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Default Sims 4 Gang Challenge (Remake)
Alright, I wanna start this off by saying this isn't 100% mine. The original is here ( and I'm just trying to improve upon it, as the creator has given permission to do with appropriate credit (which I hope this will suffice).

Recommended (not necessarily required) Expansions: City Life, Get to Work

(from original page) "You are living on the streets trying to get away from your old life by starting a new one."
The goal of this challenge is to A) earn 50,000+ simoleons per generation of gangsters up to ten (the definite amount of simoleons is up to you, but you don't want to go any lower) or, if you don't want to do a legacy, B) earn 100,000+ simoleons by the time all of your gangsters die

The Gang:
Make a household of 1-3 people of any gender or age (One of them has to be YA or older. This will be the gang leader.)
They should have at least 1 'bad' trait, but that's ultimately up to you.
They don't have to look a certain way, but remember that they've been living on the streets and they can't afford nice clothes.
The last name of the leader will be the gang's name, so choose wisely.

The Base:
Pick an empty lot (or an apartment if you have City Life) that you can afford with the default cash given. Make a small, shoddy house with only the necessities: a bathroom (toilet, shower/bath, sink) a kitchen (fridge, stove, counters, sink, possibly small appliances) a dining room (chairs, table) and a bedroom (bed, preferably double). You can pick and choose what on this list you want to add, but nothing off of the list can be added at this point (i.e. sofas, computers, TVs, etc.) Make an extra room with no windows, no furniture and only one door.

Before you start, lower your household funds to 1,000 or (if after building the base you have less than 1,000) leave it as is. Now it's time to start the challenge!

How to earn money: Every time your sim performs one of the following actions, you may use money cheats to add the specified amount.
1. Seducing (woohoo with someone and never have the same person talk to them again): 300 simoleons
2. Kidnapping (lure someone into the empty room on your base and lock the door for everyone but household*): Flip a coin. Heads: 1,000 simoleons and you release them at the end of the day. Tails: Nothing. You keep them in the room and starve them to death.
3. Torturing (beat up a kidnapped sim): 200 simoleons for each successful fight.
4. Murdering (kill a sim that you either kidnapped or killed intentionally with no other sims in the immediate area): 700 simoleons.
5. Street Fighting (fight any sim with noticeable negative relationship with your gangsters or is in a 'rival' club if you have Get Together): 500 simoleons for each successful fight
6. Throwing Parties (get at least a bronze in any party type): 500 for bronze, 750 for silver, 1,000 simoleons for gold
7. Recruiting^ (get to friend status on a kidnapped sim and invite them to live with you): 1,000 simoleons
8. Blackmailing (Get to Work specific) (take a picture of a sim when they do something 'indecent' i.e. pee themselves, skinny dip, woohoo, etc.): 100 for poor quality, 300 for normal quality, 500 for outstanding quality
9. "Baking" (Get to Work specific) (open a back-alley-type bakery and bake 100% legal goods)

* = Only one kidnapped person can be in the room at a time. Once kidnapped, they have to starve to death, so you can't remove them for a few days.
^ = You can create your own sim to recruit, but you can't go to their house to recruit them. You have to find them, kidnap them, and get to friend status like any other sim.

How to NOT earn money:
Basically every other way you can get money that has not been specified. Books, paintings, songs, collectibles, etc. are off limits and so are any of the conventional jobs. And cheats, obviously.

The money you collect should be used to improve your living status and hopefully bring up a new generation of gangsters.

The Legacy:
You want to keep the gang alive as long as possible. As such, you want your children to carry on the family name. The first-born of the current gangsters (the sims you started the challenge with) will be the second generation of gangsters, then THEIR first-borns will be the third, and so on. Any extra kids they have you can choose to keep with you or send them on their merry way.

Recommended mods for this challenge:
MC Woohoo allows for teenagers to woohoo with YA and older (requires MC Command Center)
No Grade/High School makes it so your kids can help the gang instead of going to school

If there are any comments, concerns, or issues, leave a message on this post. This is my first time leaving a substantial post, so I'd appreciate some input and/or feedback
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