am being sent to another kingdom to marry my bride..I fear I may never see you again..” he says as another tear falls.

Charella is still caught up in the moment, she shakes her head and pulls him into a hug.

“I wish there was more I could do..” she says as she feels her heart breaking. Time is running out, by now, Charella can tell when the moon has almost reached its peak point.

“Augusto, please come see me again before you go?” Charella asks kissing him.

“I will do what I can. It’s a whole 3 months from now Char. But I will try my best.” Augusto promises.

Charella runs the past 6 months through her head. She remembers their conversations. She thinks about what it might be like without him. The thought makes her heart hurt, it makes her sick, it makes her sad. She pulls him to her once again. Determined that he know how she truly feels . . .

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#75 Old 21st Nov 2017 at 4:47 PM
Who is the rich girl ? One of the stepsisters ?
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