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Default Sims 4 War Legacy Challenge
(this is an adaptation from a Sims 3 challenge that wasn't created by me, I just wanted to make my own version)
This challenge acts like a 10 gen legacy but with the twist of a war going on. The goal is to complete the challenge with at least 2 sims alive.

>Start with a couple (I recomend married but make them strangers if you want) or a single sim.
>Make whatever you want with the house (you can use money cheats) but keep in mind that the house MUST have a basement (I also recomend you get some place to garden) and you still need to pay the bills.
>The basement can only have: a fridge (you can't cook), a dinning set, a board game, a bookshelf and a complete bathroom
>You'll have a week before the actual challenge (AKA the war) starts to get ready. A week is the maximun time you'll have, if you want the war to start earlier go ahead.
>Once the war start send all men of age (YA, adult) away (move them out). Do this every time a teen turns YA. You'll now play with their spouse and children (you can't create kids in CAS).

Gen 1:
-your sims can go outside every day but only between 2 p.m and 6 p.m
-your sims can have a full-time job
-electricity still available
-every week rol a dice between 1 and 20 for every sim you sent to war. If you get a 20 or 19 you're sims dies. if you get an 18 or 17 you're sims is injured and must come home (this sims won´t be able to go to war again) but they must get a bad trait because of this.
-sims sent to war can visit at weekends every 2 weeks and they must come back once they turn elders
-every week day from 7 p.m to 9 p.m there's a bombarding, if your sims aren't at the basement they die.

Gen 2:
-there's an energy crisis. from now on you can only use electric objects from 9 a.m to 5 p.m
-unemployment incresing, sims can only have part-time jobs from now on and extra money must be obtained via trade (AKA selling gardening and fishing goodies)
-they weekly roll is now like this:
>20,19,18: sim dies
>17,16,15: sim injured
-bombarding now takes place from 7 to 10 p.m
(if I didn't list something it's because it stays the same)

Gen 3:
-energy supply can only handle iluminattion, one cheap TV and a fridge (the basement one dosen't count). delete everything electrical except for that.
-most shops close. you can no longer buy things like books and seeds
-you can only go outside on weekends, fridays and mondays from 2 to 6 p.m (jobs don't count)
-sims sent to war can now visit every weekend.
-weekly rol:
>20 to 16: die
>16 to 14: injured

Gen 4:
-there are no longer jobs. all money must be made via trade
-no more energy available, get some candles!(delete all electric items)
-sims sent to war can only visit weekends every 2 weeks
-weekly roll:
>20 to 14: die
>13 to 10: injured
-bombarding now happens every day from 6 to 10 p.m

Gen 5:
- the army now accepts teens. with younger soldiers, adults can now go home (adults not YA).
-there's a deadly illness going on! you must ran weekly checks on the sims at you're house (not the ones at the war). roll a dice between 1 and 10, if you sims get a 10,9,8,7 or 6 they are infected. roll a dice between 1 and 50, if they get a number below 25 they die. if they survive they are inmune the following week.
-sims can now only go ouside on fridays and weekends from 2 to 5 p.m
-weekly war roll:
>20 to 10: die
>9 to 8: injured

Gen 6:
-grocery stores close. all your food must be obtained from gardening and fishing
-weekly illness roll:
>10 to 8: infected
-infected roll:
>below 15: die

Gen 7:
-a cure for the illness is found!
-your sims can only go ouside on weekends
-bombarding now takes place from 7 to 11 p.m
-war roll:
>20 to 9: die
>8: injured

Gen 8:
-women of age (YA, adult) are now accepted in the war (you must leave one to take care of the children)
-sims can now only go ouside one day of the week (you chose). There are no hour restrictions but keep in mind the bombarding.
-bombarding takes place from 6 to 11 p.m
-war roll:
>20 to 8: die
>7: injured

Gen 9:
-the city is taken by the enemy! roll a dice to see which of your sims are taken as slaves (same roll as the illness). roll a dice between 1 and 100 (if you get an odd numer they die and if you get and even number they live) to see which of the ones taken survive.
-war roll:
>odds: die
>even: survive

Gen 10:
Congrat! you have suvived through the war!
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This reminds me of my own Sims 4 War Challenge. Actually, it's strikingly similar.
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Default The Pickens Family
Greg and Cecilia are a very normal couple. They bought an old house with all the money they had and both got jobs. Greg is in the video game industry and Cecilia is a fast food worker.

They are excited to start a family and welcome little Penelope with open hearts. Soon enough they are expecting again and hope for a boy to complete the family. Soon after the twins are born, the country is thrust into a conflict with a neighboring nation.

Greg must leave to defend his family and his homeland. Cecilia and the girls are lucky to have an old bomb shelter in the 50s-era house they bought. The women move underground for safety and Cecilia quits her job to care for the children. Greg will send home money when/if he can and Cecilia can garden and paint for extra income.

The toddler years were really hard and the family has their power and water shut off at times but Cecilia keeps food on the table and Greg survives his first tour of duty.

When Greg returns home for a brief visit, hes stunned by how much the girls have grown. Penny was just a toddler when he left and she is a teenager now. Mady and Tilly are both in school already. So happy and relieved to see each other, Greg and Cecilia let their passions get the best of them. By the time Greg ships out again, Cecilia is expecting their 4th child. They only planned on two altogether and the twins already wrecked that plan. Cecilia is devastated that she will have to give birth and raise this new baby alone.

Not long after Greg leaves, Cecilia gives birth to TWINS again.

Civilian Bombardment Deaths
child Levon Cronin-Benitez (survived by his parents Lucian & Stacie and 8 half-siblings)
child Kaleigh Ngo (survived by her parents Xander & Athena and her siblings Alayna and Daxton)
Cortney Eldridge (survived by her husband Clifton Jr and their children Brynn, Alayna, and newborn Clifton III)
Laila Brito (survived briefly by her husband Angel and their children Isiah, Scarlet, and Kurtis)
Charlotte Wendt (survived by her husband Roger and their son Reuben)
Alana Benitez-Neely (survived by her husband Lucian and their children Braun, Harley, Grayson)

Soldier Deaths
Xander Ngo (survived by his two oldest children Alayna and Daxton)
Liam Benitez-Goodman (survived by his wife Jenifer and his two children Tyler and Katherine)

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Geez, 5 kids?! Should've used birth control!
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Default The Pickens Family - Chapter Two
I left off with Cecilia giving birth to her 2nd set of twins. Arabella and Alexander were a little easier to take care of with the older girls around to help. Alex was independent and made everything so difficult but Bella was angelic and completely adorable.

The three older girls all aged into young adults and Matilda started a couple romances with married men (men who had been injured in the war and sent home). When all the service men were given leave, she met and fell for Jalen Wood. They were married quickly so that her father could attend and before Jalen would have to leave again.

Toward the end of leave, Greg was informed that he would be discharged due to his advanced age. He and Cecilia were so happy to finally get to spend some time together as a family with their younger children, whom Greg just met.

Madeline and Matilda moved into their own home (& Jalen was injured and sent home) while Penny stayed behind to help her aging parents with their garden and the younger kids.

Sadly just as their married life together was beginning again, Greg and Cecilia lost track of time and perished during bombardment. Penelope knew she would now have to be responsible for Bella and Alex. Madeline became pen pals with Adrian Ngo, a soldier she grew up with, and they married through the mail. Matilda and Jalen became parents to a little girl named Camryn.

When the twins were finally old enough to begin caring for themselves more, Penelope found love with an older discharged gentleman named Skyler Cowart. They became pregnant and married quickly.

Penelope Pickens m. Skyler Cowart (discharged) - 1 son (Gregory Cowart)
Madeline Pickens m. Adrian Ngo (deployed)
Matilda Pickens m. Jalen Wood (dishcharged) - 1 daughter (Camryn Wood)
Arabella Pickens
Alexander Pickens

Katarina Farrell (survived by husband and their two children)
Grayson & Ximena Benitez-Neely (married couple survived by their toddler, Royce)
Harley Wendt<---twin sister of Grayson (survived by husband Reuben and their daughter, Karla)
child Mathew Benitez<---nephew of Grayson & Harley (survived by his parents Braun & Alayna and his twin sister Sandy)
Jennie Brito (survived by husband Isiah and their son Aldo)

Sidney Benitez-Neely (survived by wife Sally, two children Jennie Brito & Stewart Benitez, grandson Aldo Brito)
Soren Cronin-Wendt (survived by wife Katherine and son Brody Cronin)
Lord Daxton Ngo (survived by wife The Lady Melisa and their only child, Lady Haeju)

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Default The Pickens Family - Chapter Three
Alexander married Katarina Landis (daughter of single mother McKenna Landis).

Alexander, of course, is drafted into the military just after the wedding. Katarina is pleased to discover her pregnancy and is relieved to have Alex's sister Bella still at home to help with the baby. As with the rest of the family, Katarina delivers twins! AGAIN! The girls are named Vada and Valoria. In between babysitting, gardening and painting, Bella has found time for romance. With very few men available, she begins and affair with an elderly married man. Tyler Ngo-Goodman is married to a noblewoman Lady Lyric Dang (younger daughter of the late Earl Cecil Dang & his wife Rohana Benitez-Chance, Lady Darian). Bella isn't concerned with his marriage, she has no desire to make him hers. She is just lonely. The affair cements that Bella will never be lonely again, she falls pregnant with TWINS of course. Lucas and Layla will never meet their father, after learning of the pregnancy Tyler never saw Bella again. Penelope was recently widowed and remarried and she invites her youngest sister and the twins to live with her. Katarina is happy to be rid of the extra set of twins. 4 kids in that basement was too much to handle.

After Bella moved out, Katatrina focused on the kids and the gardening until Alex was finally allowed a visit. The family played, read books, talked and dancing the entire time. They were very aware that this time together would be fleeting. After Alex returned to the battlefront, Katatrina discovered that she was pregnant. She was happy, this baby was planned. She gave birth to Gavin just before Alex was injured and sent home. They would be together now for the rest of their lives.....

Shortly after Alex's return, Katarina found herself trapped outside during bombardment. She and 4 others were killed. Alex is now a single parent.

Penelope Pickens was widowed and now married to Stewart Benitez - she has two sons from her 1st marriage (Gregory & Peyton Cowart) and a newborn with her 2nd (Nathaniel Benitez)
Madeline Pickens is widowed with 1 son (Chester Ngo)
Matilda Pickens is widowed with 3 children (Camryn, Elvis, & Tiara Woods)
Arabella Pickens is single with 2 children (Lucas & Layla Pickens-Ngo-Goodman)
Alexander Pickens is a widower with 3 children (Vada, Valoria, & Gavin Pickens)

Barry Farrell (survived by his wife Keisha and his children from previous relationships Alison, Lamar, Sarah, Jefferson)

Clifton Eldridge III and his young daughter Samantha (survived by wife/mother Kaylyn)
Vikram Sams (survived by his wife Alayna and their daughter newborn Tammy)
Katarina Pickens (survived by her husband Alexander and their children Vada, Valoria, Gavin)
Keisha Farrell (survived by her son Andres Erwin-Brito)

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Default The Pickens Family - Chapter Four
Since Katarina's death, both daughters have found love, married, and had children. Alexander is now an elder, so I've begun the new Gen 3 rules. They can only go outside on the weekends, Monday, and Friday from 2-6pm. The garden is being severely neglected during the week. Electricity is seriously limited but this family has never had a TV or anything so no real change. Alexander has also FINALLY maxed his handiness skill and I'm anxious for the weekend so he can break into that secret tunnel in the Oasis Springs park and maybe discover some new plants. Gavin is nearly an adult and I don't have any wife prospects for him yet. The neighborhood is increasingly blood related so finding a teen to flirt with is getting harder. Gavin has 19 1st cousins! Also I've been hypenating illegitimate offspring so that both parents are represented, I'm gonna stop that. Its getting out of control. I have a set of twins right now named Rhys & Beatriz Eldridge-Farrell-Erwin-Brito, thats out of control. Illegitimate children will now carry only their mother's surname. Gavin aged up and right away proposed marriage to his current girlfriend Megan Cronin. After her rejection, Gavin left for war broken-hearted. Upon his return, Gavin found his father was weakening and needed someone to help care for him in his final years. Gavin searched for a girl that would love his father just as much as she would love him and their children. Everly Harp, a friend and former classmate, was the young lady for the job. Gavin and Everly were married without any fuss and are now expecting TWINS (of course).

Bianca Gil survived by her 2nd husband Nathanael and two daughters Kaylin & Leigh
Mandy Brito survived by her husband Aldo and their two children Liz & Terrence
Arabella Cronin survived by her husband Brody and children Lucas, Layla, & Eloise
Geoff Harp survived by his wife his wife Lady Marisa and their daughters Everly & Karen
Sandy Landis survived by her husband Deven and their twins India & Iris
Thomas Turpin survived by his wife Alysha and children Gracie, Hunter, & Jocelyn
child Jocelyn Turpin survived by her mother Alysha and siblings Hunter Turpin & Sheila Ngo-Goodman
child Kinley Erwin survived by her mother Lady Haeju and older sisters Corinne Rankin & Jaimie Erwin
Peyton Cowart survived by his wife Karla and daughters Indra & Breanna

August Erwin survived by his wife Lady Haeju and their daughters Corinne, Jaimie, & Kinley
Lamar Farrell survived by his wife Anastasia and their daughter Avery
Andres Erwin-Brito survived by his wife Silvia and children Rhys, Beatriz, & Angelica
Wade Rankin survived by his wife Michelle and children Kaylin & Maximilian

DECEASED Penelope (Pickens) Cowart Benitez's sons
Gregory Cowart married Lady Abbey Goodman, 2 children (Gail, William); illegitimate son (Chance Harp-Cowart)
DECEASED Peyton Cowart married Karla Wendt, 1 daughter (Breanna); illegitimate daughter (Indra Brito-Cowart)
Nathaniel Benitez married Anastasia Hoskins, 1 daughter (Tess)

DECEASED Madeline (Pickens) Ngo's son
Chester Ngo married Lady Bristol Brito, expecting a child

DECEASED Matilda (Pickens) Wood's children
Camryn Woods married Jase Hoskins, 1 son (Denzel)
Elvis Woods married Brenda Beckwith, 1 son (Major)
Tiara Woods married Stewart Benitez, 1 son (Reece)

DECEASED Arabella (Pickens) Cronin's children
Lucas Pickens-Ngo-Goodman married Alysha Hunt Turpin, 1 daughter (Sheila)
Layla Pickens-Ngo-Goodman, unmarried expecting child with Leonardo Benitez
Eloise Cronin, unmarried

Alexander Pickens' children
Vada Pickens married Jefferson Eldridge-Farrell, 3 sons (Clifton IV, twins Levi & Lloyd)
Valoria Pickens married Earl Jagger Brito, 2 children (Lord Jared, Lady Alivia)
Gavin Pickens married Everly Harp, expecting twins

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Default The Pickens Family - Chapter Five
I was given quite a scare and the game was thrown into disarray for a week in this chapter. Gavin was able to meet his new babies before shipping off again. He was confident he would have plenty of time to get to know them. As expected Alexander died just after Gavin returned to war. There were only 3 bombardment deaths and 3 soldier deaths during Gavin's 2nd deployment. Unfortunately, ALL the soldier deaths were PICKENS family relatives. Gavin was killed along with his cousin Elvis (son of Matilda) and his Uncle Jagger (husband of Valoria).

Elvis Woods - survived by his wife Brenda and their children (Major, Ashley)
Gavin Pickens - survived by his wife Everly and their children (Liam, Lyric)
Earl Jagger Brito - survived by his wife The Lady Valoria and their children (Lord Jared, Lady Alivia)
Rhys Eldridge-Farrell-Erwin-Brito - survived by his wife Gracie and two children (Kade Wendt, Brittni Erwin-Brito)
Terrence Brito - survived by his wife Gail and 3 daughters (twins Bridgette & Meredith Woods, Betsy Brito)
Maximilian Rankin - survived by his wife Corinne and their 3 daughters (Kenzie, Nylah, Janae) - name died out
Jackson Gil - survived by his daughter (Amelia Cronin)
Ismael Brito - survived by his wife Cheyenne

Silvia Wendt Erwin-Brito - survived by her daughter (Angelica Brito)
Kailani Burgos Harp-Cowart - survived by her husband Chance and their daughter (Laura Cowart)
Alysha Hunt Pickens-Ngo-Goodman - survived by her 2nd husband Lucas and her children (Hunter Turpin, Sheila Ngo-Goodman)
child Joel Pickens - survived by his mother Layla and his father Leonardo
child Julius Benitez - survived by his parents Nathaniel & Anastasia and his sister Tess
Nathanael Gil - survived by his wife Colette and children Leigh, Jackson, and Toby
Avery Farrell Wendt-Beckwith - survived by her husband Brayden and their twins Alexus & Eddie
Janay Hermann - survived by her children Rainn & Ricky
Kaylin Felton-Rankin - survived by her sons Chaim & Neil Felton
Layla Pickens-Ngo-Goodman Benitez - survived by her husband Reece and their son Zayden
Beatriz Eldridge-Farrell-Erwin-Brito Hoskins - survived by her husband Denzel and their son Brantley
Everly Harp Pickens - survived by her children Liam & Lyric
Chester Ngo Sr - survived by his pregnant wife Rainn and his children Chester Jr & Ciera Ngo, twins Cruz & Jax Landis
child Lester Goodman - survived by his mother Lady Dahlia, his brother Heath, and twin sister Ana

I just lost EVERY SINGLE SOLDIER. I always put the eligible men into their own family groups...Newcrest Men, Willow Creek Men, and Oasis Springs Men. On Wednesday (when I roll for injuries and deaths), ALL THREE FAMILY FILES were GONE, 18 MEN! Several family names effectively died out. The men all reappeared on Saturday morning (with the exception of a few)

Those who did not return...
Ramiro Benitez (survived by 2nd wife Liz and 3 children)
Kellen Burgos (survived by wife Aubrie and 2 sons)
Emiliano Gil (survived by wife Sarah and 1 daughter)
Carden Hermann (survived by wife Janay and 2 children)
Lukas Barfield (survived by wife Kenra and 1 daughter) - named died out

Because the men disappeared and then reappeared, many of the women had "affairs". When the soldiers returned to their family, most of the wives had illegitimate newborns.

Gregory Cowart married Lady Abbey Goodman, 2 children (Gail, William); illegitimate children (Chance Harp-Cowart, Jerica Neely)
1. Gail Cowart married DECEASED Terrence Brito; illegitimate son (Izaiah Cowart)
2. William Cowart married Becca Wendt-Beckwith; illegitimate daughter (Yazmin Farrell)
3. Chance Harp-Cowart married DECEASED Kailani Burgos, 1 daughter (Laura); illegitimate son (Hector Sams)
DECEASED Peyton Cowart married Karla Wendt, 1 daughter (Breanna); illegitimate daughter (Indra Brito-Cowart)
2. Indra Brito-Cowart married Major Woods, no children
Nathaniel Benitez married Anastasia Hoskins, 2 children (Tess, DECEASED Julius)

DECEASED Chester Ngo married Lady Bristol Brito, 2 children (Chester Jr, Ciera); married 2ndly Rainn Hermann, twins (Dalis & Alfred); illegitimate sons (twins Cruz & Jax Landis)

Camryn Woods married Jase Hoskins, 1 son (Denzel)
1. Denzel Hoskins married DECEASED Beatriz Eldridge-Farrell-Erwin-Brito, 1 son (Brantley)
DECEASED Elvis Woods married Brenda Beckwith, 2 children (Major, Ashley)
1. Major Woods married Indra Brito-Cowart
Tiara Woods married Stewart Benitez, 2 children (Reece, Ruby)
1. Reece Bentitez married DECEASED Layla Pickens-Ngo-Goodman, 1 son (Zayden)

DECEASED Lucas Pickens-Ngo-Goodman married DECEASED Alysha Hunt Turpin, 1 daughter (Sheila); illegitimate daughter (Mackenzie Cronin)
DECEASED Layla Pickens-Ngo-Goodman, married Reece Benitez, 1 son (Zayden); illegitimate son (DECEASED Joel Pickens)
Eloise Cronin, unmarried

Vada Pickens married Jefferson Eldridge-Farrell, 3 sons (Clifton IV, twins Levi & Lloyd)
1. Clifton Eldridge IV; illegitimate son (Izaiah Cowart)
2. Levi Eldridge, married Joane Gutierrez; illegitimate daughter (Camille Gil)
Valoria Pickens married DECEASED Earl Jagger Brito, 2 children (Earl Jared, Lady Alivia); illegitimate son (Daniel Pickens)
1. Earl Jared Brito married Summer Bentiez, 1 daughter (Lady Sarah)
DECEASED Gavin Pickens married DECEASED Everly Harp, 2 children (twins Liam & Lyric)

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