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Sims 4 Immortal Town
Sims 4 Immortal Town aka Turn the Town

Requires the Vampire game pack.

The vampire race is a dying breed. With the emergence of the secret texts being available to the general population, sims around the world have begun to be able to fend off the vampires. Lucky for them, but not lucky for those who are infected with Vampirism. With population dwindling, you have been chosen to lead the vampires in a new world, but turning the surrounding towns into havens for vampires, one sim at a time. The council will provide you with a stipend for your work, but watch out! If you fail to do your job, there will be consequences.

The goal of the challenge is simple: you need to turn all of the sims in the town into vampires, in the shortest amount of time. Obviously, this may not be possible since some NPCs don't actually have places to live, so I'm only counting townies that live in houses as part of the challenge. The challenge is over when you turn the town.

Set Up
- Create one vampire sim (age does not matter, though I suggest young adult or adult). The gender of the sim also does not matter.
- Looks also don't matter for this sim. All that you want is for them to have a dark form.
- You can pick any traits, though I would suggest ones that would help with turning and befriending people.
- I would suggest any of the vampire-specific aspirations, though friend of the world could also work.

- Move into one of the lots in Forgotten Hollow. Make sure that the lot has the "registered vampire lair" lot trait that came with the pack.
- Aging needs to be on normal.

Now that the set-up is complete, we can move onto the rules.

- No cheating. Don't use any mods or cheats that would give you an unfair advantage over another person. The only exception to this is the weekly stipend, but that is the only time a money cheat is allowed.
- You may keep up to three human sims on your lot, so you are supplied with blood. This is not required, seeing as you can get food from blood packs and plasma fruit.
- Your sim may not have a full-time job. Their job is to work on converting the town to vampires, so a full-time job would conflict with this. They are, however, allowed to do other things that would give money (such as fishing, painting, writing ect). Don't let this conflict with the main job, though!
- Your sim will receive $2,000 every sim week, as a stipend for sims that they turn into vampires. Be careful, though! If a sim fails to turn a vampire for two sim weeks, then the council decides that your sim is unfit for the job, and the challenge is over. Every two more sims that your sim turns other than the required one grants another $1,000. You get this money every Sunday, and get it by using Kaching to get it.
- You must be friends or higher with the sims you turn into vampires.
-Since turning vampires is a higher ranking power, the challenge doesn't actually begin until you are able to do so. Though, you may have a job and such before this. Do not count any scoring during this time.
- You may not have any children during this challenge, except with vampires. This is not a required thing, it just adds more to the score.

Winning Conditions
- You can win by turning all of the townies into vampires (except for the allowed ones for blood doners, as mentioned in the rules).

Losing Conditions
- Having the utilities be shut off 3 times. The council realizes that you are irresponsible, and revokes your job.
- Go two sim weeks without turning a vampire when the challenge starts. You lose your job and assume that the vampire race dies out.
- Obviously, if your main sim dies, you lose the challenge.

+1 point for every extra sim that you turn
+1 point for every vampire that you are best friends with
+3 points for every Vampire baby that you have with a vampire

-2 points for every four sim weeks that go by
-2 points for every enemy
-10 points for every non-vampire child (assuming you have a child with a non-vampire, which is frowned upon by the council)
-15 points for every time the utilities are shut off (up to the max amount where you lose the challenge).

I'm currently playtesting this, though I feel like it can be done. Please message if you have any questions, and I would love to see how you guys do on this.
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