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Default Another Duggar Challenge (19 Kids and counting)
hi there before i realized that there already are challenges like this i came up with the idea for a challenge based on the duggars tv show. i did not want to create the actual duggar family but instead play a kind of legacy/100 baby challenge inspired by the duggars. just start a family with very strict believes and make money by having lots of babies^^ so these are the rules:

-create a man and a wife
-both young adult
-dress them "modestly"

Build&Buy Mode:
-start out with 30000ยง
-don't put any TVs in the house
-boys and girls need seperate bedrooms as soon as they are kids

Game Play:
-set the life span on 'normal'
-have at least 4 kids before your sims become adults
-all the kids' names have to start with the same letter
-for the first kid the family recieves 1000ยง, for the second 2000ยง and so on
-no contraception: 'woohoo' only while your female sim is already pregnant
-all boys must reach a level 2 handiness skill before they are YAs
-all girls must reach a level 2 cooking skill before they are YAs
-female sims cannot have jobs, they can make money by selling art and books etc.
-no maids, babysitters, or other services

Courtship Rules For The Kids:
-no babies or 'woohoo' before marriage
-couples are not allowed to stay in the same room unsupervised
-no kid will move out unmarried

Win The Challenge By:
-having at least 10 kids
-adopted kids donot count

If You Are Bored:
-try having at least two sets of twins
-make every kid learn a musical instrument

let me know if you're playing. i'm gonna post pictures as i go and i even upload the challenge on youtube as a let's play please check it out if you're interested:
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