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Default It's My Life Challenge
Hello everyone! I wanted to play a legacy challenge that could have as many or as little rules as you wanted, so that's where the idea for this challenge was born. If you want a points system just tell me and I'll work on it asap. I'll also be working on a more insane difficulty level, so look forward to that!

You've been raised by strict parents. They've always had the strictest rules for you to abide by. They chose what you would wear, eat, what time you did what, who you talked to, who you dated, they chose everything for you! When you turned eighteen, you were finally ready to get out of that stifling home and begin your own life. You wanted to explore the world and meet new people. You were going to go no matter what your parents say.

1. No cheat codes or at least none that gives you an advantage
2. You must complete the sims current aspiration before changing it
3. Don't bring Sims back from the dead, you may plead with the reaper, but once they're gone they're gone.
4. You can make the parents if you want, but it's not necessary. Would be interesting for story purposes.

Getting Started
Create a YA Female or Male sim, make them however you want. Just be creative. They're going to be your founder after all.
Pick a difficulty or play it your way, after all it's your life.
Pick a succession law if you want. Is the heir going to be a boy? A girl? Are they going to have a specific trait? What about a specific eye color or hair color? The choice is totally up to you what it is if you have one at all.

Basically the only way you can lose either by losing all of your heirs or founder before having any heirs. For the hard difficulty you can lose if you don't finish the objectives for that generation.

Since there is going to be a lot to put for each difficulty I'm going to be putting them under spoilers so you don't have to dig through them all just to find the one you want.

Easy - “They said yes!”

Medium - “They weren't happy...”

Hard - “They said no!”

Tell me what you think. Any tips or questions are very welcome. I literally just worked this up and I want to see what y'all think. I would also love to see how your play throughs are going if you decide to partake in this challenge. I haven't gotten a chance to thoroughly test it out, I did start, but then my game crashed. I do however know that it is totally doable, since I got her from zero to a thousand, with a lot of work, but it was enough. I hope you all enjoy!

I thought I would share a bit of Kyleigh's story before I lost all of her progress. I do plan on going back and doing it over again, it's just upsetting that she had so much going on in such little time and yet she'll never know about it. I will put her story in the spoilers below and update it as I go. I'm hoping to get back to where I was relatively soon!

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Hey! I wanted to try this out, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures until I was well into generation 2
But, I do have one picture from my first generation!

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Another update:

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So, I just got on here after awhile, so I just found out this was put up here. I'm glad you're having fun with it! I'm planning on creating a couple of modes that'll make it hard for those who really want to challenge themselves!
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For anyone that wants to try my insane mode (or what I've started on it) here is the link to it! For now, I'm going to keep it on my tumblr and once it's finished I'll be moving it to here.
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