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A Game of Sims Challenge
Power. Ambition. Betrayal. Who will hold the crown?

In this challenge, you’ll have to play with 6 Sim families that will fight to be on top. Which one of them will win the Game of Sims?


Create a household in CAS. You may create as many Sims you want. One of them must be the leader of the family, who will have the title of King/Queen. Place them in a lot. They will be your Royal Family.

Create 6 more households and place them in the world. You must number them (1-6). This is important, so take notes. Those household also can have as many Sims as you want. Be creative! Try creating families with unique appearences and family traits! You are free, of course, to create them as you wish.

You may use cheats for money, careers and bulding their houses. Be sure that your families are the only households in the world. Delete any other family that lives there.
Finally, you must select a Sucession Law: Matriarchy or Patriarchy. This will be important and can’t change during the challenge.


Now you have all set, you may start playing. The 6 families you created will be fighting over the title of King/Queen and become the Royal Family. You will not play with the original Royal Family, just with the other 6 households you created!

You will play with a family each week. You must switch the family on Sundays, at midnight. Roll a dice to discover which family you must start and play next (dice = 3 = Play with the Family #3). It doesn’t matter if you already played with a family, just do what the dice tells you to do! During the week, you must ONLY play with the selected family.

In order to become the Royal Family, the title of King/Queen must be with one of the members of the household. How? By breeding. Your Sims must have a baby with the current King/Queen, who will inherit the title when he/she become a Young-adult. Then, his/her family will become the Royal Family.

The winner family will be the one that holds the title of the Royal Family when the challenge ends. The challenge ends when all the families had been played once.


Sucession is something very important in this challenge. But there are some rules.

- The claim of King/Queen title will always be with the firstborn child of the current King/Queen. The child who holds the claim will be the Prince/Princess. However, one of the young sibiling of the Prince/Princess may steal his/her claim by wining a fight with he/she.

- If your King/Queen is married, the children of his/her wife/husband will hold the claim. Children of extramatrial affairs can only hold the claim if there is no heirs in the official relationship.

- Once the Prince/Princess become a Young-adult, the title is locked and can’t be stealed anymore. Then, the Prince/Princess become the new King/Queen. After that, the title of Royal Family will be transfered to the new King/Queen’s family.

- When a baby is born. is important to be aware of his/her alignment. If you choose Matriarchy, the babies will always be part of the Mother’s family. If you choose Patriarchy, the babies will be part of the Father’s family. So, if a family is trying to steal the title of Royal Family, they must be sure to have a baby that will inherit the King/Queen title as part of their family.


1- No cheating after starting the challenge. The only cheats allowed is to reset buged Sims/objects and for advanced buiding. You may use Custom Content and Mods as you wish.

2- Lifespan must be set to Normal and aging must be on. The options of moving households to empty houses must be disabled.

3- Your Sims may relate with Townies, NPCs and other households as you want. They may even marry and have children with any Sim to continue the family.

4- Your Sims must always live within the household of their families. Babies must be raised within the household of his/her family, even if he/she was born in other household.

5- Once a Sim marries, the husband/wife must move-in the family. If you choose Matriarchy, husbands must move to the wifes’ family. If you choose Patriarchy, wifes must move to the husbands’ family. However, marriage is optional in order to have babies

6- In case of same-sex marriage, the wife/husband must move to the active household. The children of this couple will be part of the family they are born within the household.

7- Adopted and alien babies count as much as natural-born babies.


As said, the challenge ends when all the families had been played with. That means the challenge will last for at least 6 weeks, but it can be much longer as you will roll the dice in order to select which family to play with next!

If you have any question or suggestion about the challenge, please contact me here or by e-mail: [email protected]

Oh! And if you want to share your Families stories in the web, please send me a link! I would love to keep up with it!
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Oh my god that sounds so cool!
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This sounds amazing - I might have to try this one!
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I know its been 17 months since this thread was commented on, but this part of the forum is for challenges, and while. I'm really liking this one! So I thought some others might too! I've made a few adjustments. I have installed Wicked Wims and the Extreme Violence Mod- which makes my game possible to play the same but different. I am playing 5 other families - I switch to a new family after one in game Sim week. I also am only allowed to play one family member in the family per day. From Midnight to Midnight. Once the family member has all their motives in the green, they are allowed to visit the King and Queen and their children in the castle. The catch is all members of the family who are in the home must visit as well- regardless of their motive status. The visiting family must return home at 7pm every night. If using Wicked Wims - their activities must always be random, and can never choose an activity to result in a pregnancy. if a member of the royal family or a maid or butler chances upon a royal family engaging in activity with a member of the colored families, that member is killed. So if Ned Stark is discovered to be engaging with Scarlett Red - by his wife, Scarlett will be killed, unless the party that discovered them chooses to join, then they will be spared.

I am playing with King Stark and Lady Stark, and all their children from GOT. I have made the Wicked Wim setting, so that pregnancy is on a realistic setting - in combination with the Wicked Wims Menstrual Cycle. (This makes it more difficult to get a royal pregnant) I've also made it so the Royal family only has 1 space left in their family tree to add another Sim- which has created a sense of urgency and distrust among my Sims. Since all of the Stark children are now teens of the same age- the first one to produce an heir is the one who will take over the throne. The Queen can draw this out and cause me to lose the challenge, if she gets pregnant too., but with the Extreme Violence mod, I allow my Sims to kill members of the royal house. If they succeed - without getting caught, thats another opportunity to become the ruler. BUT- if they get caught, they are sentenced to death.

There is no birth control in this world, so most of the families are large and growing. In the beginning, I started out my families by rolling a dice. A father and a mother- and then roll a dice for their # of children. After this I rolled a dice to determine the ages of their children. Even numbers were teens. odd numbers were children. Then I randomized their names based on how many children they had. I also named each family a color- so as to keep track of them better.. I guess you could say I've really re-done this entire challenge, and could re-name it the Royal Color Challenge.. but yes! I'm having a ton of fun. Ohhh.. and if a royal does happen to get pregnant and its a family, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow - that family has to take that baby in an raise it until its a teen- At that time, its introduced to the royals- though you are never allowed to play the royal family.. (only to check and see who might be the parent of a baby born) - If the teen survives to adult hood, without being killed or disappearing, they're parent becomes the new heir. If the family cannot take in the child, its killed.

I was making each family live in "medieval" times as I have lots of cc for it. But I decided only the royal family are living and dressing as such- so each member of the colored families, wears the color of their last name, and lives in a modern house. So Scartlett Red- wears all red.. Eugene Green- all green, etc etc. Also- once the family moves in, they are only allowed $500 in the bank- this is of course to ensure that some family members die off- and leave a fighting chance for others! Jobs are allowed, but not encouraged, as it takes away time that you would be engaging with the royal family. Lifetime is set to short - so making the most of every day is important. (Though I may make it regular, as I am not sure the rest of the royal family will be alive by the time the child can take over the throne ..)

I only have until I play each family to come up with an heir.. so its a challenge. I think it would be much harder with jealousy on though! Once I finish it (IF) I finish it, I might go back and play with that on too.. Also- I allowed a certain activity between family members that I won't say here (because i don't want to be banned) but it was common in those times, plus- it makes it more difficult to succeed. Honestly, thinking about it, I may have set myself up for failure. LOL.
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